Life of Lily

Trust and Confuzzling Moments

Edited: March 19, 2012

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This starts from Remus's view on what happened in the last two chapters and then it continues on from the point of the last one.


Remus wasn't surprised when Sirius declared that he wanted to run away with Lily during breakfast. Just the week before in charms he had gotten down on one knee, pulled out a muggle ring pop (Remus had no idea where he got it) and said,

"Lily Evans…" the whole class was shocked and the leader of Sirius fan club had fainted. What he said next surprised all of them, "will you do my homework for me?" He then stood, licked the ring pop and looked at her expectantly while the class had a hard time breathing in between their laughter. She of course turned his hair purple and informed him that he was a no good, lazy, pizza brain. When Sirius asked what pizza was she stomped off with an air of annoyance and a scowl on her face.

Sirius's antics usually got him hexed by the Head Girl, but there were times, like these, when she liked to humor him and play along. Remus was slightly curious when Padfoot actually pulled Lily out, but he let it slide and he returned to his eggs and toast. He was also a bit confused at why Sirius always called her Sunshine…what was up with that?

His mind then wandered from the sunshine that was royally announcing the upcoming spring to the essay on vertiserum that he had to complete for Slughorn. He then wondered if James's hair was still slightly sparkly from the charm Peter accidently cast on it the night before while he was trying to produce a patronus.

Remus looked over to see Prongs moving his oatmeal around with a spoon and staring longingly out the Great Hall doors. He watched as James stood and strode out with purpose enough to match that of Lily when she needed to go to the library.

Soon, breakfast was over and James still hadn't returned. Remus walked up to the common room to study a bit and wait until he got back. Sirius and Lily were nowhere to be seen either…that was a little strange, but it was pushed to the back of his mind just like everything else about them.

After five dull minutes filled with goblin revolutions and rebellions, James burst into the common room looking like Dumbledore told him his flying was pathetic. Peter, Alice, and Marlene were close by, also studying; they too looked up at the sound of James's epic entering.

"You okay Prongs?" Peter asked hesitantly.

"NO I'M NOT OKAY!" he yelled. All present were shocked for James rarely let his anger get the best of him. James must have realized this too because he sunk down in one of the chairs and stuck his face in his hands, making his hair stick up even more then it had before.

"Would you mind telling us what the problem is?" Alice asked sweetly, her voice practically dripping with honey.

"Black…he's the problem." James growled. Alice came and sat by his feet, she was always good at untangling messes so the others just let her steer the conversation.

"What did he do?" she asked almost too innocently.

"He's outside cuddling with Lily! He knows I lo-like her," James said furiously. He had stumbled with the l-o-v-e word so he had switched to an easier one to say. "I've only tried to help Lily and now Sirius is sucking up to her just because she's the only girl who hasn't snogged him yet. He thinks that because she is so helpless that he can just move in on her and get what he wants." He growled viciously.

Everyone was speechless. That didn't sound like something Sirius would do…not at all. Sure there were rumors that he was some snotty playboy, but they knew that wasn't true. He was their friend after all. He was incredibly loyal (his animagus was a dog) and he wasn't the kind of person to change their personality in a few seconds. Remus was the first one to say something.

"Don't you think you might be jumping to conclusions James?" he asked trying to keep a clear mind and look at each aspect of the accusation. He kept his voice light as to not offend James.

"Oh, that's hard to say when he ran off holding her hand any they are now sitting under a tree like a couple of love birds. Haven't you noticed they have been acting overly nice to each other lately? Its not like they're really friends." He scoffed.

Remus thought this over. Last year Sirius and Lily couldn't speak two sentences without yelling…they were almost as bad as Lily and James. Now…once he thought about it…they had been pretty decent to each other. Sirius was the one who ran to Lily first at the funeral. Maybe he did fancy her. But was there a chance that Lily fancied him back? Remus was having a hard time separating all those sarcastic proclamations of love for Sirius for ones that could have had a sliver of truth behind them.

He had been almost positive that Lily was starting to like James though. The rest of the group seemed to be having similar thoughts for they all had variations of a thinking face on. If he had been an innocent bystander it would have been an amusing sight to see.

"Well James…maybe you're right…it kind of makes sense." Marlene said slowly thinking out each word. She was still slightly confused, but she started seeing things from James's point of view.

In a few minutes they were all mad at Sirius (for some reason no one was blaming this on Lily)…everyone except Remus. He decided to remain neutral, much like Switzerland, until things were actually clear. The silence was thick with anger and a bit of awkwardness.

Eventually Alice stood up.

"Lunch time" she said quietly looking at the floor. She walked off and soon everyone else followed closely behind her.


Sirius and Lily entered the Great Hall a few moments after they all sat down. Their cheeks were tinted pink and it was obvious they had been outside.

