Life of Lily

Hospital Wings and Remembering

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Warning: Graphic scenes in this chapter (bloody, very bloody)


James felt weak, like the world was ending…like he would rather die then go through any of this. Lily, his Lily-Flower, was being tortured in front of his eyes…and he could do nothing but scream along with her.

He had desperately wanted to run to her side the moment the battle had started. He wanted to protect her and keep her from harm, but before he could step even an inch towards her, a stream of green light flew past his ear. So James battled for his life. All the hexes and jinxes he shot where for Lily, to make sure that this death eater wouldn't get to her.

He noticed the girl he loved make her way over to Sirius and Bellatrix. His insane cousin was pummeling Sirius, his best friend. He wanted to protect Remus and Sirius just as much as he wanted to protect Lily, but he couldn't really do that either.

He felt the dark magic coursing through the air before he heard Bellatrix scream that cursed word.

When it hit Lily, he was caught of guard and the death eater that he was dueling used it to his advantage. Before James understood what was going on, he was tied up with ropes. Not being able to move, he was forced to watch.

Seeing Lily being hurt was like his personal torture. The look on Bellatrix's face was one that made his stomach twist and turn. She looked happy, ecstatic even, that she was torturing a girl who she thought to be below her, it made James want to retch.

James knew Lily was slowly breaking under the curse that Bella was using over and over. He saw that Remus was passed out in the snow and Sirius was also tied. He looked ever bit as disgusted and James saw the cold hard hatred and the need to help gleaming in his silver eyes.

At the sound of a different shriek, James realized they were saved. It was Professor McGonagall who screamed at the sight of her student being tortured. Bellatrix flinched and in seconds she vanished with a loud 'CRACK'. The other death eaters soon followed her.

He felt the bands around him fall to the ground when the professor waved her wand. She was deathly pale and her eyes were trained on Lily. James instantly ran to the girl and took her in his arm.

Lily was covered in angry red marks that vaguely resembled rope burns. He realized they were the markings of the cruciatus that was used on her. The rest of her body was covered in various cuts and bruises. He lifted his hand off her and gasped when he found it in bright red blood, her blood.

He lifted her shirt up to find the sickening substance flowing out of a large gash on her ribs. She was loosing blood quickly and the snow around them was starting to change from its original pearly white to the sickening maroon. He saw bits of string around the wound and he realized she had tried to fix it earlier.

His hand was shaking too hard to use his wand so he tore a piece of his shirt off and rapped it around her small ribcage. His right arm was hurting unbearably, it was obviously dislocated, but Lily was more important now. Professor McGonagall was standing above in shock. Hadn't she been trained for this sort of thing?

"Professor!" he yelled his voice cracking, she barely moved.

"Potter, please take Ms. Evans up to castle quickly!" she said shaking.

"N-n-no, I c-cant'. PLEASE PROFESSOR! She's d-dying!" his voice was shaking and he felt anger rush through him.

Professor McGonagall turned even paler at the words. She instantly gathered Lily's small figure up in her arms and apparated, assumedly to Hogwarts (teachers had special abilities).


Sirius saw James run to Lily and he and Professor McGonagall were closely behind him. Lily's red hair was splayed out around her head like a fiery halo. Her leg was bent at an unnatural angle, almost worst then James's arm, and a spot of blood was forming on her shirt. What was that?

Apparently James had seen it too for he carefully moved her shirt up a bit to reveal a gaping hole in Lily's side. This was bad, she was loosing too much blood too fast and Professor McGonagall was frozen. Before Sirius was about to spring into action, James voiced his fears and Professor McGonagall quickly apparated.

Tears were running down James's face. Sirius had never seen him cry before in all the six years he had known him. He barely felt tears falling down his own face as well.

Sirius wordlessly turned around and knelt over by Remus, he caused a stream of water to shoot out of his wand. Sirius sat down in the snow as Moony started to wake up. James came and sat beside him.

Remus slowly sat up and winced when he moved his leg.

"Are you guys okay? Where's Lily?" Remus asked in a rush. He had blacked out moments before the cruciatus was used so he had no idea what had happened.

He noticed the tears on the boys' faces and he assumed the worst. He hung his head and sobbed.

"Moony, she's…she's not dead." Sirius whispered after imagining what Remus was thinking.

