Life of Lily

Hogsmeade and Injuries

Edited: Mar. 8, 2012

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Snow was sprinkling the grounds of Hogwarts ever so slowly. It was truly beautiful to watch. The sight of fresh snow falling from the sky made Lily think of past Gryffindor snowball fights and snowmen made besides Hagrid's hut.

As she enjoyed the serenity and peace of it all, James Potter walked into their small common room. He grinned broadly at the sight of his favorite red headed witch sitting at her desk by the window.

James remembered how she insisted they redesign their common room when they first moved in. Of course that was when she still despised him. She had practically divided the room in half and he was pretty sure she put a protective charm around all of her things because he received a nasty shock when he tried to pick up one of her quills.

The first thing she did to remodel was moving her desk away from its spot next to his and put it by the window were it had stayed.

Today James was feeling rather bold so with a wave of his wand his desk floated over to the spot right next to Lily's. He walked over in two large strides and sat down in the stiff chair that he brought over with the small desk.

"Morning Lily-Petal" James said. He smiled when she jumped a bit.

"James, please don't call me that," she said frowning. 'Well at least she said please' he thought. James remembered how Lily had never been much of a morning person so she was probably very annoyed.

"Come on now Petal, can't I call you what I want?" he smirked and put his feet up on his sturdy desk while leaning back in his chair.

Lily proceeded to lightly push his chair back, just enough so that he fell to the floor. He grinned after he got over the shock of it and his smile became wider when he heard her laugh. Lily's laugh was James's second favorite thing in the world. It came right after Lily's eyes and right before the Marauders who came right before Quidditch. He laughed along with her for no apparent reason. It was just nice to simply laugh at something, even if it was ordinary, after all that had happed that eventful year.

He was still on the plush maroon carpet so he grabbed Lily's small hand and pulled her down next to him, still laughing. She landed with a thud to his right side and she giggled slightly. She turned her head to look at him. She stared into those deep hazel eyes and smiled broadly.

"I'M HERE! Dearest Lilykins and Prongsie, your lives just got better!" said Sirius in a loud voice as he strutted into their common room.

"We really need to stop giving him our passwords." Whispered James.

"Oooooo, I see, I interrupted one of your make-out sessions." He said smirking. Lily stood up and brushed her clothes off slightly.

"Shut it Black" she said while rolling her eyes and slugging him in the arm.

"Oh temper, temper Evans!" he said smiling.

"I have a proposition to make Lily-Flower" James said standing up and walking to her side.

"I am offering a day of extreme fun," he said.

"How so?" Lily asked shooting her eyebrow up.

"I am offering you the chance to spend the day with the Marauders!"He threw in some jazz hands that Lily showed him last week.

"What makes you so sure that I want to spend my last Hogsmeade day before Christmas Break with you. Besides, judging the look on Sirius's face, I 'd say you guys haven't all agreed to this." She said crossing her arms.

James nudged Sirius with his elbow enough that he staggered slightly on impact. Sirius shook his mane of hair and pasted on a reluctant grin.

"No, its okay Lils, you can hang out with us today!" he said over enthusiastically.

"Yeah ditch Prewett and McKinnon for a day…please!" James tried his best puppy dog face and Lily tried to look away…she was unsuccessful.

"Fine, I'll spend the day with the Marauders," she paused, "yep, the world must be ending. Besides, Alice is going out with Frank and Marley had a date too." She said sighing. She was the only one without a date today; she might as well try to have some fun.

Sirius's head stuck up when he heard Marlene's name.

"McKinnon has a date? With who?" he asked rapidly.

"Oh don't worry Black, its just some Ravenclaw that fancies her…she's not very interested." Lily said waving her hand in the air and walking out the portrait hole.

James chased after her and Sirius scowled, but followed anyway.


"So Lily Lu, since you are spending the day with us, it is customary that you need to eat breakfast with us too." Said Sirius once he caught up. Lily was a really fast walker when she wanted to be.

"Yeah fine, but what is it? Give Lily A Nickname Day?" she asked slightly annoyed.

"What do you mean?" asked James.

"Well in the last five minutes I have been called Lily-Petal, Petal, Lilykins, Lils, Evans, Lily-Flower, and Lily Lu." She said exasperated.

"Do you want a nickname Buttercup?" asked James smirking. Lily laughed.

"Sure, why not? Lets just pick one instead of fifteen billion though," she said throwing her hands up as they walked into the Great Hall. James was a bit shocked by her enthusiasm.

"Fine with me Sunshine" Sirius smiled. He slung his arm around her shoulder as they continued to walk towards the end of the Gryffindor table to sit with Peter and Remus. She laughed once again and realized, for not the first time that year, that Sirius and James weren't so bad.

"Come on Pads, Sunshine, really? I like Rainbow better." James said as he grasped her free hand and swung it up and down like a child.

