Chapter 5 confusion

A/N: sorry for the length and the wait thanks for all the comments and reviews! CHAPTER 5. CONFUSION

John awoke sometime in the middle of the night(or early morning) to the sound of a violin playing, he laid in the strangers bed for a few moments before deciding to get up and get a drink.

The violin's song was soft and thoughtful, John caught the time on the clock in the kitchen. It was three am, he chanced a quick look into the small cluttered sitting room. The dark haired Alpha was in his chair the back of his head visibly tilted and the bow worked slowly over the strings.

John quietly started the tap holding his glass of water he turned back to the scene in the room across from him. The Alpha was playing as if he were lost in thought, his fingers absentmindedly now plucking at the strings.

John caught sight of his ruck sack off to the man's left, he moved towards it forgetting his earlier promise to stay unobtrusive.

Sherlock didn't take notice, as John happily opened the bag finding everything he'd kept inside still there. He looked up from his kneeling position on the floor to thank the strange Alpha, that's when he actually caught sight of the man's face.

"Oh, my god. Mr. Holmes." John forgot his water and his bag, quickly on his feet he was at the Alpha's side.

Sherlock brought the bow down with a screech scowling in John's direction over the interruption of his contemplations.

"What happened?" John ignored the scowling expression, forgetting all shyness he cupped the Alpha's face, kneeling closer from between the man's long legs.

Sherlock instinctively started to pull away, until his own gray eyes found the soft of John's blue. It was easy to read the concern and was it alarm?

John was on his feet pulling his ruck sack over to him, he quickly dug through the contents within, finally pulling out a small first aid kit. "Did-was it Harry?" John cringed, inspecting the deep gash just above Sherlock's right eyebrow. "She's a mean left hook."

Sherlock flinched unprepared for the sting of alcohol or whatever antiseptic the doctor kept in his kit.

"No. That was the easy part. She wasn't home. " Sherlock bit back another hiss as John continued to clean up the smaller scratches and cuts on his face.

"Your lip is split but it won't need stiches. You're lucky that eye will not swell just bruise. "

Sherlock would normally pull away or pout, but this Doctor's ministrations weren't all unwelcome. John's scent dulled the sharp stinging stink of antiseptic; his hands were quick and his touch soft.

John's torso was rubbing intimately against Sherlock's crotch which was a distraction all in itself.

"So what happened?" John frowned placing a plaster over the worst of the cuts, he gently took the expensive violin from the silent Alpha. Carefully John placed the instrument on the table nearest him, then returned to remove Sherlock's black suit jacket. "I mean if you want to talk about it. You don't, uh. It's none of my business."

Sherlock's gray eyes darted to the Omega's thin lips as a pink tongue shot out to nervously licking them, then the white teeth that worried the tender flesh. Why could he not think of anything to say, instead his mind wondered back to how it would feel to take such a tongue into his own mouth, then maybe suck at the now mistreated skin. Memories of straddling John on the couch and exploring the heated mouth of the Omega flooded his mind palace.

"This is beyond help." John tutted noticing the rip at the elbow and the torn collar of the Alpha's dark suit.

Sherlock caught his breath as John's quick fingers worked the buttons of his purple shirt.

"I knew it, you've some bruising on your chest." John frowned working quickly to open the Alpha's silk garment. The Omega was now in doctor mode and thought Sherlock's quick intake of breath was due to hidden injuries.

In truth Sherlock was trying desperately not to pull the doctor on top of him and press his naked skin against smaller man.

Where the hell were these feelings coming from? These urges were perplexing considering Sherlock had never felt such a pull towards a lesser being as an Omega. He liked to entertain his baser needs with that of his own gender, an Alpha could take rough, could endure hot and heavy. These Omegas were always so fragile and Sherlock wasn't in the mind set of being patient when it came to bedding. Somehow his mind started to question weather John could endure what his Alpha side wished to explore.

Sherlock's thoughts were interrupted once more when John's warm hands moved over the bare flesh of his torso. The Alpha wasn't ready for the electric shock that ran through him. He gasped and held himself rigged, his inner Alpha screaming out to take.

"I'm sorry, if it hurts, but you've several bruises, let me check for internal bleeding. It might be best if we go for a scan right away. What the hell happened?" John bit his lip without looking up.

Sherlock knew John was moving his hands in a clinical way but the Alpha was struggling to explain this to his nether regions.

John frowned when Sherlock still neglected to reply to his questions, he pulled away and sat on the heels of his bare feet. His blue eyes worriedly skimming the bruises on the Alpha's face.

Sherlock realized he'd been asked a question and his mind fought to recall the words and his mouth fumbled with a reply. How was he supposed to think with this Omega's scent saturating his space?

