Chapter 48 Reveal

Mycroft pinched the bridge of his nose. Sherlock had broken a few chairs in the waiting room and possibly Arthur Hill's nose.

The upside was that little mix up, for lack of a better word, in Quinton's room had brought the Hill Alpha out of his coma.

A grateful and bloody Arthur was in with his brother and brother in law. Sherlock, however, had decided he was going to find John at any cost and without Mycroft's help. Lestrade had his arm in a sling and had attempted to follow but the younger Holmes was determined and quick.

Lestrade leaned against the hospital waiting room doors, glancing around the destroyed area.

"Well, that went well."

Mycroft didn't look at the other Alpha. Instead, he moved to the one undamaged chair and hurled it at the farthest wall.

Lestrade let the auburn haired Alpha have this moment. As rare as it was, Mycroft deserved to vent.

"We've lost so much! They've gained! My grandmother is dead, my brother's Omega is possibly bleeding to death and he's in the clutches of a faceless enemy! You-your shoulder-" Mycroft threw a partially broken wood table against the wall to join the chair. The wood splintered and shattered from the force of it. "I am surrounded by incompetents!"

Lestrade approached the heaving Alpha, good hand out. He spoke gently. "That's right you have. What happened was a reasonable reaction. If it had been your brother laid up there and you found Quinton, whom you had assumed was dead, leaning over him with one of your men unconscious on the floor. What assumption would you jump to? Your family has lost so much but don't forget your cousins are part of your pack. Your cousin is alive and breathing, his mate and unborn pup. All alive. Your Aunt, she's a bit off but she's still with us. We will find John. And this was just a scratch. Now break some more shit. Get it out. Then straighten that back, put on your coolest expression and put that beautiful mind to work. "

Mycroft turned those gray/blue eyes on the gray haired Alpha. He read concern. Lestrade was showing concern for him. No one ever worried about Mycroft Holmes but this man did. And Mycroft had almost lost him. When he had been knocked back onto the hard cement and the feel of warm stickiness staining his jacket, the sharp scent of copper and salt, he had thought the world was ending, his world without Gregory.

Now the beautiful man was standing there injured and trying to give him a pep talk.

"Hold on. Is this you?" Lestrade was slowly reached down to pick up a slightly crumpled photograph.

Mycroft frowned trying to steady his breathing. "Yes. That was quite another lifetime ago."

"Is that? Oh my god look at those curls! Your brother was an adorable little shit." Greg smiled at the frowning face of a toddler consulting detective standing with his hand in his elder brother's. Both young men were dressed in suits and their mother stood with a frown on her face speaking to grandmere, both women dressed in black.

"That was my father's funeral." Mycroft looked around. He found the source of this photograph. There was Aunt Helene's photo album. A large leather bound book with gold plating. She must have left it in her haste to see Quinton awake. She had been showing Tobius's little brother their family history.

Lestrade made to pick up the heirloom, trying to straighten it. There was a photograph of Mycroft's father.

Lestrade missed the light going on in Mycroft's eyes but he didn't miss the sudden pull towards the taller Alpha, hot lips pressing onto his startled mouth.

"You! Are a genius!" He pulled away, calming instantly once Greg winced from being jostled. Mycroft was on his mobile texting quickly.

"I need a file. Greg! You are a beacon of light! An INSPIRATION!"

"What is it?" Greg grinned, "I mean I know all that, but-"

"I'll explain soon. Just give me a moment. I need to speak to my aunt and Sherlock. Please, my dear. Please wait here."

Mycroft excitedly kissed his Gregory's pursed lips before pulling the man closer to him, their heads touching. Gregory took a deep breath welcoming the scent of the younger Alpha. "I'll wait. As long as you need." As Mycroft was departing the DI's mobile vibrated, he winced it was an incoming call from Richard.


John held himself up, leaning the whole of his weight into Marcus. "Bastards shot you, doc. You are a crazy one though. Most would like to be knocked out when a bullet is pulled from their leg. Not you, though."

