Chapter 53 Infant

Sherlock returned to find his John sitting on the couch typing at the keyboard completely naked. The Alpha, at first just stood there, mouth open and hands frozen in mid removal of his scarf.

"Oh, you're home. I was wondering if you were still living here or if you had decided to move in with Greg. "

"John? You're naked."

"Excellent deduction." John put his new laptop aside. Lestrade had texted John that Sherlock would be returning home. He also said he would be out late with Mycroft so to let the stubborn git of an Alpha know he can sleep in his own bed.

The blond Omega, swayed his hips uncrossing his muscular legs, and standing to casually walk towards the kitchen.

"Tea?" John called behind him looking over his shoulder sweetly, eyebrows raised in question.

The suddenly predatory look in his Alpha's grayish blue eyes made his body quiver and a warm purr escaped his lips.

That was the last straw. With a sudden deep growl, the Alpha was across the room leaving his coat and scarf as well as whatever clothes he could remove behind him.

John made a quick move just out of the Alpha's reach. That was enough to trigger the dark haired young man's possessive instincts and he gave chase.

It was something different to be pursued by an Alpha that wanted his Omega, one that loved and worshiped his soon to be bond mate.

John moaned with those strong arms came around him and pulled him close, a very intrested erection against the small of his back. Sherlock's warm breath against his neck.

"Oh, god yes." John's voice was a wanton moan and he was being lifted into his mates thin but strong arms and carried towards the bedroom.

John was tossed onto the bed, his Alpha wasn't far behind. The taller man removed his trousers then pants quickly. Eyes still blown wide with want. "John you tease."

"I've missed you." John groaned, arching up against the man perched above him. John's naked thighs squeezed the bony hips of his love, a weeping erection rubbing against the Alpha's own painfully hard cock.

"Did you miss me?"

"John-" Sherlock took a deep breath wanting to surround himself with the sweet scent of his John.

John with the scared shoulder that stood a reminder of his love's bravery. Sherlock gently kissed the still reddened flesh, his Omega purred pressing up against the now completely naked Alpha.

John would make a wonderful mate, and everyday Sherlock would have to prove he was worthy of his Omega. It would take him his whole life but he was willing to show his John.

"John I love you." Gray eyes held onto the Omega's blue.

"I love you too Sherlock. Now shut up and fuck me."

The Alpha growled in response to the open challenge in his Omega's voice. It truly was a turn on when his soldier gave orders.


John happily took Tobias's tiny daughter into his arms, careful to support the infant's head of dark curls. "There we are Hilena." Tobias smiled holding the urge to draw the baby back to his chest.

"Toby, she's absolutely gorgeous." John marveled at the perfection of Hilena's little upturned nose, her green eyes were blinking up at him and pouty grinning pink lips. "She's definitely Quinn's. Look at that smile. " John nuzzled the tiny infant, causing the child to coo happily. The pup's scent was a mixture of Toby's and Quin's yet sweeter.

"Are we ready to go, beautiful girl?" Hilena smiled and gurgled in response to her dad's soft words. John reluctantly released the carefully wrapped baby.

"I'll wait to put her cute little bonnet on, she absolutely hates it, but I hear its traditional for the Hill's to be christened in such a fine heirloom.

"It's a beautiful uh-bit of-"

"It's obnoxiously old, and I'm terrified baby Hilena will spit up on the delicate Honiton lace and silk. John, there are going to be so many people and I-"

John smiled, feeling his friends panic. This was exactly why he would rather a quick wedding done at the local courthouse. Something swift and discrete, John had researched it and they would only need two witnesses. John hated scenes and it was easier to keep things low key. He hated to fuss.

He watched baby Hilena snuggle into Toby's swollen chest. "You can't possibly be hungry again little one we must be going. I haven't even packed your bag." Tobias started to unbutton his blue silk button up.

"I'll gather her things, Tobias. We won't be late. Leave it to me. You better feed that baby, if she's anything like Quinton she'll cry the house down until she gets her way."

"It's very true." Tobias offered his swollen breast and his pup greedily latched on, her pink silk blanket slipping off her shoulders allowing her tiny hands to reach up and cling to her dad's offered pectoral.

John wondered what their pups would look like, would they have a son or daughter? John couldn't help but fantasize over a tiny little pup with a dark head of unruly curls and bright gray eyes. So inquisitive and perhaps disapproving.

He hadn't talked to Sherlock about children, they didn't do much talking these days. The Omega blushed, taking in a deep calming breath, his cheeks warming over the indecent memories of the past few months.

The three made their way slowly towards the waiting car, several Alphas around them.

