Chapter 46 Hospital

Chapter 46: HOSPITAL

John only found sleep by sheer exhaustion. He glared at the clock, hearing the pounding on his door.

"Doc." It was Marcus and the Omega sounded frantic.

"Fuck off! I need my sleep!" John growled, refusing to answer the door. He rolled over onto his stomach and pulled his gray duvet up over his head.

"Doc, you in there? You okay? Doc!" John cringe. He was exhausted beyond tired and Marcus was now trying to force the door open.

"What in the hell?" John grumbled. "Piss off I'm sleeping-" The door was kicked open by a blond Alpha. "Doc!"

"What the hell!?" John shot out of bed as Marcus and an Alpha burst forward.

"Doc? You okay?" Marcus held a gun up and the other Alpha was sniffing around the room.

"Yeah. I was sleeping! Who the hell is this? Why are you two in here?" John growled squinting against the suddenly switched on lights.

"He's alone. No one's in here." The other Alpha stated. Both men were staring openly at the young blond wearing only a pair of flannel pajama bottoms.

"Explain." John fumed forgetting his own nakedness.

Marcus's eyes were on the nasty scar marring the Omega's toned chest. "Caleb said you were hurt. He wasn't exactly clear as to why he thought so. Something about Clara having your scent on her."

"Clara? That fucking maniac? Why would I socialize with that nut job?"

"I don't know Doc." Marcus shrugged, turning to look at the Alpha at his side. "We just assumed you were injured. Caleb was out of it but now I think Clara is going to need some stitching and possibly a blood transfusion. Caleb too."

"Caleb?" John was out the door heading to the infirmary. "How the hell is Caleb not in bed?"

"I don't know but he and Clara got into it in the infirmary and there's blood everywhere. Hard to tell who's."

John swore under his breath, Caleb wasn't in any condition to be fighting and what possibly could be the reason?

There were several Alphas and Omegas crowding the door of the infirmary yelling and cheering on the two circling combatants. "What the hell is going on?" John's booming voice spoke wonders of his training. It was enough to clear the air temporarily however, the scent of Alpha pheromones was making John dizzy.

Clara was holding a hand to her left side. "That bastard knifed me!" She panted.

Caleb's nostrils were flared his eyes wild. John knew this look. He was in full territorial Alpha mode.

"Everyone back." John growled ordering the spectators out. Marcus was quick to help as well as the nameless Alpha at his side.

"You heard him! Out! Get to bed! Nothing to see here! Wait till Moran hears about this! Get!"

Clara was panting and shaking. John could see several deep cuts to her arm, shoulder and upper left quadrant.

John approached Caleb. "Caleb? I don't know-"

"John?" Caleb's tension ebbed slightly.

"Yeah! You maniac! I told you I didn't have the doctor!" Clara spat. "Tell him, Johnny boy. I haven't harmed a hair on your pretty little blond head. Bastard! I came in here to get supplies and the nutter jumped me!"

Marcus and the other Alpha that John had guessed to be Marcus's brother were the only ones standing near the door.

Caleb growled in their direction. John held his hands up. "Alright, alright. Calm down."

"She smells like you. Blood-" Caleb nashed his teeth. "No hurt Omega!"

"I haven't hurt the bloody Doctor. He isn't my type, you bastard!" Clara shakily stepped back.

John caught the scent then. It was familiar and he knew it. He turned to the dark haired woman.

"Now, Johnny boy." She put her hands up. "I didn't think you would mind. Besides, James said I could keep her."

"Who?" Marcus demanded, his own nostrils flared now. He caught the slight scent of the Omega doctor. It was his blood but not. The Alpha pheromones started to saturate the air and the injured Omega whimpered in response.

"No." John turned to Clara.

"I'm keeping her! She isn't yours and I'm not done! I only came here to get some supplies to bandage and clean her wounds."

John didn't have a chance to tackle the Omega. Caleb beat him to it with a savage growl he snapped the smaller woman's neck, the doctor flinched taking a nervous step away from the angry Alpha. Caleb growled and snarled towards Marcus and Howard.

John tried to catch his breath, he needed to keep calm. He had to get to Harry. Harry was alive. His sister was alive and somewhere.

Caleb was advancing on him and froze when a nose sniffed around his neck. Marcus's brother growled in response to the territorial claim Caleb was exuding.

