Chapter 40 Wake up call

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Toby woke up sore, sticky and absolutely warm. He tried to clear the fog from his head. Panic always set in after a heat. The heavy weight of a strong and very possessively placed arm tightened around his waist. The scent in the room he recognized as well and it had a slight change to it but it, too, was welcome. Squinting, he blinked realizing he was staring at a very well toned chest.

"You're awake then? Are you hungry my love?" Quinton's roguish smile came into focus, the very naked Alpha's body was curled around Toby's smaller one.

"Quin?" Toby blushed ducking his head down only to squeak when his warm face made contact with the Alpha's toned pectoral.

"Well hello to you, too." Quin pulled his newly mated Omega closer allowing the scent of his love to wash over him. His chin happily rubbing over the younger man's head. "Now, shower and then food? Or food then shower? I could go another round but I worry you might be a little sore after that unexpected heat."

"Oh my god. My heat! I'm so sorry." Toby mumbled clasping his eyes closed, wanting nothing more but to disappear. How needy had he been? It wasn't fair if Quin had to cut his deployment short just to come home and be there for him. It must looked planned out but really it hadn't been at all.

"Alright my love, a shower then." Quinton slowly pulled away, unconcerned with his own nudity.

"Shower. But-so we- uh-" Quinton helped the weak legged Toby to his feet, his strong arms wrapping the young man with a sheet. A broad grin crossed Quinton's face, and he gently pushed Toby's neck to the side, supporting him with one arm.

"It will heal wonderfully." He leaned in to lick at the tender bite mark.

Quinton felt Toby's panic, he could sense it in his newly mated Omega's scent and increased heart rate. He also knew his own casual calm would help ease the young man's anxiety.

"I love you Toby. I love you and I hope you do not regret what we did."

"No! I-" The blond Omega shivered his already quivering legs threatening to buckle when the Alpha started to kiss and bit at his sensitive neck.


"I just don't want you to be ang-angry oh god." Toby moaned, pressing into the naked body holding him, allowing the sheet to fall away.

"I would never be angry at you Toby, you're mine. All mine and I love you. Every inch of you." Quinton playfully growled as he worked his way up Toby's bruised neck to his swollen lips. "I'll show you my appreciation in the shower, and then after the sheets get cleaned, and maybe on the breakfast table, against the counter. I'll show my appreciation everyday that I have you. You did nothing wrong Toby. I know this was unexpected. I only hope we have more heats to spend together before you're full with my pups. Already I can smell the change in your scent. I can feel your heartbeat against my own. I love you Toby. I love you." Quinton took his wide-eyed Omega's lips hungrily.

The Omega whimpered with want, becoming submissive in his mate's arms. It was alright to let go. This Alpha would never hurt him. This Alpha was his and his only. "I love you, too Quinton. Forever."


John awoke to the ringing of Sherlock's mobile, he stretched, sore and a bit sticky. They'd spent the night rolling around and fucking, John blushed recalling some of the things he had said. The insistent ringing snapped him out of dwelling too much on what wasn't said.

"Sherlock, your mobile." He called to the empty room. "Great." A heavy sigh, no answer came because there was no one in the flat but John.

"Sherlock's secretary and personal doormat." John growled into the phone.

"John? Where's that idiot? He was supposed to meet me here over an hour-oh here he is. Never mind. "

"Lestrade, will you let the idiot know he left his mobile behind."

"Do you want to tell him yourself?" John laid back shaking his head,

"No. It's fine." He hung up blinking back foolish tears of hurt.


"What?" Sherlock asked upon seeing the disapproving face the DI was making.

"Please tell me you didn't rush here forgetting your phone and maybe to tell your Omega where you were going?"

"I left my mobile? That was John?" Sherlock almost winced. "I was letting him sleep off last night."

"No! Stop there. I don't want to know how wonderful your reunion went. No need to rub it in." Lestrade held up his hand halting his consulting detective in his place. "Just get on with solving this pesky case and say a few biting words of criticism towards my team and all of Scotland yard then get your skinny ass home and back to your soldier."

Sherlock made a face lifting an eyebrow, "Lestrade, are you still intoxicated from last nights apparent pity party."

Before Lestrade could answer there was a knock on his office door. "Enter!"

He snapped, wishing he hadn't left his coffee in Molly's lab. Instead of one of his officers there was a beta dressed in a gray uniform carrying a large bouquet of red roses.

"Delivery." The Beta in the gray jumpsuit smiled.

"I think you have the wrong office." Lestrade pinched the bridge of his nose turning his back on the flowers. Must he be constantly reminded of everyone else's happiness.

Sherlock snatched up the card peeking out from the flowers. "The card says DI Lestrade with a few xx's." Sherlock didn't hide his disgust, "Really can my brother stoop-'" He frowned glancing over the unfamiliar handwriting.

"It's from Mycroft?" Lestrade turned to take the flowers a smile lighting his face.

"No. Thanks for last night. We should do diner. I'll meet you in the lobby at six. My treat. Who is Jim? And why is he sending you kisses? What exactly happened last night?" Sherlock narrowed his eyes on the blushing DI.