"I was in a fight." He grumbled.

"Clearly." John sighed getting up and hurrying to the kitchen. Sherlock flinched away from the suddenly empty feeling that surrounded him in John's absence.

He was about to get up and seek out the blond curiosity when John returned holding ice wrapped in a flannel. "Here put that against the lip it will help with the swelling. Are you injured anywhere else? Does it hurt to breathe in?"

Sherlock shook his head, and continued to frown feeling oddly speechless.

"So a fight? With a wall I take it. " John took Sherlock's free hand and started to clean the scrapped knuckles with more antiseptic.

"No, an idiot." Sherlock pulled his hand out of the Doctor's gentle hold, he had to fight the urge to pull the Omega into him even more. Instead he dug into his increasingly uncomfortable trouser's pocket and produced a small leather wallet and John's dog tags.


"The idiot who seized them wasn't as willing as I thought he would be to relinquish his score." Sherlock only shrugged, he had defeated his enemy easily and brought back his Omega's possessions. The Omega should be rewarding him accordingly. Isnt that how it went? Omegas were supposed to be easy satisfied and made happy with shows of protectiveness from their Alphas.

Wait. What? Where the bloody hell did that thought come from?

"You mean-" John held his dog tags and his wallet, his eyes wide. "You, uh, you got into a fight over this?" A frown.

"I had no intention of fighting John, it was that idiot that refused to see reason." Sherlock pointed out in his usual bored tone, waving his hand dismissively. Why wasn't the Omega falling to his knees in gratitude? And while he was on his knees-dammit no! Sherlock pushed these unpleasant? Confusing, thoughts away.

John's blue eyes were wide and searching. Sherlock leaned back to put distance between them. There was so much there and the wealth of information pushed into Sherlock's mind place.

"You idiot." John was on his feet. "Nothing is worth-"John started to pace and Sherlock felt utterly confused. "I mean. " the Omega was trying to find words.

"It's just. No one's ever done that before. And well nothing is worth a fight like this. Please, just next time let it go. It's only a wallet and dog tags. I can always replace these things."

Sherlock was confused, why was the Omega angry? Was it more concern? "It wasnt difficult John. In fact it was easy despite the initial struggle but once-"

John shook his head "Sherlock, these men are made to ruff people up. They are in the business of hurting people for money. Just. Please, don't go back."

"I can take care of myself John. Besides the idiot wasn't hard to bring down, you already did most of the work for me. He was still sore from the fight you gave him. This-" Sherlock motioned to his face "Was just his thuggish cronies trying to come to his aid. They fell without much of a contest."

John threw his hands up and shook his head. "It's no use. You Alphas always just looking for a fight. Just, sit there, and I'll get you some tea and something to take the edge off of the pain."

Sherlock couldn't help but do as the Omega requested. Demanded?

After John was certain the Alpha was properly cleaned up, he excused himself and returned to bed, leaving Sherlock utterly confused.

John laid in bed glaring up at the ceiling his right hand gripping the metal dog tags resting on his chest. This was the first time anyone had done something like this for him. It was confusing. Maybe just some Alpha thing to prove he wouldn't accept trespassing in his territory. Still, John wasn't Sherlock's Omega, the man should have just let it go. He could have been seriously hurt. The soldier turned over on his side, hearing the soft sounds of the violin from the living room starting to lull him back to sleep. Tonight he wouldn't worry about the nightmares that plagued him, for some odd reason he felt safe and secure. The small Omega let a smile crease his lips before nodding off into a relaxed sleep.


Mycroft had a plan of attack, it would start today. After carefully going over his brother's soon to be's back ground file, the British Government found out where the Omega worked and trained. He'd given his brother a week with the young Omega, enough time for both to feel comfortable enough to fall into a routine.

So, the older Holmes arranged for a drugs bust, he was sure the other man was supplying Sherlock in some way. It was an easy bet the young man would have the drugs on his person or perhaps in his locker at work. Maybe even in the flat, but Mycroft would wait to have the DI enter into Sherlock's territory. This would be easier and it would look less like Mycroft's heavy handed concern and more like a simple raid on a suspicious person.

It was easy to convince the DI to help, although it's not my division, as he so eloquently put it.

DI Lestrade was a highly capable Alpha in his field and he shared similar concern for the younger Holmes as Mycroft did. It was an odd situation, sharing such concern with a non family member, but the DI had taken an interest in Sherlock when the younger Holmes had stumbled upon his crime scene three years ago seemingly high. Sherlock had been high indeed, and still managed to solve the crime. Something the DI never forgot and though Sherlock's sobriety was a struggle the man never gave up thinking the young consulting detective could be more than his failings. Yes, the DI was a curious and a confusing specimen of Alpha. He also had a handsome head of silver and black hair and stood just an inch shorter than Mycroft. Not mention the broad shoulders and flat torso.

