Life of Lily

An Almost Kiss and Quidditch

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"Sunshine, I dare you to kiss Prongs." Sirius said, his eyes alight with mischief.

Lily's green eyes widened in surprise, she definitely wasn't expecting him to say that. A tornado of thoughts flew around her head. She almost asked Sirius to repeat the dare. There was no way she heard him right. Her mind went into shock for a few moments before she snapped out of it. She certainly didn't want her hair to turn magenta and she figured there was a timer on the charm.

She slowly tilted her head up to look James in the eye. She searched his hazel orbs with a look of confusion. She could feel his pulse quicken. He looked excited. Did he still have feelings for her? Lily had always assumed that James's old crush had died out after he had seen her at her weakest. Why else would he send her so many pitying glances?

How could one girl feel so many things about one guy? That was Lily's problem. One moment James was arrogant and she wanted to hex him into the next century. The next he was sweet and she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and tell him he'd changed. James Potter was a puzzle she had a hard time putting together.

Very carefully she tilted her head to the side, just enough. As James started to lean forward, everything seemed to be traveling in slow motion. His lips were centimeters from her own and a sudden urge to speed up the process and smash hers against his suddenly appeared. There was only one thing that stopped her.

"JAMES? SIRIUS?" the voice of Charlus Potter yelled up the stairs.

Lily and James instantly sprung apart and Lily tumbled half way across the room. She felt her infamous blush creep up her neck. Sirius was laughing so hard he somehow stumbled over and ran into James's dresser, knocking half the pictures on it onto the floor.

His laughter soon subsided as Mr. Potter called for them again. She saw him give a shrug of his shoulders in her direction as if he tried his best. She was sure he did and Lily didn't know if that was a good or bad thing.

She turned to James and saw him run a hand through his hair. There it was again, her contradiction of feelings. That habit of his was amazingly annoying, yet ever so attractive. James was messing with her mind and she was letting him.

Lily stood and brushed her clothes off. The game was now over because a person of authority had been sighted, or rather heard. Her new insight on the feelings she had for James scared her. Had she really wanted to kiss him? That couldn't be right.

Perhaps it was just the adrenaline from the game that brought on that feeling. Yes, that must have been it. Still, it had been nice to hold his hand and she had to admit that it wasn't too bad to sit in his lap either. Surely that was a part of the adrenaline too. She was in a state of hard cold denial, the downfall of every teenage girl.

Lily then vowed to pretend as if the almost kiss had never happened. She vowed to simply forget about it. It would insure a less worrying holiday and keep things normal with James. At least that was what she hoped. As she thought earlier, he was very confusing. For all she knew this could totally backfire on her and he could nonchalantly bring it up during dinner with his parents who were now home.

She turned to see the boys leave the room at yet another call from Mr. Potter. Sirius told her to follow so the three trekked down the carpeted stairs.

Lily refused to meet James's eyes as Mrs. Potter explained that they were let off early as part of a special Christmas gift from the Auror department. Since they didn't work out in the field any longer (they were instead put to paperwork) opportunities like those shown through every now and again. She then went on to say that they would be having dinner in a few minutes. The two adults left the room with promises of a work free holiday.

In the minutes it took for the food to get prepared, James excused himself to the bathroom and Sirius turned to Lily with that familiar glint in his eyes.

"So Sunshine, looked like you really wanted to kiss him didn't you." He smirked.

"W-what… t-that… no… no of course not" she replied while stumbling over her words. His knowing smile only grew wider.

"Guess I'll have to try again the next time we play Truth or Dare"

Lily threw a tickling charm at him and walked into the massive dining room without a glance back. She knew she would pay for it later, but that could be dealt with well…later.


"Night Quidditch?" Lily asked skeptically, trying to stop her chattering teeth.

"Yes, Night Quidditch. It's the best kind actually." Sirius replied.

James, Lily, and Sirius were all standing outside in the cold winter air. Various scarfs, hats, and blankets (many sporting Gryffindor colors) covered the unlikely group of comrades.

Once dinner was finished their silver-eyed friend had dragged them outside. While at it he declared they'd all participate in his favorite game, Night Quidditch. James had returned to his normal joking self and he seemed to have forgotten the game too. For this Lily was grateful.

"Isn't that…oh I don't know…a little dangerous?" she said.

"Why would it be dangerous?" asked James as he leaned over Sirius to look at her.

"Well, it is dark…and snowing." She added at the pinprick of a snowflake on her red nose.

"So?" Sirius said as if a blizzard wouldn't stop him from playing the sport. Lily believed it wouldn't.

"I think I'll just watch." She said nervously shaking her head. She had never been a fan of heights. The two boys shrugged and grabbed their brooms.