Quinton was standing near the open door, he was standing stiffly in his military uniform. "Aw! There are the three of my favorite people." The Alpha greeted. "Sorry I was late. I had some issues with our escorts. "

"Quin, you didn't make them sweep the perimeter another three times did you?" Toby huffed, the baby in his arms stirring from her food induced sleep. The sound of her father's voice had her squirming and cooing loudly.

"Aw, my beautiful girl, of course Father is gonna be sure it's safe. John, Toby my love, get in. Grandmere will be meeting us at the church with Josh and my pouting brother."

"He still angry that you two chose Sherlock and I to be the godparents?"

"Absolutely fuming."

"Good." John slid into the back of the black Sedan. Toby settled himself slowly, still sore from the c section just a few months ago.

The infant was handed lovingly to John, then to the anxious Omega. As a new parent Toby was naturally anxious when his pup wasn't in his arms. John again felt himself wanting a child.

However children weren't really in their direct future, not with the dangers of Moriarty and his evil web hanging over head like a swinging axe, threatening to fall at any moment.

The sickeningly familiar sound of thunder cracking and slicing through the air. Quinton swore under his breath and John turned ready to leave the car swearing at himself for leaving his gun at home.

"No, John! Stay with Toby!" Quin ducked down, another bullet hitting alarmingly close to his left foot. "Here, the driver will take you somewhere safe! Please! "

"No! Quin! Not again." Toby sobbed reaching for his Alpha.

"Keep them safe, John! Please." Quin handed the 9 mm to the Omega doctor and without looking in his mate's direction slammed the door. The black sedan started to speed off the automatic locks thudding with cold resolution.

John withdrew his mobile and hit speed dial scooting nearer to the now crying infant and the upset Tobias.

"I can't lose him again, John. I can't."

"You won't, Tobias. Please be strong for Hilena. Please. He'll be fine." John waited for his mate to pick up his call. "Sherlock where are you?" John's own heart pounded in his throat when Sherlock's voicemail greeted him instead of his love.


Lestrade and Sherlock stood stock still hands up. They were in the church's foyer and security was busy trying to hustle them out safely. Sherlock felt a sudden gut wrenching fear. He had meant to answer his John's call. However, he was now being approached by several men with large automatic rifles. These men took out the security team and, without another word, the big masked Alpha's, all wearing black, ushered them out of the foyer into what was a conference hall of sorts.

"You have no idea who you're crossing!" Sherlock growled, trying to pull his arm free of his escort's hold. Lestrade was growling at his side, challenging the man pulling him into the smaller room.

"Oh, put the guns down boys." A familiar voice rang out, "Let's all just stay calm. We don't want anyone getting trigger happy do we? Daddy is very unhappy as it is."

"Moriarty!" Sherlock hissed, Lestrade tensed at his side.

"I'm sorry for all the dramatics boys. I needed a little diversion." The dark haired Omega was holding something swaddled in a large blue blanket. Sherlock sniffed the air something was off, and then the bundle started to move.

"What the hell is this?" Lestrade shoved the man holding him back away, and Moriarty waved a leather gloved hand to halt any retaliation by his men.

The bundle let out a squeak then a high pitched whine. The Alpha's in the room froze in place. Instinct was to protect and even Sherlock couldn't understand his biological response.

"This is your son." James straightened his thin shoulders, dark rings under his eyes. He looked thinner in his usually tight fitting gray westwood suit. "I know it's hard to recognize me. The little pest has ruined my figure."

"You're lying." Lestrade approached the two as if in a trance his voice sounded weak.

"Am I?" James sighed, "Like I said, I needed a distraction so little Liam could meet his father, his Alpha."

Lestrade swallowed, he looked white against the dark black suit Mycroft had insisted he wear.

"This little distraction will not work. My brother's men aren't easily-"

"Yes, yes Sherlock Holmes. I know they wouldn't be put off easily. However, this is the distraction." Moriarty smiled even wider, "and, like I thought they would, the idiots have fallen for it. So predictable."

"Distraction for what?" Sherlock hissed, ignoring the fact that Lestrade was now reaching for the offered bundle. Tasting the air Sherlock caught the familiar scent of his soon to be brother in law and the tinge of sour from the hated Omega Moriarty. "Surely you didn't think you could get away with killing us."

"No, no no. Sherlock. I'm not here to kill you silly boy." Moriarty smiled, "I want John Watson dead and my sniper has already promised he will be. You see, while Mycroft is concentrating his men on this building I've set up my own driver as a decoy and you dear Watson has already climbed into the black Sedan. Aw and how sad. It looks like there is some collateral damage. The Christening will be canceled indefinitely. I don't see the Hill family's newest members making it to the next one. So sad how bonds work. It's most likely our dear meddling Quinton will follow. I"ve heard that your sweet Aunt Helena can't take another jolt like the last. She'll perish as well. Oh, look how sad I am."

