Chapter 54 Perspective

Lestrade ignored the mad man's words. Instead, his eyes were focusing on the squirming infant in his awkward hands. He pulled the child closer to his chest, careful to support the dark head of curls. Vivid green eyes blinked up at him, stilling at the sound of his deep voice.

"Ssh, little one. You are okay. I've got you." Lestrade swayed with his tiny prize, knowing instantly that Moriarty had spoken the truth. This was his child. He started to scent the top of the tiny head, rubbing his chin gently over the sniffling infant.

Mycroft took a step towards the pair, his heart in his stomach and instinctively on edge. The scent of Moriarty still hanging heavy in the air.

A deep warning growl escaped Gregory's now gritted teeth, the Alphas in the room instantly freezing and backing away. Alphas and pups were a deadly combination. Training and protocol dictated that an Omega approach an Alpha and his pup in such situations.

Mycroft held his breath. This was his love's creation. Forced or not he could accept that it was a product of Gregory's. Mycroft didn't heed the warning and made to follow Gregory, only to receive a warning growl and snarl.

"Sir." Anthea broke the silence but Mycroft continued forward. The smell of Moriarty was growing stronger. Perhaps it was a natural response by the infant, demanding protection of his mother and father. Biological defences were nature's way of securing the species.

It was starting to affect Lestrade. Mycroft could see that but he needed his love to know he would accept this, uh obstacle, disruption-this pup. He would accept it as part of Greg maybe even someday come to love it. Perhaps?

He realized this suddenly, seeing a child that looked like James Moriarty but with Greg's ears, perhaps even his smile-it wouldn't be easy.

Mycroft froze in place. Would the boy grow to be a mad genius? One that sought out purposely to hurt those around him. Just for entertainment? He would have Moriarty's dark head of hair and those eyes. Were they green? Calculating, and so cold.

Mycroft turned away and moved out of the room, leaving his own heart behind, feeling the bond he had been trying to form start to uncoil. A part of him tried to grasp at the strings, Mycroft felt the tearing at his soul, and he needed air. Needed space. He had to think, to find himself. Mechanically, he barked orders at his men. He would have fun questioning Moriarty.


A week later Greg was holding the mewing infant. Doctor Watson had been to each pediatric appointment. The baby refused to eat the formula and already the child was losing weight. His cries were starting to become pathetic whines.

"Why can't I comfort him?" John shook his head. "It takes time. He never truly bonded with his Omega. The poor thing is malnourished. That psychopath wasn't exactly nurturing. If this continues he'll need to be hospitalized." John carefully took the now whining baby into his arms. Greg looked exhausted. He held the baby to his shirtless chest in hopes to encourage a stronger bond.

John turned from the livingroom where Greg had made a nest for the pup and himself. With a sigh, John started to gather the scattered bottles with spoilt formula. He wasn't sure how to proceed. The baby needed to eat and nothing was working. Perhaps hospitalizing was the better option. The Omega doctor rubbed his temples. Why was this so difficult? There was no bond between the child's omega and Greg was desperate to form one with the child.

There was a hesitant knock on the door to Greg's flat.


Mycroft was sitting in the redecorated room that once was his Grandmere's card room. Sherlock was pacing. He had taken up pacing these days whenever John was far from sight. John's heat was nearing and Sherlock intended to make every use of it that he could. It was very clear he wished to bond completely to the blond Omega.

However, the way that his youngest brother was acting as if John was in danger when simply using the loo or walking to the tesco. He wouldn't be successful in his bond. John was an independent Omega and he wouldn't abide being smothered.

Perhaps Mycroft should step in and- "Leave the boy, Mycroft. He's young and in love." Mother closed the book she had been writing in, a smile on her red lips. She'd swept her hair up in a loose bun and even in a black cotton dress she looked regal.

"Mother?" Mycroft took the seat his mother motioned to next to her. A smile still firmly in place. Mycroft hadn't seen his mother smile this much since they were children. He followed her line of sight, Tobias was visiting Aunt Helena, the newborn infant suckling happily and discreetly under a nursing blanket. Quinn was sitting opposite of his Grandmother, a look of complete adoration on his flushed face.