Lily hugged her blanket tighter to her thin body and watched them shoot off into the night that was dotted with winking stars. The sky was breath taking. It seemed like a paintbrush tipped with purple had been stroked across the inky blue and then sprinkled with silver glitter.

Glitter. It had always been Lily's favorite craft tool. It was so shiny and fun. When she was younger her and Tuney used to cover and paper in glue and dump a whole can of the sparkly substance over it. Surprisingly enough the colors Lily chose were always red and gold. Petunia on the other hand went for pink and silver. The stars reminded Lily so much of her sister's crazy art projects that she had to bite back the tears that prickled her eyes.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when a strong arm looped around her and pulled her onto something small and skinny. She looked down and realized she was now at least twenty feet in the air. After looking at the snowy ground in terror her arms scrambled to hold onto something. The something she found let out a deep laugh. It was James. Apparently he thought this was funny.

"JAMES POTTER PUT ME DOWN!" she screeched. Her voice sounded strangely like a wounded cat. He laughed again and she punched his shoulder best she could without really letting go of his waist.

"Now why would I do that?" he asked.

Before she could answer James dove down and only pulled up when Lily's feet could have skimmed the ground. A high-pitched shriek left her mouth. She saw Sirius grin as he circled around them.

"Come one Sunshine, join us in a game?" he asked. Lily scowled.

This was their way of blackmailing her. Who knew what they would do if she didn't agree. She nodded apprehensively and buried her head in James's back as he once again zoomed towards the ground. This time he slowed down within a few feet and dropped Lily off. He pointed to a lone broom shed a way off. She nodded and walked towards it with a pout on her face.

After picking up the first broom that she saw Lily walked onto the field and positioned it. Her hands were stark white against the brown wood. Tentatively, she kicked off the ground. Lily hovered a few feet in the air for a few seconds before lurching the broom forward a couple paces. James and Sirius laughed at her pathetic attempt at flying. Honestly, she would laugh too if she weren't the one on the broom that currently held her life.

James flew down to her and looked at her stance on the wooden stick usually used for cleaning muggle houses.

"Loosen up a bit Lils. You'll get nowhere with a death grip like that." He said while moving her hands into a more comfortable position. "Now instead of jerking it, I want you to lightly press forward."

His tone was calming and his instructions were clear. Lily nodded in response and did as she said. It was a lot easier. He grinned at her and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She dismissed the fluttery feeling as her fear of heights.

Lily flew around James's pitch a few times with James and Sirius on either side of her. She was slowly starting to get the hang of it and she couldn't help but a feel a burst of accomplishment flow through her. Her hands were still shaky and her turns still jerky, but she was better.

"Ready to play?" Sirius asked after she went around a few more times.

She nodded once she casted a heating charm on all of them after seeing the boys shivering from the cold air. Their dark hair was covered in little white flakes and their noses and ears were tinted red.

James explained the easy rules (they would only play with a quaffle) and told her that she would be on his team. He gave her the options of keeper or chaser and she quickly chose keeper, deciding it would require the least amount of movement on her part. Sirius would be on a team of his own and man both spots.

The match between friends started off good. James was able to race pass Sirius in a matter of minutes and score ten points through the impressive hoops that were only slightly smaller then the ones at Hogwarts. Seeing as Sirius was usually a beater, James was noticeably better at playing the chaser spot.

Lily's job was minimal for the first little while, but soon Sirius was streaking towards her. On instinct she swerved to the right and blocked his shot successfully. James gave her thumbs up and Sirius smiled despite his losing.

The game occurred in much the same way for the rest of the night. It ended with a score of 110-80 causing James and Lily's team to win. She had to admit; it was surprisingly fun in a thrilling sort of way. She understood why the boys loved the sport. While she would never become part of the team, Lily wouldn't mind playing it again.

After dismounting their brooms, the cold children marched inside once they shook off the snow that covered them. James's house elf kindly informed them that Mr. and Mrs. Potter had gone to bed and would see them in the morning. Sirius requested three mugs of hot chocolate and three of them traveled back up to James's room.

"As I am sure we are all sick of Truth or Dare at the moment, how about we play a friendly game of Would You Rather?" James said as he placed himself on the floor with his mug. Sirius and Lily nodded in agreement.

"You first Lils." James said to her. She snickered at the whipped cream mustache he had gotten, but continued anyway.

"Okay. Snicker doodle, would you rather eat peanut butter off the sidewalk or give Peter a foot massage?" she asked deviously. Sirius shivered.

"Peanut butter." He said without hesitation. "Prongs, would you rather make-out with the giant squid or McGonagall?"

"McGonagall." James replied with a few chuckles.

If Christmas beak continued like this, Lily thought, it might not be too bad. A giant mansion, racing in the snow on brooms, and embarrassing the sense out of her friends almost sounded promising.

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