Chapter 51 dazed

Caleb paced the small room. Time was eluding him to the point that he didn't know if it was day or night, let alone Monday or Friday. The bright lights remained on and he had a bucket in the corner of this tiny little cell.

The door was opening again. The beatings were getting closer together. Well, they could beat him all they wanted. He wasn't talking. Not until he knew where John was and if he was alright. Not that Caleb had much to tell. Moriarty would have already changed his usual backup hideouts.

Who was this John Watson? Caleb had seen the scars and that most recent one on John's shoulder. Was he coerced into spying? What part did the Omega play in all this?

The men in dark suits opened the door and Caleb was too weak to fight them. He allowed the black bag to be pulled over his head and for the men to cup him roughly by the arms, dragging him barefoot in the gray jumpsuit down the cold soundless corridor.

He was plopped into a chair this time. The beating was held off and the bag was yanked from his blond head. He really needed a haircut and perhaps a shave. He squinted at the bright lights of this bare room. Just another chair bolted to a floor with a drain.

The man interrogating him today was very different. It was that dark haired Alpha that had begged John not to die. Caleb was naturally on edge. He sat up straighter, narrowing his eyes on the man with cold gray stare. What did John see in this man? Did he really love him or was a dominance issue?

The trained killer decided on three of twelve ways to kill the skinny Alpha. He could possibly pull these three off given the proper chance and motivation.

"Please. Any of those choices would be futile. I assure you you are in no position to attempt something so foolish."

Great he was like Jim, bastard could read minds. Might as well get it over with. Caleb knew the routine.

"Where's John?" This Alpha prickled hearing the Omega's name and Caleb braced himself for a fist to the face. However, the hit never came. Instead the man leaned back against the interrogation room's far wall.

"Why do you care? Why do you ask every time?"

"Where's John?" Caleb repeated, unwilling to change his resolve. "Why isn't he here questioning me? Scared he would change his mind about what side he was on? He might run away with me?" Caleb knew that was a hot button so he didn't begrudge the Alpha the punch dealt to his already bruised face.

The metal chair was rocked slightly but remained upright. Caleb however slumped down nearly falling out of the uncomfortable seat.

"Hardly." the dark haired man hissed, clenching and unclenching his fist. So the man wasn't used to physical violence. Interesting. Did he usually watch as someone else deal out the physical torture or was he new to all of this? "I do hate repeating myself."

"As do I. Now, where is John? Is he alright?" Caleb flexed his sore jaw spitting blood out just to his left.

"He's recovering." Caleb raised an eyebrow.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? He looked pretty bad last I saw him. He doesn't like to be in one space too long. He's a man of action, that one. I expected him to come visit and ask some questions himself."

"And would you have answered them had he asked? What exactly is your relationship to him?"

Caleb smiled. "Why isn't he here asking me? Why don't we find out?"

Sherlock rolled his eyes. "You took down Moran. Why?" These questions had been nagging Sherlock's already chaotic mind.

"Simple. Same reason I killed Clara. "

"John isn't involved with you." The dark haired Alpha had made that sound like a question and Caleb smiled smugly.

"Where is he? We did spend so much quality time together. Why don't you ask him?" Again came the fist but this time to Caleb's already bruised left side.

"John would never be involved with your sort."

Caleb fought to catch his breath before sitting back up, hating how his hands were cuffed behind his back.

"I was hired to keep an eye on him. Looks like I failed. He saved my life so I guess I felt like I owed him. Put me in a room with Moran and I'll finish what I started. Anyway, why aren't you with John? If you're his true Alpha. He's alright? I mean is he-"

Caleb didn't receive an answer right away and he pulled on his cuffs trying to get a better look at the other man. To his surprise the dark haired bloke replied to his questions.

"He's been injured badly. The prior gunshot to his thigh left him with a nasty infection. Moran's only added to his already stressed body. The infection is cleared up but there's nerve damage. He won't be able to return as an army doctor. What good is a surgeon who can't hold a scalpel? He's been recovering in the private wing of St. Barts hospital."

"Tough hand." Caleb shrugged, "At least he's alive. What? Your boss doesn't want to continue to employ him? He should. It's not every day someone pulls the wool of Moriarty's eyes. This won't keep him down."

