Chapter 8 Plans in Motion

Chapter 8: Plans in motion

oh the plot thickens

A/N: sorry for the length the chapter kinda got away with me. We will have a case coming...I just wanted to introduce our major characters i promise it will get interesting next chapter. OOOOH and a CASE! THanks for the reviews!

Mycroft checked the text message on his phone, his usual assistant had gone off to Scotland to oversee a deal Mycroft would not trust in anyone else's hands. He massaged his temples, that stubborn Omega was causing mummy distress as well as making this situation more difficult than it should be!

Relief flooded him reading the text he received from one of his analysts in charge of plan b. Trusting the situation to be taken care of he could move on to more pressing business. The Korean elections were coming up and then that whole meeting with the Americans. It would be a very long day indeed, he still hadn't received a text back from Gregory.

The DI had been more than a little angry over the whole situation, feeling as if Mycroft had withheld information. In a sense Mycroft had but it wasn't of importance. Why did it matter that John was living with Sherlock and an army doctor? The Omega was unsuitable and of Sherlock's choosing just as Victor Trevor had been.

Mycroft shifted in the back seat that had been a disaster one in which Mycroft couldn't allow again.


John returned home in a rush, his only hope was that the tall Alpha flatmate wasn't burning the flat down. Really his landlady wasn't going to be too happy when she returned home.

John climbed the stairs to the flat quickly, sniffing the air he thought he caught the thin scent of fire. Unlocking the door he dropped his bag in the hall when the sound of a woosh and the rumble of some unknown device filled the small flat. John nearly tripped over his feet hurrying into the living room only to find Sherlock wearing a protective shield and holding up a blow torch.

"Sherlock?" John counted to ten, "What. The. Hell. Are you doing?"

The Alpha turned pushing up the protective welder's mask he switched off the torch. "John-"

"Is that my jumper?" John frowned stepping closer to the kitchen table.( the still ruined kitchen table.) "I needed to test a theory and well you're jumper matched the desired material. Besides it fit the mannequin perfectly. " Sherlock turned back to the mannequin, pulling his mask down.

"Sherlock!" John objected "I liked that jumper! And besides it's mine you prat! Why didn't you use your own clothes? And look at the table." John gestured to the scorch marks under the torso of the brown jumper wearing mannequin. John didn't want to know where the poor things legs had gone.

"John one of my shirts wouldn't fit the model. And besides this old thing has seen better days."

John tried to ignore the unconcerned tone in the Alpha's voice. Of course it wouldn't matter to the man that John didn't have much by way of clothes. That jumper was faded and worn but it was his dammit. Another deep breath "That's not the point. It's mine."

"I'll buy you a new one." Sherlock sighed. "In fact we should go shopping for clothes. I've noticed while going through the closet you don't have much by way of clothes."

John clasped his eyes shut and threw his head back praying for patience, this man was winding him up.


"John can this wait I am in the middle of an experiment. Oh and we are out of milk." With that dismissive tone the tall Alpha, still wearing his blue silk robe and pajama bottoms turned back around to continue burning the poor mannequin.

What was it with this Alpha, he was destruction incarnate, John needed tea and maybe something else for his headache. Perhaps a drink? He could use a drink, yes at a pub, nothing too busy just a cold pint and bit of quiet time in the corner to contemplate his situation.

He intended to change and shower, hating the scents that clung to him, recalling the earlier meeting with the eldest Holmes.

Damn the condescending man, he really had it out for John. And for no other reason than the fact that John's background was unsuitable. What a posh bastard. So lost in thought John hadn't noticed that the blow torch had been shut off, or the fact his flatmate was no longer standing at the table.

Instead he was leaning into John his nose pressed firmly into the back of John's neck causing the Omega to stiffen and gasp. John would have moved away but the taller man's slender hands instantly snapped out and gripped his arms holding him in place.

"What did he want?" Sherlock growled running his chin over the top of John's soft blond head. "Why did Mycroft pay you a visit? Did he touch you?"

John tried to keep his breathing even, damn this instinct that craved to be dominated. Damn the anxiety that crept up into the pit of his stomach twisting and clouding his brain with fear. He was a soldier for fuck's sake!

When the Omega didn't answer right away the fingers gripping his forearms squeezed harder.

"He only wanted to express his concern. And to apologize." John gritted out squeezing his eyes shut he remained still not wishing to give the Alpha cause to lash out. Too many times as a child John learned from his own uncle's reactions that any sudden movements could be misconstrued as a challenge. It was best to keep conversations short and accept that no matter what the Alpha was right.