"It's a wonderful thing to have one's family close by. To see pups in these rooms. Your brother is eager to start a family. Spoke to him about it. You needn't worry too much. John is a patient Omega. Patient and so very compatible with your brother. Sherlock shouldn't worry and John would never leave him. Besides that, Caleb is just as protective and it seems he has others keeping an eye on that brother of yours. John is well cared for. I think by this time next year I will be holding my first grandchild. Look how Auntie Helena is coming around, though her strongest bond was with her twin she survived it. Survived it just barely and here she is drawn to the new pup. I see that cousin Arthur just adores JP. Look how he's taken the boy under his wing. I fear we'll lose another good man to career soldier. These Hills. That's all they know. We are fortunate to have each other. We are a stronger pack. I know that you will see that dear Joshua will find himself safely into a career far from battle with Arthur's help. However, the boy is made of stubborn stuff. He'll object. "

She shook her head as if pushing the unpleasant thoughts from her. "We are going to all be okay, Mycroft. Now tell me why you are here and not with your dearest? Have you given up on the young man so easily?"

"Mother, Gregory has made-"

"No. He decided to keep a pup that he helped create willingly or not. He will raise the child. And could you not accept this?" The older Alpha raised a well shaped eyebrow, her eyes narrowing on her eldest son.

"He is the son of a murdering rapist madman." Mycroft found himself grumbling looking away and into his fisted hands.

"He is a baby. A defenseless baby. A child that needs protection, love and security. "

"You can't be seriously suggesting." The Auburn haired alpha was frowning searching his mother's face for the punchline.

"I merely am saying that a child needs both parents."

"It's not likely that James Moriarty will see the light of day anytime soon. And he's already happily refused any visits with the babe."

"He is nothing but biology. His Alpha was never his own. Gregory chose you long before that psychopath set eyes on him. That poor pup has done nothing to deserve your loathing. Biology or not. Do you not love Gregory?" Violet looked away from her son straightening her shoulders she pretended to admire her scarlet painted manicured nails.

"Of course I do. It's killing me to be away from him. It breaks me to the core that he wishes nothing to do with me. All because of that-"

"It's a baby, Mycroft. I was once given a choice and I chose to take in James. However, your grandmere was against it. So much that she overruled me. And look where that got us. Things might have been different." Violet sighed, rubbing her temples. "We could all have been different."

"You can't be serious?" Mycroft felt sick hearing such a confession.

"I am. After your grandmother did what she said she would I knew of the child's existence. Knew he wasn't really your father's but your father did want to adopt the boy. I never understood why until I saw him. There was this fragility to him. So tiny and those eyes. Such intelligence there. Don't make the same mistakes your grandmother did. Promise you'll try. Now why don't you go and pay the young man a visit. Take your brother for god's sake. I can't stand his pacing. Go. Send my love to your dearest."

"I don't know if I can."

"Of course you can. Anyway, we can't let those blasted Hills have all the happiness. Go on. Put your biology aside and let your heart rule your head. Just his once. It's time we all learn from the mistakes of our past. Go." Violet waved her son off.


Gregory looked to John, hearing another hard knock. The young Doctor made a move to answer the door. Greg shrugged. "It's probably Mrs. Hudson with more formula. She's been determined to find one the baby will take." John sighed, knowing it was useless. He pulled the door open, ready to greet the landlady. Instead, it was a nervous Mycroft, hand poised to knock again. The older Holmes took a step back, hearing a growl from behind him.

John rolled his eyes. "For god's sake, Sherlock. It's your brother."

"He is an idiot, John, if he doesn't desire you. And he would be an idiot if he did." John felt a headache starting to form at the base of his head. He stepped aside, motioning the two men to enter. "Give me a moment to let Greg know you're here-" John didn't get a chance to continue before he was being pulled out of the flat and thrown over his Alpha's shoulder.

"Sherlock! Really! Not again. " John protested weakly, his headache getting worse and stomach decided to chime in.

"Home. Now. Mine." The dark haired Alpha was taking the steps of the flat two at a time with his long legs, ignoring the grunts of discomfort of his none too happy luggage, or rather fiance slung over his shoulder like luggage.

"We can't leave Greg and Mycroft-it can be dangerous. Sherlock Holmes put me down this instant!" John sounded out of breath, his body ached and he didn't want to admit he wasn't up to arguing with his hard headed Alpha.

The Omega gave in. He had been feeling down these last days. A little drained and he wondered if he was becoming ill.

"Omega. Heat. Home." And John felt himself respond to the deep rumble of his love's voice. Another stomach cramp rolled through his lower abdomen.

"It's too early-" He groaned. Dammit if his Alpha was right on. He was indeed going into heat. Being around a needy pup must have sent him into early heat. Great. His Alpha was already insufferable.


Mycroft locked the door behind him. He had to show Greg he was willing to try. He needed Greg. Even if the compatible Alpha came with extra...baggage. He could hold his breath and pretend. After all, Mycroft was the best actor. The child would never know how much Mycroft loathed it. In fact, he could use the excuse of further education for sending the child to the farthest reaches of the earth to attend boarding school.