"Ssssh." John tried to ease his own tension. "Sssh. You're hurt Caleb." With trembling hands the Omega doctor reached out to touch the feral Alpha.

"Mine. Doctor. Mine." He snarled over at the brothers, all the while the Omega lowered his eyes, signalling for the two others to leave.

"Out!" John snapped and, to his surprise, the two didn't protest.

Caleb was holding John close, his heated skin sticky with dried blood. John held his breath. "Sssh. Come on. Let's lay down."

"Omega. Hurt." Caleb grunted reaching for John. Warm hands touching his scar, heated breath against the Omega's neck.

"No. I'm not hurt, you big strong Alpha. You kept me safe." John hated talking like this and he knew Caleb wouldn't appreciate it either. However he wasn't talking to Caleb the stoic guard dog. He was talking to an injured Alpha that was feral and territorial. Apparently, he had decided John was his to claim. Seriously? Didn't these Alphas have anything better to concentrate on? He needed to get to Harry. She was hurt but alive.

Caleb continued to lean heavily into John, hands circling his waist, a tongue licking at the shell of his ear. John cooed and allowed the taller man to nuzzle the top of his head. Once near the bed John reached over to a table where he had left several syringes with sedatives.

The Alpha was pulling John down next to him and the Omega acted quickly snatching up a syringe, uncapping and sticking the sedative right into the stronger man's thigh.

There was a roar of anger and betrayal but John felt the man go limp. "Sorry, mate. I'm not interested. I only go for the tall thin dark haired assholes. No offense." John arranged the other man, quickly attaching the IV and bandaging the new wounds as well as old.

John left Clara where she fell, grabbing a medical kit he headed for the doors, still covered in blood and without a shirt.

"John!" Marcus was waiting just outside.

"Take me to Clara's quarters." He demanded.

Marcus nodded, pulling off his own shirt and handing it to smaller man. John rolled his eyes and accepted the offered material blushing slightly.

"This is my brother Howard. We're here to help doc."


Harry was dehydrated and several burns, bites and various lacerations lined her body. John tried to keep his hands steady as he checked over the deeper of his sister's wounds. Clara had made to torture Harry and John cringed at seeing several bruises and burns high on his sister's thighs. He was a doctor and he knew what all evidence pointed to. His chest tightened and he tried to hold it together.

"John?" Harry gasped in a low whisper.

"Ssssh. Harry. Yes, it's me. I'm here. No one is going to hurt you."

"Are we free? Is this a dream?" Harry winced when John adjusted the IV in his sister's arm.

"Fraid not. But I need you to rest. We are going to get out of here Harry." John whispered low.

"John-she said you sold me to her. She said I was hers now." His sister's speech was slurred due to the rohypnol she had been slipped.

"No. Harry." John hated how his sister flinched from his touch, he tried to push her matted hair from her forehead. "I didn't know. They said you were dead. Harry, I would never let them hurt you. I-"

"I knew you wouldn't, Johnny. You aren't like me. You don't have it in you to be hateful." Harry sobbed and John started her on another pain killer.

"This will ease your aches. Just rest." John soothed. Harry's throat was bruised by the collar that he had found holding his Alpha sister to the wall.

He kept the mask of indifference, aware that several of the compound's Alphas as well as Omegas were watching him with interest. Howard and Marcus had been the only two to witness John's distress over finding his badly beaten sister.

"John, I had no idea." Sebastian had ordered someone to clean up the Clara mess. James was sleeping off a headache and he wouldn't let the boss know just yet. The man was impossible this time of the month and god knows if anyone would survive another one of Jim's tantrums.

"Piss off, Sebastian." John snarled. "It doesn't matter."

"She sold you, John. James most likely thought it fair."

"She's my sister. Did you think that perhaps I deserve to get some punches in? She, after all, sold me as you say."

"Well, she's yours now. Clara's dead. By rights what was hers goes to Caleb and he doesn't want her. Or the other one you found in that room."

John clenched his jaw. "You lied to me. You said my sister died."

"John I'm sorry-" Sebastian tried to calm the angry Omega. He was aware of the eyes of his men on the duo. Surprisingly enough, some even seemed to hover near the Doctor as if Sebastian was a threat. That was interesting. These assholes weren't loyal to anything but money. Obviously, they had an unhealthy interest in John Watson. Sebastian would wait for James to come out of his heat before broaching the subject of taking John and bonding. He would need to do it quickly or John just might bond with an unworthy Alpha.

