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Truth or Dare and Orange Juice

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"Okay Sunshine, you should know that we play Truth or Dare a little differently then your average muggle." Sirius said excitedly.

His enthusiasm matched that of a six-year-old high on sugar. Lily grinned widely at how he was practically bouncing off the walls.

The three seventeen year olds were currently sitting in a small circle up in James's bedroom. Lily suspected she would have gotten lost in the manor if she didn't have James and Sirius as her guide.

The large space was covered in Quidditch posters and Gryffindor colors. Several pieces of clothing were strewn across the floor, but it was in an almost orderly fashion. Old essays and letters covered a small writing desk he had and his bed was neatly made. The room was exactly what Lily expected. It was a perfect combination of messy and clean, completely James.

"There are only five rules." The room's owner started to say. He was obviously as excited as Sirius was.

"Rule number one, you can do no more then two of the same types in a row." Sirius explained.

"Rule number two, we don't have any chickens or passes. If you really need to get out of a truth or dare, you have to do two of the opposite type then and there instead, but that option is only opened up to you once every game."

"Rule number three, no fatal injuries." Sirius said looking at James in particular. This rule almost scared Lily…why would they want to fatally injure anyone anyway?

"Rule number four, the game ends at the sight of ANY person of authority."

"Rule number five, you may only ask a question once to the same person. For example, if I asked you a question and you took two dares instead, I couldn't ask you the same question again. Oh, and you get one bathroom pass.

The thing the makes this game different is that a truth spell is put on you. If you lie you turn purple and your hair turns green…it stays that way until you tell the truth."

"And," James started. Lily grimaced. But, what did she expect? Of course there was more. "The winner of our Truth or Dare Best Sportsmanship Award gets my cloak to themselves for a week." The two boys smirked as if they were reliving fond memories.

"Cloak? Why would I need a cloak?" Lily said with confusion in her voice.

"Uhhhhh…" Sirius said in reply. His eyes darted around the room to anywhere besides Lily. Sirius was a really awful liar and they all knew it.

Finally he looked to James and they both shared a look with significant meaning. Sirius nodded once and they both turned back to the red headed girl.

"It isn't just any cloak, Petal, it's an invisibility cloak. Family heirloom actually." James said looking rather smug.

Lily nodded appreciatively. An invisibility cloak was a decent thing to be smug about. How they were able to get away with so many pranks made sense now. Lily also knew that they had some sort of map. Although she's never seen it in person, it was sure to be something that benefited their area of expertise.

"LET THE GAMES COMENCE!" Screamed Sirius obnoxiously, "Truth or dare, Prongs?" he asked in a sinister voice. He mumbled an incantation over the three of them before James could answer.

"Dare" the boy said without thought while running his hand through his already messy hair.

Sirius grinned. A mind-blowing, super-amazing, awesomely brilliant plan was slowly forming in his mind. This plan was partway hilarious and embarrassing and part way destiny fulfilling. It would probably take the whole game to work, but it would be worth it in the end. He decided to start off simple.

"I dare you to floo professor McGonagall and tell her that you can never be together because Lily holds your heart." Sirius dramatically while trying to impersonate James who was red in the face. He shook his head in defeat and made his way out of the room.

Sirius turned back to Lily and saw that she was also quite red. His plan was in motion. He had to stop himself from letting out an evil-like laugh.

Her blush was slowly subsiding though and Sirius could tell she had her thinking face on. Her head was tilted to the side and her eyebrows were arched. It was as if her bright green eyes were x-raying him. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. She wouldn't be able to catch on after the first dare, right? If that were to happen she'd surely crush his plans in two.

He almost wanted to tell her what he was doing just to get her to stop. That looks gave him the chills. Sirius tried to stay strong, but his resolve was gradually weakening.

"How do we know he did it?" she asked after a few moments.

He gratefully let out the breath he was holding in. He had been expecting her to ask something different.

"It's similar to the truth except you turn red instead of purple and your hair turns magenta." Sirius replied nonchalantly.

They both turned to see James walk back into his room. Lily saw no magenta hair. He sat besides Sirius and grinned.

"Left her speechless, I did." He snickered. Sirius high-fived him and smiled mischievously. Lily found herself rolling her eyes.

"They're gonna get stuck that way!" Sirius sung.

"Lily, Truth or Dare?" James asked her.

"Truth." She said hesitantly. It wouldn't be too bad…right?

"What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?" James asked.

