Chapter 47 Shots

John really wished he had more sleep, everything felt little out of focus.

"You alright there, Doc?" Marcus worriedly glanced at the quite doctor.

"I'm fine. I just want to get this over with." John checked his mobile for the time, the three of them sat quietly in the van just outside the hospital.

"Yeah. Our man is just getting onto shift. He reports there are no other family members in sight. So we are clear to go." Howie glanced at his mobile.

John swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. He wore ordinary clothes. Once inside, they would steal some white coats and make their way up to the private floor. Sebastian had given them all name badges that their hacker had equipped with a stolen key. They had thirty minutes after first swiping the key card. John figured it was enough time to get in and find the drugs he wanted.

Just as he predicted Sebastian was moving them again. With Jim "ill" it was Seb calling the shots and the Alpha was no genius planner like Jim. He was a soldier better at taking orders.

So the paranoid Alpha was moving their main residence. He didn't like the whole situation with Clara. John had been sure that Caleb was healthy enough to move. The Alpha refused to meet his eyes, his wounds not so badly off even after the earlier tussle.

John shook his head recalling the awkwardness. Really, Alphas were hopeless. The coordinates for their new home weren't revealed. Sebastian said after they completed their task he would meet them personally and drive them back. John hated all of this secrecy. He felt like he was walking a tight rope. Anytime soon they would figure out he wasnt on their side, but hopefully by then they would be too preoccupied with James going into a full heat and John could let Mycroft's men know where the villain could be found.

"Let's go. No one make a move without my ok. No killing today." Howard made a noise but John glared over at him. "You can stay here if you can't follow orders."

"He knows his stuff Howie. I've seen him in action." Marcus explained quickly trying to ease his brother's tension.

"Alrght." Howard replied and all three climbed out of the white supplies van.

"I need to find some drugs. If we shoot or stab him they'll know we are in the building and they'll search for us. However, if we poison him, over dose him, they'll think it was an error on the hospital it wont be until we've gone that they'll figure the rest out."

Howard smiled. "That's a pretty good idea there doc."

"See." Marcus smiled and they hurried into the building. John checked his mobile hoping that red haired agent had already made a break for it.


Arthur stood outside his brother's door, sending rapid fire texts. His aunt's funeral was in a few days. They'd pushed the ceremony off thinking that their enemy was planning to strike. He needed to know that his family was alright. He couldn't take any more chances.

He stepped around the doctor that was headed to his brother's room. About time. The Alpha wanted an update even it had been only an hour since the last doctor checked up on his injured brother. He would deal with these Doctor's lack of progress after he tied up this distraction with Mycroft's people. The reports he was receiving were upsetting. His cousin's people had raided a house thinking it would be part of Moriarty's network only for it all to be another dead end. What good was Mycroft's people if they were always a step behind.


John collected the drugs he needed. He had Marcus and Howard wait for him in the east wing of the hospital, promising it would look less suspicious if he went into Quinton Hill's room. Besides it was his payback, or so they thought. The Omega had nearly panicked seeing Arthur Hill on the private floor. Thankfully the Alpha was too preoccupied with his mobile to give John a second glance.

Doctor Watson only needed the monitor's to go off, that wasn't going to be difficult, he would just unplug something. The IV pumps installed in this patient's room would be state of the art and therefore highly sensitive. Howard and Marcus would then see the rush of personale and think John had succeeded in his mission. John would later report that he was found out before he could finish his task.

First, the mole signaled him in. John entered the room, the man behind him. "Hurry. The Admiral will be back. That phone call was a hard one to arrange. He'll be back. He hasn't left this one's side."

"Do you know him?" John asked the Alpha as he discreetly scanned the room for something he could use as a weapon, the gun he had hidden under his shirt was a last resort.

"No, I don't care either. He's just another posh bastard that was handed rank. His brother's a bastard. So be gone with the idiot and his Omega. Just another gold digging bitch looking for a free ride."

John scowled at the man closing the door behind the two. Without a second thought he grabbed up a metal tray holding several forgotten instruments meant to help stitch and clean a wound.

He brought it down hard across the back of the Alpha's head, not bothering to help the idiot to the ground. He kicked the dazed man while he sank to his knees.

