Life of Lily

An Awkward Lunch and a Purple Bruise

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Sirius and Lily entered the Great Hall after their talk for lunch. They were met with confused looks from half and glares from the other half of their friends. Lily, who was feeling much better now, barely noticed and tried to make small talk between the groups to no avail. Everything the others said was strained, as if they had something they would like to say.

Eventually Lily gave up and struck a conversation with Sirius. They talked about Potions and Professor Slughorn's obsession with Lily, they also talked about the upcoming Quidditch matches (a topic Lily usually avoided), and they debated on who was better at singing, Sirius or a dying cat. Their laughs added to the usual chatter of the Great Hall, but it just provoked more strange looks from their friends.

All the accusing glances were annoying Lily after a few minutes, she wasn't one to enjoy the limelight…even if it was from her friends. Their looks made her think that her hair was purple or something. No one noticed when she glanced down at her crimson locks just to make sure everything was normal.

Ignoring it became almost impossible. She felt like ripping her hair out and screaming dramatically like they did in those muggle soap operas her neighbor used to watch every Tuesday.

Towards the end of lunch, Lily decided she had enough. Her head was once again spinning like it had down so often that year. She could no longer stand the heated glares James would shoot at Sirius. It was like he was trying to burn a hole in the back of his head! Remus was even worse…he looked as if he had just watched an innocent puppy dog get tortured while Marlene acted like she was rudely awaked with Game Plan #3 at one in the morning. Lily decided she would like to go back to the Head's common room to start her Transfiguration essay that was due Monday instead of sitting through the rest of the awkward lunch.

"Well Sirius, I think I'm going to go and work on that essay from McGonagall." She said laughing nervously. She swung her long legs out from under the table. "Would you like to come?" she asked her newfound friend.

"Sure Sunshine." He said grinning. He had been able to sense the tension in the air aside for the whole duration of lunch. As he was about to stand up, he felt a hand on his shoulder. The hand was gripping him a bit too tightly.

"Lily, I actually need to talk to Sirius for a while, is it okay if a steal him away from you for a bit?" James asked sounding a little to happy. Lily nodded skeptically and walked out the Great Hall quickly.

James grabbed Sirius's upper arm and dragged him out, not caring about any pain Sirius might be in. He pulled them behind a secret passageway and cast a silencing charm on the entrance. He then let all his anger out on his best friend

"WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" he yelled. Sirius looked confused.

"Calm down Prongs, what're you talking about?" He asked calmly. That just made it worse.

"YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I'VE BEEN PINNING AFTER LILY FOR SIX FREAKING YEARS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEALING HER FROM ME?" James said, his face was contorted with fury. He felt betrayed and stabbed in the back by his best friend. Confusion muddled his brain.

How could Sirius do this to him? His week had been rough enough. Lily had still been in a state of depression even though she acted as if things were fine. Sirius hadn't known that James actually realized what was happening. I mean, this was the girl he had secretly admired for 2 years and openly pursed for 4.

He knew her every move and emotion. He knew that when she thought their pranks were funny her eyes would sparkle…only for a second even though her glare said otherwise. He also knew that when she was sad and trying to push it away she braided a little strand of her hair while she was talking to get her mind off things. If you looked at her know you could dozens of tiny braid littering her perfect hair that had knotted at the tightness she had used so they wouldn't come out. Some may call it stalking, but James called it love.

Sirius's face was blank for a few seconds before things clicked for him. Obviously James had followed them and he was getting the wrong idea. No wonder he was fuming. A man in love was a scary thing to deal with. It was almost scarier then a girl in love. The guy may act all macho on the outside, but they were letting down barriers for the girl on the inside. He took a few more seconds to contemplate what to say.

"Prongs, you don't understand," he started, thinking it was the best approach. James cut him off abruptly.


"No that isn't it," he started only to be cut off again.


"Calm down," he said once more, "Just let me talk," Instead of James screeching at him again, Sirius got punched across the face and James stormed out of the passageway. Sirius sunk to the floor in pain.

The whole episode had only lasted for about three minutes, but they were some of the worst minutes Sirius had every experienced. If only Prongs had listened to him. If only he had given him a chance to actually say something useful. He hated seeing his friend hurt so badly. If it had been him he would have punched the guy too.

The only other time he had seen James so mad was when he had told Snape of Remus's transformation spot and almost got him killed. Now James was just jumping to conclusions. Sirius wasn't worried if about the nasty bruise that wasn't started to from on his cheek…he was worried that he would be alone again.


Lily was finishing up her essay in a record time (she tended to think her worries away by pushing her brain to its academic boundaries) when James ran into the common room, shot her a look of pure venom and ran up the stairs to his dorm, also in record time. Lily was tempted to follow him, but she knew she should let him cool down before she found out what the problem was. Did it have to do with Sirius? James had wanted to talk to him earlier. She knew it had to do with the strange lunch.

Being Lily, she went to investigate because she hated it when people were sad…that's just who she was.


Sirius first made his way up to the Gryffindor common room. He walked through the portrait hole and saw Remus, Peter, Alice, and Marlene all whispering together in a corner.

He walked over to them hesitantly.

"Hey guys." He said rubbing the back of his neck. They all stopped talking and turned to look at him. It was a sure signal that they had been talking about him. They all stared at his swollen eyes for a few moments.

Apparently James had told them that he and Lily were secretly dating or something crazy like that.

Remus's look was one of pure pity. Peter looked conflicted as if he didn't know of which side to be in. Alice smiled encouragingly, like she didn't really care what was happening…Sirius could look behind that smile though and see that she was very confused. Marlene's look was the worst of them all. She looked furious…almost as mad as James had been.

