Chapter 50 recoverd

Sherlock cautiously made his way down the seemingly empty corridor, holding onto John, frantically whispering reassurances.

"We're going to get out of here John. I'll get you home and Mrs. Hudson will help me feed you up. She's been quite cross since you've gone away. Apparently, I don't know how to treat a good Omega. You wouldn't want to be away if I was tidier and maybe less of an ass."

"I like your ass." John managed eyes half open, his legs barely moving.

Sherlock grinned turning down another empty corridor. "Where is everyone?"

"Not everyone was invited to the main house. Everyone went on vacation when they heard that Elsa got away." John coughed, his throat dry. He felt like he was in a desert.

"John stay awake-"

"We have to find Lestrade. Jim is insane-"

Sherlock didn't answer his Omega. He didn't have the heart to tell him that his first priority was to John.

They didn't make it far enough when the loud bang of a gun firing went off. John's body twisted back and Sherlock pulled the groaning blond closer to him. Blood started to pour from John's shoulder just above the scar marking him for life. So much blood and Sherlock put a hand over the wound pulling John down. He turned to see a panting Sebastian Moran.

"He's mine! You can't have him!" He growled.

"John!" Sherlock looked at the Omega now unmoving on the cold wood floor. The sound of thundering boots and yelling.

Sherlock fired at the smirking Moran. "If I can't have him neither will you!" His aim far from accurate.


Caleb watched Moran speechlessly stalk past him. Damn if John hadn't hit him hard enough to keep him down. And the Alpha was aware that he hadn't reopened his stitches. Why would John do that? Why did he attack but not kill him? Confused, he pulled himself to a standing position. He could hear Moran's cruel words and the trained killer could smell John's blood.

The blood forced the trained killer to react. Moran had shot John and he was aiming to kill the Doctor.

"G'off! You idiot! It's me!" Moran pushed the wounded assassin off of him, dodging a hard fist to his face. "He's working for Holmes! He's played us!"

"You've killed him?" Caleb growled, straddling the larger Alpha, banging the man's head hard against the wood floor. Moran went limp and Caleb stood up with the gun in his hand ready to fire.

"Stand down!" A man in all black holding an assault rifle growled. Caleb ignored the stranger and pulled the trigger, the echo of an empty chamber sounded throughout the crowding corridor.

Caleb snarled and put his hands up getting to his knees. He would have to kill Moran another day.

He could hear that dark haired Alpha yelling for a medic. It was the sound of a desperate man, like an Alpha losing his Omega. If John played them, Caleb couldn't help but smirk. Good on him. That Omega was a smart one. It wasn't every day someone played Moriarty.


James heard the yelling and thunder of boots. As much as he loathed to leave the unconscious Alpha no longer strapped to his bed, he had enough sense to know it was time to flee. He gently caressed the gray haired Alpha. "Time to go dearest." The Omega had suffered through a short pseudo heat brought on by the ineffective suppressants he took.

He had ridden the fit Alpha for a few hours enjoying the idea that he made the sedated older man knot him with just stimulating the correct erogenous zones. That Clara did know her stuff after all. It didn't take too much effort on the desperate Omega's part.

Now they would need to go. Mycroft Holmes would forever have to know James had had Gregory first. He didn't want to leave the Alpha defenseless so James quickly untied his lover, and slipped some clothes on his newest plaything. Well, if a pair of sweats and t-shirt counted as clothing.

"Come along dearest. We need to go. There's a car waiting for us. Then we can spend all the time we want together." The Omega spoke to the drugged Alpha like one would a child.

Greg's eyes were half opened. "Come on, dear. Don't be lazy I need you to move your feet. "

James swore under his breath he was too weak to carry the brunt of the Alpha's weight. They had made it into the secret passage hidden in James' closet. This slow progress towards the underground garage wouldn't do. Not when the muffled sound of gunfire was just feet away.

"Help me!" James ordered his nervous driver. "I said help me you idiot!" The driver quickly did as he was told, leaving the black sedan running.

The Omega pulled his robe around him tighter. Too soon the sound of his security team being over run echoed down the secret passage. James' driver took a bullet to the chest. They were going to be captured. So the Omega left the drugged Alpha and ran for the safety of the car, stepping over the bleeding driver, the consulting criminal sped off.


