Chapter 55 TRUST

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Marcus rolled his eyes, leaning against the far corner of a building at the end of Baker Street. "I don't know how John can put up with such a pushy Alpha."

Howard shook his head, keeping a keen eye on the near empty street. "He's not so different from any other Alpha. John is lucky his mate is wanting to keep him safe. It's kind of cold out. Maybe now we can go inside and keep watch from a building. Caleb really takes this security thing way too seriously. After all, Moriarty and Moran are still in holding cells probably buried deep underground." The Alpha smiled at his brother. They waited for Caleb to relieve them of duty, signalling the other men on the street that they were heading in.

"It's kind of creepy being a part of that Iceman's crew." Marcus shivered. "Still can't believe it. At least the pay's good and we don't have to worry about being shot by the boss."

Howard nodded. "Caleb is a crazy bastard. I think he's still interested. Even if he pretends to not care. I wonder why he would put himself in such agony seeing the Doc about to bond with that other Alpha. I would have challenged the bastard by now and-"

"Don't be an idiot." Agent Elsa appeared seemingly out of thin air. The crimson haired agent threw her long red braid over her thin shoulder, pulling her black peacoat around her.

"I hate it when you do that." Howard growled pulling Marcus behind him protectively. "Creepy how I can't even smell you until you're behind us. Are you even an Alpha?"

"Keep your stink to yourself. I'm a trained government agent. I know how to hold myself in check." She pushed past the two approaching the building just across the street, knocking curtly and smiling as a familiar American agent answered.

"What's he doing here?" Marcus grumbled suspiciously.

"Nice to meet you too, criminal one and criminal two."

"We have names for the last time. Or are you too stupid to recall even that much in that tiny little Alpha brain of yours." Marcus growled.

Agent Marshall allowed the three to enter, closing the door behind them.

"Just get in here. We have new orders." The american snapped.

"Nope. We are off duty. Besides we don't take orders from you lot. We're only here to pay the doc back for saving our skin. We only take orders from Caleb." Howard crossed his arms over his chest, sinking down into a comfortable leather chair in the empty sitting room. The redhead went to put the kettle on in the tiny kitchen.

"This isn't something I wanted to let you in on. However after you um-"

"Showed up and saved the bloody day when you lot fell asleep on the job?" Marcus didn't hold back his smug grin. These government Alphas were the worst.

"You didn't save the day!" Elsa shot back from the small kitchen. "You just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

"No. We were there when the doctor and Toby were kidnapped. Moriarty is a twisted fuck. He would have seen that infant of Hill's drowned. We were onto his plan. That's why we came back. Caleb said you government idiots weren't up to snuff. And it's a good thing we did jump in."

"Alright! Enough with that. You were just lucky. Anyway, we have a new assignment. We need an inside perspective and you two being double crossing scum of the earth we thought-"

"I love it when you talk sweet." Marcus sighed taking the produced folder from the Agent, looking over at his brother. It would be nice to get out and stretch their legs especially, if all John was doing these days was staying close to his Alpha. Marcus liked the doc and he owed him but he really couldn't stand to watch Caleb's heart break when the doc finally bonded.

"Count us in." Howard pulled out the files carefully put together in the matching folder he was given.


John was placed gently on their carefully made bed, his Alpha was sniffing the air, moving to lock them both in their shared room. John had made the bed just a few hours ago, his jacket was tossed on a chair just a few feet away. "Sherlock-" A soft whine full of want and urgency.

John closed his eyes as another cramp rolled through his body. Was it time already? A familiar warmth spread through his body, and blue eyes met gray.

"John." Sherlock took a deep breath, trying to regain his senses, but John could see the Alpha's inner struggle. He was holding onto his sense fighting instinct and biology. "I promise I will never hurt you John."

The Omega laid back unable to hold back a smile he began to undress himself realizing that the Alpha was asking for permission. Something nearly unheard of. John had always known Sherlock wasn't an ordinary Alpha.

"Sherlock, if we are going to do this-" John slowly unbuttoned his checkered shirt, his Alpha stood back panting with desire his muscles straining against the urge to pounce.

"My terms are simple; there will be physical contact unless the situation calls for it. I will wish for a bond or bonding. In fact I would require you to keep me off my suppressors. And for you, a promised bond obviously would break through the red tape you find yourself coming up against in your position. -" John didn't get to finish, his Alpha was pressing against him having shed his clothes during John's speech.

"I love you John Watson. Please be my mate."

"Yes. God help me but yes." John arched up against the cool skin that blanketed him.


Moriarty sat in the cell glaring at the gray walls. He was alone in his mind's dungeons. A place untouched by anyone. There he kept his memories of Gregory alive and the scent of him as they coupled kept him alive. The feel of the Alpha's thick knott as he impaled himself on it, the joy of finally being fulfilled. It was delicious and oh how dear Gregory moaned and wanted more and James gave him every bit of that pleasure squeezing down with his inner muscles, the Omega was growing hard just thinking about it.