Sirius understood why. She thought that Sirius had broken James's heart. Due to Marlene being a pureblood, she and James had known each other since a very young age. Marley's family was one of the nicer purebloods and the McKinnons and Potters were good friends. Marley and James grew up putting spiders in each other's beds and turning each other's hair colors to match that of a rainbow. She didn't want James hurt any less then he did.

She stood and looked at him menacingly.

"Sirius, you need to leave." She growled.

"No wait guys, James had it all mixed up! He wouldn't even let me explain anything!" he said trying to make things better.

"Sirius…go. We all know how you act around girls…you just have to get all of them to snog you. In the end you won't have just broken James's heart, you would have broken Lily's too." Remus said standing to his full height. Sirius was still a few inches taller but Remus's amber eyes were glinting dangerously. This was new. Remus was usually the calm and collected one who thought things out before he reacted.

His worse fear came true…now he was alone. Without saying another word he turned around and left feeling like he was going to be sick.

He took the long trek down the moving stairs and walked outside. The cold was biting and the snow powdery. He ducked a snowball that was thrown by a third year that was trying to hit his friend. The kid yelled a quick, "SORRY!" Sirius ignored it…he was getting good at doing that. Various snowmen and women were being made across the Hogwarts grounds. Scarves of all colors adorned their white necks. Bits of blue and bronze, red and gold, yellow and black, and even a few green and silver were seen everywhere. Most of the younger years were outside today enjoying the upcoming Christmas season. Christmas…it was in two weeks. The last fight James and Sirius had lasted three months. It looked as if Sirius would be staying at Hogwarts for the holidays this year.


Lily found Sirius wandering around outside. A large purple and green bruise was prominent on his face and she gasped. She pulled her scarf tighter around her neck to fend off the chilly air and approached him slowly.

He barely even turned around at the sound of her feet crunching in the snow. She tapped his shoulder timidly and he slowly turned to face her. Tears were sparkling in his eyes. Sirius Black once again surprised her that day. She had never seen him close to crying. She pulled him into a hug and he tensed so she let go and looked into his silver eyes. He looked down and fidgeted a bit…not many were able to hold Lily Evans's questioning stare.

"Sirius…what's wrong?" she asked biting the corner of her lip.

"Why do you care Evans?" He said bitingly. Lily's considerate frown turned into a hurt scowl. She flipped around, the ends of her fiery hair hitting him in the face, and started to walk off.

Sirius's own scowl faded a bit and his tears threatened to fall, but the dam holding them back was still intact…for now.

"W-wait Lily…I'm sorry." He said. He watched her pause and turn around. The hurt on her face slid off and she looked genuinely worried. How was he so lucky to have such a good friend? Little did he know, Lily had been thinking something along the same lines only hours ago.

Just a year ago Lily and Sirius could only stand each other when they were forced to. Talk outside of classes was non-existent and something like a hug between them was unheard off. Now they were some of the only things keeping each other standing.

"I'd like that hug now." He whispered. He was now at his most vulnerable point and Lily knew it.

She nodded and pulled him into her tight, comforting embrace. She felt his warm, wet tears trickle down her jacket. She then grabbed his hand and pulled him, a lot gentler then James had, away from their current spot. He was led inside and he kept his head down so that no one would see him in his current condition. If your best friend had just punched you, the person who took you in when your own parents wouldn't, over a simple misunderstanding at that, you would be crying too. That friend had not only punched him, he also practically declared the end of their friendship and with a matter so close to James's heart the fear that it was going to be permanent was present.

Sirius felt like he was run over by a monster truck, forced to watch a copy of himself pull an awful prank, and eat Wormtail all in an hour. That kind of thing could make a person sick to their stomach.

They walked up to the tapestry of the lion that they both knew so well by now and Lily momentarily let go of his hand to pull it open. Her other hand was housing her wand…it hadn't left her grip since her memory returned. In her memory she actually didn't have it on her, which was why she wasn't able to protect herself…she hadn't told Dumbledore that small detail. Now…now she even slept with it tightly clasped in her small hand.

Lily sat down and Sirius sat beside her, just like they had earlier that morning. She muttered a few complicated incantations and he felt the bruise on his face fade.

"Did James do that to you?" she asked. He only nodded. "I told you all my problems now it's time you told me yours" she said encouragingly.

Sirius didn't want to think this was her fault…it wasn't at all, but she would somehow be able to make it look like it was.

"I just lost my best friend, Sunshine" he looked blankly at the wall as he talked. He barely noticed when Lily set her head on his shoulder.

"H-he won't listen to me…its all because I have such an awful reputation that he can't trust me. Half those rumors that have gotten passed around aren't even true and we all used to laugh at them…now he believes them. If I hadn't tried so hard to find the perfect match for me, I wouldn't have gone through girlfriends so fast…this might not have happened. Or if I hadn't kissed 10 of the Ravenclaw girls in sixth year, the rumor that I had kissed all of them wouldn't have been put out. I know everyone thinks I'm a player…and now it makes Prongs assume the worst." He said quietly as if someone would hear Sirius Black actually telling a girl his feelings.

That just wasn't something he did. He was the cool and collected most wanted guys at Hogwarts…the one who got detention just because he was suspected of doing something bad. He had his perfect hair and the eyes all the girls called, "intense enough to out show a thunderstorm". One thing he wasn't was someone who did what he was doing.

"This is about me isn't it Sirius" Lily said reading between the lines. She felt his shoulder tense under her resting head.

"He think you like me and now he's mad," she said, "He think you made me fall for you…he really cares about me doesn't he?" she asked. Sirius nodded.

"I'm sorry I got you into this mess…if I had just told him my feelings for him sooner then you wouldn't be in this mess…if I did it now though…he would think you made me lie just so you could be friends with him again." She continued. Sirius sighed.

"But don't worry…I won't leave you. We'll fix this." She said. Now she was determined.


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