Life of Lily

Apology 1 and Apology 2

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Dinner that night was awful. Lily and Sirius chose to sit by themselves away from the other Gryffindor seventh years and James didn't even show up. Who knew were he was. He would probably reappear sometime the next morning once he was a bit cooled off.

Remus tried to keep the small talk between the four (Marlene, Alice, Peter, and him) up in order to avoid awkwardness. It seemed to make things worse though. Alice closed up and spoke with only one-syllable words, Peter was stuttering, and Marlene was fuming. She could really be a hot head when she wanted to.

He gave up just as Lily had that afternoon at lunch. They ate in silence until something unexpected happened. Alice spoke her mind.

"You guys, we need to snap out of this! What were we thinking! Sirius and Lily are our best friends! We need to trust them! Without trust, where would we be? We would be split apart ALL the time just like we are now! How come no one suspected this ridiculous notion last week? They were acting the same then as they are now!" her voice was raised and all were in shock.

Alice Prewett was the quiet, soft-spoken girl with the golden curls and round cheeks. This just wasn't something Alice did. Sure she would join in a conversation, but she never really pushed her points very far. Remus barley knew anything about her because she was usually so quiet. Now that he thought about, he realized it was strange that he and Peter were sitting with Alice and Marley.

They were their friends now. They were best friends actually. They all were helping Lily through everything and it brought them closer together. They were rivals a few months ago though! There lives had ALL flipped upside down with the death of Lily's parents.

Remus thought of what Alice had been trying to say but before he could get far, Marlene spoke up.

"Alice! How can you say that! Of course they were acting the same last week! Who knows how long this has been going on! Sirius…and even Lily betrayed us! They stabbed James in the back! They lied to us! How can you NOT think they don't like each other! LOOK AT THEM!" she screeched.

She pointed to the end of the table. They all saw Sirius chuck a piece of celery at Lily after something she said. They were laughing and Lily looked happier then she had been in a long time.

"Yeah but so what! JAMES DOSEN'T OWN LILY! Sirius can love her if he wants and Lily can love him back! So what if that's the case! JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE SIRISU DOSEN'T MEAN NO ONE ELSE CAN!

Besides! I DON'T think they like each other! We ALL know they both have family problems and that Lily has been faking her happiness for the last week! Yet we all chose to ignore her and act like everything was just dandy! SIRIUS…SIRUS BLACK…the boy who she despised almost as much as she despised James, was the one to help her! NOT US MARLEY! NOT HER BEST FRIENDS! NOW…. NOW WE ARE ABONDONING THEM! HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED TO THINK THAT THIS IS OUR FAULT?" she screamed out the last part and the whole hall was listening and whispering together in hushed voices.

Professor McGonagall was down at her side in a few seconds while Professor Dumbledore was telling everyone to go back to their eating. McGonagall told Alice to leave the hall and join her in detention the next night. She gave her best reprimanding glare at the others and walked back up to her table.

Alice walked out and they all saw a single tear streak down her face. She had just earned her first detention for standing up for her friend. They all knew that the detention wasn't why she was crying though.

Remus looked down the table to see Lily looking at him. Her eyes were pooled with water and Sirius was trying to tug her out. She frowned at Remus and stood to leave. What had they done? He stood up and jogged out of the hall after the two


Lily felt like she had been socked in the stomach…multiple times. Sirius was pulling her through the castle to who knows where and she was letting him. She wouldn't be able to move without it. She knew he was just trying to get her away from the Great Hall. Her friends had been fighting and yelling at each other because of them. Why was everything so complicated? Why couldn't Sirius and her be friends without everyone jumping to conclusions?

Sirius continued to pull her and she was fine with it. She trusted him, unlike her friends. Why couldn't they trust him too?

Lily's head swiveled around at the sound of someone running towards them. She stopped in her tracks and gaped. It was Remus. Why would he be following them. She tapped Sirius on the shoulder. He turned and dropped her hand.

Remus caught up to them and bent over. His breathing with labored like he had been running after them the whole time. They gave him a second to cool off and then he stood up straight and gave a weak smile.

"I'm sorry." Were the first words that tumbled out of his mouth, "I should have trusted you! I understand that Lily, you are having hard time and I'm sorry I didn't help you! I'm sorry Sirius that I thought wrongly of you, and I'm glad you had enough sense to see past the shield Lily was putting up. I'm really sorry, guys." His eyes were pleading and sincere.

Lily was hesitant to accept the apology at first. Why should she? Remus couldn't just trust them. Who was he to just waltz up and expect everything would be fine? But then she saw that look in his eyes. Perhaps he was sorry. Another glance told her the answer.

Lily smiled and pulled him into a hug. He smelt of chocolate and body wash. It was calming and was nothing like Sirius's motor oil and peppermint. Sirius's scent was one that made you smile. Motor oil and peppermint weren't things that went together, but he made it work.