The Alpha spun John around to face him, anxiety was a scent that John had thought he could control. Somehow around these damn Holmes brothers it was impossible. He didn't look the Alpha in the eye he kept himself still, he needed to be still. It would be over soon, Sherlock didn't want him for any other reason than to regain his rightful inheritance. He wasn't going to push John down and try to mate with him here on the living room floor.

"Did he hurt you?" Sherlock almost sounded concerned and John's head snapped up blue eyes met greenish gray. There was something there and John felt his color leave him and his mouth go dry. He could easily lean into the taller man, lean into him and allow the scent of this Alpha to cover up the scents of the day. The unwanted touches from some of his patients, the stink of the older Holmes and whatever anxiety John had.

It would be easy, and just when he thought he would the taller Alpha pushed away almost forcibly his eyes narrowed, and John flinched.

Sherlock whirled around his blue robe fluttered behind him as he stomped towards the bedroom. John thought he heard a shower start and found himself standing in a state of confusion.

A newly showered and fully dressed Sherlock exited the bedroom no more than five minutes later, growling and mumbling to himself.

John had no idea what was going on but he knew not to protest when the Alpha grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door.

They were in a cab, Sherlock barked orders at the cabbie giving an address that John didn't exactly recognize. Sure he knew it belonged to a ritzier part of town where all the expensive homes were constructed but he had no idea why they were headed there.

The Alpha at his side was angrily punching several texts into his phone and John thought he might actually shatter the screen. The cab stopped and Sherlock nearly flung the fare at the driver. The blond managed a brief apology before Sherlock was pulling him a rather expensive cobblestone drive the iron gates to the estate opened and John thought he caught several security cameras following their movements.

Sherlock hadn't even lifted a hand to knock when a rather solemn looking man in dark suit answered the door, "Is she in?" The butler, a Beta, didn't have the chance to answer before Sherlock nearly shoved him aside pulling John behind him into the house. "Of course she's in! Where else would she be?"

John tried to take in his surroundings gaining no more than a fleeting glance.

"Keep up John!" Sherlock snapped causing John to flinch once more at the harshness in the Alpha's voice.

"Sherlock Alcott Holmes!" This caused the Alpha to halt and John felt himself stumble into the Alpha with an embarrassing oomph noise. John's arm was released and he rubbed the spot where the Alpha had gripped him. The two were standing in a very large foyer, the polished oak floor reflected the light from the expensive chandelier dangling above their heads, expensive looking vases and statues lined the corridor. John thought he saw a Monet at the end of the corridor but couldn't be sure.

He was too focused on the woman whose voice had caused the head strong Sherlock Holmes to comply in a heart's beat.

The woman was small and fragile looking, her eyes were sharp and a cool green. John took in her appearance she wore a black almost Victorian style dress, was she in mourning? Her gray hair was pinned back ruthlessly into a tight bun, her shoulders were straight and posture severe. John almost wanted to stand at attention she could put any drill Sargent to shame.

"Gran mere." Sherlock greeted warmly his posture still stiff. John frowned utterly lost. Did he just say Grand mere?

The woman sighed shaking her head, she had her hands on her small hips. "Come give us a kiss then." To John's surprise Sherlock did just that, he moved towards her gave a quick peck on the woman's soft cheek. "Alright, then that's better. Come into the salon and we can have some tea, after you introduce your guest. Then I'm sure you will explain your sudden visit." She smiled warmly and turned to enter the room behind her.

John followed wishing he had taken that something for his headache.

The sitting room was something out of a museum, John didn't want to breathe for fear he would break something expensive, a servant entered behind them carrying a tray of tea and biscuits. Sherlock sat close at John's left his thigh warm against John's and the older woman took a seat to John's right. She was sitting in a high backed red chair. The woman was small but looked absolutely regal.

"Gran mere, I wished to introduce you to my fiancé Doctor John Watson."

The older woman's eyes widened but she didn't betray her surprise with any other expression. Instead she smiled warmly in John's direction, the Omega was speechless instead he looked to Sherlock and then back to the older woman.

What the hell was Sherlock up to?

"Oh! This is a wonderful surprise. I see the point to your eager arrival. Manners were never your strongest point when it came to important announcements."

"I was just telling my sister that I wished you and Mycroft would hurry and settle down so I may see great grandchildren. Now here you are with a fiancé!" She clapped her hands together happily her grin widened "And a Doctor!"

"Yes, Gran mere, John is a Doctor in the army."

