Chapter 41 ISSUES

sorry for the focus on minor characters, but it is all part of my diabolical plan! insert evil laugh here enjoy! And thanks to my Beta for looking this over! YOU ARE A BEAST! lots of lov Tishbing :)


John's head was pounding. He could feel someone was petting his head. Why was the room spining? Even blinking was hard when all he wanted to do was continue sleeping. A deep breath brought a wave of panic. The scents were off. He didn't recognize them at all. Trying to sit up was almost impossible with someone holding him firmly in place. An Alpha had a strong hand pinning his shoulder to a cot?

"Ssssh, you're alright John. Just calm down. I'm here. No one is going to hurt you." That voice he recognized. "You're free now John."

Harry kept her hands on his shoulders. "Don't get up. You'll only injure yourself. Oh, Johnny I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that I let him hurt you. "

John growled arching his back, bringing shaky hands up to push at his sister and her firm hold.

"Let me up!" He demanded.

"John, please. I don't want them to sedate you-"

"Harry." John tried to even his voice out, her face was completely in focus. She looked tired, sober but tired. Her hair was back in an unfamiliar braid and she was wearing gray scrubs.

He realized he wasn't wearing his clothes, instead he wore white scrubs?

"Get off!" John wiggled free falling onto the floor. Harry sighed helping him stand on unsteady legs. "Where are my shoes?" John grunted falling back onto the cot with a thin brown blanket. This room was small and the only scent saturating the air was Harry's. "Stop!" John pushed himself back against the wall, pulling his legs towards him, he glared at his older sister.

"John. I'm sorry but it has to be this way. You've been brainwashed."

"I thought I told you already! Same old Harry! Just ignore my wishes and DRUG ME! Why does everyone have to drug me? It's getting real old!" John was looking up at the off white ceiling, the florescent lights were on a low setting. At least there was that. His head would surely have exploded if the light was brighter.

"Here, drink." Harry forced an opened bottled water to her brother's mouth.

"Fuck off!" John slapped the water out of her hands, water spraying her before the bottle hit a small dresser and ended up rolling onto the ground. "Do you seriously think I'll accept something you offer me to drink?"

"John, you don't know what you're saying. You aren't well." Harry started to pet John's head. Her scent was nauseating. He then realized he couldn't smell Sherlock on him.

"Stop!" John pulled back. "Stop touching me! "

"John. Please. Calm down or I'll have them bring something in to calm you down with."

John's lips curled angrily. "That's it then? I'm disobedient and you resort to drugging me again. So who are you selling me to this time? What great debt have you a need to pay off?" John ran a hand through his hair, the familiar weight of his bonding bracelets gone.

Red hot rage burned in him and his vision hazed. "Where are they?" He tackled his sister hissing at her, his arm against her neck. "Where are my bonding bracelets?"

"John I had to rid your old clothes and the symbols of your captivity. You're in a safe place and you're free, John." Harry gulped but didn't struggle against her brother's surprising strength.

"Fine, then I want to go home. I want my bracelets back. I want you to stay the hell away from me!"

"John you've been brainwashed. It's how they operate."

"They?" John withdrew from his sister wanting distance, he pulled himself back onto the small cot. "Harry you're not making any bloody sense."

"John, I'm going to help you. "

"By kidnapping me?" John sighed rubbing his temples.

"It's not kidnapping John. I am your blood relative and your legal Alpha."

"I've been emancipated!" John countered. "You are nothing to me."

"It's legal John. You have been emancipated but you're not of a sound mind. I have the right to save you from yourself. I have the legal documentation. The law is on my side."

"You don't know the Holmes family. You might think you've won, but you haven't Harry. You better let me go."

"Listen. Clara said you would be confused and confrontational-"

"Clara?" John had to laugh, this was a bad dream, this was all just a bad dream. "The Omega rights lady? Really Harry?"

