Chapter 45 Believe

John sniffed the air discreetly as he left the room. Something about Jim Moriarty was off. "He always gets so damn testy when his time comes around."

Marcus grumbled and John frowned. "What?"

"Yeah. That's why Sebastian tries to talk him down. He'll listen to that Alpha bastard. Shares a kin scent. "

"He's on suppressors though." John replied.

"Yeah but the paranoid bastard only takes the pills. He won't take an injection. Something about the side affects. Sebby got drunk one night and told me. Something to do with that place the two of them broke out of as kids. Most of the recruits are from the same place, that's why they all work so great together. Some Academy. Anyway James Moriarty hates heats. He makes us all take an injection to ensure we don't muddy the air with the foul scent, as he says. Whatever. Hypocrite."

John smiled to himself this was indeed useful. James was most likely terrified of his heat. This was an advantage.


Lestrade couldn't believe after the disaster of their last date that he had agreed to another one. It had been a tough week, Sherlock acting out, John's funeral then the bloody sleep deprived bastard had attacked that Omega Clara. Poor girl, her face was bruised she had barely made it out alive. She was their only witness, Sherlock was mad to fixate on the mousy Omega.

Mycroft didn't look any better but anytime Mycroft tried to get close the bastard shut him out. Lestrade needed to move on and if some cute Omega with flashing brown eyes and a tight ass wanted to flirt or maybe more with him, why shouldn't he go for it? Mycroft wasn't anything to him. He didn't want anything but a romp some secret trysts.

Greg felt like such a fool. How could he let his heart get involved? No matter. He approached the street corner and waved a hand in the air, calling out for a taxi. He clutched the flowers he had picked up for Richard in his other hand. At least he didn't have to worry about his state of dress. Richard didn't look the sort that focused on clothes and expensive attire. The boy was wearing jeans and a blue cardigan last time he met with him.

Tonight, they were going to a movie and then dinner and if the Omega wanted the older Alpha to come up to his place he would go and if he didn't then that was okay too. A young boy bumped into him on the street. "Oi! Granddad!"

"I'll give you Granddad you little punk!" Lestrade grumbled, checking for his wallet before climbing into the taxi, relieved that he hadn't been pick pocketed he barked his destination.

When the taxi turned left when it should have turned right alarm bells started going off in Greg's head. Even more alarming was the fact that the cabbie hadn't even turned to address him when he shouted his objections.

"Hey! Let me out!" Lestrade starting hitting the plexiglass partition, the driver only shut the little window, and the DI tried the doors. To his shock there were no handles. How could he not have noticed this!

Really Lestrade, you're the worst cop. A voice in his head that sounded a lot like Sherlock hissed. Greg dug out his phone, only to find it wasn't on him. Where had he-.

He sat back with a frustrated roar. That little bastard on the street that had bumped him. Greg had checked for his wallet but not his phone.

"FUCK!" He beat the window. "Where are you taking me!"

The car pulled up to a rather expensive part of town and a familiar woman with black hair and the glow of her mobile casting light over her unimpressed face approached.

"Oh! You bastard!"

"Detective Inspector, please come inside. And don't worry. Mr. Holmes was sure to personally call your friend and cancel your plans."

"Oh. He did, did he? " Gregory stalked past the woman, pushing through the doors of the house without knocking.


Violet Holmes sat in the small parlor, staring off at the space behind a lamp. It was an ugly lamp, a gift from her new in-laws. The dark haired woman picked it up and hurled it, knowing somewhere that her mother in law would be fuming over such an act. "That was in our family for a quarter of a century!" She could hear the old witch proclaim.

"Mother?" Mycroft rushed in. "Is everything...?"

"Everything is fine, dear. I just knocked over a priceless antique." Violet smiled brightly. Her son looked from the table where the lamp had always sat then to the shattered pieces across the room. "I've made arrangements for young Joshua to stay with us until-" She forced a brave smile. "until things are sorted. Your brother should be here shortly, correct?"


"Good, I have some things to discuss with him and I'm sure he has certain hypothesis to explore."

