Chapter 9 polite

Chapter 9: Polite

John found himself at a pub within walking distance, a quick glance and he found an empty booth in the corner. His thoughts were spinning and he really just needed to calm down and relax.

Not that relaxing was hard, in fact John was a normally calm individual, something an Omega should take pride in. It was just that the flat, it was too concentrated with Alpha pheromones. Not just any Alpha pheromones, but Sherlock's.

That and the man was infuriating. Frustrating like a child could be, and intelligent. A bloody genius really, a bloody handsome genius.

Wait. Where did that come from?

Damn, he really needed to get the hang of dealing with an Alpha, especially if he was to be stationed with them. If he couldn't get around Sherlock's sudden shifts in scent and moods how the hell would he be expected to work under stress along strangers.

"Sergeant Watson! " A familiar voice called out approaching his table. John tensed turning to look over his glass of untouched beer. There were two men dressed in jeans and military gray t-shirts approaching, "Bill! Charlie?" Familiar faces eased John's tension and he stood to embrace the two nurses from his unit.

"Pew-" Bill pulled back making a face as did Charlie. "What the hell is that stink-"

"Bill. Manners?" The red haired Omega shook his head and turned back to their Sergeant. "No way!" He gasped reaching for John's right wrist.

"Oh. So this is what you've been up to while on leave." Bill whistled "And from the looks of these bonding rings, two by the way. Because apparently you are too good for one? Seriously though mate, these are looking pricey. Who's the lucky fellow? Do we know him?"

"This is a joke right?" Bill took John's wrist in a light grip touching the gold bracelet as well as the silver. "There's a coat of arms on this one. Bloody hell Watson, who is he?"

"A coat of arms?" John hadn't noticed that.

"Yeah and an engraving." Bill sniffed around John, "And from the smell of it your Alpha is very possessive you reek." Bill released John's wrist making a face and holding his nose. Charlie smacked his dark haired friend hard at the back of his head.

"Oi! It was just an observation."

"It doesn't smell that bad. It's just weird." Charlie smiled "You know you being so anti-Alpha relationships and what not. We had a pool going that you were uh, playing for the other team."

"Now who's the idiot." Bill laughed catching John's confusion and Charlie's deep blush.

"Well, we've lost a good man then. Come one mate tell us all about him, I'll get us a round." Bill waved a waitress over and John still examining his bracelets slid back into the booth, Charlie took a seat across from him not meeting his eyes.

"I take it this was a sudden thing then?" The red haired Omega queried "I mean you aren't ummm-" Charlie blushed a darker shade of red.

"He's trying to ask if you went and got yourself knocked up while on leave."

John hadn't expected that and nearly chocked on his beer he started to drink from.

"Ease up there mate." Bill thumped John on the back sliding in next to him. "Of course you aren't pregnant. Responsible doctor like you wouldn't be drinking if that were the case." Bill and Charlie both eyed John for reassurance, the blond Omega found his voice.

"No! God no. I mean I'm not."

"See there Charles, stop making accusations. Our C.O. here is obviously in love and will be telling us all the sordid details. As soon as we get him good and drunk. Right doc?"

John didn't have a chance to reply when several drinks and a few shots arrived at their table.

"Ah! Here we go, let's celebrate then!" Bill rubbed his hands together handing out pints and whiskey shots. John reluctantly took his and Bill smiled brightly "To love! And posh Alphas willing to put you up in the lap of luxury."

"To love!" Charlie brought his glass up quickly and taking the shot, John's stomach twisted in guilt and the other two Omegas eyed him curiously.

"To love." John sighed taking the bitter liquid in, the burning wasn't unpleasant he just wasn't much of a drinker. That was Harry's favorite hobby.

John didn't realize how much lying to his friends would hurt but a deal was a deal. Lap of luxury indeed, if only these two knew the half of it. The flat was cozy and John was starting to think of it as home, and it did smell pleasant enough. Well it wasn't that bad and Sherlock, well Sherlock as frustrating as he could be, the man was interesting. And his cheek bones, those hands and his honeyed voice.

"Ah, is it the whiskey making you blush or are you thinking of your beloved?" Bill nudged his friend.

John straightened up concentrating on his beer, "You were." Bill chuckled. "Well good on you mate. Good on you. You of all people deserve some happiness. Now tell us Doc what's he like? We know it's a male because his scent is very distinct. He has to be a beast in bed with that strong of a scent he's marked you with."

John blushed and ducked his head, recalling how Sherlock had insisted on scenting him this morning before work as he did every morning before work.