Remus lifted his head up in hope.

"Really? Then where is she!" he tried to stand, but fell back again.

"McGonagall took her to the castle…its really bad Remus, she lost a lot of blood… she was hit with the cruciatus too." Sirius stuttered.

James was just staring at the spot Lily used to lay. Remus's eyes followed the direction James's were pointed at. He gasped when he saw the pool of blood in the snow.

Sirius looped his arm around Remus's shoulder and helped him stand. James took up the other shoulder and the three slowly made their way to the castle. None of them noticed Peter hadn't yet come back from the bathroom. What were the chances that he had missed the whole thing? They were very small.


A week passed and Lily still hadn't woken. She was healing well and it was definitely a close call. A nice rosy color was slowly starting to come back to her cheeks.

When the three boys had returned to the castle that day, they were thoroughly checked over by Madame Pomphrey. As soon as she was finished they were rushed to Professor Dumbledore's office to get questions by the headmaster, and later, the Minister of Magic herself.

"Why would death eaters randomly attack a bunch of seventeen year olds?" Remus had asked.

"They were trying to strike fear in those present or those who will hear or have heard what happened. It was their idea of 'fun'. I also have reason to believe that Ms. Evans had something to do with the ambush, but that is merely an educated guess. We need the solid facts." Dumbledore had replied.

James had spent that whole week glued to Lily's side, and everyone let him. He was excused from all his classes and he rarely showed up for meals. Sirius and Remus were also seen in the Hospital Wing quite often. They had both grown to think of Lily as a sister. She was one of them now. Peter sometimes tagged along, but no one thought to ask him why he hadn't been involved in the duel.

When Alice and Marlene had learned of what had happened, they rushed to the Hospital Wing demanding an explanation from the Marauders. They had given it to them slowly and painfully. They were in the Hospital Wing a lot too, but not as much as the Marauders. What the Marauders were doing seemed impossible. Somehow they managed.

Flowers and candy were pilled around the girl's bed from various admirers and friends. They all knew she would be very surprised when she woke up. Sirius actually suspected that James was living off of some of the candy, when else would he eat?


It was on the eighth day of Lily's painful slumber that her eyes fluttered open to reveal those wonderful emerald orbs. Her first sight was James looking down at her in joy, his eyes glistening with what she thought to be happy tears.

"Oh Lily! I thought I would lose you!" he gasped. She looked around to see Remus and Sirius sitting on her other side.

She almost smiled, but her eyes blurred with hot, angry tears when she thought of why they had been attacked at Hogsmeade. Yes, she now knew why. She also knew why her parents were dead.

Why would death eaters randomly burn down a house in the middle of the street in the middle of a small neighborhood? How come it was that house only? How come that house just happened to be occupied by the parents of a muggle-born witch? What are the chances? Well now Lily knew the answers. It was the thing she had been trying so hard to remember. It was all her fault. Petunia was right.

James reached over and wiped Lily's gushing tears away with his thumb. He was confused as to why she was crying. Did he do something wrong?

"Shhh, Lily, you're okay! We're all okay, you don't need to cry!" he whispered sitting down beside her and pulling her close with his well arm, his other was currently in a sling. Sirius and Remus were just as confused.

"N-n-no, I d-d-o need to cry J-James! It's a-all m-m-y fault!" she sobbed into his shirt.

Madame Pomphrey came bustling out of her office at all of the noise and shooed the boys away from Lily's bed. She poured a dreamless sleep potion down her throat and Lily slowly nodded off before she could say anything else.

She answered the boys' questioning looks.

"I know she just woke up, but you will be able to talk to her tomorrow, she needed to calm down. All that adrenaline that was pumping through her was no good for her recovery." She said sternly as she bustled away.

James sighed, feeling the happiness leave. At least she had woken up. So for the first time in a week, James ate dinner in the Great Hall.


That night, after feeling rather lonely, James decided to go on an adventure to the Hospital Wing to visit Lily. He grabbed his cloak and the map and made his way down the stairs of the Head's dorm and he walked out the hole.

He puled his invisibility cloak over himself and checked the Marauder's Map to make sure the coast was clear. It was. He then started to carefully make his way down the moving staircase.

When he got to the bottom and he rounded the corner that was in the direction of the sick room. He ran into a small figure that hissed in pain at the contact. He pulled off his cloak, about to apologize.