The infant's pitiful wail was coming from the small sitting room. Mycroft heard Greg's voice cranky and exhausted. "John! The baby spit up all over me and my last clean shirt. Just have Mrs. Hudson try to feed Liam. I'm going to try and salvage this shirt."

Mycroft remained in the small entryway. The heavy scents of an infant in distress played with his own ability to think clearly and that wretched pitiful screeching. Sherlock often made such a fuss as an infant when the nanny was trying to put the boy down for a nap. The formula she heated was either too warm or too cold and baby Sherlock was sure to make his frustrations known.

This drew the Auburn haired Alpha into the dimly lit room. The child was laying in the middle of the sad excuse for a nest atop a couch cushion. The squirming thing had kicked the tiny receiving blanket from him. Mycroft instinctively rushed forward and scooped up the sad creature. Didn't Lestrade know that it was dangerous to leave a child so small unattended and upon a cushion? He could easily become wrapped up in his own receiving blanket and suffocate or roll off the soft cushion onto the hard floor.

This place was heavy with Greg's and John's scents and the pups own soft undertones but there was distress and the British Government remembered from childhood his younger brother behaving similarly. The baby's dark hair and opened mouth gasping for sad breaths of air between shrieks of frustration.


Greg heard silence he had pulled his shirt off to clean, giving up on trying to bond bare skinned with the child. Now he was rewarded with the last of his clean shirts to add to a pile of laundry.

The silence was welcoming. Baby Liam had been crying himself to sleep these last few days. Perhaps he had finally run out of steam. Greg stepped out into the hall, a familiar scent wafting through the air, cutting into him.

A territorial growl escaped him and he rushed forward. "Liam!" He snarled, nearly falling over himself at the sight that met him.

Mycroft Holmes cradling the wide eyed pup in the crook of his left arm, the child's receiving blanket practically covering the pup's face. Was he trying to smother the baby?

Greg was starting to see red, his eyes narrowing on the man he once loved. However, Mycroft wasn't growling, instead his voice was low. He was speaking as if to an assistant and with his right hand he fed the sniffling pup.

"I would have you take just one ounce slowly. When you have managed that we'll see about changing you into something more appropriate. Really, just a nappy? I suppose you find that to be acceptable. However, I'll have you know it will only lead to the bad habit of wearing sheets in the company of others. Not something I wish to explore."

Hearing the deep growl, grey cool eyes shot up to meet Lestrade's challenge, his body instantly tensing and before either Alpha could speak or offer anymore challenge a small sound escaped through the baby's pink lips, formula bubbling at the corners. At first Mycroft thought it a cough but it came again, this time no escaping it.

Thin, fragile but soft hands reached up to touch the larger hands holding the pup's bottle. Again the noise, it was a coo.

And the child turned his face into Mycroft's expensive suit, nuzzling. Nuzzling!

"He's eating! What did you do?" Lestrade's eyes were wide, "He's...he's scenting you!"

"I merely picked up the pup. Sherlock was much like this, fussy and frequently displeased. He could sense a nanny's nervousness a mile away and I swear he exploited the fact by screaming his head off until Nanny would quit. "

"He's scenting you? He's scenting you!" Greg was breathless his body vibrating with anxious joy or relief. He couldn't put a name on it just yet.

Mycroft frowned. "My drycleaner will hopefully know how to get formula stains out."

Greg reached for the infant and, instead of screaming, the baby allowed him to cradle him in a similar fashion. Greg's warm skin, extra sensitive against the baby's tear and formula dampened cheek.

The child blinked a few times before sniffling and letting out a half sob half whine.

"No, no. I'm here don't be distressed." Greg looked helplessly towards Mycroft who rolled his eyes.

"May I?" Mycroft asked, once more offering to take the sniffling and whimpering Omega pup.

With an ease born from countless nights of soothing a displeased attention starved little brother, Mycroft Holmes, British Government placed the pup against his shoulder and patted firmly on the small of Liam's back. Causing the intended result, unfortunately following the burp was a bit of spit up.

"There. He was only a bit gassy. All that crying and gulping in air. Sherlock still does it I'm sure."

"How did you-"

"He's overstimulated. My brother was the same. Merely placing the blanket over the child's head, blocking out the light and offering your scent, eliminating all others will calm him down. I find that speaking in an even and confident tone will hold an infant's attention as well. As I said before, Sherlock wasn't exactly an easy child to rear. "

Greg nodded, a smile slowly forming. Without a second thought, he moved to kiss the man holding his pup.

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