"Clara has done this before. Her organization-"

"I'm sure they are very helpful and I appreciate what you think you're trying to accomplish. However in this case Sherlock is not an abusive Alpha. He saved me-"

"Is that why he marked you?" Harry tried to influence John by expressing dominance. This only caused her brother to laugh.

"Mark me?" Harry brought her hand up to the scarred shoulder, John jumped back as if burned only to come up hard against the wall at his back. His sister ignored his obvious aversion to being touched there and pressed her hand cruelly over the spot.

"I saw it John. When I washed his disgusting scent from you. I dressed you. And I saw what he did. He won't get away with this! I don't care how much influence and money he has."

"Harry. He didn't do that." John pulled on his sister's wrist, she continued to press down, demanding submission but John was a soldier he would not roll over, not for this Alpha.

"Stop protecting him! Stop fighting me."

John kicked out catching his sister hard in her chest she fell back, the smaller Omega made a break for the door to his left.

"John!" Harry yelled, John didn't dare glance back, the air was cooler in the empty corridor. He was in some building, a warehouse. The halls were soundless, and white, the floor marble. Like an old hospital, or morgue. He shivered despite himself and ran for the end of the corridor where an unlit exit sign could be seen.

Harry was chasing him and John was glad to reach the exit, only for the door to open and a rather tall Beta stood holding another dart gun. John grabbed for the weapon surprising the dark haired stranger. By then Harry was grabbing him around the waist.

The Omega kicked, losing his grip on the weapon. He felt the dart hit him in the thigh, he swung angrily breaking the Beta's nose before the lights went out.


"What do you mean he's gone!" James shrieked into his mobile. Already his dinner plans were ruined and now this. Out of anger he withdrew a weapon from the back of his gray trousers, pointed at one of his loyal bodyguards and fired. The Alpha fell twitching onto the oriental rug, James rolled his eyes "Great! Now! Look what you've made me do!" He shouted into his phone. "Someone clean this mess up before the stain sets!" The Omega marched back to his antique oak desk and flung himself into his chair.

He could be fucking the toned Detective Inspector but instead he was dealing with one cock-up after another.

"Get me Sebby!" he hissed to no one in particular, knowing full well his orders were always followed out or his people ended up dealing with the dire consequences.

"Sir about that-" One of his more brave minions interjected nervously.

"When?" Was all Moriarty sighed massaging his temples.

"Sir, just twenty four hours ago."

"No matter. I'll have to collect him as well. Get me another mobile, I have a brunch with my gran. I'll be needing a smart suit. Can't disappoint. Besides I haven't see the old bird in years. I wonder if she'll recognize me?"

The Irish Omega loosened his tie and kicked off his loafers, it wasn't fair that he missed his chance with Lestrade.


"It's an Omega rights group." Hilda tisked over her tea, her sister Helena sat across from her grinning.

"I have to say this is a turn up. I didn't anticipate his estranged sister taking such action, and I'm even more shocked that you hadn't either. You're slipping dear sister, your old age is beginning to show." Helena laughed. "Oh, don't look so disappointed. I have people I can send in to retrieve the boy. They won't hurt him. I just can't believe your Sherlock has yet to tell this young man he loves him. Quinton and Tobias are already bonded. Then Mycroft showing up at a restaurant with Christopher Petty of all people. What is wrong with those boys? I thought Mycroft had feelings for that lovely officer of the law."

"Something is going on that's for sure. I don't like not being in the know." Hilda sighed. "Someone has my boys scared. I want to know who. You don't suppose you could have a chat with a few of our old friends at MI6."

"I could." Helena nodded, "Except, I too am coming up short. The boys are being tightlipped about something. I hear whispers but nothing substantial. I could talk to Mallory, but-"

"But?" Hilda pressed.

"Well, the last time I spoke to Mallory's uncle it didn't end too well."

"Yes if I seem to remember you instead ran away with the man's friend and married him."