"Bill shut up." Charlie snapped unexpectedly. "The sarg isn't going to want to kiss and tell. Besides not everyone is a pervert like you and wants to hear it." Bill's eye brow raised and he leaned back in the booth eyeing his red haired friend for a half second as if deciding something he turned back to wave the waitress over and ordered another round of shots.

"John- I mean sarg does this mean you'll be leaving the service? You know for home and hearth all that breeding nonsense." Charlie sounded appalled over the idea.

John shook his head finally able to get a word in. "No. Sherlock and I have decided to wait. He is actually very supportive of my staying in the service."

"No shit?" Bill slapped his hands together. "Oh, with a status change you'll be promoted. You should have been years ago anyway. But this will happen; I mean you'll see some real action on the field. It's a dangerous life out there, with a war going on and all. Not that you've ever shrugged such things off. Still it won't be easy John. The Alphas aren't going to just step aside and allow you into their territory. I've heard of hazing that goes on."

Bill's voice dropped "You should bond before you get back. I mean it's dangerous without the bite. The scent of an Alpha will rub off after a while and the unbounded bastards will claim you were asking for it. This is exactly why they don't allow unbounded Omegas to work around their precious Alpha soldiers in the Queens army. Like it's our fault they can't keep their testosterone driven urges under control. It's all political shit if you ask me."

"I can't bond, without going into heat." John replied "And we are all on the same suppressants, that injection is a year long thing. So I'll just have to hope these," John jingled the bracelets on his wrist "will deter any unwanted attention. I'm not worried about it." John lied. "We are all brothers and arms, out to serve Queen and country. I'm sure they'll have better things to think about then a roll in the sack."

"Oh, John. You'll be missed. You and your Mr. Brightside mentality." The shots arrived and Bill smiled brightly "To heartbreak!"

Charlie gave a sad murmur raising his glass and took the shot.

John's mind was spinning in several directions; Bill was voicing all the concerns that John hadn't thought about. Maybe this wasn't the greatest idea. Seeing how his bonding bracelet couldn't dissuade a dammed Alpha soldier by the name of Quinn Hill from sending him flowers and unwanted gifts.

No. He wouldn't be bullied, he could handle himself. He didn't need a dammed mark to prove he was worthy.

Besides after a year he and Sherlock would be done, and the Alpha would want nothing more to do with him after that. John wouldn't miss the scenting or the clutter of the flat. Nor would he miss the soft bed with the warm smell of Sherlock on the sheets.


Agent Beaman eyed his mark, he observed the blond Omega. Dammed if he didn't look like Liam. The same blond hair and blue eyes, so vulnerable. But it was just an act, Omegas knew how to play on an Alpha's senses. The damn sluts were devious and cunning.

He could see how the red haired Omega was attracted openly to the blond. For all Beaman knew the two had something going on the side. Omegas couldn't be trusted. They took all you had and they always left. He wasn't bitter just experienced with infidelity.

So when some lackey from the home office called him up and gave him the mission details he was more than happy to take it on. After all he had showed the last Omega that thought he was sly enough to play him. He showed the bitch good. Anyway, it was his duty to save this Omega's soon to be from being played.

Agent Beaman wasn't a vain man, he just knew how to play on his assets. He kept his square jaw clean shaven and dark hair cut relatively short. He was sex on legs and this little Omega wouldn't know what hit him. They never did.

"Hello there can I buy you a drink?" the agent had his white sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his black tie hanging loosely around his neck. He smiled a perfect smile at the young Omega who had climbed into the seat next to him.

"I'm sorry. I'm engaged." The blond woman replied firmly but politely. She tossed her shoulder length blond hair over her shoulder, and removed her gray was looking to relax after a busy day at the office, her slender legs crossed over eachother and the gray pin skirt came up to expose her shapely legs even more. Agent Beaman continued to smile any way not letting this dissuade him, he knew she'd give in. Besides he needed a distraction while his mark was occupied. And all Omegas played hard to get in the beginning.

"Aren't we all." Agent Beaman pushed a glass towards her, he would consider her practice for what's to come.


"You resorted to calling Grand mere!" Mycroft fumed. "Really Sherlock how childish of you." Mycroft hadn't entered the flat without knocking he waved his umbrella around in frustration. "It took hours to convince her that I was not threatening your mate. And even then I'm sure she thinks me still a villain. She then had words with our mother. Now mummy is inconsolable."