Remus pulled away from her and awkwardly patted Sirius on the back.

"Lily," he said, "I know I can't apologize for James, but he just isn't thinking straight right now. He really loves you Lily, he can't help but think these things when he is so stressed. He's only wanted to help you and Sirius figured out how before he could."

She frowned a bit at that. If James loved her, he would be figuring out what was going on, not spreading evil rumors just because he was upset. He didn't make a bit of sense in his actions.

"He'll come through eventually Sunshine," said Sirius ruffling up her hair like a child. That lightened up the conversation considerably so she laughed and flattened it back down.

"We forgive you Remus. And I understand, we just need to let James think things through. Who wants to go and finish the reading assignment Sirius and I never really did?"

Sirius started jumping up and down while waving his arm wildly in the air. "I DO, I DO!" he shouted. They all laughed and walked back to the common room, finally as friends.


James decide he was going to camp out in the kitchens all weekend. It was perfect! He got food and the house elves would bring him pillows and blankets to sleep on. He wouldn't have to face his friends and if they showed up he could still glare at them like he wanted to.

He was no longer fuming. He was just heavily annoyed. He actually felt incredibly guilty for punching Sirius. What were the chances that Sirius fancied Lily? Hadn't his friend made it clear that he fancied Marlene? That was what was most confusing. It was mixed up enough to give anyone a headache after thinking about it for too long. Now he was just annoyed that he couldn't help Lily and show her that he had changed. His pride was the only thing keeping him from apologizing for over reacting.

It would take longer then a few hours for him to come to a final decision over what he was going to do though. James decided to sleep on it and see what he would come up with in the morning.


After Sirius and Lily finished their reading, Lily suggested that the two boys retreat to their rooms to catch up. They were rather reluctant to leave her side just incase James came and did something rash.

Once Lily lectured them on how she could handle herself just fine without their help, they gave in after quite a bit of arguing and left her by the Gryffindor fireplace with several 'goodnight's and 'are you sure?'s.

What Lily really wanted was to have some time to think. She walked back to her common room and looked up the stairs to James's room. His door was open and he was nowhere to be seen. He must be sleeping somewhere else. That or he was going to come back after curfew was over when Lily was sure to be in bed. But that was perfectly fine because an angry James wasn't something she needed at the moment.She sat in her favorite chair by her own fire and braided a few tiny strands of her hair. She was going to have to ask Professor Flitwick for a charm she could use to get out the many little braids. It was a habit she was going to need to kick.

Lily jumped slightly at the sound of the portrait to the Head's common room opening. She turned and saw Alice walk in and sit on the arm of her seat. It looked like she had been crying. Lily really hated tears at this point so something boiled inside of her at the sight of the little tracks on her friend's face.

"Hello Ali" Lily whispered. Alice offered a small smile and then pulled Lily into a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry Lils! You've been through so much and I left you just because of some silly thought that was planted in my head! You are so strong! So much stronger then I'll ever be and now I feel awful! I'm sorry."

"No, Alice, you don't have to be sorry, it's okay. I heard what you said at dinner. Thank you. You stood up for us when no one else would and it was very Gryffindor of you. I…I let my pride get the best of me. I should have just told you straight out that Sirius is like the brother I never had instead of sulking about it."

"Are we okay now?" Alice asked in a small voice. Lily nodded. Her heart felt lighter and her hope returned.


The days before Christmas break slowly ticked down. Five days became four and then four became three. The snow was still thick on Hogwart's grounds and Alice, Lily, Remus, and Sirius found them involved in to many snowball fights to count. More often then not their noses were tinted red at the tips and their hair was slightly ruffled from the blowing wind.

When they weren't outside they were studying for the mid-year exams. Something like an exam seemed so silly after what had happened that year. Nonetheless, a whole lot of studying and late night kitchen snacks occurred everyday.

Lily enjoyed walking through the halls with Sirius after curfew to pick up a chocolate cake or ice cream for them all to have back in the common room. It was strangely exhilarating. Who knew breaking the rules could be fun!

Marlene was giving the group of four the cold shoulder and James, who had returned to eating in the Great Hall and sleeping in the Head's dorms, walked around without a word. He went to classes and then retreated to his room right after. He would then come out for meals and then go right back in. Peter wasn't actually seen too often and the Marauders (separately of course) found themselves wondering were the small boy had been.

Two days before Christmas break, James decided that enough was enough. He needed to know what was happening and he desperately missed his friends. He was James Potter! The boy who made friends with only a grin and lame joke! If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was being lonely. Marlene would give him a quick smile every now and again, but other then that, he was alone. Seeing Sirius and Remus having fun with Alice and Lily made him want to run over and fix everything. Now he was finally going to do it.


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