Sherlock didn't know why he was talking to this stranger about what John was going through. "John isn't employed by my idiot brother. He just fell into the position and-"

"That explains a lot. The man seemed extra stressed. I don't normally allow Omega's to affect me that way but he was different. Not one of those needy whiny bastards. Listen, Moriarty's a tricky bastard. I've worked for him for three years. That's pretty good considering how fast he goes through personel. You can't trust a thing Moran will say. I do know that James Moriarty has several properties in London. A night club, two parking garages and a posh flat. However, I also know how extremely paranoid that bastard is. None of these properties will be useful. I can disclose the addresses but I have something I want from your people first."

"That being?" the dark haired man in the long coat sighed.

"Can I see him?"

The strange Alpha shook his head, "He's not seeing anyone."

"Why not? " Caleb demanded.

"Time's up." John's Alpha replied leaving the room.


Later, Caleb would be sitting in his room curled in a corner nursing his bruised ribs when a tray of hot food was slipped through the slot in the door. That was something new. Usually the food was cold and it never had flavor let alone a sweet aroma.

He collected it quickly, finding more than cold gruel. Instead, his captors had given him beans with ham and a buttered roll. His hands shook as he attempted to open the cold can of soda. He sniffed the food for any sign of tampering. His mouth watered overriding any sense of self preservation. However, when he bit into the roll he nearly lost one of his already loose teeth. Spitting out the metallic object, he recognized a key but wondered over it's use when such a facility was run on keycards.

Lifting the plate of warm food to sit on his aching knees, he spotted another key but this one was in the form of a key card. Was this a trick? How was this possible?


John refused to meet with anyone. He sat staring at the wall of his hospital room. Sherlock had tried to sneak in a couple of times and John had only turned his back on the taller man.

Everything hurt. He had no purpose in life. His hand shook whenever he reached for his water cup or tried to drink coffee. And there was his useless leg! John curled into himself refusing food. He knew they were threatening a feeding tube. The Omega just couldn't bring himself to care.

Few things in his life had ever stayed consistent and his being in the army as a doctor was one thing that anchored him. However, that was all gone now. He was just a crippled helpless Omega. Scarred and broken. Who would want him now?

Sherlock would grow tired of a worthless Omega. What use would John be to the genius Alpha? He couldn't keep up and his hands-.

The blond Omega buried his face into the flattened hospital pillow, attempting to hold back the tears that threatened once more. John layed like this in the dimly lit room trying to block out the world and giving into his despair, for days now. Except today/night? Something was different, he heard the distinctive sound of gunfire and was that a fire alarm?

Curiosity pulled him from his gloomy thoughts and he stood up on unsteady feet, damning his weakened leg. Another shot of gunfire, this time closer caused him pull the IV out of his arm and the other wires from his chest. The monitors started beeping and John ignored it, shuffling towards the door, he pulled it open slowly.


Caleb moved quickly past the guards. He had knocked two of the Agent's guarding the door out and now three others were trading fire. He had to laugh at their pathetic attempts. Sherlock was dazed by the surprise blow the trained killer had delivered to the back of his head just outside John's hospital room.

He sent a quick kick to the younger man's side. "You really are more of a lover than a fighter, aren't you." Caleb aimed his stolen 9mm at the growling young Alpha. "No hard feelings friend."

"Hold your fire!" Someone was shouting from around the corner of the empty corridor. Caleb ignored the chaos he just caused, smiling smugly at the Alpha he was towering over.

And before he could pull the trigger he was tackled from behind and just as expertly disarmed. The Alpha grinned up at the cool blue eyes staring down at him with his own gun aimed at his head.

"So there you are. Was wondering what it would take to get you to snap out of this ridiculous funk you were in. "

"What the hell are you talking about?" John demanded breathless.

"Hold your fire! You might hit Watson or Holmes!" Someone yelled from around the corner of the long empty hallway. The Omega and two Alpha's ignored the shouting and grumbling from a few feet away.

"Look at that. Your hand is steady as the ground we stand on." Caleb sniffed the air making a face. The Omega reeked of that dark haired Alpha.

"What?" It was true. John stared at his own hand holding the weapon then back at the grinning killer.