"Sir, Detective Inspector Lestrade has arrived." One of the house staff hurriedly interrupted.

Mycroft waved the young woman away. "I'll meet him in the-"

"Sir, he refuses to be um, detained as he put it. He demands to see you and now. "

"I'll be there. Thank you Rita."

Violet beamed excitedly. "Love is a curious thing, Mycroft. Your father thought it was useless but a broken heart can kill you and kill you slowly. Why don't you go and meet with the detective inspector. I'll just sit here and wait for my son and our dear cousin Joshua."

"Mother-" Mycroft couldn't help but lift an eyebrow, "Have you been taking your meds?"

"No. No I haven't. I'm feeling well without it. I think now is the time for a clear head. Although, I've never been accused of having one. Go on." Violet kissed her son's cheek, standing on the tips of her toes.

She sat down as another of the house staff removed the shattered old lamp. Violet glanced at her hands. She had tried to hold her mother in law's blood in but the woman had been cold. She knew what the woman had done for her and the children. Violet wasn't as weak as those around her assumed and without the matriarchs...well, she would need to hold her head high and pull it together. She might not be as smart as the Holmes or Vernet lines but she could at least hold the fragile pieces of her family together.

Loyalty was important and she accepted this when she agreed to bond with her husband. Loyalty until death. Too bad her dear deceased husband couldn't remember that.


Sherlock barged into his brother's home kicking open the study doors, ignoring the scent of aggression. He was so far gone he didn't register DI Lestrade standing just to the left of Mycroft. Instead, he narrowed his anger and venom on his elder brother.

"I thought the days of kidnapping me were behind us dear brother!"

"Sherlock please-"

"That bitch knows more than she will say! I want the lab results I want them all rerun. I'll have Molly-"

"Ok." Mycroft simply replied.

Sherlock felt the air in his lungs deflate. "What?"

"If you wish to go down this path, fine. We can have everything redone. I have an agent following Clara around. "

"Who? When?"

"To answer your first question, a trusted government agent. Grandmere-" Mycroft refused to waver when mentioning their deceased matriarch. "well, a friend of the family. As for your second question, shortly after your failed attack on the Omega."

"Why?" Sherlock asked without anger, just curiosity.

"Because, dear boy, he is more tactful about these things." Violet huffed.

Sherlock turned to look at his mother dressed in black. "Now sit. I know I said I wouldn't get involved but things are moving too slow." She gestured for someone to enter into the room. No one spoke. They all watched as Joshua and a fragile looking Aunt Helen entered holding the boy's arm but walking.

Lestrade had been angry, furious but all of that left him at the sight of the older Omega. Her scent screamed loss and he wanted to comfort her.

No one moved as the older woman took a seat and finally Arthur Hill followed behind them. Sherlock and Mycroft growled in response.

"Son!" Violet hissed, her eyes moving to Aunt Helena, knowing the tension would affect her the worst. The older woman looked like skin and bones. She was wearing no make up and dark circles were under her eyes. She clung to Josh's arm.

Joshua was holding her protectively, glaring at the Alphas around him and Arthur Hill couldn't be any prouder. The boy had really taken to the older woman. Even though she had been calling him Julian for the past couple of days.

He could feel the family bond that held him and his sibling together with their grandmere starting to fray and it was painful. He could only imagine what the old woman was feeling when she lost her twin.

"Now is not the time for juvenile feuds. We have bigger matters to tackle. "

This was new for Arthur. Violet Holmes was usually a pill but something in the woman had surfaced and it was harder and more controlled. Her anxiety was apparent but she was putting on a good poker face.

She shut the doors behind them, not wishing to be overheard by the staff. This allowed the room to fill with two very separate and dominate scents. Violet knew this and as an Omega, it was uncomfortable to be around as the dueling scents fought for supremacy.

"Our family has been attacked." Violet started. Sherlock started to speak but his mother pointed to a chair. "Sit down and shut up. I'm talking now. It's my turn."

