Chapter 6 questions

Chapter 6: Questions

John glared down at the tall Alpha now lying on his back a confused and slightly dazed look on his face.

"Alright, how about we try this again?" John removed his booted foot from the man's chest.

"This is how you treat all your patients?" The young dark haired Alpha was on his feet, rubbing the back of his head he sat down on the exam table. Green eyes scanned the small Doctor who kept himself near the only exit and continued to glance over the chart.

"Only the rowdy ones who wont take no for an answer." John sighed taking his stethoscope out "Now, are you going to sit still so I can check your lungs and do my job?"

"Listen doc. I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot here." The green eyed man smiled now, his eyes traveling over the blond Omega appreciatively. "How about you let me start over and we get a drink after this?"

"You're asking me out Mr. Hill?" John shook his head placing the stethoscope's end over the young man's heart. "Don't answer that, just breathe in and out." To John's surprise the Alpha complied.

The doctor made a quick note, "Yeah. I am. And call me Quinton or Quinn or yours. But don't call me Mr. Hill that's my father." Again with the smile, John only rolled his eyes.

"Alright Mr. Hill. Care to tell me why you've come to a walk in clinic instead of going to a clinic on base?" The Alpha winced and his smile faltered.

"How the hell-"

"Your hair cut is a dead give away as are those regulation boots and of course I'm not a blind man I can see your dog tags."

Quinn Hill leaned back and smiled again, damn if this Omega Doctor wasn't the one for him. Forget the fact the blond man had a bonding bracelet on, or that he smelled faintly of his Alpha. Quinn wasn't dumb maybe slow, but he had a great nose and the Doctor wasn't bonded yet, he might be engaged but nothing written in stone.

"My business is my own, and sometimes even the army doctors on base can be a little loose lipped. Wouldn't want it to get around that I had a rather bad reaction to the antibiotics I received from your fine establishment." John lifted the man's shirt, indeed it was an allergic reaction, he checked the chart to see what was prescribed.

"Don't worry doc it wasn't for anything 'fun', I'm clean as I'm sure my chart reads. It was for the damn cut I received while cleaning my kitchen." John rolled his eyes having been careful of the Alpha's recently bandaged forearm.

"Pull the other leg." John murmured with a heavy sigh, "You? In a kitchen? Right. And if I looked at that it would be very easy to read the fact that the direction of the cut was made from a slashing motion?"

"Listen Doc. I'm not here for that. Someone already looked it over, and then gave me meds I'm allergic to. So if you'll just-"

"Fine. Right, but let me see this wound, incase any stiches were pulled. Wouldn't want you to be put on medical restriction."

The Alpha offered his forearm and allowed the Omega to pull back the carefully wrapped gauze with his gloved hands.

"I see you haven't been keeping it clean." John sighed, he went to get some spray and the Alpha only sat quietly.

"So Doc, gonna tell me yes or no on that drink?"

John handed the Alpha a prescription after rewrapping the forearm. Just four stiches nothing serious but he was right about the knife wound being intentional, someone had taken a swipe at the soldier.

"I'm sorry my fiancé wouldn't be to-"

"Come one doc we both know you're not bonded yet. You're still a free man right?" Quinn was pulling his gray hooded jumper on and zipping it up. The Omega Doctor shook his head "Here's your prescription please follow the directions closely and you might want to add that antibiotic to your list of allergies for your army doctor. Could save you a stomach ache in the long run."

"Do I at least get a name? You've stolen my heart Doc at least give me that?" Quinn took the paper from the Doctor his hands closing over the smaller hand of the Omega.

John tried to pull away but Quinn held tight stepping closer his green eyes capturing John's blue.

"No bother I can read it here." Quinn pointed to John's name badge. "Doctor John H. Watson. I like it. Simple and easy to remember. I'll be seeing you Doc."

"Hardly. Unless you manage to damage yourself again. " John pulled free taking a step back he held the door open so his patient would get the hint to leave.

The dark haired Alpha with green eyes and neatly cut hair smiled roguishly before exiting.

"And do try to keep your hands off the hind ends of the nursing staff on your way out." John directed the man to the exit.

"Only got eyes for you Doctor Watson." Quinn smiled again and started to whistle his hands in the pockets of his jumper he winked at John and was disappearing down the down the hall.

"I need a break." John murmured.

"Doctor Watson!" Lorna came rushing up to him, "There's-" she didn't get a chance to continue with whatever she was about to say when a dark haired Alpha woman appeared from behind her.

"John Hamish Watson?" The Alpha with caramel skin and rather frizzy curls growled.

"Yes, that's me." John didnt get the chance to read the woman's warrant card before he was pushed against the wall and his hands placed behind his back.

"What the hell-" The Omega gasped the air knocked out of his lungs, and his still aching ribs throbbed in protest.


Greg Lestrade watched the young man pace the interrogation room, he winced reading the young man's file and his team's report. The scent of the Omega's anxiety was giving him a headache. Dammit, this wasn't looking good for the DI.