So far into his very selective memories, he didn't hear the heavy door of his cell creak open. Or the chair being placed in front of him on his bare cot. The prisoner continued to smile blissfully, interrupted only by the foul stench of a hated Alpha and the clearing of said Alpha's throat.

"Come to hear more of the details?" The Omega snickered, keeping his eyes closed.

"No, I've come to give you something."

"Oh? Unless it's a full pardon I hardly wish to hear it." James sighed crossing his small legs, wincing slightly at the erection he refused to hide.

"I thought you would wish to have a picture of your- I mean my son. A final memory."

Green eyes opened then. Erection forgotten, the smaller dark haired man leaned forward on his creaking cot. "What?"

Mycroft smirked knowingly. That was the reaction he had wished for. Moriarty wasn't going to break under the questioning. The British government knew this. So before shipping him off somewhere where questioning was little less, um soft on such genders, Mycroft wished to give the man a gift. Something that would help him remember his time in London.

Something that would remind James Moriarty of what he could and would never have. What Mycroft now deemed his own.

He handed the small photograph over but the Omega didn't move to take it. "You'll be moved soon. You and your henchman Sebastian."

"Seb?" James narrowed his eyes refusing to look at the photograph.

"Yes, he's still alive. Well, somewhat alive. We tried to extract what we could but he's a hard one to break. That's why we'll send you away together to somewhere more accommodating. Farewell."

Mycroft started to whistle an irish funeral song as he knocked on the heavy steel door. He swung his umbrella and continued to whistle as he started down the long empty corridor outside James' cell.

The Omega turned to the picture and started yelling angrily. "NO! NO!" it was a picture of Gregory and Mycroft smiling happily, and the hated British servant was holding James' son! He held the small omega pup as if he belonged to Mycroft! How dare he! Gregory was his and that pup as well! This would not be okay.

He crinkled the photograph in his fist and started yelling at the door and then began to pace. This wasn't over. He was James Moriarty he would not roll over and he would not fall. They did not know who he was and he would not be silenced. He would return and they would all pay! Greg and the pup would be his once more!

He would see everyone in that Holmes pack dead! Every. LAST. ONE!


John stretched feeling sore and sticky. He sighed, enjoying the possessive arm thrown over his waist. "What a good year this turned out to be." He sighed running his hungry fingers over the toned porcelain arm that locked him in a tight embrace.

"Hmm, John." Sherlock sighed pulling his Omega closer. "I had no intention of ever letting you go. Not after our eyes met. I've never seen something so beautiful in all my life."

"Sweet talker." John yawned stretching himself back against his mate, feeling their bond like a golden cord between them. It wrapped around the two and John felt the contentment his mate was feeling. The lazy arousal and content, horny bastard.

"It's true John." Sherlock rolled over onto the smaller man, cradling the blond's head between his hands, and his hips were caged by the Alpha's own knees. Grey eyes, sharp and demanding searched John's own blue. "I didn't recognize it until it was too late but I've always loved you, always felt this strong pull towards you. Now we are one and I would die if you're ever taken from me. I wont let you go either."

"Sherlock." John kissed the man's smooth chin then continued to punctuate his words with kisses along his lover's swan like neck until reaching the place where he had bitten Sherlock after being bonded. "I. Love. You. No. One. Will ever take you from me."

"John, I-"

"Shut up and stop thinking so hard. Let's get in the shower and clean up. I feel as if I've rolled around in sticky glue. "

"As you wish." Sherlock was up. "I've been wanting to have sexual intercourse in the shower ever since-"

John laughed happily as his Alpha helped him off the bed, his legs still unsteady and thighs strained with their three days of shared fluid exchange. If the Omega had to admit it he was sore as all hell, although, he fought his new bondmates sudden show of strength he was happy to be carried to the bathroom. It would be fun to have sex in the shower. That was if he could stand up. Damn his weakened and sore muscles.

Sherlock sniffed his mate happily. John wouldn't know it but Sherlock's keen Alpha senses told him what he wished to know. They would be bringing a Holmes pup into the family and he or she would be far superior to whatever the Hills had managed to produce. With this in mind the tall Alpha lifted his Omega easily into his arms and hurried him to the tub. He would show John his appreciation and gratitude standing up and then sitting down.

Already he could feel the Omega's arousal vibrate against their bond. This bonded thing was interesting, it was like a form of telepathy and he would love to explore more of it.

This was his John. His John who looked to him with those trusting blue eyes. John loved him and Sherlock loved and trusted his mate. Nothing would ruin this. He would never let anything come between him and his new found love. Nothing and no one would break the trust John had in him and the bond he had with his John.


eight months later

Mycroft held the growing pup in his arms, placing him on the soft blanket dear cousin Tobias had laid out. Young baby Hilena was trying to walk already and Liam had surpassed his little Omega cousin by not only standing but showing off his skills with climbing on furniture and, to Mycroft's horror, onto book shelves.

The two pups gurgled and giggled in response to each other, Mycroft watched Liam push a soft cloth book towards baby Lena. The Omega clapped and gladly accepted the present. Liam turned to the usually stone faced Alpha and smiled up at Mycroft proudly.