Sherlock was postioned at the table, his head comming up from the microscope. "When isn't she?" he replied in his usual bored tone.

"You spoiled-" Mycroft took a deep breath, "You will call our Grand mere immediately and explain you misinterpreted-"

"What? I misinterpreted what? That you crowded my fiancé, that you had him arrested and humiliated at work? And you used Lestrade to aid in this ridiculous plan. Are you jealous brother or just a fat idiot?"

Again Mycroft held his frustration in, trying to calm the anger seething within. The older Holmes was blessed with a temper like father's and Mycroft refused to give into it.

"Why are you here? We both know I'm not going to make that phone call to our Grand mere." Sherlock's gray eyes flicked over his brother.

"I'm here, because I wanted to apologize to the Omega-"

"John." Sherlock snapped moving back to his experiment under the microscope.

"What?" Mycroft gave a confused look.

"His name is John. Or Doctor Watson or Sergeant Watson. You pick. But do not talk as if he were a non person. He isn't the Omega, he has a name I suggest you get used to saying it."

Again Mycroft felt the urge to throw something; instead he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Well, at the risk of loosing some of my military contacts as well as political backing I am here to offer my apology to your-to John. "

"Well that's half hearted." Sherlock couldn't help but grin down at the bacteria floating on the slide. "You'll have to be more sincere. Or I'll have to report to Grand mere about your attitude and lack of earnestness. Then I'm sure she'll really have a word with some of your contacts."

"Shut up Sherlock. This isn't a game. I'm also here to drop off the invitations to the engagement party I'm apparently throwing in your honor. "

"What? You?" Sherlock's gray eyes narrowed on his brother's pinched expression.

"Yes. Well officially it's me but Grand mere has already taken care of the arrangements."

"That woman is fast. We were only there a few hours ago."

"I really don't care. In fact do us all a favor and don't show up. Perhaps it will save the Holmes family from the shame of having some common army doctor mal you in public. By the way where is your Omega?"

Mycroft glanced around the empty flat, taking note of how clean the place was. From where he stood the kitchen was organized and the usual clutter of the living area was nonexistent. How did he not notice that before?

"John has gone out with friends."

"Oh?" Mycroft glanced down at his phone reading the in coming text. "I see, he's out with friends. I'm surprised you let him out of sight for so long. Seeing how possessive you are. Wouldn't want another Alpha to move in on your unclaimed territory now, would we? Although I must say I never thought you a romantic. It's pathetic when an Alpha sends flowers and gifts to their Omega. It's sentiment Sherlock. I thought you above that. "

"What the hell are you going on about?" Sherlock growled moving towards his brother.

"Oh, don't play dumb with me. I saw the flowers you sent, and chocolate. Really how common of you."

Sherlock's mind started to whirl, what was his brother was going on about? He hadn't sent John flowers or chocolates.

"Oh thank god the doors un'locked. I may have mmmisplaced my keysss and um wallet." John stumbled into the room. Sherlock caught the heavy scent of whisky and pub on the blond.

"Oh, sorry." John tried for a loud whisper. "I didn't know his majesty had arrived. I'm just going to put myself to bed." John smiled drunkenly, his face flushed and movements chopy and clumsy. Sherlock caught him before he tripped over his own feet. Having quickly pushed away from the table he was standing at, he made sure to place himself between John and his brother.

"My brother was just leaving John." Sherlock frowned examining the doctor's face.

"Oh, good. He stinks. Don't like that. Makes me nauseous." John hiccupped.

Mycroft rolled his eyes, "John so glad to see you again. And it looks as if you've been out. Shame you haven't the tolerance that seems to run in your family."

John tried to glare at Mycroft but it ended up being more of a squint. "You sir are an an uh-arsehole. And I would say more on the matter s'ept I think I'm going to be sick."

Sherlock didn't wait he half carried half dragged his fiancé towards the bathroom. Mycroft made a face and took his leave; he promised Grand mere that he wouldn't have further contact with John other than the usual family functions. He however didn't promise he wouldn't set the other man up. Once Sherlock caught his Omega with another Alpha he would end it without question. Problem solved.

Mycroft glanced at his in coming text once more, his analyst wasn't the usual Beta he used for sensitive assignments such as this, but he would do. According to the Beta he selected the perfect Alpha to be John's downfall.

Hearing the retching from the bathroom, Mycroft knew it wasn't too soon. Really this Omega was unsuitable for polite society. The fact that his brother was actually helping someone other than himself was a little unsettling. It was best he have this relationship end more sooner than later.

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