Chapter 7 Bored

John was angry about the whole drugs bust situation but at the same time impressed. Obviously Sherlock had a family who cared enough to call in some favors and have his potential bondmate looked into.

He would love to punch Mycroft in the face for it, but John wasn't one to dwell or hold a grudge. He however swore to stay on his toes when dealing with these Holmes.

In an attempt to settle the angry young Alpha, John decided to ask questions about the man's dealings with New Scotland Yard. John hoped to steer the man away from destroying anything else. Already he'd flung a mug at the wall in anger, kicked over a chair and the very air of the flat had become saturated with Alpha pheromones. John tried to keep his breathing even not wishing to add to the irritation and outrage.

"So you work for the Yard?" John placed a warm mug of tea in the Alpha's hands. Whatever rant he was about to continue with halted and the Alpha looked questioningly down at the mug in his hand as if it had appeared magically."Sherlock?" John pressed returning to the comfort of the old chair he now deemed as his.

"No. Not for John. Never for! I work with. And even then I question my own sanity. For it."

Sherlock happily and enthusiastically explained to John his job as the world's only consulting detective.

The Omega had to admit it was all so impressive, he could just imagine the speed and grace in which the tall Alpha would solve these crimes.

Now that he was aware what Sherlock did for a living? A hobby? The Yard didn't exactly pay him did they? Anyway now the body parts around the kitchen and experiments currently growing mold in the cupboard made more sense.

In the middle of his animated explanation Sherlock's mobile beeped. The Alpha scowled at the expensive device growling . "Well let those idiots stew! They should contemplate their sins! Working with my brother indeed." Sherlock flung his mobile away from him in disgust.

John carried over another cup of tea for Sherlock, placing it on the table next to the pouting Alpha. He flinched hearing the mobile thud against the wall near the book case.

"I take it that was your boss-"

"He's not my boss John. Haven't you been listening? He's an idiot. Lestrade is now my brother's trained monkey. That being said, it's a bit ridiculous that he's actually requesting my help, and it's only been three hours since he last left. If he thinks I will forgive his intrusion so easily-"

"But you just said nothing mattered but the work? It could be important." It really could be. What if there was a murderer loose out there ready to kill his next victim and Sherlock with all his genius was just sitting here pouting?

Sherlock glared over at the young Doctor, "It's a matter of principal John."

John shook his head and sat down in the chair near the couch, the young doctor confirmed his prior decision he quite liked the small leather chair it suited him. He sipped his tea leaning back allowing himself to really relax despite the continuing rant from the man on the couch.

"John?" Sherlock glanced over at the blond Omega, "John?" he pouted, realizing John had dozed off. Just when he was about to tell the doctor about a couple of his most trying cases.

The soft sound of John's breathing had Sherlock sitting up and carefully taking the empty mug of tea barely dangling in the doctor's warm fingers. Sniffing around John Sherlock could still pick up on several different Alpha scents. He shook his head realizing he was leaning over the sleeping doctor.

He put some distance between them moving back to his couch, pausing only to retrieve a warm shock blanket from the cupboard. Gently he covered the slumbering blond, a confusing action but at the same time his inner Alpha felt pleased. Yes, pleased that he provided comfort for his Omega. Wait, what? No, John wasn't his Omega, not really.


"Just a bunch of Alpha bullies!" Doctor Sawyer growled in the break room when John had come in. "They are lucky I wasn't here when they showed up John, they wouldn't have made it past the lobby!"

John blushed hating the attention he'd murmured his thanks and took his tea to the small office that he shared with another Doctor. Doctor Sawyer was quite the Omega activist, it was hard to believe she was an Omega herself.

"Doctor Watson?" Lorna knocked softly pushing the office door open.

"Yes?" John was going over the patient charts of the day, he only had seven appointments, it was going to be a short day.

The Beta nurse entered holding a bouquet of flowers, roses to be exact, red roses. "These just came. There's even a card." Lorna smiled brightly. John frowned glancing over at the other Omega Doctor he shared the office with.

"They're for you." Lorna moved into the small room handing them to the blond doctor.

"Me?" John took the flowers, he'd never been given flowers before. Especially not a dozen roses. "It must be a mistake."

"Oh, come now Doctor. A young newly engaged Omega such as you should expect this sort of thing. Your Alpha must be very infatuated with you indeed." Doctor Hunter beamed, pushing her long black braid over her shoulder. "I never get flowers anymore, I'm lucky if he gives me a warning before rutting." Lorna and the dark haired doctor giggled at the blush running up John's neck.

John opened the small card and rolled his eyes, "What is it Doc?" Lorna took the card from him and read.

"Oh." She laughed "Oh. It seems our Doctor here has an admirer. It says; To the man with the perfect touch -xx Quin Hill."

"Oh god that idiot has got to be kidding me." John too the flowers and tossed them in the trash. "Some Alpha's just cant take no for an answer. Besides I told the man I'm engaged."