John H. Watson was clean, he even submitted to a drug test both blood and urine were collected and he was clean. Not only that but Greg found out that this Omega was in the army, sure his sister had an impressive record, John's father's was worse. Digging further Lestrade didn't like what he discovered about the Watson family and here he seemed to have the only clean member. The kid was a soldier for god's sake. A doctor in the Army, of all people to accuse of drug dealing.

There were bruises, old ones on the younger man's torso, Donovan had made quick note of it not wishing to be accused of Omega abuse.

When Lestrade questioned Mr. Watson on it the Omega refused to reply instead he demanded to be free. Every attempt at finding out more about the Omega's relationship with the consulting detective was met with a simple tight lipped answer. "I want to know what the charges are and then I wish to speak with a public defender."

It was frustrating and Lestrade hadn't hidden his displeasure, reviewing the Omega's back ground he expected the younger man to comply. Greg had filled the room with his own angry pheromones in an attempt at intimidation. He expected the Omega to become a quivering mess, however the young doctor only kept his head bowed and eyes averted, his body tense and ready for attack.

Greg didn't have anything to hold on the young man, and the Omega's employer a Doctor Sarah Sawyer was threatening to place a formal complaint for police brutality and false arrest. Greg had left a message with Mycroft that he would be turning the Omega loose.


John couldn't believe what they were telling him, he refused to believe it. An anonymous tip? They had to have him confused with someone else. He would never sell drugs to a patient or anyone else. John rubbed his temples he needed to stay calm, this would all blow over. Fuck! What if Sherlock caught wind of this? What would he do? He wouldn't want scandal, he seemed like the posh family type, what if this made his family angry. After all if they were angry enough to hold his trust just because he wouldn't marry then how would they react when they discovered his intended was being accused of drug dealing?

This was bad, John needed that money at the end of the year, he needed the promotion. He couldn't go back to Harry's, she couldn't be trusted. What if she sold him to someone else, someone bad, someone like his father?

John's army career would be over; he might as well just jump off the London Bridge and end it all now.

These people kept asking him about Sherlock, it was best to keep quiet, he wasn't being charged yet. Right? He asked for legal representation already, and they kept trying to intimidate him. His stomach twisted under the stress but he refused to give in to it.

After an hour he was told he could leave but that they would be watching him. John shakily collected his coat and mobile, it was the mobile Sherlock had given him. He felt sick reviewing the missed calls from Sarah. He texted her and let her know that he'd been released and nothing had come of it. Just a misunderstanding and he hoped he still had a job. She replied that he should take the rest of the day off and get some rest she expected to see him tomorrow bright and early.


Mycroft watched the Omega make his way home, it seemed John was avoiding taking a cab and opted to walk the distance from the yard to Baker Street interesting. The older Holmes steepled his hands under his chin and eyes narrowed on the young blond doctor. It seemed he was innocent of drug use or possession, fine. Then it was time to try another approach. Obviously the Omega was a fortune hunter, perhaps Mycroft could throw a few more prospects into the young man's path. It was just a matter of suitable Alphas, it shouldn't be hard, and there were many young men and women searching for a quick romp with an Omega in heat. Mycroft wasn't suggesting anything cruel or forced, no, he was a civilized man. It would be left up to the Omega to choose his demise, Mycroft just needed to be sure John Watson was in the right place at the right time.


Sherlock heard the front door click shut softly as if someone didn't want to alert the occupant of the flat of their early return. Yes, it was indeed early, when Sherlock had reviewed John's schedule it had clearly stated he would be home late in the night.

The dark haired Alpha had found this to be a relief seeing how he would have the whole flat to himself. He could think and run his experiment on the effects of acid on frozen fingers.

Not that John would object, in fact it was a relief that the Omega had yet to complain about the assortment of body parts in the fridge. Instead to Sherlock's surprise it seemed the fridge had been organized and certain shelves had food only on them and his well packaged body parts were kept a shelf lower.

Even in the silence of the flat Sherlock was finding it hard to concentrate. The younger Holmes didn't understand the why he couldn't stop thinking about John's reaction to his dismissal. John had actually flinched when Sherlock raised his hand, as if he, Sherlock Holmes would debase himself to a level below coward and strike his mate out of irritation.

No, John wasn't his real mate but even so, even so Sherlock Holmes would never raise his hand to an Omega. Really what would his Grand mere say if she saw John reacting in such a way? It wasn't to be allowed. Besides it made Sherlock's stomach feel uneasy and his head feel wrong.

Perhaps he had been harsh in his words, although the Alpha couldn't see how his honesty had been harsh. Wasn't the truth a respected thing, it was in fact very tedious having to make sure John was properly scented before he left. They couldn't arouse suspicion, didn't John see that? Mycroft had eyes and ears everywhere, it wouldn't surprise the young consulting detective if his fat overbearing brother hadn't personally cornered John and sniffed him from blond head to his rather small feet.