James always gave him what he wanted if he asked just right.

"The other female, did you get any information out of her?" Sebastian demanded.

"Yeah, she's scared shitless." John turned to the tall Alpha, his dark blue eyes like a storm. "She's just a prostitute that Clara picked up with an intention of forcing her and my sister to-" John took a deep breath.

"She was always a little off. That girl has never been right in the head. Probably good she's dead. We can't let the woman know where we are."

"She's been drugged. It'll be at least a day before this shit runs it's course. Clara really had a taste for the subdued." John snapped "I hardly think she knows what day it is. Let alone where she's been brought. And she's a prostitute. She's not going to go to the cops. "

"Fine." Sebastian growled. "We wait to see if James wants to cut her loose. You're too soft, John. "

"I'm not soft, Sebastian. Don't think for one minute that I'm on their side. I just don't appreciate being lied to. I don't answer to Alphas and I wont sink to an Alpha's level of rape and submission. Clara is just as bad as any bully Alpha. It's disgusting and I'm only sorry it wasn't me to kill her. I'm not afraid of you Sebastian."

Sebastian growled grabbing the Omega by his upper arm. "Don't challenge me, John Watson."

John met the Alpha's glare. He hissed in response to being manhandled but didn't attempt to wiggle away. Marcus and Howard hissed and growled nearby. Sebastian narrowed an icy stare on the two before releasing John.

"You can keep your sister until James decides otherwise. Get your rest tonight doc. James wanted me to send you out into the field again."

John didnt respond. "You can take the two idiots there with you seeing how you are all such close friends. "

"Where? And what do I need to do."

"It's a hospital, so you'll blend right in. Being an Omega you wont have too much trouble posing as a non threat. We have an inside man and he assures us that you can gain access to the room."

"What room?"

"We need you to finish the job our assassin did not. Quinton Holmes is still breathing. James wants him dead! Do you think you can handle such a little task? "

"It won't be too much trouble if your guy can do what he claims."

"He will. But if you fail or double cross us ,John, remember we have your sister here."

John didn't respond. Instead, he took a step back and turned his attention on the brunette prostitute that Clara had kidnapped.

"John." The brunette whispered low. She remained still on the hospital cot, the Omega Doctor pretended to check the bag of saline.

"Elisa, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I thought you were dead. I was planning on avenging you. Besides Marshall and I didn't believe that Omega bitch was as innocent as she pretended. Maybe it's because we don't fall for the delicate Omega act so easily."

John couldn't help but grin, he started to push a few buttons on the IV pump. The Alpha agent kept her head turned away from him she groaned theatrically.

"You are a bad actress." John muttered.

" Well, this lot is a bunch of idiots they'll fall for it. Except I underestimated that fucking nutter. She got the jump on me. I wont be able to live this down."

"If you make it out alive. I told them you're a prostitute and she drugged you. That buys you a day to break out of here."

"Oh, Johnny boy, you are a clever boy."

"You have to get out. "

"Fine, we can both go."

"No. My sister. She's hurt. I can't leave her and they have me under supervision."

"I can see that." The brunette sighed deeply. "Fine. I'll get her out but you're coming, too."

"Can't. They are planning on taking out Quinton. Mycroft has a mole. I don't know who. I'll be at the hospital tomorrow or rather later today to make the kill."


"Shut up. I wont let them kill Quinton but I need to get my hands on heat inducers."


"Not for me idiot. I have a plan. Just get out and take Harry with you."

"They'll know you helped me."

"They wont. Because I'll be attempting to kill Quinton. If you are free then I can slip past them. You have to get a message to Mycroft."

"It's too dangerous. Sherlock will kill me if-"

"It doesn't matter." John sighed "I don't matter. I need to do this for Grandmere, for Quinton and Sherlock. I need to know they will be safe."

"Fuck, Johnny boy you have it bad." The brunette frowned sadly. "Don't worry then. I'll help you. God help me, I'll help you."

"How is Sherlock?" John couldn't help but ask. He was now pretending to listen to her heart with his stethoscope.

"Lost. And out for revenge."

"Rightly so, Grandmere Holmes was a good woman."

"She was. And you are a good man. He's looking to find your killers, John. The man is madly in love. God help everyone in his way."

This bit of information shocked the young Omega. He turned away. "Just remember to get my sister out of here.

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