Lorna pouted "What a waste of beautiful flowers. You could have taken them home. You know, maybe make your Alpha a little jealous. Always makes for some amazing sex. My Albert used to get-" Doctor Hunter coughed suddenly realizing she was sharing too much. Instead she smiled sweetly "Well you're no school boy John. So. You know."

"I highly doubt Sherlock would be the jealous type." John took up the first chart of the day. "Well I'm off. And if any more flowers come for me just pass them right to Doctor Hunter. Sounds like she could use a little spice to her life."

"And I'll take it." Doctor Hunter laughed rescuing the roses from the trash. "Maybe Albert and I can try for pup number four." The woman winked at John.

John was too distracted by the idea of Sherlock being jealous to join in with the easy banter. He tried to picture Sherlock possessively sniffing him, pressing him up against a wall. The idea was preposterous; then again yesterday he'd stepped into John's bubble in the kitchen. After the whole false arrest fiasco, but that was curiosity nothing more.

John recalled with a growing blush, how it felt to be studied so closely. The way Sherlock's eyes had felt intense, and unwavering regarding John's every action. The Alpha was tall and lean, and John had felt trapped against the counter but not afraid, not really.

Why was he thinking about this? John shook his head, running a hand through his hair. It wasn't affection, the Omega knew it was not about affection. They had a deal and Sherlock was an Alpha an unbounded Alpha that felt as if his territory had been infringed on.

He no doubt caught the scent of Lestrade on John and wanted to know why the DI would need to be in close contact of John. Or perhaps he was possessive, but in regard to his territory, it was an Alpha thing. Nothing more.

John didn't want to think about how easy it was to lean into Sherlock when Lestrade had shown up at the flat.

It was all for show. Snap out of it John! Why was he even thinking about this?

Eight Hours later John returned home to the flat at the end of his uneventful day. Only to be greeted by the shrill sounds of the smoke alarm. Without thinking he bounded up the stairs calling out for Sherlock.

"Sherlock!" he coughed ducking low, the air was smoky. "Sherlock!" John went to the nearest window opening it to let the smoke out. One glance at the kitchen table John knew exactly what went wrong and acted accordingly putting out the smoking chemicals with a neutralizing liquid.

He found the thin Alpha coughing and trying to silence the blasted alarm. John forcibly grabbed the wheezing younger man and pulled him down the stairs sitting him on the side walk before returning upstairs. The small chemical fire was out but the table was lost, and John opened all the windows careful not to take too deep of breaths.

"Here." John had grabbed several water bottles from the flat tilting the Alpha's head back and dumping the water in the man's eyes. Sherlock sputtered and blinked "Hold still you big baby it's just water. Let me see you. Did you burn yourself anywhere?" The two stood outside on the curb, several fire engines nearing.

"John?" Sherlock choked, but the short Omega was shaking his head and instructing the Alpha to drink. Sherlock found his brain unable to manage a clear thought. The Omega was holding his hands, turning the cool palms over and searching for injury. It was an odd feeling emanating from the skin to skin contact and Sherlock wondered if he'd managed to spill something on his hands. What else would cause such a tingling?

"Are you trying to burn the flat down? And kill yourself in the process?" John sighed crossing his arms over his chest. The firemen gave the couple the all clear to return to their home.

John kept the windows to the flat open and he tried to salvage the table.

"I'll buy a new one. Just leave it John." Sherlock had sunk down on the couch still in his blue silk robe and pajamas.


The next day John returned home from work after tossing another bouquet of roses and chocolate in Dr. Hunter's direction. (How original.)

When he collected the mail from the box he started up stairs only to hear the sound of gun fire. Once more without thought to his own life the army doctor rushed up the stairs expecting to find Sherlock fighting off some attacker or worse injured and bleeding on the floor of the flat.

Instead he found the dark haired genius still in his blue silk robe and pajamas, unshaven aiming a gun at the wall.

"What the hell are you doing?" John shouted holding his hands over his ears.

"Bored!" Sherlock replied in a huff, then from his sitting position in John's chair he continued to fire at a smiley face painted with yellow paint on the wall.

"The landlady wont be happy." John chided.

"She's still visiting her sisters she wont notice for another two weeks." Sherlock waved the loaded weapon dismissively then aimed at the wall again.

"Oh no!" John placed a gentle but firm hand on the Alpha's wrist. "Give me that. Someone will call the police. Our poor neighbors."

Sherlock shrugged relinquishing the weapon to John without a fight.

"How the hell did you get a gun?" John demanded removing the clip with expert precision.

"I nicked it from one of my brother's annoying cronies. " Sherlock sighed rolling into the couch, his back to John. "I'm bored." He grumbled.

"Then read a book. Paint a picture, put a puzzle together. I don't know. Do something other than destroy your landlady's property and disturb the neighbors." John took the opportunity to hide the clip and the gun while Sherlock had his attention elsewhere.

"Have you eaten?"

"What day is it?"

"What day-it's Tuesday."

"I ate on Sunday."

"That was-" John ran a hand through his hair. "Alright, I'll make you something. I do expect you to eat it." Sherlock huffed but didn't reply.