This thought alone angered the younger Holmes, he hissed, nearly dropping acid on his own hand.

"Sorry. Did I interrupt something?" John's voice broke through Sherlock's irritated grumbling.

"Why are you here?" Sherlock snapped standing up he quickly dissolved the acid with a base liquid and pulled his goggles off.

"I uh-" John stammered glancing at the table then to Sherlock "Is that a finger?"

"Yes-I was testing the reaction of acid on a frozen-" Sherlock sniffed the air, his words falling away his gray green eyes narrowed on his fake fiancé.

"Tea?" John quickly side stepped the taller man moving closer to him.

Sherlock's phone vibrated again on the table he ignored it.

"Gonna get that? Could be important." John started to ready the kettle, his voice sounded anything but even.

"What happened?" Sherlock demanded crowding the shorter man against the organized counter near the sink. Gray eyes scanned the area and wondered when that had happened. Another glance of the flat produced the same interesting results, it was organized and tidy. Had Mrs. Hudson returned early from visiting her sister and cleaned?

This wasn't important, John's scent was off. The Alpha in Sherlock wanted to erase these other scents, wanted to restate his claim. How annoying.

John was turned, his back pushed against the counter he tried to lean back the kettle on the stove, his hands griping the counter behind him. John licked his lips nervously.

Sherlock's eyes flicked down to focus on the motion with such intensity that the blond Omega froze in his nervous actions and held his breath.

"Dammit Sherlock I've been trying to reach you!" Lestrade didn't bother knocking. When Sherlock didn't answer any of his texts he decided to pay a visit, he had questions. He didn't expect however to see the blond Omega with his body pressed into the Consulting Detective's eyes wide and anxious.

The flat was filled with the scent of the Omega's anxiety; the DI scrunched up his nose recalling how it had clung to his clothes long after John H. Watson had been released.

Sherlock barely glanced over his shoulder at the DI, it wasn't until John's hands suddenly gripped the front of his black suit jacket that he let out a protective growl. John wasn't pulling away he was leaning closer, as if searching for security, his eyes darted towards the DI and Sherlock recognized one of several scents.

"Now this is ridiculous." John found his voice "Have you come with a warrant now to search the flat?"

"Lestrade." Sherlock snarled causing the DI to put his hands up in an attempt to calm the situation.

"Sherlock. What the hell is he doing here? Come to warn you I suppose?"

"Warn me?" Sherlock snapped turning he kept John behind him.

"He thinks I'm selling drugs." John peeked out from behind the tall dark haired man.

"I'm clean Lestrade." Sherlock removed his jacket angrily rolling up his sleeves.

"Is your flat?" The DI challenged.

Sherlock rolled his eyes "This has Mycroft written all over it. Why don't the two of you fuck and get it over with?" Sherlock snapped. "Stop harassing me! Maybe if he found someone else to concentrate his concern on I would be free of his tyranny! Now please tell me you weren't harassing my fiancé! That you didn't drag him down to the Yard on false charges."

"Your fiancé? " Greg ran a hand over his face wincing.

"You know him?" John's body relaxed and his tension eased a bit, for some reason this made Sherlock feel less aggressive towards the DI.

"Yes, I consult for the Yard on cases that perplex the ignorant lemmings of our dear police force. The DI calls on me when he's out of his depth which is always."

Sherlock turned back to glare at the DI, "You fool. Let me guess my dear brother called you with his concerns. I bet he neglected to tell you that that I've moved John in and decided to bond? Perhaps a tiny bit of information my brother had decided to keep to himself in hopes you would act accordingly. "

"Tea?" John interrupted the two hoping to pacify the situation. Sherlock's brother was an ass. My god, he had really gone the extra mile to have John removed from Sherlock's life. However he neglected to check the pretty important fact that John Watson wasn't an addict nor did he peddle drugs.

Why would anyone think that? John moved towards the heated kettle. Oh.

I'm clean.

Perhaps John should ask more questions. How could he miss the fact he was living with an ex addict?

"He's not staying John." Sherlock's deep baritone was angry and biting. The Omega nervously looked from the DI to the consulting detective.

"It was all just a misunderstanding I'm sure-"

"No John, you don't get to defend him. He had finally proven his level of intelligence is no higher than a trained zoo monkey."

John grimaced as did the DI, "Now let me apologize-""No need. You Detective Inspector can kindly take your leave. "

"Now come on Sherlock you cant blame me for my assumptions. Since when are you into Omegas? I've known you long enough to –"

"Goodnight Detective Inspector. Please, kindly tell my brother to piss off when you see him next. "

John sighed as his Alpha started to pace the length of the living room ranting unintelligibly, every three words John caught; idiot, Mycroft, and fat arse.

He managed to get Sherlock to sit down and take the hot mug of tea, this seemed to calm the Alpha's angry rants but not by much.

John couldn't help but feel relieved that Sherlock wasn't angry at him and the Omega wondered about the secrets the handsome Alpha kept locked away.

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