John floated on a sea of warmth. He was surrounded by a very familiar and rich scent. He wanted to remain nested in such a wonderful place, wherever here was. He could hear distant voices but they didn't register. The only thing that mattered was the pain in his shoulder and leg were barely noticeable and he felt safe.

"John? John come back to me."

No, let me sleep a little longer you berk! You never let me sleep in.

"John. Please open your eyes."

There was pain in the usually confident unapologetic Alpha's voice. The desperation felt so out of place that John suddenly wanted to wake up just to confirm that his Alpha was alright. Had something happened? Was he hurting? The man probably burned himself with another experiment gone wrong.

"John?" Cool slender fingers were combing through John's hair. Another finger was caressing his face. "I need you. I'm so lost. John, I'm so lost."

"Sher-" John pushed the words out, forcing himself up past the feeling of being submerged in warm waters. And what greeted him was far from painless. The light was so bright he thought his head would explode and his body was refusing to move. Why did he feel so heavy and the pain, everything hurt, and his mouth was like sandpaper.

As if by magic a straw was pressed to his parched lips and John drank the cool water, "Ssssh, John. Slowly. You'll make yourself sick. That's it. Easy." Sherlock's voice was like a soothing balm washing over the throbbing that was his body.

Someone else was touching him. Unfamiliar hands and an unfamiliar scent. John whimpered trying to pull away, causing his Alpha to growl.

"Doctor Watson? Can you hear me?" the unfamiliar voice asked sternly.

"Sherlock, please step away and let the doctor do his job!"

John recognized Mycroft's voice and the Omega felt as if he were sinking, lower and lower.

"No, Mycroft." John managed, had the Alpha decided to finish what he had set out on. Were they killing John now. Faces were blurring and he could see Moriarty laughing in the corner and god help him that agent with the knife.

He was cutting into him again, white hot pain exploded everywhere and John was lost to it, devoured then by the cold darkness rushing up and enveloping him.


Mycroft stood back as several men had to subdue his brother just so a nurse could sedate the overprotective Alpha. John was in bad shape, he had a raging infection and already he had several blood transfusions. This was his first moment of lucidity and Sherlock went feral.

John's whimpers had an affect on the usually stoic british government. He found himself gripping his brolly's antique wood handle. He took several deep breaths, very much aware of his own raising territorial pheromones in response to the Omega's anxiety.

He couldn't let John die, not when his family had lost so much. Sherlock deserved some happiness. This Omega was good for the usually self centered young Alpha. Hearing the Omega's cries brought Mycroft closer to the young man, growling when the nurses seemingly handled the flailing Omega's bruised arms roughly.

This caused John to plead that Mycroft not hurt him. This snapped the Alpha back from his instinctive drive, his own logical thoughts were attempting to make sense of the Omega's fear.

He took his place in the corner after the Doctor returned with something to ease the Omega back into a drug induced sleep.

The older Holmes had so much on his plate. Lestrade was physically unharmed and remembered nothing of his time with Moriarty. However there was no question what the madman had done to or with Gregory. Mycroft knew it wasn't Greg's fault however, there was a heart sinking feeling of betrayal whenever he looked to Gregory. Perhaps it didn't help that the gray haired Alpha had guilt in his chocolate brown eyes when he managed to look Mycroft in the eyes.

James Moriarty had gotten away but Mycroft had found his grandmere's bonding bracelet and he had returned it to John's wrist. That psychopath Omega might think he won but Mycroft swore to find him and when he did it would not be a quick death dealt to the insane Irishman.

"Sleep John. No one will harm you." Mycroft whispered over his soon to be brother in law. This Omega had done so much for their family and at such a cost. The expert surgeon explained with certainty that there was extensive nerve damage. The young Omega would have a slight limp for the rest of his young life as well as some shoulder problems. Arthur Hill knew what that meant for a military Surgeon and man. It was a career killer.

When Sherlock had heard the news he had thrown things everywhere in response, breaking tables and anything he could fling at the walls of yet another private waiting room.


John awoke again in this unfamiliar place, his blue eyes darted around, the room became sharper and more in focus.

The Omega tried to taste the air, but his mouth was so dry that it hurt to move his sandpaper tongue over the parched lips. Groaning, he tried to sit up only to realize that he was in an upright position and the room was a hospital room.