The curly haired Alpha frowned but did as he was told. Lestrade watched in surprise. "Now, our family has been attacked. Mycroft, I have a feeling you know who did this to us. I've heard a rumor that we are a target. Now is the time to spill."

"Mother, it's highly sensitive-"

"Moriarty." Arthur cut his cousin off. He owed this family, no HIS family that much. "We have been trying for years to gain information on an organization. Any agents sent in were easily discovered and returned in pieces. We assume that the head of the criminal organization was in Aunt-he killed-." Arthur couldn't say her name it hurt too much. "It feels personal." Arthur managed to mumble.

"Of course it is, to him. We've challenged him. You've antagonized a maniac. What did you expect? A polite game of chess?" Sherlock snorted. "I saw those pictures. He has us all targeted, but-"

"What?" Lestrade demanded. "Who?"

"Everyone we hold close." Sherlock replied flippantly, "He wanted me to stop coming at his minions and investigating his men. He is behind the illegal drug trade we've been investigating, Lestrade. We must have been getting close because he sent Mycroft a warning for me to heed and one for him. He threatened John and, at an attempt to get at Mycroft, he threatened your life as well."

Mycroft blanched and Lestrade made a face of confusion. "Yes, Lestrade my brother cares for you. Why do you think he used that idiot to push you away? Really an infant would see through that. "

"Sherlock!" Mycroft growled, and Arthur snorted. Even Joshua had to cover a cough that sounded suspiciously like a laugh.

"Can we not waste time, I have an investigation-" Sherlock snapped.

"He was there?" Grandmere Helen spoke. "That boy-" She looked at her grandson and nephews. "I walked right past him. He had a grin on his face. It was him." Her voice was thin and came out as a whisper but the fog in her eyes started to clear.

"We don't have any pictures of him. He's a ghost. " Arthur moved towards his grandmother. "Do you recall anything?"

"He was so young. He's an omega. Agnes was escorting him in." She closed her eyes, "I was supposed to stay but I was angry. I left because I was angry." She looked to Joshua.

"It's alright, Grandmere. It's alright. This wasn't your fault. I'm glad you weren't there or we would be having two funerals." The young boy was holding her hands in his, hoping to transfer some warmth into her. Then like that she was distant once more.

"Julian? Where is your father?"

Arthur looked on, painfully silent and Josh had given up trying to correct the older woman. "He's out." The young Alpha simply replied, holding the woman closer.

She squeezed his hand. "Julian, you are such a good boy. Go bring me some tea. I fear I may have been cruel to your father."

"He will understand mama. " Josh whispered.

She cupped his face lovingly and Josh wished he truly were who she thought, just to mend this broken heart of hers. He could feel his own loneliness and loss threaten to consume him. If Toby died he was alone and this terrified the young Alpha.

"Don't leave me, Julian. Tell your father you wont go." Their was a sad desperation in the older Omega's once bright green eyes.

"Sssh, calm yourself." Josh squeezed the cold and fragile hands once more.

"Aunt-" Violet softly interrupted.

The older woman's eyes flashed with anger suddenly hearing Violet's voice. "Oh Violet, do shut up. Leave the matter alone. The man is on a mission. He can't always be at your beckon call. The matter will be handled. Just trust that we take care of our own. You ask too many questions. Are you sure you wish to know all the answers? "

Violet flinched, recalling such a conversation, but that was another time and in another place, she had to be different now. She was not going to be weak, she had to prove that old woman wrong. Grandmere Holmes thought she was too weak to play matriarch, well Violet would show her weak. It hurt looking into the twin face of her lost belle-mère.

"Julian, I feel so tired-"

"Come on then. I'll show you to your room." Josh glared at everyone daring anyone to stop him.

"Forget Bauch Violet. He's no longer an issue." It was almost a whisper but Violent heard the old woman's haunting words and her face burned red in response to such a reminder. Violet turned her back ignoring the continued ramblings. "Horrible academy. She shouldn't let them live. Drown bad pups like that. Crueler to send them to the May Academy for youth. "

"Grandmere?" Arthur inquired.