John made Sherlock something quick and easy an omelet and toast. The Alpha seemed like a finicky eater claiming his body was transport and he only needed knowledge. For a genius the man was an idiot.


The Third day was the kicker, John returned home to a messy flat and the Alpha was still wearing the same pajamas and blue robe. Sherlock refused to respond to John's questions about eating or bathing with more than a huff or a grunt.

John had borrowed Cluedo from Doctor Hunter, she said it kept her pups busy when it was a rainy day.

He'd given her another bouquet of flowers, another box of expensive chocolate and a bottle of equally expensive wine. She gladly accepted, thanking Doctor Watson for spicing up her home life.

Her Albert was starting to show interest again, John noticed a glow about the woman, and the strong scent of her mate.

To John's relief the mention of a game seemed to perk the Alpha on the couch up. John refused to allow his Alpha to open the box until he ate some take away Thai he'd picked up on his way home.

It worked, Sherlock scarfed down several bites before rubbing his hands together in anticipation. John couldn't help but respond with a smile, Sherlock's normal pout had finally disappeared and his eyes sparkled with childlike curiosity.

It had ended badly.

John vowed to never play again; he brought the game back the following day grumbling about cheaters and his mate accusing the victim. "The victim cant be the killer!" was all John said before depositing the game, more unwanted flowers and chocolate irritably on Doctor Hunter's desk.

"I see my brother's boredom is starting to make an appearance." John was so wrapped up in his frustration that he missed the closing of the small office door and the fact he must have walked right past Mycroft Holmes.

"Mr. Holmes?" John froze facing the tall Alpha. Mycroft wore an expensive gray suit and leaned nonchalantly on his black brolly. The soldier wondered if it were some kind of weapon, before he met the intense gray eyes. "If you're here the walk in clinic starts at noon, I have appointments till then but I'm sure Doctor Hunter can make room in her schedule. She's just outside-"

"John don't be simple we both know I'm not here to see a Doctor. Besides I have a whole hospital of highly trained physicians at my beck and call. I'm merely here out of concern."

"Oh, yes. I've experienced your concern." John replied back straight and eyes narrowed on Mycroft's shiny leather shoes.

"Unfortunate that misunderstanding you understand don't you?"

"Understand that you thought I was a dealer of some sort. Sure, I can see how you easily would jump to that conclusion having no access to my military file and none existent police record."

"John let us not fight." Mycroft moved forward and John flinched backing further away. Mycroft might share a kinscent with Sherlock, but John found no comfort in it. This man was dangerous and instinct told the Omega to keep his distance. He held his breath, hoping to keep his own anxiety under control. His fists balled at his side.

"It would be best if maybe you could convince my brother to forgive the DI? "

"Best?" What the hell was he going on about?

"Yes for us all. You see my brother gets bored and becomes unbearable. You've barely experienced the tip of it, wait until he starts on the drugs to occupy his whirling thoughts or worse-"

"Why don't you try to make things right between him and the DI? "

Mycroft tapped his umbrella against the tip of his shoe not meeting John's confused expression. "He wont see me."

"Sure, sure I get it. " John couldn't help but roll his eyes a mistake on his part. Mycroft Holmes caught the sign of disrespect and barely managed to restrain a growl. However his voice was cutting and cold, the taller man moved in closer forcing the Omega to lean back against his own desk.

"Do you? Funny John that I'd never heard your name or caught the scent of you up until this last week. Tell me how did you meet my brother?" Gray eyes narrowed on the nervous Omega.

"It's all very romantic really." John tried to keep his voice even. Did the man have to stand so close?

"Romantic?" Mycroft scoffed. "My brother is a selfish, arrogant little brat, romance isn't in his vocabulary."

"Well-ugh you're wrong." John snapped back. "Just yesterday he bought me chocolates and had flowers delivered in fact he's had a bouquet delivered every day this week so far."

John motioned towards the flowers he'd put down on Doctor Hunter's desk along with another box of chocolates.

Mycroft sniffed, eyes narrowing on the offending objects. "Well, so he did."

"What exactly do you hope to gain Sergeant Watson? Money? I can assure you my brother isn't a wealthy man."

"Because you hold his trust?" John snapped back, Mycroft's eyebrow raised in surprise. "Oh yes he's told me. He's told me about your father and mother. About the trust and his stint in rehab. So save your breath. I'm not here because he has money. We've a mutual understanding, he wont judge me for my background and I wont for his."

Again Mycroft scoffed "He wont keep you long John. Just like all his toys he gets bored with eventually or breaks them. Do you wish to be broken John? My brother isn't exactly the fatherly type. I hope you aren't rushing into thoughts of a family. That would be very irresponsible for you."

The Doctor didn't get a chance to answer before Doctor Hunter was entering into the small office.

"Oh-I'm sorry am I interrupting?" she asked nervously her eyes worriedly looking over at John.

"No, not at all. We're through here." John replied quickly "He's leaving."

"Think about what I said John. I'm sure there are plenty other fish in the sea."

John knew one thing, Mycroft was right, Sherlock was bored and needed to be mentally stimulated.

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