Lily blushed heavily and Sirius couldn't keep his laughter to himself. He happened to know the answer to this truth. It was the same thing he almost told James on the train ride over.

Lily mumbled something neither boy could understand.

"What was that Sunshine? I don't think I heard you." Sirius said between his bark like laughs.

"When I was little…my sister pulled this prank on me and…yeah, that's it,"

"Nice try, Sunshine. You're going to have to elaborate" Sirius said in a singsong voice.

Lily threw one of James's shirts from the floor at him. It landed on his head and he chucked it back.

"I used to run through my house screaming that I would be a magic fairy princess and when my sister said I wouldn't I accidently set her hair on fire."

"What's embarrassing about that, that's just hilarious!" James exclaimed.

"She's not done actually." Sirius smirked.

"Then the next day, she glued the seat on the swing at the park before I sat down on it…I was stuck for almost four hours. I spent half the time screaming for help and the other half singing to myself out of boredom. An old lady thought I was insane when I told her my butt was stuck. What I didn't know was that my sister had hidden a camera recording me. She showed the whole thing at our family party. It was awful." She ended, burying her head in her hands.

At the end of her story both boys were guffawing and practically rolling on the floor. Lily just scowled.

"I was emotionally scarred! It isn't that funny." She huffed.

"Are you kidding? Of course it is!" James said gasping.

"Snicker doodle, Truth or Dare?" Lily said trying to get out of the spotlight.

"Dare" he replied confidently. She rolled her eyes. If they kept giving her reason to roll them, they'd likely be stuck by the end of the trip like Sirius said they would.

"I dare you to jump into James's pool with your clothes on." She said after some thought. James and Sirius just stared.

"No offence Sunshine, but that was the worst dare I had ever heard in my life." Sirius said laughing. Lily stuck her tongue out and thought up a new idea.

"Fine. Ummm…I dare you to…go and wash your hair with dish soap and orange juice." She said grinning. This one was perfect. James was smiling widely and Sirius looked horrified.

"Move along orange juice boy." James said still grinning like mad. Sirius walked out in the state of a zombie.

"Brilliant, Petal, absolutely brilliant!"

"Why thank you." Lily said taking a bow. "Now that he's gone, I believe we have something to discuss."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes…I don't know if you noticed, but Sirius got that crazy glint in his eye right before he told you your dare. I would be willing to chop my arm off if he wasn't planning something."

"Oh yes, I did notice that actually. I figured we would just have to react when the time comes that he lays out all his cards."

"Wisely stated." Lily replied while nodding. A few minutes passed and there was still no sign of Sirius.

"Do you think we should go check on him?" James asked. Lily was walking out the door before he even finished.


Sirius was in shambles. How could they make him do this to his beautiful hair? It went against all humanity! He had to admit that Lily got him good. She found his weakness and struck!

He stood by the sink with dish soap in one hand and orange juice in the other. He was just hoping that by some miracle, Mr. and Mrs. Potter would come home early and stop this madness.

He knew his time was up when he heard Lily and James come down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Chickening out Padfoot?" James taunted.

"Listen, if you really don't want to do this, just take two truths and be done!" Lily exclaimed. He shook his head quickly.

"No can do Sunshine. I've never had to take that deal and it isn't starting now." He said. Lily sighed and folded her arms. Boy was he stubborn.

"Here Pads, let me help you out." James said.

He grabbed the bottle of dish soap from Sirius's hands and squeezed a giant glop onto his friend's head. Sirius whimpered as James massaged the sticky substance through his black locks.

"My wonderful hair!" he whispered looking at the floor.

"Oh come on, this is nothing a couple of showers won't fix. Stop being such a girl." James said.

Lily giggled and picked up the orange juice. She poured a decent amount onto him and let James do the rest.

Sirius realized that this dare would only make his plan so much more worth it. He would be avenged.


After Padfoot used his bathroom pass to take six consecutive showers, the game resumed and all the competitors were ready. Lily noticed that the smell of orange's still lingered in Sirius' hair for she could still smell it.

"Prongs, Truth or Dare?" he asked.


"I dare you to hold Sunshine's hand for the rest of the game." He said grinning.

He saw Lily's eyes light up in recognition. She figured out his plan, only a second too late too. James was still oblivious and grasped Lily's hand with little thought. The green-eyed girl just glared at Sirius.

"Sirius, Truth or Dare?" James asked.