John grunted, allowing Marcus to put him in the nearest chair. "I wanted to be sure the bastard knew what the hell he was doing."

"Well doc, that went to shit real quick. Moran is in speaking to the boss. Good thing the nutter is still "under the weather" or I think we'd all be dead for this cock up. "

"Wasn't our fault that damn contact was actually working for Mycroft bloody Holmes!"

"I know but Howie is talking about skipping out till this one blows over. We have a good hour head start. It could be the way to go Doc. Come with us."

John shook his head, "No. I mean to finish what I've started."

Marcus nodded. "You still want vengeance against that Alpha that marked you. You gotta learn to let that shit go, Doc."

John held back the laughter that threatened. How humorous was this? Here this criminal was lecturing him on letting things go.

"I suppose you're right. You go on. I won't think less of you or your brother."

Marcus smiled. "Alright then, doc. If we meet again, we owe you."

John nodded and the young Omega made his way out of the large sitting room. "Good luck." John murmured to no one but himself.

The new house they had taken over was a large estate in the country, well maintained yards and very lavishly decorated. The old castle-like home was drafty and felt more like a mausoleum than a residence.

Moran stormed from the closed doors looking stern and absolutely irritated. He was shaking his head and yelling into his mobile. "Just do as the Boss ordered! Unharmed. He wants the Alpha unharmed. "

He then ended the call and hurled his mobile at the unlit fireplace to John's left.

"That good then?"

"Yes. He's finally just lost it! He won't hear reason." Moran ran a large hand through his short cut hair. "John? Your leg?"

"It's fine. I'm alright. I wanted to talk to Moriarty and check in on him."

"No, it's not a good idea. He's upset about how things went down. And the fact that that whore managed to escape while we were in the process of moving. Too bad your sister managed to get away. We'll find her for you Johnny and you can take your joy in knowing she's got hers."

John nodded, wincing. "I just thought I could take a look at-"

"He's going into a heat. The stubborn bastard refuses to listen to me. I told him to take injections. These supplements don't do anything but calm the more aggressive instincts down. He's miserable and he only lets me come near him. Usually I can bring him toys to help ease this a bit however, he doesn't want what I've brought him. He wont take a sedative. He's always so paranoid. "

"I can bring him something-"

"You're not listening John! He won't have it." John stiffened, holding himself still. He could smell the anger and territorial pheromones this Alpha was giving off. "Bastard nearly took my head off when he heard what I'd done."

"What you did?"

"Shooting that Detective Inspector. I wish I would have had a better aim. Turns out I just clipped him. He's fine. "

John was having a hard time following Moran's words. The room was starting to spin.

"Doc?" Sebastian swore out loud. "I'm just surrounded by stubborn fucking Omegas. Well, up you go. You need to be sedated for your own good. When you wake up this whole mess will have been cleaned up and over. I promise Jim wasn't angry at you. He's more irritated that we were double crossed by one of our own. He wants Howard and Marcus shot for leaving you to go in alone."

John tried to push the taller man from him but his leg was throbbing and the room was closing in on him.


Sherlock tossed the cigarette from him as Lestrade stepped out of the hospital to hail a taxi.

The tall Alpha slid in next to the DI. "Dammit Sherlock! You nearly gave me a heart attack. What are you doing lurking about? Your brother is looking for you."

"He's an idiot. They're all idiots! It's a testament to the idiocy of his minions that they were unable to locate me while I stood just there smoking a cigarette. No matter. Where are you going? Do you have a lead?"

"I'm going to see a friend. He called me sounding distressed-"

"A friend?" Sherlock's eyebrow raised. "Really, your priorities, Lestrade. I'm surprised you're allowing your labido to-"

"Oh, shut up. It's not like that. He's way too young for me and I owe him a face to face talk. He sounded upset on the phone. I don't blame him. Your pushy brother tried to scare him off."

"He obviously should take a hint. Mycroft isn't one to cross. He can be convincing. So I've heard." The young Alpha huffed.

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