"This is my pup?" Lestrade's eyes were dark his hold on the child tender but possessive. It was as if he heard nothing of the mad Omega's speech.

"Yes, my lovely Alpha. This is our son. He has your eyes and perfect nose. He'll have my intelligence and dark hair. Isn't he just sweet? "

Lestrade only grunted. Sherlock glared at the small Omega now standing meeting his glare with an open challenge. "You two are just delicious. It will be fun taming you both. Breaking you-"

"No."Sherlock hissed, "I will break your neck myself. Call your dogs off."

"It's too late, Sherlock Holmes. Your Omega will be driven to the docks where he and your dear Tobias will be executed and the baby, poor thing, will be orphaned. Perhaps it's a less cruel fate to smother the genetically deficient thing or simply toss it into the river. I sent Beta's so the job can be done more efficiently and without messy biology getting in the way.

"No!" Sherlock growled lunging at smaller man, two Alphas in the room grabbed him before he reached his target. Lestrade was now growling at Sherlock in anger.

"Aw! Look at biology working in my favor." Moriarty cooed snuggling up next to his soon to be Alpha. The cruel Omega glared at the screaming child. "It's hungry again. It's always hungry." He grumbled. "So needy."

"Lestrade?" Sherlock snapped, "Lestrade!" but the Alpha didn't meet his cold glare, the gray haired Alpha instead was staring down into the face of his pup.

He took his place behind the grinning Omega. "Boys, shoot that one. He's annoying. I dont want to play with him after all." Moriarty gestured towards the struggling Sherlock.

"No." Lestrade hissed holding a 9mm to the back of the Omega's head, the DI had turned the crying child into his left shoulder hoping for the tiny thing to not see any of this.

"Everyone! drop the weapons or the boss redecorates this room brain matter gray!"

No one moved. "Tell them!" Lestrade snapped pushing the muzzle into the back of the hissing Omega's neck.

"Alright! Listen to him! " The Alphas in the room did just that. "You don't want to do this, my love." Moriarty warned.

"Don't call me that!" Lestrade snapped. "You're going away for a long time. Now I want you to call off your driver or whomever it is you have in line to kill John. Do it now, or I'll kill you.""

" How about, no." Moriarty shrugged pushing his head back into the gun's barrel.

"That might be the truth. Maybe I'm free of your weak little pup. However you can't deny what we once had or the fact that this was the distraction and your Sherlock's precious John as well as the other Omega along with the infant will die. I just love these kinds of endings. Because maybe I am put away for the rest of my life but at least I'll have that as a soft pillow to cushion my solitude."

Sherlock picked his phone up off the floor dialing for John receiving only his voicemail. His brother's men rushed into the now secure room to take the prisoners.

"John! I have to get to him!" Sherlock was clutching his phone and pushing through the crowd.

"Sherlock, calm down!" Mycroft was cutting through the chaos.

The dark haired Alpha felt as if his world was coming apart once again. He fell to his knees, unable to breath. He would be too late, John, his John once more was left unprotected. He had failed his Omega.

"Dear god. Sherlock are you hurt!?" Warm hands were combing over Sherlock's cold and insipid face. "Sherlock?" John demanded, kneeling now to be at eye level with his mate.

"Mycroft said no one was hurt, other than a few of the security officers but nothing fatal. Have you been hit over the head, you look sick."

Blue eyes pushed into Sherlock's gray and he held his breath.

"He looks fine to me. Get up you git, you're embarrassing us Alphas." Gray eyes looked over, recognizing the sound of that Alpha, Caleb's voice.

"Oh brother, when will you realize your mate is far more capable and resourceful than you ever credit him for.

"Sherlock I'm here." John nuzzled his slowly raising mate. The dark haired Alpha said nothing but lifted his surprised blond Omega up in his arms and walked towards the exit growling at any who dared step in their path.

"Oh bloody hell. He's gone feral." Caleb kept himself planted against the far wall his gun still aimed on the now captured enemy Alphas.

John was heard trying to keep his Alpha calm as they exited the room and traveled down the now cleared corridor.

"Get him out of here." Lestrade snarled through gritted teeth the hand holding his weapon trembling with the force it took to hold back.

Mycroft didnt dare handle the hated Omega himself, he instead waited for Anthena to lead the now handcuffed and cackling mad man away.

"You must know I had him inside of me. He gave me something he can't give you no matter how much useless cum you pump into him. We'll be together soon Gregory! Very soon!"

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