"Please, Walter was a better choice. He was so handsome in his uniform. So serious." The Omega smiled sadly. "Was. Always was. And what about you? Jean Holmes. You can't even bring yourself to say his name, sister. How long will you mourn a ghost?"

"Sister." Hilda shook her head.

"Jonathan William Daniel Holmes. Is that why you can't bring yourself to say Jean? Instead you call John Jaques. Not that I mind, he is after all more a Jaques then a Jean. Or I guess he could be a James but that's taken as well isn't it."

"Sister, you are in quite the mood this afternoon. What, may I ask, climbed into your tea and died?" Hilda placed her tea cup down hard on their card table causing some to spill over.

"It's nothing." Helena replied offhandedly. "I just, I'm tired of these games we play. They are just that, tiresome. These boys are frustrating. Arthur will never settle down. My only hope is Quinton but the boy is so eager to make a name for himself on the battle field. And your grandsons. Don't get me started. At this rate we will never see grandchildren! We aren't going to live forever."


"And for that matter sister, when are you going to give up on the black? Why must you be so depressing? I, too, lost the love of my life and my three sons! I lost my daughter in-law, and yet here I am still living."

"Hardly! If you call making sport of your grandsons and manipulating their actions to suit whatever your view on how they should live their lives should be. I lost my husband and I did what no mother should ever have to do. I sentenced my child to death.

"I lost all three of mine!"

"Helena! Sœur, ce qui ne va pas?( Sister what's wrong?) This back and forth is getting old." Helena slapped her cards down on the table.

"This is unlike you-"

"Joshua-he reminds me of my son. And this morning he was talking to a military recruiter. He's been staying with me so Quinton and Tobias can have their time together. He's just a child, and that recruiter dared enter my home."

"I thought he was a friend of Arthur's-"

"That doesn't make it better! Why can't the boy want to be a baker or an artist. Something safe! C'est vraiment des conneries!" (That is REALLY bullshit)


"Why do we even try if they are just destined to repeat the same things over and over again. My heart can not take it! Merde!" The woman with the crimson lips hurled her cup of tea at the wall just to her left. She had been so angry this morning and cursed her grandson for bringing his friend to speak to the young Joshua.

She had shouted the house down and Joshua had just stood there speechless. She had forgotten herself.

"You have taken enough from me! You will not take another!" She had turned to the young boy and continued to shout "Julian! You can not do this. "

Joshua had looked so confused, her grandson Arthur spoke up, "Grandmere, he is not Julian he is Joshua and it's a tradition-"

"For the men in our family to die. No! No! I have given enough to our country. Three sons a husband. I will not be giving more! Get out!"

And just like that the recruiter left. Arthur tried to calm her but she swore again only to storm out. It was a silly reaction. She should apologize, all of it was just stress.

Tobias's heat was unexpected and her grandson Quinton could have been off playing soldier. What if Tobias was already pregnant, now that he was sharing a heat? What if Quinton died out there in the field? Would Tobias and the baby go too? New bonds were so very fragile. The loss of a partner might kill the blond Omega. Helena was sure she couldn't take it but she would live on, alone. Always alone.

Look how they couldn't even protect their own family from itself. What was the use?

Hilda was staring wide eyed at her sister, and her twin swept out of the room head held high and no apology on her lips.

She passed Agnes the maid in the hall ushering some dark haired Omega in. The older woman didn't pause to greet either. She kept going.


Sherlock clutched the legal documents in his hand. His brother was trying to assure him that they would find where John had been taken.

"I should think finding one safehouse here in London would be easy for the idiots you employ, but then again they couldn't even keep this from happening!"

"Brother calm down, I'll fix this. Let me handle it. John will be home in a few days. They wont harm him. They'll only give him a shower and fresh clothes. Our dear Doctor will be home-"

"My DEAR DOCTOR! MINE!" Sherlock growled ripping the papers up and tossing them in the air like confetti.

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