Chapter 49 Drugged

John awoke in his room. He shivered, feeling cold, his whole body aching.

"You damn idiot, you have a fever. I'll shoot that doctor that came in to dig out that bullet and bandage you up. What? did he not disinfect? You have a fever, John." Moran hissed, checking his mobile. Their guests had arrived and he didn't want to leave the injured young Omega but he had to see that everything was set up. James would need him to be sure that their gray haired guest was securely tied down, and drugged properly.

"John, I'll take care of this. Just rest. You're okay. Here's something to relax you. I'll have the doctor return and give you something for that. That's if I don't shoot him. "

"No! No! drugs!" John tried to sit up but Moran was stronger than him and quicker. The big Alpha nearly sprawled over the smaller blond. Nuzzling and scenting, he held John still, pulling his arms over his head with one large hand. The other held a syringe, he didn't hesitate to plunge the small needle into the side of John's neck. Moran chuckled softly, pressing his interested arousal against the now relaxed form beneath him.

"You're so adorable when you struggle. Soon, John. Soon, I'll show you what it's like to be with a real Alpha. You'll be filled with my knot and we'll be together. James already gave me the okay. You're going to be mine, John."


Mycroft held the file in his hands, one that had been buried far too long. Something about what Aunt Helen had said. Buach. He had heard his father mention the name over the phone in a hurried whisper. Reichenbach Falls in switzerland. That had been one of his father's last missions.

Reading the old files, he found confirmation in what he had already guessed or deduced. His father had become addicted to the drugs he was attempting to stop from entering the country. He also was infatuated with a young Drug Lord. There was a picture of his father and the drug lord, a small boy was nearly hidden in the picture. Mycroft's sharp eyes were quick to observe all the details this black and white photograph offered. The young Drug Lord wore dark glasses and his dark hair was combed back neatly. The expensive suit was tight against the thin body. His father was a giant compared to the Omega Drug lord.

There was a small report in the file about the children seized in the criminals compound. The parents had all been executed or imprisoned and the children of the offenders were sent away to the Jameson Mayfield Academy for troubled Youth.

There was the small file about the place burning to the ground years later. Several of the institute's senior caretakers had been accused of mishandling the children under their care.

Mycroft cringed. That's where the child of his father's lover had ended up. Reading on, he found a picture of the boy. Also black and white. He had haunted cold eyes and was skinny fragile looking boy. There was no doubt in Mycroft's mind that this child was an Omega. There was something familiar about his face. "Moriarty I found you." Mycroft understood the child's vendetta.

Several photographs of his father showed a smiling man holding this boy in his arms. Anger roared forward. His own father had only showed them his fists but here he had some kind of bond with this boy and the boy's father.

"That was an awful place." Mycroft's mother interrupted his dark thoughts. She stood in the doorway to the small office he had commandeered at the hospital. "Your aunt always said it would have been kinder to drown the bad pups. Your father loved that Paul Brooke. Loved him more than us. He wanted to take you and your brother and run off with a drug lord. I didn't know what to do. I went to your gran. I knew what she would do. She was always just waiting for me to ask for help."

The British government frowned. His mother continued as she entered. "She killed him, Mycroft. She poisoned him. He was so far gone. That same night she pulled strings to have that criminal's compound raided. I've only seen pictures of that poor little Richard Brooke. I asked your grandmother if we shouldn't take him under our wing. It's not a child's fault their parent's are criminals. I thought he might be your father's. However, at his age it was ruled out. "

Mycroft froze. "What did you say his name was?" He started searching the photographs.

"Richard James Brooke. Silly considering where the compound was. Right there on the Falls."

Mycroft nearly dropped his phone as his hands shook when he hit a single number. Lestrade's face flashing on the screen as the call was trying to connect.

"Mycroft, son?"


Things were a blur for John Watson. He managed to make his way out of his room, his leg nearly buckling under him. His weakened immune system allowed infection to take hold. It didn't matter. He needed to find Moran. Lestrade was in danger and Moran needed killing. Hell, they all needed killing. John was tired of this game. It was time to just get it all over with.

"Doc?" Caleb's voice echoed through his head causing the Omega to nearly stumble, unsure of his surroundings. He was lost, this place was dimly lit and dark. Everything was so damn unfamiliar. He couldn't smell his way through the maze of empty corridors and rooms.

"Shit. You're worse off than me." Caleb helped stand the trembling Omega up, allowing the younger man to lean against the wall. "You're burning up." He placed a hand to the Omega's sweaty brow. "John?" When he received no answer, only a weak growl, Caleb shook his head. "Nope, back to bed with you. You aren't even properly dressed and you reek of Moran." The usually silent Alpha growled, his hands lingering on the shorter soldier's naked chest.

John was barefoot and shirtless. Someone had put him in a loose pair of sweats and there was blood seeping through on his thigh. He had heard John was injured but the rumor had sounded as if it wasn't too bad.

Caleb didn't have a chance to lead the Omega back to one of the many empty rooms. The trembling bastard had managed to knick his sidearm. "No. I have to find Moriarty."