"Truth." Sirius said. He decided he didn't want to risk his hair anymore then he already had.

"List five reasons why you like Marlene."

"Easy, I don't" he replied too quickly.

A second later his hair was a sickly green and his whole body was bright purple. Lily laughed loud and clear. All thoughts of how nicely her hand fit in James' were momentarily gone from her mind.

"Go on Padfoot." James said smirking. Sirius frowned. His friends were really out to get him.

"She's funny, smart, amazing at Quidditch, and she eats like a guy." He said almost too quickly.

Lily smiled. Sirius and Marley would be very cute together. She could picture them walking down the halls, holding hands.

"I think you forgot one." James said. His smile was identical to Lily's and she could tell he thought the same things she did.

"Fine…she's pretty too." Sirius said looking at the floor.

His hair returned to its natural color and his skin slowly changed to normal. He sighed in relief and Lily couldn't help but wonder what spell he had cast over all of them at the beginning of the game. Surely it was advanced to have such a complicated timer on it.

"Hey James," Lily said, "think I could use my bathroom pass to go and write Marley?"

"I'm sure you could." He said laughing at the look of horror on his best friend's face.

"Please! Anything but that!" Sirius begged on his knees. Lily laughed.

"No worries Snicker doodle, your secret is safe with me." She said patting his hair.

"But don't think that Moony and Wormtail won't hear about this." James said. Sirius stuck his face in his hands in reply.

"I understand Moony, but where did the rest of you guys come up with your nicknames?" Lily asked, suddenly curious.

"They're after our patronus's" James replied. It was the same excuse they used whenever someone asked them that question.

"Oh" she said looking thoughtful.

She could tell James wasn't being completely truthful. Perhaps part way, but to no extent all the way.

"Lily, Truth or Dare?" Sirius finally asked.


"Of course…if you were forced to marry either Prongs or I, who would you chose?" he asked. All he had to do was spin both of them in circles and then he would lie out the big one.

He then entered a staring contest with Lily. Her gaze held steadily on him with a fierce glare on the side.

"I hate you." Lily said in a scary voice.

Her suspicions about Sirius were right. That question had just confirmed it. He knew exactly what her answer was…he just wanted James to hear it.

After months of him trying to convince her to admit to James that she could almost possibly have a tiny crush on him, Sirius decided to set things up himself. He was obviously cunning (it the only Slytherin trait he possessed) and Lily was scared of what would happen before the game ended.

"No you don't Sunshine." He said smiling. Her glare disappeared for a moment.

"I know I don't," She said in defeat, "but I would chose James." Her blush was the same shade as the red Gryffindor hangings strewn around the room.

James gave her hand a small squeeze and the color on her cheeks darkened. Sirius only grinned and watched the exchange.

Awkward silence engulfed them. Lily obviously needed to cool down and Sirius needed to control his urge to laugh. James was just trying to figure out why Lily was acting so weird around him. He really was clueless.

"Truth or Dare?" She eventually said in Sirius' direction.


"I dare you to steal Professor Slughorn's crystalized pineapple when we get back from break." She said. Lily was now in this for revenge.

Sirius gulped and nodded. It was well known that their Potions teacher was obsessed with his pineapple. The last kid who tried to steal it earned a month of detention and lost fifty points. It had been James. Sirius realized he would have a very difficult time doing the dare, but he had to. At least he would have the rest of the Christmas holiday to prepare.

"Sunshine, I dare you to sit in James's lap for the rest of the game." Sirius said with a sly smile.

"W-w-what?" Lily stuttered, "How do you know I wasn't going to pick truth!" she exclaimed.

"Sorry, you can't pick three truths in a row." He said shaking his head. She stared him down once more and climbed onto James. She squirmed a bit until she was comfortable and then she shot another glare at Sirius. This was war.

James was in shock and barley heard Lily ask Sirius whether he wanted a truth or dare. He didn't pay attention to the answer either. This was because Lily Evans was sitting in his lap and holding his hand. The girl who had hated him for six years and had been his friend for 4 months was in his lap. The same girl that he pretended not to like anymore, but who he still loved was holding his hand. Those words repeated in his mind over and over and he couldn't' get the goofy grin off his face because she was sitting in his lap and holding his hand.

What finally got his attention was the dare Sirius gave Lily. Apparently the two had just been going back and forth while he was off in his own little world. But this dare snapped him out of it and made his heart race.

"Sunshine, I dare you to kiss Prongs."


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