The woman clapped her hands over her mouth, and gave a happy sound. "John! Now I must hear all about you! You have no idea how exciting this news is! My own husband god rest his soul was a military man. As was his father, my own son wasn't one to continue the tradition but I do have a few nephews who do. Mycroft of course decided to take an active role in government also a family business, and our dear Sherlock doing his civil service by helping Scotland Yard. I am so proud of the boys. My Magnus were he still alive would tell you the same. And now! Now we have an army doctor about to take the Holmes name."

John felt a pang of guilt twist his stomach, the woman was genuinely happy and her soft hands were gripping his suddenly cold ones.

"Olivia!" The older woman called out and a middle aged Beta dressed in a maid's uniform entered. "Please tell my sister I will be a bit delayed our card game will be pushed back. If you could let the others know."

"Yes, ma'am right away." The servant took her leave.

"I apologize for the intrusion." John found the words.

"Oh, polite! Manners! Thank heavens! Perhaps that will rub off on my grandson." The woman leaned back in her chair squeezing John's hands one last time. Her warm smile putting him at ease. "And it's never an intrusion. My dear sister Helen will understand. She rarely gets visits from her grandchildren."

John accepted the cup of tea offered and he allowed Sherlock to do all the talking hoping the situation would be cleared up as to why they had come in the first place.

"I wished to see you right away Gran mere before my brother had a chance to ruin my announcement you know how terribly jealous he has been of my talent and genius-"

"Shush now. No bad talking. Mycroft loves you to pieces. The two of you are so set in your stubborn ways. You both need lessons in expressing your feelings. I swear the Alpha men in this family are all so emotionally stunted when it comes to carrying. I blame your father. "

Sherlock didn't reply he only stiffened and John searched the younger man's face trying to read the expression that flashed behind those beautiful gray eyes.

"Besides your brother is far too busy to come and visit an old woman just to tell me his youngest brother has found a mate."

"He isn't too busy if he's taken to harassing my dear John."

The woman stiffened, and realization was starting to dawn on John.

"He what?" The woman looked worriedly from John to Sherlock.

"Yes, once I happily explained my choice in partner and introduce John to Mycroft the fat-"

"Sherlock." The woman warned.

"Excuse me Gran mere." He cleared his throat, "Well the man had John arrested on false charges, they seized him quite roughly from work in hopes of humiliating him in front of his peers and patients. When it became clear there was no truth to the allegations they released my mate but not after warning him off from me.

John of course being a man of moral and decent standing did not heed said threats to his reputation or person and returned home to me. I thought the matter solved after speaking to my brother rather forcibly on the subject. Instead he has decided to intimidate my dearest and at his place of employment no less. I am just lost as to what I should do. I could take this up with mother but she seems to have let him loose on this subject. All because my John comes from a less than wealthy background. He is an orphan really."

The woman placed a hand to her chest and John had the decency to look away, Sherlock was laying it on rather thick. And the fact the Alpha had an arm around him now rubbing his thumb over John's bicep was making it rather warm in the room.

Or was that guilt?

"That it absolutely unacceptable." The older woman took a deep shaky breath; she turned to John her soft hands taking his. "That is not how a Holmes acts. I hate to speak ill of anyone especially a family member but Violet is a bit irrational at times. I will have a word with Mycroft, I'm glad you brought this to my attention. This will not be allowed to continue. He is an exceptional boy that one but his protective-"

She calmed herself and gave John a quick smile "Please don't think ill of us all. I will make this right John."

"Please I hate to cause trouble-I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding." This was the truth, John hated attention and wanted nothing more than to sink into the couch and disappear.

Sherlock snorted and rolled his eyes in reply to John's protests, the older woman ignored him instead her eyes fell on the bonding bracelet John wore. She gave a gentle smile running a manicured thumb over the gold band. "I have something for you my dear. I want you to have it. It's only fitting and it would be rude to not accept it. Consider it a welcoming gift to our pack." Before John could object the older woman had slipped off her own bracelet and placed it around John's right wrist. Her eyes watered "There now. That will silence any protests. My dear Magnus gave that to me the day he asked for my hand. And I've worn it since."

"Grand mere." Sherlock whispered.

"Oh, quiet you. It's my choice besides I've wanted to give that to someone worthy. And anyone who claims your affections is definitely praiseworthy in my book. My sister will be jealous seeing how the two of us have had an ongoing bet to when we would be able to hand down our mating rings." She dabbed at her eyes, and John gave into instinct and embraced the older woman.

He had never been embraced before, well other than Harry's drunken guilt trips. The Omega had always wanted to be apart of a family and even if it wasn't real and his guilt ate at him, he could at least show his gratefulness. A deep breath and he could take in the sweet scent of honey, expensive perfume and oh-she was an Omega.