Remus noticed Lily was trying desperately hard to make things normal…he suspected she had no idea why her friends were acting this way. When she turned to speak with Sirius, he looked for any signs that they liked each other like James had accused. They were at ease speaking together and their conversation comfortably jumped all over. Maybe there was something there.

Every now and again Lily would nervously look around to find all her friends staring at her…it became too much soon so she left, leaving James behind with Sirius. Remus watched as James pulled Sirius out. He just hoped they worked everything out all right. James could be a little…extreme.

After lunch the remaining Gryffindor seventh years went back to the common room. Soon, Sirius walked in with a bruise that made you hurt looking at it. He looked confused and very sorry.

James's evidence was too convincing though and Remus found himself asking his friend to leave. Sirius was devastated but left anyway. Now Remus had no idea what to think. He just had to let things happen until a compromise was made.


After Sirius and Lily had their second private talk that day, she declared that they should go do something fun to get their spirits up. Sirius was still in pieces and Lily wanted to help.

Her first suggestion was a prank. Sirius had just laughed, who ever heard Lily Evans offering to pull a prank? It was enough to make any one grin. He almost wished he had somehow recorded it.

"Would you mind repeating that?" he asked cheekily. Lily grinned, her eyes sparkling, and said it again.

"Ok…do… you… want …to go… play a… prank… with… me?" she said slowly. Sirius was sent into another fit of laughter. Lily crossed her arms in a huff. She didn't really get what was so funny.

"Fine…how about this. I'll ask you a question and then you can ask me one. We just keep going until we are as close of friends as me and Marlene are!" She said the last part sarcastically and it made Sirius smile.

"Ok, you first." He said gesturing to Lily.

"What is your favorite cookie?"

"Snicker doodle for sure. Remus's mum makes snicker doodle to die for! " He said trying to keep a "manly" tone. It didn't work.

"Ok Snicker doodle, your turn" Lily said. Apparently he had gotten himself a new nickname. Sirius thought how James would think that was hilarious, but then he remembered that his best friend currently hated him. He shook the feeling of despair off and asked his question.

"What was the first time you ever used accidental magic?"

"I was three and I made my hair braid itself because I couldn't figure out how to do it. My mom was doing the dishes and thought Tuney and I were joking when we said my hair wound itself in a braid like magic!" She said smiling at the memory. Petunia had been astounded and insisted that Lily did the same to her hair. "If you were an animagus, what would you be?"

"A dog" Sirius said without any thought or hesitation. For some reason he found that hilarious. "Do your really keep track of how many times James has asked you out?"

"Ummm…yeah. It's all in a notebook in my dorm." She said blushing. Sirius barked a laugh. He was obviously in better spirits.

"Ok, one more…if you had one wish what would it be?" Lily asked looking a little more serious.

"I would wish that we could just start this school year over knowing what might happen and knowing how to fix it." He said wistfully. Lily nodded her head in agreement.

This year had been the craziest in her life. It was thrilling and adrenaline filled, depressing with a fair number of tears, maddening to the point where she wished to rip her hair out, and over all insane. She was broken. Never in her life had she cried in front of her two worst enemies, never had she dueled death eaters in Hogsmeade, and never had she felt so many emotions in only three months. Christmas break was fast approaching, only a week away, and she could only hope that the New Year would bring better tidings.

They sat there in silence for a long time, contemplating Sirius's answer. Lily then stood and brushed herself off.

"Come on Snicker doodle…we both have a three foot stack of homework waiting for us." She giggled at the use of his newfound nickname. He stood up too and they walked towards the Gryffindor common room arm in arm.

One of there conversations on the way up was about their favorite seasons. Lily was leaning towards spring because it made everything grow and become alive after the ever so dreary winters. Sirius chose summer, just because of the lack of homework and uptight teachers. Their walk was filled with exaggerated hand gestures and arguments over the silliest things Lily had ever heard of.

Just before they got to the common room, Sirius made a particularly ridiculous comment about how, "McGonagall probably hates summer because of the lack of Marauders." Lily found herself laughing so hard she could barley stay standing. At the sight of her in this state, he asked,

"What's so funny?" trying to keep a straight face.

"Yeah, she misses you just as much as she misses Dumbledore asking her if she would like lemon drops." She responded. This sentence made Sirius crack and he found himself laughing along beside her.

A few weeks ago at dinner, Professor McGonagall stood up and screeched an overwhelmingly hilarious statement at Dumbledore in the middle of dessert.

"NO ALBUS! I DO NOT, AND WILL NEVER, WANT A LEMON DROP! STOP ASKING!" she then turned his beard blue, strode out of the hall quickly, and left the headmaster speechless.

It was normal to be walking down the hall and be stopped by Professor Dumbledore. He would ask you how your day was going and then he would offer those small muggle candies he was so fond of. The whole school had joked about the incident for weeks after. Some (the Marauders) even dared to offer her one themselves. It ended in a weeks' work of detention.