"Bastard." John checked his mobile for the time nearing the bed, he read the chart making a quick note. The doctors in charge of Quin were doing an excellent job and from the monitors Toby and the baby were alright. Toby laid in a twin bed near Quin's, his breathing steady and heart strong. Shock, that was all just shock to the bond. Toby and the baby would be alright. John leaned down near Quin. "You listen you pushy berk, hurry and wake up. Toby and that baby need you full strength. None of this half alive bullshit! Remember what I told you? If you hurt him I'll break your leg even if that means I have to resuscitate you long enough to do it. I will." John ran a hand through Quinton's ruffled hair, he was pale and a tube pumped air into his lungs.

"Dammit, Quinton. You have to be alright. It looks like your brother and Mycroft have really gotten themselves into it deep. Now is the best time to gloat and hang it over the pompous ass's head."

John stood up. Time was up and the double crossing Alpha Agent was groaning his speech slurred. John ignored him pulling the plug to an IV pump knowing that that would set an alarm off. It wasn't harmful enough but it could work to get some attention.

He didn't expect for Arthur Hill and one of his personal bodyguards to walk in catching him leaning over Quinton.

"What the-" The Alpha General snapped, John swore under his breath.

"This isn't what it looks like." And John knew by the angry growls from the two men across from him that they weren't going to listen to reason.

He didn't get a chance to continue the bastard double agent started to groan holding his head "Bastard hit me! He's here to kill your brother sir."

"Fuck." John made a rush for the door, brought up short by a hand that grabbed his ankle.

"Not so fast you little bitch."

The Omega kicked at the still downed Alpha agent, and ducked past the larger Arthur Hill. The Agent with Arthur wasn't so easy to dodge. He caught John by the back of his lab coat yanking him back.


Howie and Marcus kept checking their mobiles, Moran had already texted his was waiting. "What's taking him so long. Something has gone wrong." Howie hissed starting for the doors to the secure corridor.

"We wait. He said to wait so we wait." Marcus insisted "He can handle himself."

Both men froze hearing the unmistakable sound of a gun firing. Then alarms were sounding. Another bang closer, and more erupted the sound of the hospital's fire alarm went off. "Fuck!" Howard reached into his pocket to ready his own firearm.

John burst forward. "Run!" He snapped! "Fast!" He didn't wait for them he only sped past them towards the nearest fire exit.

John was glad to know his way around the hospital, several Agent's were flying past them just as they ducked into an exit unnoticed.

"Doctor you're bleeding." Marcus sniffed the air, they were in the parking garage, making their way towards the street.

"It's my leg, that bastard got my leg. I shot him though. It was a trap. That source we had tried to double cross us. He attacked me when I was about to administer the meds. John had the bruises to corroborate his story, his leg throbbed, and he could feel a warmth spreading from just above his knee.

A black van squealed and honked just across the street from where they made it out of the parking garage.

"It's Moran! Come on!" Howie put an arm around John's waist.

"I'm fine." John was running on adrenaline alone.

Then the world erupted into chaos, and it started with the sound of his name.

"John!" Lestrade shouted and the three men turned towards the gray haired Alpha and a very surprised looking Mycroft Holmes. The two had just arrived in a black Sedan. Moran in the awaiting van opened fire, shouting for the three to get in.

"No!" John tried to push Howard away as both Howard and Marcus started to shoot at the unarmed DI.

Just then several Agents flooded the street with a barrage of bullets.

The three of them were pinned down behind a red volkswagen beetle, Moran swearing and returning fire.

"Shit!" Howard growled. "That bastard better not leave us behind!"

Moran was shouting for them but John could see there was no way they were going to make it. "Leave me." He snapped. "Just give me a gun and leave me! You can make it."

He wasn't being noble he didn't mind ending this charade now, sure Moriarty was still out there but he was tired, tired of all of this.

"No! Shut up! I'm not leaving you anywhere." Marcus snapped. "Now let's go! Howard I'll draw fire just get to the van.

Lestrade was shouting for them to hold fire but John could hear the words traitor and Watson. Perhaps Elsa hadn't got to safety yet. Dammit! Did that mean his sister wasn't safe?


Lestrade ducked down behind a small laundry van, glass and metal raining down on him. The Agents weren't holding back on the van and the three men making their way towards it. Didn't they know John was on their side? Mycroft had received that much intel. What the hell were they doing!

"Hold your fire!" Mycroft's growl rang out. Arthur's men ignored him. Lestrade felt helpless watching. That's when he saw John being pulled into the back of a van, a blond Alpha stepped out with a handgun and opened fire. Then the blond mad man dressed in black spotted Mycroft, a manic grin forming on his face and he redirected aim. Lestrade didn't have time to think. Instinct forced him to step in front of the man he loved and pull him down.

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