"What say you? It is your nickname." Sirius said looking at Lily, his arm still around her shoulder.

"Mmmmm…I don't know James, but I think I like sunshine better." She said grinning.

As Lily turned her head to look at James's reaction she noticed that almost all the heads in the hall were turned towards them. She blushed a vivid red and looked down only to see James still swinging her hand.

"Why are they staring at us?" she asked Sirius quietly.

"Ehh, nothing to worry about Sunshine, they're just jealous that you've got two of Hogwart's most eligible guys on both your arms."

"Have you noticed that most of the guys are glaring at Sirius and I just as much as the girls are glaring at you?" James asked innocently. Lily's blush became deeper.

She once again looked around and realized that most of the girls that were glaring at her were part of either Sirius or James's fan clubs. A lot of whispering was occurring too, but she didn't really wish to hear anything they had to say at this moment.

Finally they arrived to Remus and Peter who were both giving them very pointed looks. Sirius smirked and lifted his arm up from Lily's shoulder and took a seat besides Peter. James stood there for a while and realized he was still holding Lil's hand and that that was why she hadn't sat down yet. He quickly dropped it and ran his hand through his already messy hair to try and ease the tension.

He plopped down in his seat and Lily sat between him and Remus. He saw her shoot a quick smile at Moony before she grabbed a piece of toast and slowly nibble on the ends while taking a sip of pumpkin juice every now and again (But not before she checked to make sure no spells are potions were placed on or in it).

"So Remus, Sunshine or Rainbow?" Sirius said nonchalantly as if it was an everyday question. He had to lean over slightly to look over Peter.

Remus stared at him like he was crazy and Lily almost spewed pumpkin juice out her nose because she started laughing. James had to pat her on the back to make sure she didn't choke.

"Uhhhh…sunshine I guess." Remus replied, as if it was some kind of trick that Sirius was pulling on him.

This just made Lily laugh harder because Sirius shot a very large victory grin in James's face as soon as he answered and James responded by crossing his arms and scowling.


"So Flower, as this is your day to spend with the Marauders, where would you like to go first?" James asked Lily once they had all bundled up and left the castle.

Lily and the Marauders were still getting weird glances, but Lily learned to ignore them fast. Her eyes swept over the quaint village that she had learned to love.

"Oh, whatever you guys want to do. I do want to do my Christmas shopping and go to Scrivenshaft's to get some more purple sparkly ink." She said still looking around.

"Fine with us. We usually get out presents for each other so we split up for the first little bit. You can just tag along with someone if you'd like" Remus said.

"But, who said I won't get my new favorite seventh year Marauders presents either?" she said.

"You do realize that we are the only Marauders, let alone seventh year Marauders, at this school, right?" Sirius asked smiling.

"Of course I do!" she said grinning, "No, but really, I wanted to get you guys presents too."

"Okay, we should meet at the Shack in an hour" squeaked Peter. The rest nodded their heads in agreement and went their separate ways.

James took off towards Zonko's, Remus went towards Dervish and Banges, Peter ran to Honeydukes, and Sirius was held back when Lily timidly tapped him on the arm.

"Yes, Sunshine? You know, Prongsie won't be happy if he finds out you held me back for a snog." He said devilishly. Lily smacked his arm and motioned for him to walk with her.

"Well, this thing is…I wanted to get James a really great present this year…since I never got him one before and he's been so nice to me this year and all that…and…I really don't know what I should get him! I want it to be really nice, but I have a rather small budget and I definitely don't want to get him anything he already has, I actually don't know much about James, I know the solid facts and basics, but he always hides in his shell when I try to ask him things and,"

"Sunshine, you're ranting." Sirius said smirking. Lily blushed a bit.

"Oh yeah…sorry…I actually kind of have an idea, but I wanted to see what you thought of it, and I would need the help of at least one Marauder any way." She was now ringing her hands.

"Sure, I'll help you, but you have to tell me what it is first." He said laughing softly.

Lily nodded and whispered her plan to him.


In that hour every one had been very successful with their Christmas shopping and all where able to get what they needed. They paraded down to the Three Broomsticks once they met up so that they could get a butterbeer shake off some of the cold.

It was amazingly warm inside the small pub and it felt wonderful after scurrying around between shops in the biting snow. Sirius tried to order Firewhiskey, just like he did last time. He was once again put in his place when Madame Rosemerta told him he couldn't have it until he was seventeen. He then smartly replied that in exactly ten hours and 28 minutes he would be…she still didn't let him have it.

Luckily Sirius had been talking about when his birthday was for the past week so Lily had been able to get him a little present.

"To Zonko's next?" asked Remus once they were all finished. They all slowly filed out and made their way down to the joke shop.

"Come on Evans, don't look so scared." Sirius joked as they arrived at the doors.

"Well, this is only my second time here." She said.