"Here, take this. I was told by a somewhat intelligent source that these will make your head feel better. As well as counteract the dehydration. You being a doctor should already know this." The deep baritone brought John out of threatening panic, blue eyes moved in the direction of such a rich honeyed voice.

A straw was offered to his lips, slightly mocking eyes locked onto his own.

"Please if I was going to do anything lascivious I would have already while you were in your sedated state."

John accepted the water and resisted the urge to smack the snarky bastard. "Where-" John managed almost breathlessly.

"Ssh, John you're still healing. Do you remember anything?" Sherlock looked over to something just to John's left. The Omega didn't have the strength to follow his Alpha's glare.

He realized when hands started touching him that there was another person in the room. John felt blind. His sense of smell was completely muted and it was terrifying.

"Sssh, John. Don't worry about these idiots. They are just hired help. Mycroft insisted you be seen by specialists. They've been through a grueling screening process John. Don't mind them." John could hear his Alpha's tension and for a moment he started to panic then he remembered himself.

They were alive and these men were obviously doctors. He could be good here. He just needed to focus on Sherlock.

"That's it, John. You are alright. Close your eyes. I'll be right here when you awake."

And just like that the Omega slipped back into warmer waters of sleep. Each time John returned to wakefulness he was more and more aware of his surroundings and becoming less tired.

"Sherlock? You've been here for weeks. And even with my senses dulled I can smell you from here and well, I hate to say it but you need a shower love."

Sherlock put down the violin he was slowly plucking at while staring off at something near John's bed.

The Alpha smiled, putting the instrument gently on the floor in it's open case. The dark haired consulting detective leaned over John and nuzzled him, gently scenting him.

"Gross. Get away with that stink." John's voice was still raw and he weakly leaned into his Alpha. He was lying when he said he didn't like his Alpha's scent. It was extremely comforting.

He didn't dare reach up to embrace the taller man wearing a purple shirt, the cuffs rolled up, his dark curls disheveled and bit of scruff started to grow on the usually baby soft chin. There was still an ache in John's shoulder but it was less noticeable and his leg was sore but he could move it.

The Alpha was observing him intensely, getting down on his knees, so that he was at eye level with the Omega.

"Sherlock what's wrong?" The Omega asked, lifting his unsteady right hand to caress the unshaven cheek. "This wasn't your fault. Don't tell me you're blaming yourself."

Sherlock shook his head. "I'm so sorry John." Sherlock closed his eyes and put his head down on the bed near John's injured side.


"You were shot John, in the leg and then Moran shot you in the shoulder. "

John nodded. He had guessed as much but there was more. His Alpha wasn't looking at him.


"John you had an infection- you're lucky to be alive. I'm lucky you're alive because I don't know if I can live without you. "

"Sherlock, sssh. It'll be alright. I'm alive, I'm not going anywhere."

"John, there was nerve damage." Sherlock took a deep breath, nudged John's uninjured arm with his nose. Hands were seeking John's. The Alpha needed to feel the bare flesh of his Omega. He needed to know John wasn't angry at him.

There was a deep shuddering breath. "Will I be able to return to duty?"

Sherlock didn't answer and John took a deep breath. He suddenly felt sick. "My hand feels a little numb. Will that go away?" Sherlock didn't reply. "My leg isn't so painful to move but it's a little slow to move. Will that go away?"

Again, no answer and John knew all he needed to know. "John?"

"I can still be a surgeon, right? Sherlock?" John was fighting the panic. He wouldn't have the army but at least could still be a surgeon. His identity was slipping away.

"Sherlock, what did you do?" John hadn't heard anyone else enter. His eyes tried to focus on the elder Holmes with a beta Doctor.

The Beta forced a smile. "Doctor Watson-" He approached the bed. "As upsetting as you may think the situation is, you must remain calm. "

"Don't talk to him like he's an idiot!" Sherlock snapped.

"Sherlock, how dare you. You knew very well that we agreed we would wait until John was properly healed before we updated him on his condition." Mycroft growled.

John let out a sob of distress and both men turned towards the Omega struggling to sit up. "Get out." He hissed. No one moved, "I said get out! "

Sherlock swallowed "John?"

"Doctor?" John groaned turning into his pillow. "Please. Make them leave."

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