The two walked through the portrait hole gasping for air in between their laughs. They were greeted by dead silence. All present were currently staring at them as if they were unidentified organisms. That of course shut them up immediately and Lily scurried over to her friends. What made her stop mid-journey was that Sirius wasn't following her. He was just standing awkwardly by the entrance rubbing the back of his neck.

While the rest of the room had gone back to its usual chatter after a few moments, Lily's present friends (Marlene and Remus) watched with interest.

Lily turned back to Sirius and they had one of the most amazing silent conversations in history. Lily's side of the conversation was aggressive and assertive while Sirius's was pleading and begging. Instead of having to watch Sirius attempt to make puppy dog eyes at her, she grabbed his hand and tried pulling him over.

The only problem was that Sirius was almost a full six inches taller then Lily and he weighed quite a bit more. She pulled and tugged and heaved and he wouldn't budge a centimeter. Remus and Marlene had to try hard not to laugh at the sight. Soon Sirius got tired of all the pulling so he took a step forward and Lily, not expecting the change, fell to the ground. This time she succeeded in pulling Sirius with her and he landed painfully on top of her leg.

This time Marlene couldn't help but let out a tiny giggle that met Lily's ears…it gave her hope. Hope was something they needed in these overwhelming times. It gave people perspective and a reason to continue pressing forward.

Lily turned towards Sirius and grinned, she knew he heard Marlene too. He smiled back and they both stood up and walked to the plush chairs by the fire that Marlene and Remus were occupying. On the way over Lily conjured the charms books they were supposed to read from. They came flying from both of their rooms (Lily's took longer because her room was down the hall) and landed in their hands. The two sat next to their friends and opened their books without a word.

Marlene got up and left. She looked conflicted. Remus on the other hand stayed and continued with his essay without muttering even a simple greeting, in other words, he was ignoring them.

Sirius made little comments about the reading here and there. He asked questions that Lily was able to answer with ease. They worked well as a team and Remus noticed this. Lily had more of the precise academic strengths while Sirius had a more real life perspective on things. They balanced each other just right. He was secretly watching out of the side of his golden eyes and trying to gather as much evidence as possible.

He also noticed that every few minutes Sirius would look over to what page Lily was on and then speed up to get ahead of her. Lily was actually doing the same. She would look over to see Sirius on the page ahead of her so she would speed-read to get a page ahead of him. Soon it became a full-fledged race and they weren't' even reading. They were just trying to see who could flip the pages fastest. They were flying through those pages quicker then Remus ever thought was possible.

Once she got to the end of the book, Lily threw it to the floor and screamed,


Remus snickered at the strange nickname. He then found himself craving his mum's delicious snicker doodles; they really were to die for. He quickly looked back to his essay when Sirius nonchalantly glanced over.

Sirius had been two pages behind Lily for almost the whole competition and he was quiet peeved now.

"Not fair!" he said, "How can I beat someone who spends their WHOLE LIFE reading at a page turning contest!"

"That's the thing…YOU CAN'T! IN YOUR FACE!" she once again yelled.

"I DECLARE A REMATCH!" Sirius screeched.

He then turned to his book, went to the beginning and started to flip through the pages again. Remus thought it was funny that they had established they were in a page turning contest without talking. In some ways it made him want to laugh and in others it almost made him see James's side of the story.

He turned back to Lily and Sirius and saw Lily doing a victory dance around the room. Apparently she was victorious a second time. Sirius had his arms crossed and an amused look on his face. His silver eyes were sparkling. Remus hadn't seen them do that since the fifth year. And Lily, Remus say more joy in her then he had in a long time too. She was even a bit happier then he had seen her in the past years. She seemed more carefree and less worry strained then ever. It was decided, Sirius was in love with Lily.

He slammed his book shut and stomped up to his room. Stupid love.

"Looks like we lost a believer." Sirius said sighing and falling back into his chair at the sight of Remus leaving.

Lily stopped her little dance and squished into the seat beside him. She gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. He started to rise and walk in the direction of his dorm, but Lily held him back. Plus, they were a bit too wedged in that chair to move very much, so Sirius wouldn't have been able to stand anyway because Lily was almost on his lap.

"No Sirius…they need to learn to trust us. We shouldn't have to tell them whether or not you betrayed your best friend. They should already know the answer." She whispered. Her eyes were full of sadness, yet they glinted dangerously as if to challenge the others.

And she was right. The Marauders were supposed to trust one another…it was Marauder rule number 8. They would have to figure this one out for themselves.


My dear readers…I am such a pushover. I know I threatened to hold my chapter hostage, but it has been too much for me to handle. I just had to post this today. It had been a week! I really couldn't wait much longer. Have I gotten my 35 reviews? No I haven't, but I want to thank those of you who have reviewed. It made me incredibly happy. Who knows, maybe I will hit that mark this week. Expect the next chapter next Saturday! Thanks.


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