"You are such a sweet boy." Toby patted the small child. "You have such lovely curls." He hummed, noticing the frown forming on Liam's lips because his Alpha wasn't looking.

Mycroft was talking on his mobile turning away from the warm scene. He had to get to work and Gregory was working a case. Thankfully, Toby was home and willing to take on the task of watching the very active Omega.

The voice on the line belonged to Anthea. She sounded breathless and angry. He listened to her quick report and his stomach dropped. Even though he kept a straight face the child now crawling towards his feet caught the change in his father's mood.

"I'll be there shortly. Get yourself taken care of. I want security upped. Code red here at the house and at each of my families residents. Bring in the boy as well. Now is not the time to allow him to go to military school. I won't risk anyone being abducted. Someone get eyes on my dear Gregory."

"Dada." Liam pulled on Mycroft's expensive trouser leg. The Alpha halted his rapid fire orders and looked down at the green eyes staring up at him. The world seemed to stop. "Dada." The boy reached his chubby arms up, opening and shutting his tiny dimpled fists. "Dada up." He said more firmly.

Mycroft couldn't breath. These were the child's first words. And he was calling him-the pup called him-"Dada up!" more insistent.

Mycroft scooped his child up and squeezed him close, the boy nuzzled him happily.

No one would touch his family. They would be safe. All of them. "I want James Moriarty and Sebastian found dead or alive." He growled into his phone. "I'll be at the office shortly."


John hummed to himself happily. The cool spring air was just what he needed to feel less like a whale. This little walk to the local Tesco was well worth the exhaustion he would feel when he finally sat at home. He patted his large belly, keeping his light green canvas jacket from buttoning up completely. Soon their pup would enter this world and their boy would be healthy. A healthy Alpha. To Sherlock's amusement, he had something to rub in his brother's and cousin's face. He had produced an Alpha on his first try. Even though he had stated many a time that he didn't care to know what the secondary sex would be.

John rolled his eyes when a familiar dark car rolled up, he sighed. "Alright Mycroft, I wont fight you this time." He allowed a dark suited Beta to hold open the black Mercedes' door. Another stood directly behind him as if he were in the shape to run.

"Enough with the theatrics." John sighed. Sliding into the seat he expected to be greeted by Mycroft or Anthea. Maybe even Caleb. His friend had been sent on some secret mission over six months back and he had sent John a few updates of his condition but nothing more. Mycroft assured him he was safe.

Instead of the welcoming sight of his friends his senses were assailed with the familiar nightmarish stink, it was faint but he knew it. "Hello John. I've missed you. Did you miss me?"

John reached for the door but the locks thudded down with a heart sinking finality.

"No!" The Omega scooted away covering his belly protectively with his hands flattening himself against the expensive car's door.

"I see the reports are true. He did knock you up. No bother. I'll just drown the little bastard at birth. It's too late to abort it?"

"No! You cant! I wont let you hurt my baby! I'll kill you!" John needed to get out, this was dangerous, he cursed himself for leaving his gun at home.

"Oh, John. How I love to see you beg. Perhaps you can show me just how much you want this baby. Come now. We haven't all day. It's a short ride to the airport." The blond unbuckled his belt and let his zip down, happily pulling his uninterested member from his clothing. "Let's start with you on your knees. And we'll see if I'm convinced. Come one there is a little room for you."

"Go fuck yourself." John tried the door again.

"It's useless John. They have no idea where we are. James won't be too happy to see you and only I can protect you now. Don't you trust me Johnny?" The Alpha growled his large hands pulling a struggling John across the leather seat. "I said come here!"

John tried to fight the tears. He needed to get out but the sudden flutter of kicks behind his belly button reminded him of the life he needed to keep safe. He struggled to pull free, the limited space wasn't to his advantage, he managed to fumble for his mobile but the Alpha was too quick. Moran nearly broke the blond's hand in the process of yanking the mobile from the terrified Omega.

"You, John, are going to pay for what they did to me! I wont make it easy. I might not be able to impregnate you. But I will find pleasure in taking you by force. Leaving my scent and my mark every time."

"Sebastian, you brought it on yourself-" John was breathless. He needed to think straight but the Alpha was holding him tight pinning him against a hard chest.

"Oh? They may have neutered me but this bad dog is going to show you just how vicious he can be! Now smile pretty for your Alpha. Let's send him a little taste of what's to come."

The Alpha laughed holding John's mobile up angling it to record a pale and frightened John. "Come on, Johnny boy. Suck me off for old times sake." Sebastian demanded pulling the blond towards his crotch. He laughed, sending the short clip to the iceman and the youngest Holmes with a cold grin.

He enjoyed how John fought against his hold, however the stink of fear was unsettling it was almost overpowering when coming from a pregnant Omega. Seb had no choice but to let the pathetic little thing go. Allowing the panting Omega to press himself as far away as the tiny space allowed before tossing the mobile out through a slightly rolled down window.

"We'll have plenty of time to catch up John. I was going to play nice but seeing the open defiance in you even now, I think you will be fun to break. Trust me."

To be continued...

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