"Give me that. It's none of your concern. Just get to the morgue and solve this case. I have a date to keep." The silver haired Alpha snatched the card back.

Sherlock glared at the delivery man, taking the flowers and tossing them in the bin, ignoring Lestrade's protest. The confused Beta didn't even notice the tall dark haired Alpha pinch his phone.


Mycroft rolled his eyes seeing the unfamiliar number flash across his screen, of course it was Sherlock. He sighed reading the text message, only to drop his phone in mid stride.

Judging by the flowers and the smile on Lestrade's face he's already moved on. I hope his date tonight proves more suitable than whatever disgusting groping you forced on him. Anyone willing to sign a card xxx has got to be nauseatingly sentimental.

"Sir?" Anthea looked up from her own mobile, her boss was pale and frozen in place. "Sir, is something wrong?" The man looked ill. "Sir?"

"I want a surveillance team on Gregory- I mean Detective Inspector Lestrade."

"Sir we already-"

"I want them closer!"

"Yes, sir."

"Call Christopher, tell him we have dinner plans."


"That is all." Mycroft snapped, striding towards the waiting car not even bothering to collect his mobile.

Gregory had a date. That was fine. He was allowed to see other people. They were never together but who was this other person? They sent flowers and a card? Was it an Omega? Beta or Alpha? How did Gregory know them? Gregory was his!


Jim happily reached across the small table with the single candle burning, his hands resting on Lestrade's larger ones. "I hope you don't mind that I've chosen this place. It's just a little hole in the wall but it's more intimate and the risotto is to die for.

Greg didn't move his hands away, instead he had allowed the dark haired Omega to order for him and then take his hands. The Omega made Greg feel old with such a boyish face, his dark haired combed back so perfectly, green eyes searched his brown.

"I can tell your mind is a million miles away. I hope I haven't been too forward. I know it's not an appealing trait in an Omega-"

"No, it's not that. This is perfect, you look perfect." Greg swallowed, what the hell was he doing, this kid was just a baby. He couldn't be any older than Sherlock for Christ's sake. Best to let him down gently.

"But-" Jim pressed. "There's someone else?"

Greg couldn't help but look down at the soft slender fingers tracing patterns over his scarred knuckles. "It's alright, your silence says enough. Hey, we can still be friends. I just wanted to show my appreciation for your chivalry. "

Mycroft sat fuming at a table just in the corner, his date sighed dramatically, "Really My, this is not the place for someone as beautiful as me. Where have you brought me? Is it even sanitary?" The red haired Omega pouted gulping down the expensive red wine without a trace of the prejudice he verbalized.

The Alpha was too focused on the dark haired Omega touching his Gregory. He couldn't read their lips, the two had their heads bowed. His Gregory laughed at something the Omega had said. The flirtatious slut wouldn't win over such a prize as Gregory Lestrade with obvious platitudes and mewling sounds.

Sherlock was right. The man was absolutely disgustingly sentimental. He gripped the side of the table until his knuckles were white, his vision focusing on the two. That Omega was whispering into Gregory's ear.

"We're leaving!" Mycroft growled, his companion rolled his eyes. "Finally!" The Omega in the expensive blue suit sighed. "You owe me for such a disappointing date. I'll let you make it up to me in the form of jewelry and pretty words."

Mycroft didn't reply he was too busy trying to keep his temper under control, his vision narrowing on the gray haired detective inspector who was sitting just a few tables over.

"Oh, dear. Isn't that-" Christopher placed a hand over his mouth in fained shock. "What a coincidence it's Mister Doesn't knock. I seem to believe he interrupted something you never finished and you promised you would. We should say hello."

"Come along, Christopher." Mycroft growled taking the Omega by the forearm forcefully.

"Come on Myke. Let us not be rude."

It was too late. A pair of brown eyes caught bluish gray and all color left the Alpha's face. Mycroft felt like a kid caught with his hand on the dessert tray.

There wasn't a word exchanged just a look, a startling look, a quick glance in Christopher's direction and the Alpha turned away reaching into his pocket he removed his mobile.

"It's work. I have to go. A raincheck perhaps?" The Omega confused kept his head down in disappointment.

"At least take a packed dinner-"

"I wish I had the time but crime waits for no one. Definitely a rain check, you know where I work."

And the gray haired Alpha was making his way out of the small restaurant.

"Here, catch a cab home." Mycroft reached into his wallet and withdrew a few hundred pounds nearly tossing them at his pouting companion.

"Mycroft! You are not leaving me here in this part of town?"

The Alpha was already heading towards the door, tossing the bills onto the small table.

"Gregory!" Mycroft called to the retreating form hailing a taxi.

"Fuck off Mycroft! Just-fuck right off!" The Alpha climbed into the cab and just like that was gone.


John yawned waiting for the tea to boil. It was almost nine pm and still no Sherlock. The sound of someone entering the flat made him call out to his Alpha.

"You bastard! You've been gone all bloody day without a word! I hope-"

John halted feeling a sharp pain vibrate through him. He glanced from the familiar blond to the metal dart protruding from his chest and grunted. The blond Alpha holding the gun winced.

"Sorry, Johnny. It's for your own good."

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