"She doesn't know what she's going on about, Art. She's been out of it since we brought her home from the hospital." The young boy replied. "You know that. Just let me take her to her room."

Arthur nodded, stepping out of their way. "Don't blame Arthur, Siggy. It's not his fault. I think the old lady would have hated this infighting. We've all lost." Joshua didn't turn around to face any of the Alphas in the room. "Just say you'll find the son of a bitch and make him pay and make it hurt." Josh lead the older woman out at a slow shuffle.

"Julian, have you finished your school work?"

Arthur could hear his new brother in law's soft replies and he swore to himself that if they lost Quinton and his newly bonded mate, Joshua Pierce would stay with them. He would take the boy in and give him his name and take care of the younger Alpha. He would need and want for not.

"May Academy?" Mycroft frowned, "Bauch?" he had heard this before somewhere, where had he seen-

No one was speaking and Violet was studying her younger son's face. She refused to answer any questions about the past, Mycroft didn't need to know things that she had locked away.

She released a heavy sigh pushing it all down and away. Her family needed her to hold it together just a little longer.

And poor Sherlock, he looked worn and tired. There were bruises where the bastards had manhandled him at the police station. She wished for the Doctor's soft touch and white anger rose up in her again at how unfair life could be. She had originally disliked John, only because he didn't seem a suitable match. She had seen the down side to bad matches but Sherlock was not his father. He was a good man, a better man than his father.


Sherlock waited for Mycroft to be distracted by Lestrade before he slipped out. He didn't realize he was being followed until four blocks later and he swore angrily under his breath. He had hoped to head to the morgue to speak to Molly. However, this wasn't the case. He cursed himself for being so distracted with thoughts of John and his Grandmere.

He turned a sharp corner, ducking down a dark alley and quickly slipped behind a skip. He heard the quick footfall of his shadow. "Dammit." The tall agent cursed and Sherlock caught the crude accent.

"American?" He stepped out from behind the skip. "So, my brother's hiring American CIA agents. This is an all time low." Sherlock kept his hands balled in his pocket and the cold edge in his voice.

"Sherrlylocks, I presume. You slick bastard." The blond Agent turned around with an easy grin. "I was told you were sharp but I thought you would have noticed me a lot sooner."

"I did." Sherlock lied.


"Go back to my brother and tell him I'm busy. I don't need a minder."

"I'm not here to mind you. Just make sure you don't get yourself into any situations. I'm just here to help." The blond replied.

"And why would I need your help?"

"Because, from what I've heard about you and read in your file, you are a compulsive asshole with no people skills and little care for protocol. Or the established authority."

"If the authority is my pompous brother then of course not-"

"Right. Well. Why don't you let the experts take care of the investigation, Clara included."

"Why would I do that. So you can fumble this as well? I know my brother has no intention of truly following up on this Clara-"

"Woah, there kid. I don't work for your brother. I volunteered for this job and my friend is tracking Clara's every movement."

"Why?" Sherlock narrowed his eyes suspiciously on the blond Alpha.

"I've done this long enough to see discrepancies. I thought it was funny that they found only one of John's bonding bracelets. He wouldn't have taken them off for nothing. I don't like the way this has gone down. That and I respect your gran. She was a real classy lady. My great Uncle respects her and your family. If John really is dead, I think we owe it to both their memories to do something about it. John was a good guy."

Sherlock growled. "How do you know John?"

"Calm down there, friend. We just played a game of cards. To be honest, that's how I met my other half. Quinton arranged it in a way. He made it clear that, though others didn't see it, your Omega was off limits. Said John had an Alpha and here you are." The Alpha smiled. "Agent Marshall Piers. And my other half is trailing that Omega rights bitch. Just like you, Mr. Holmes, we believe that there's more to her little well practiced story."

"Don't call me Mr. Holmes that's my fat brother."

Sherlock cautiously followed the Agent who was leading him out of the alley. "Tell me then, Sherlock, do you think John's really dead?"

Sherlock shook his head no, admitting a hope he hadn't dared to admit to anyone else. The blond Alpha nodded with a slow grin. "That's all I need."

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