"Woah, John. Doc? We are friends, yeah? You saved my life and I'm obligated to you. I know I acted poorly yesterday but I wasn't myself. I thought you were-"

John's grip wasn't the best but he kept the weapon leveled on the quick talking Alpha. "Easy there, Doc. Easy. I won't stop you. I'll go with you. Is there something particular that has you peeved? I heard they brought your Alpha in. Is that it? You want a piece of him before Moran kills him?"

"Sherlock?" John managed a pathetic rasp, his eyes glazed and narrowed.

"Yeah, that his name? The one who gave you that scar? Well, seems like Moran has him."

"Show me." John growled.

"You aren't in the right shape, Doc. Now stop being-"

"Show me!" The Omega, pulled the slide back emphasizing his demand.


Sherlock spit blood onto the blond Alpha's shoes. "Piss off. "

"I was hoping you would be difficult. It gives me all the more reason to make this hurt more." Sebastian grinned. "And after I kill you, I'll bring John into this room and fuck him hard in that same chair where the scent of you will be the strongest. He'll know he's free and he'll know he's now mine."

Sherlock pulled on the cuffs keeping him in place. This stranger smelled of his John. Had he hurt John? Attacked him and forced him into submission? He would pay. No one touched John. John was his!

He brought his head back and then forward with the force of a desperate man, connecting perfectly with Moran's own unsuspecting nose.

The crunch of breaking bone and swelling cartilage joined the Alpha's wail of shock and pain. The consulting detective was hunched over still bound to the metal chair. He tried to swing the legs into the cursing blond Alpha but it was futile. The soldier dodged the chairs sharp legs and sent a quick kick to the off-balanced consulting detective.

Sherlock landed hard against the wood floor. Dazed from impact, he groaned, expecting a quick kick. Instead the sound of a gun going off echoed through his ears.

Then something was jingling. He knew it to be keys. Squinting, he tried to see past the blood that ran into his eyes from his head wound.

"Sherlock?" The shaking voice was music to the dazed Alpha's ringing ears.

"John?" Sherlock's wrists were freed. He pulled himself up, rolling his shoulders and massaging his aching wrists.

Turning, his eyes feasted on his love. His very shirtless flushed love. John looked unwell and the scent of his blood was strong.

"You're hurt? John!" Sherlock caught the swaying Omega.

"I found you." The blond doctor giggled, burying his face into Sherlock's shoulder. His white button up shirt ripped and stained with his own blood however, the Omega didn't seem to care.

"John. Oh god! John, I thought you were-I am so sorry." He pulled the shorter man to his side.

"Les-lestrad." John groaned before nearly collapsing into his Alpha.

Sherlock lifted his Omega into his arms easily and stepped around the still form of Sebastian Moran. He wished to kick the man but he didn't have the time to waste. Lestrade had been brought to another room. He was here and John was ill. He needed to protect his Omega but he needed to find Lestrade.

Stepping out into the empty corridor, he carefully looked around. John's head lulled back, his feet stumbling. The blond Omega was barely conscious. Sherlock had taken the weapon from the unsteady hands of the fevered Doctor.

There was an unconscious Alpha laying face down in the corridor. John most likely had knocked the man out before entering the unguarded room. He needed to find a way to let Mycroft know where he was. From his estimate they had been gone for five hours, surely that was enough time for the British Government to find them.

"I'll get you out of here, John. I'll get you out and we'll go home. I wont let anything happen, John. You'll be safe. I love you." The dark haired Alpha whispered into his Omega's neck.

Sherlock was torn between finding Lestrade and getting John to safety, "Dammit Mycroft where are you?"


"You smell so good." James Moriarty was sniffing the neck of a stripped naked Gregory Lestrade. The Alpha had been bound spread eagle on the large bed. He pulled at the straps holding his arms out and his legs open.

"What the fuck?" Greg hissed. "Get off! Richard, what the fuck?" The Omega wore a green silk robe, his scent was strong and growing stronger.

"Mm, I haven't had an Alpha in a long time. I think I rather like this set up. You look so beautiful there, helpless and gorgeous. Your cock is so impressive I'm worried that I'll split myself on it in this position but it can't be helped. I need you, Greg. Sweet gentle Greg." The young Omega cooed, climbing onto the soft bed, positioning himself between Greg's muscular thighs. "It never takes much to get an Alpha interested." The young man smiled almost drunkenly while his slender hands took the Lestrade's limp cock and brought his warm mouth down over the large mushroomed head.

"Fuck." Greg tried to think of anything but what was happening. He had slept with Omegas before but there had always been consent on both parts. This was the first time an Omega had forced himself on the Detective Inspector. Instinct was whistling through his veins and he felt himself hardening in response to stimulus.

"Forgive me, Mycroft." He groaned as the wanting mouthing took him fully to the root. The Omega's aroused pheromones were growing in response and he blood rushed to his very treacherous cock. He didn't see the syringe in the Omega's hand but he felt the cruel pinch to his thigh and then darkness.

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