"Lumos" he whispered.

The light shone through the corridor and he saw it was Lily that was standing in front of him. She was doubled over in pain and her hand was clutching her side that had been injured. Her red hair covered her face like a curtain.

James grabbed onto her elbow and helped her stand up straight. When he got a look at her face he noticed her eyes were puffy and red and little tear tracks were littered over her cheeks.

"Lily, are you okay?" he asked softly. She gasped in relief when she realized it was him.

Lily had snuck out of the Hospital Wing to go and speak to Professor Dumbledore. It was a bit past two in the morning, but she figured this was too important to wait until later. When she ran into James she was terrified she had been caught. Not to mention that she was scared her wound would open again.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered.

"I came to see you. What are you doing here?" He asked. His hazel eyes were sparkling as if catching Lily Evans out after hours was something that he never thought he would have seen.

"I need to see the Headmaster." She said looking at the floor.

"Would you like my to come with you?" he said.

She shrugged and he took that as a yes. He looped his arm through hers and steered her in the right direction.

When they arrived at Dumbledore's office, James gave the password and they both made their way up. He slowly knocked on the door and heard a quiet, "Come in".

He pushed it open to see the lights on and the Professor in his pajamas sitting at his desk. Something made James think that the headmaster knew they were coming. He walked over to the chairs with Lily in tow and sat her down beside him.

"Would you like to talk to me Ms. Evans?" the man asked with twinkling eyes.

"Well you see Professor," she started, "I-I think that I had a memory charm cast over me…" she said carefully. James was confused. This wasn't what he expected to hear.

"And why is that?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well, It started after the last Quidditch match," she said. James suddenly remembered her asking him if he "had ever forgotten something really important, something you shouldn't forget."

"I was speaking with James and I was thinking of the time he helped me with those Slytherins that had cornered me," she blushed slightly, "it made feel as if I had forgotten something. The feeling went away, but would come back at the oddest moments. When those death eaters appeared, I was able to recognize most of them even though I have never seen them before." She paused to hear what Dumbledore had to say.

"Those are signs of a memory charm Ms. Evans, but I assume there is more to this tale." Lily nodded at his words.

"W-When Bellatrix hit me with that curse…over and over again," James held on to her hand tighter, "I slowly started to remember." Tears were now forming in her green eyes.

"Would you mind telling me what this memory was?" the professor asked. Lily nodded.

"I remembered that at the beginning of the year, maybe a week before my parents passed, that I had left our common room to go on a walk and clear my mind. It wasn't very late, maybe nine o'clock at night. I was nearing the Ravenclaw common room when I heard a noise. I turned and saw Bellatrix, with others standing behind her. Just like in Hogsmeade." Lily's tears were thicker and coming faster now. "She wanted to recruit me…even though I'm a muggle-born…s-she said that Voldemort needed people with smart minds like me.

She said they would be willing to create new papers for me and declare we a pureblood so that I could join the death eaters. I don't think Voldemort knew because the other seemed afraid of what was happening." She paused again and Dumbledore looked thoughtful. She continued, "I refused…so she threatened me…she said she would hurt my friends and she would target me…I still said no, she hit me with the cruciatus…only once, and then she told me s-s-she" Lily couldn't continue and she buried her head in James's shirt. Sobs racked her frame.

He put his hand on her head and held her close, breathing in the scent of strawberries. They sat there for a few moments.

"Lily" Dumbledore said, calling her by her first name. She twitched slightly and he continued, "I believe I understand what you are trying to tell me…it isn't your fault" he said the last part with amazing strength and power. So much that James could almost feel it.

"You did the right thing, and I am guessing they would have done it any way. I do believe this is the reason you were confronted at Hogsmeade; this isn't your fault either. Thank you for telling me Lily. But you must know something else. If I understand correctly, you are the first witch to break a memory charm. You have amazing resistance and have the potential to do great things. Now I want you to go back to the Hospital Wing before Madame Pomphrey finds out you left. I now have some business to attend to."

James stood and took the crying Lily with him. He took her back to the Hospital Wing and set her in her bed. He slowly climbed in next to her.

"Lily, you know you can tell me anything?" he said. She nodded and her tears stopped soon after.

"They threatened to kill my parents if I didn't join…and they did."


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