Another charming characteristic and somewhat arousing was the fact that Gregory Lestrade wasn't easily intimidated. Mycroft found himself enjoying the small challenges thrown between them, yes he rather liked their power struggles. Only verbal of course, never anything more, no that would be rather inappropriate. And unwelcome?

"Alright Mycroft, I've got my Sargent picking up the Omega, and my forensics team is combing through the young man's locker. If he's holding it will be revealed rather quickly. Donovan is taking the Omega to the yard for questioning it's wont be long now. "

"As always DI you're assistance is appreciated. " The older Holmes rewarded the DI with a warm smile before replacing it quickly with a look of boredom. The DI wasn't even looking he was busy texting on his phone.

"Well the young man is cooperative at least. I'll keep you updated when we find something. Then I'll let your guys take it from there. And don't thank me Mycroft it's what a friend does. I know you Holmes don't believe in friends but I've thought of Sherlock as a friend these last couple of years and I'll be damned if some Omega drug addict is going to come in and ruin Sherlock's hard earned sobriety. Not on my watch."

With that the DI turned on his heel and moved towards the medical clinic. Mycroft couldn't take his eyes from the impressive figure such a dominate Alpha as the DI struck. His very presence caused his officers to scatter out of his way as he approached. Not that Mycroft was considering the man as anything but an ally, yes he wouldn't allow himself to envision the DI naked or submissive.


John was having a hell of a day, he'd arrived at the busy clinic checked in with Dr. Sawyer, she always worked with his deployment schedule.

His first patients of the day a sick kid who vomited all over John's lab coat, causing him to need a shower. After of course treating the upset child and calming the distressed Omega mother.

The second patient had been an irritable old Alpha going deaf. John was happy for the man's insistent Omega wife, demanding the old construction worker that he needed to allow the young Doctor to give him his routine exam.

She worried about his cholesterol and his joints. John had to speak loudly, before finally convincing the old man to be fitted for a hearing aid. His wife was eternally grateful, she kept hugging John and he hurried the couple out the door before Mr. Combs changed his mind.

John sighed heavily as a nurse handed him another chart, "Sorry Doctor." The Beta nurse frowned, tightening her blond ponytail and pushing her glasses up her nose. "I was hoping to give this one to Doctor Marly but he's rather busy with a possible fractured tibia. This Alpha is a bit-"

"It's fine Lorna, I'm used to the rowdy ones. You'd be surprised how they act in the army. What room is it?" She gave him a pinched look, "It's better me than Doctor Hunter, you know how nervous she gets around the rowdier ones. And Doctor Sawyer is dealing with the Omega clinic today, it seems to be very busy."

"Room five. Just don't be afraid to call for help. If-"

"It cant be that bad." John tried to reassure her, besides "I'm practically bonded and Sarah said I can start taking more Alpha patients." John signaled to the gold bracelet around his wrist. Sherlock had thrust it on his wrist first thing this morning with a growl to not remove it as it was proof that he was going to be bonded. It was an old sign of ownership that dated back to prehistoric times, when an Omega was forced to wear collars and cuffs as a sign of ownership.

John wasn't a fan but he didn't have a choice a deal was a deal and Sargent John Watson never went back on a deal.

John found the situation a little humiliating, the fact that Sherlock won him in a damn poker game. Then he insisted on scenting him before he left the house this morning. It wasn't an ideal situation, but John was determined to soldier on. He did smell like Sherlock, he didn't mind the scent it was the scenting process.

Sherlock had rubbed his chin and nuzzled John for a good half an hour, the man had complained the whole time before finally stepping away and declaring John properly scented for at least an eight hour shift.

"I'll have to invent a spray to save myself from such tedious displays of ownership." The tone in Sherlock's voice shouldn't have bothered John, but he felt rejected and the Omega part of him stung from the careless comment.

"Yeah well it was as good for me as it was for you." John had grumbled stepping out of the Alpha's arms hoping to avoid reprimand. He tensed expecting it, his eyes downcast and body tense. However instead the Alpha had rolled his eyes and waved a hand dismissively. John had tried not to flinch but instinct and habit were hard to overcome sometimes.

Sherlock had growled in irritation, and John had hurried out the door. This is how his day started and from the looks of it how it would continue. John's nerves were on edge, this whole situation was a mess. He looked forward to returning to active duty just three months and things would be easier he would spend his time away. Far, far away from all of this posturing and pretending.

Anyway the day couldn't be any worse right?

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