"When was your first?" Peter asked while everyone else just stared.

"This morning…"she said shyly. Every one was quiet for a few moments.

It was true. She had only gone in that morning to purchase a present for Sirius and even then she had hurried in and hurried out, scared that someone would try to pull something on her while she was in the joke shop.

"Well then Flower, we shall show you the joys of pranking!" James yelled. He ushered Lily in by placing his hand on her back and pushing her slightly to towards the doors.

They all knew this was going to be very interesting.


Lily actually ended up enjoying herself with the boys at Zonko's. She came out smiling and feeling glad that she chose to spend the day with them.

"Flower, Zonko's or Dervish and Banges?" James asked Lily as they passed the Three Broomsticks on their way up to the castle.

Before she could answer a flash of red light flew past her ear. She spun on her heels and saw death eater Bellatrix Black. She instantly froze. Bellatrix…this was the lady who murdered Annabelle's parents. She had done so much trouble to the world after only being out of Hogwarts for a year. The sight of Bella struck something in Lily. Perhaps it stirred up memory. But, now was not the time to think of that for the anticipation of a duel was thick in the air and it was terrifying.

She looked over and saw the Marauders had turned too. Each was in a personal staring match with one of the black robed wizards.

"Hello Bella! How are you? I hear you're engaged now! Must be lovely to marry a cold-blooded, killing, death eater!" Sirius said trying to act calm.

Lily could tell he was actually terrified. Behind Bellatrix where at least six other death eaters and Lily was somehow able to recognize four of them. How? None of them, besides Bellatrix, ever went to Hogwarts while she was there. Her mind felt oddly hazy and clouded, like she was forgetting something. It was just like what happened after the Quidditch Match, but this time it was stronger.

"You filthy TRAITOR! You tarnished the Black name! You will be sorry." Bellatrix said menacingly.

She threw the first curse right at Sirius, one they all knew to be the Cruciatus curse. He was able to duck out of the way not a second to soon. In anger he tossed his own hex back at her. This triggered a chain reaction.

The sounds of dueling filled the cold, frosty, air. So, she took action. She used her instincts to fire hex after hex. She was barley aware that Madame Rosemerta had seen what was happening and was desperately trying to contact the school and keep the other students in her pub.

Red light was flying and strings of swear words would flow out of the death eater's mouths every time they got hit. Lily could practically sense the fear floating off the Marauders who were battling fiercely. It was six full-grown followers of Voldemort against four seventeen-year-olds. They were obviously loosing. Remus had a broken leg and a long gash across his right arm. James on the other hand was dripping blood from his forehead and his arm was twisted in a manner that made Lily want to retch. Sirius was the worst. Bellatrix was personally taking on him and he was covered in cuts and scrapes, he was also sporting a brilliant purple black eye. Luckily Peter had gone to use the bathroom so he was still safe.

Lily was currently dueling a wizard she somehow knew to be Rudolphus Lestrange. He was very violent, but she was able to keep him at bay. She shot a strong 'expelliarmus' at him that sent the man flying backwards. He hit his head against a large, grey rock and he blacked out instantly. She ran to help Sirius because she knew he needed it the most.

She ducked almost all the curses that were thrown her way. Halfway through, she got hit with a variation of a cutting charm she knew to be of Severus's creation. Apparently he was lending his spells to these maniacs. It hit her along her ribs and hurt worse then anything she had ever felt. She shot the doer in the stomach with a stunner and waved her wand on the wound. She was able to create several hastily done stitches that would have to work until help came. She knew she wouldn't stop bleeding if she hadn't done anything.

She finally got to Sirius and was able to push him out of the way just in time to avoid a green light shot by his cousin. Killing? She was astounded at the lengths Bellatrix was going to. Why would they randomly attack teenagers anyway?

Her fight alongside Sirius seemed to continue on forever even though this whole escapade had really only lasted three minutes. She would sometimes see James shoot a spell from over where he was fighting, but nothing they shot ever hit the madwomen. They all knew they were just stalling until help came.

Lily's mind became fuzzier and fuzzier to the point where she almost couldn't fight any longer. Something was terribly wrong; she had forgotten something very important and she needed to remember it.

"CRUCIO!" Bellatrix yelled savagely pointing her wan towards Lily.

Lily felt like she was being stabbed by a thousand knifes over and over again. She also felt as if she wearing drowning, chocking, being suffocated, and hung. Hot tears flowed down her face, as the pain grew stronger. She felt the stiches on her side break and she felt the blood start to flow. She heard voices screaming her name and she tried to stay awake, she was terrified at what would happen if she closed her eyes now.

She then heard the voice of Professor McGonagall. Despite the pain, she felt hope shoot through her body. They were saved.

Suddenly Lily heard the sound of someone apparating and the pain was gone. Right before she passed out, she remembered what she had forgotten.


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