The woman stiffened in surprise not expecting the physical contact and John pulled away immediately only to find her thin arms had come to wrap around him. She squeezed him before allowing him to sit back in his seat.

"Yes, you will do just fine." She sighed happily " Now. I hate to be rude but I do have a phone call to make."

"Of course Gran mere." Sherlock stood with her and she turned her cheek in preparation for a quick kiss.

"John I do hope you bring him around more often. And you are always welcome as well. Now boys I will be handling the appropriate announcements I'll have you back here for a formal dinner where the family can all offer up congratulations."

Sherlock started to protest but the older woman shot him a threatening look and he smiled tightly. "Yes Gran mere. Of course."

The older woman sighed happily moving towards another room where her sister awaited patiently.

"Sorry Helen."

"So, he's finally come to tell on his brother." Green eyes bright and a grin played across ruby lips.

"Yes. These boys can sometimes be rather predictable. Although I confess I would have thought he would show a lot sooner."

"Yes well that Sherlock is so much like our dear deceased brother Sherrinford. So impulsive. I caught a glimpse of the young Omega. He looks a bit lost, do you think he knows?" The twin Omega sipped at her tea as her sister took a seat at the card table across from her. Green eyes softened and Helen wondered when her dear sister would stop mourning the loss of her mate. She sighed thinking of her own dear husband Walter. She'd stopped wearing black twenty years ago. War was an ugly thing, too many good men young and old were lost to it.

She thought sadly of her own grandsons, her dear Quinton so ready to prove himself and his brother Arthur holding him back.

"No, I don't think they have a clue. Oh, that Sherlock thinks he's so clever finding a way around the Trust issue. I don't think he realizes yet but it will grow. I can tell he's smitten. Look at how he clung to the younger man on their way out."

Helen tossed her long gray braid over her shoulder "He would make a good match for my Quin."

"Oh, Hel I don't think that young Doctor has eyes for anyone else." Helen frowned handing over the file she'd brought.

"I retrieved that from an old friend that owed my Walter a favor. I hoped you would see it before you met the young Omega."

"Oh you are thorough."

"I was wanting to keep it for myself once I discovered Quin was sending flowers to a certain young doctor."

"Yes, there is that. Funny how two of our grandsons have fallen for the same man. I'm not concerned. Sherlock will certainly keep this one. "

Helen shook her head "I m not so sure. Quin is charming and determined once he puts his mind to something. Besides you know how competitive these boys can be. Wait till Sherlock finds out, and Mycroft! Of all people to have no idea that his own cousin is trying to court his brother's mate. Oh, that will be interesting."

"You are absolutely incorrigible. We should deter that train of thought. Sherlock after all found him first. Besides Mycroft will be putting some kind of scheme into play. It is hardly fair to have two against one."

"It does seem a bit unfair. However all is fair as they say in love and war. We should put another wager on the table. Since you've won the bracelet one." Helen smiled brightly. "I wonder what Quin will do once he discovers who this Omega really is. It's all so fun! Besides I do love watching Violet's tantrums."

"Now that's just mean sister."

"I never liked the family she came from, she's a spoiled Omega. A bad match for your son. Something she unfortunately learned the hard way." Helen shook her head glaring down at her cards, ignoring her the way her sister's face paled whenever her eldest son was mentioned. "Besides Doctor Srgt. John Watson-Hill has a nicer ring to it."

"Just deal the cards." Hilda replied "And no cheating sister."


"Sherlock!" John finally broke the silence that followed them all the way home and up the stairs to 221B.

"Hmm what?" Sherlock had been lost in thought perching now in a chair near the window. He looked at John as if the Omega appeared out of thin air.

"What? I cant keep this! You have to give it back! It's not right." John offered his wrist.

"Cant. She is rather stubborn when it comes to these types of things. Just wear it until the end of the agreement. I'll return it then."

"It will break her heart. Oh god. She was so happy." John ran a hand over his face. "You have to tell her. I cant-I cant lie to her and your family?"

"Why not?" Sherlock snapped. "It's only for a few months! "

"Twelve isn't a few!" John's headache had returned. "It's cruel-"

"John, need I keep reminding you of your lack of choice in the matter. Just stick to the agreement! I have no use for these little outbursts. Why cant you simply do as you're told!" Sherlock snapped and John paled taking a step back.

"You don't get it do you?" John shook his head "Of course you don't!" he turned on his heels and headed out the door grabbing his coat, he would get that drink after all.

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