"I just wanted to visit with you before I disappeared into the night. These guards your Alpha has watching you aren't worth a damn." When John continued to stare at the bruised assassin, the Alpha shrugged. "Oh, come on John. It's out of bullets. If I wanted to kill anyone I would have. It was all good fun. And my points been proven."

"Your point?" John was confused and a little dizzy.

"Yes, you still have it."

"John, it's true your hand isn't shaking and you're standing on your own." Sherlock sat up holding a hand to his bruised jaw.

John's knee buckled when he realized he was in fact standing on his own. Sherlock was on his feet catching his Omega before he collapsed fully. "There aren't any more bullets in the gun. You can keep it Doctor Watson." Caleb stood up with a grin on his face. "I had to see for myself. Guess I'll be going before those idiots realize things are alright."

"See what?" John leaned into Sherlock.

"See that you did love your Alpha and he was worthy of you. Guess he is. So no sense in asking you to run away with me. Just better keep your Alpha safe, I wont be around to watch your ass. When Jim finds out Moran's alive and being held he's going to be coming for you and everyone you know. If you care about these people John it's time to prepare yourself."


Harry paced angrily, demanding to be let out of her hospital room. She refused the counseling sessions. She wanted to collect her brother and be done with these people. However, no one would give her any information and once more she was being questioned by that annoying Alpha female who didn't even have the proper respect to look Harry in the eye when she spoke.

"Miss. Watson, there may be more you can tell us if you would just-"

"I'm done talking to you! All of you! You can't keep me here! I want my brother- and stop withholding my pain medication! It's inhumane. You wouldn't treat a dog-"

"Miss Watson." The tall Alpha female wearing a gray suit standing next to her boss was talking now. It irritated Harry that the agent in the chair obviously the one in charge just remained seated across from the one that Harriet Watson was no longer sitting in. Harry hated being ignored, she had been through enough. Now this condescending pair, the fucking nerve!

"Please calm yourself. We need you to tell us everything you remember. Any small detail might actually be very useful no matter how insignificant. If you would have a little more patience. You could help us find those who tried to harm you and your brother. Moriarty is still out there and he's going to be coming back for revenge." The dark haired Alpha pushed her long ponytail over her shoulder, "Now please. If you will start from the beg-"

"Fuck off!" Harry snapped picking up the chair they wanted her to sit in and throwing it across the rather nicely decorated private hospital room. "And make yoursleves useful and fetch me my pain medication!" Harriet was about to make more demands when she was unexpectedly backhanded by the stoic faced dark haired Alpha.

"Agent Andie." The mobile phone holding Alpha shook her head.

"Sorry boss but it had to be done." The dark haired Alpha removed her dark aviator glasses and narrowed her cool eyes on the stunned female. "Now, you sit yourself down in that chair. Go on. Collect it. I'll wait."

Harry didn't move. Her hand was holding her warmed cheek, eyes wide with shock.

"I'll get it, I guess." Agent Andie sighed, striding calmly towards the discarded chair, placing it firmly in front of the blond and then pointing to the silent woman to sit in it and she did. "Good, now. Let's start again. Because there is no way you are as selfish as you just sounded." Harry didn't reply. "You are going to start at how you met this fake Omega rights activist. Nod if you understand me."

Harry did as she was told, slumping down into the chair, her blond hair falling over her shoulder. "Good, now. We aren't going to hear you rant about you wanting bloody pain pills. Not when your own brother almost died from infection after being shot twice. And he was shouting for the opposite. From what I heard, they had to practically hold a gun to the stubborn bastard to take pain medication."

Harriet still didn't reply and the dark haired agent continued. "I think you want to help your brother because when Moriarty realizes we have his right hand man alive, well...all hell will break loose and your dear John will a prime target. And you want to help him, don't you?"

"Yeah, I mean yes." Harry cleared her throat nervously.

"Good. Thought so." Agent Andie looked at her Boss who was frowning at her mobile.

"Excuse me ladies. There is an emergency at the east wing. I'll leave you to it then."

Agent A nodded, leaning back in her Boss' now vacated chair, the long legged Alpha crossed her legs and signaled for Harry to continue talking. Sometimes, one just had to slap some sense into an Alpha such as Harriet Watson.

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