Life of Lily

Grouchy Moods and Flying Motorcycles

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An icy blanket of snow covered the quieted world. The trees were leaning at an angle in order to carry the cold, white, burden that was sprinkled across their limbs. The stars were twinkling still and perhaps, one was much brighter than all the others. All the children in the world had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, muggles and wizards alike.

Yes, it was that exciting night. Christmas Eve. In an hour Christmas Day would officially begin and Lily Evans had no doubt that Sirius would be awake an hour after the clock struck twelve.

Christmas seemed the only day when the routines of the magic and non-magic were almost exactly the same. Kids jumping on beds would awake sleepy parents, brightly colored gifts would adorn the ground beneath the strong-smelling pine tree, and jolly carols would be sung late into the night. Christmas was magical in a way all its own.

During the three days Lily had been at the Potters she had experienced so many new things that she was sure to remember this holiday as a time of happiness. They had went sledding in a way unique to the muggle world (meaning on a enlarged cookie sheet covered with a shield charm), they had created a giant picture in the snow with sticks and various wand movements, they had flooed McGonagall to make sure she wasn't lonely, they had a Bertie Bott jelly beans war, and they had driven Mr. and Mrs. Potter crazy. It was all brilliant and made Lily feel alive again.

All thoughts of her family were gone from her mind, almost at least. It was refreshing, maybe even relaxing. The laughs of James and Sirius made her eyes twinkle and a smile grace her lips. That was what it should be like very day, she had decided.

Yet, on Christmas Eve, Lily had seen no reason to have fun, no reason to smile. In fact, her mood was grouchy and somewhat standoffish. Nothing felt like it was done the right way and nothing was making her smile.

When the seventeen year old was questioned about this mood, she would flash a small smile and reply that she was a little tired, that's all. The truth was even she didn't know what was wrong. For some reason it felt as if a baseball was sitting at the base of her stomach. It made her queasy and reluctant to move.

For the first time in month she had yelled at James, James, who had been so very kind to her the past few days. She yelled at him for doing stunt on his broom that was far too dangerous. Christmas Eve wasn't a day you were supposed to yell, it was a day to love. It wasn't even the trick that made her mad, it was just something stuck inside her that made Lily wish to scream at the world.

The looks on their faces made her throat prickle and her eyes water. She retreated to her room in tears and stayed there the rest of the afternoon. Lily had once thought of herself as brave. From the moment she was placed in Gryffindor, she felt bold, maybe even like she was better then the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, she definitely felt better then the Slytherins. She had felt on top of the world. Now she felt like she was slipping down the edges and trying to find a handhold on the sphere.

Once she had been sure that James and Sirius were in bed, she had bundled her blanket around herself and slipped down the stairs and out the back door. She sat in the nearest chair and let the frosty air whip her red locks around. But, then it hit her. Everything hit her. She knew why she had been so sad on a day so happy. So she sobbed and shuddered in that beautiful winter air. The stars smiled down at her in an effort to comfort the young girl who was heart-broken.

She sobbed for yelling at James, for making him feel like she hadn't been enjoying her time at his house. She sobbed for Sirius who was stuck at his best friend's house because his parents would torture him if he walked through his own front door. She sobbed for Dumbledore, who was expected to solve the world's problems. But most of all she sobbed because her parents weren't there to comfort her. That was why Christmas Eve felt so pointless. It was because she couldn't have it with her family and her gut had noticed it before her conscience had.

Then, familiar, strong arms scooped her up and held her tight. James. Her comforter sat back down in her chair and pulled Lily into his warm embrace. This made Lily sob for James's compassion, because he was so perfect and she could never be as wonderful as him. She sobbed because he knew her enough to realize she would escape from her room to think and that she would need help.

She was weak. The damsel in distress she had never wanted to be. Her sobs continued and he held her, rubbing her back and she held to him as if he were her lifeboat. His silence calmed Lily's trembling limbs.

He stood when her cries became silent tears. He carried her through the house and up the stairs to her room. James sat her down on her bed as gently as he could and pulled her close to himself.

Lily looked up into those hazel eyes and wondered how someone could be so wonderful. Yes, she didn't have her parents. But, she did have him. She knew she could make it to the next year when James Potter took her face in his warm, callused hands and bestowed a single, lingering kiss. The imaginary baseball that was lodged in her stomach melted into oozing caramel. There were no fireworks like it said there would be in the movies, but she felt happy, ecstatic even. Kissing James felt right.

He smiled sweetly and walked out of the room.

How could someone go through something so meaningful without uttering a single sentence? He had comforted her, walked flights of stairs with her in his arms, and then he made her feel hope. He did this all without a single word. Lily drifted to sleep with the feeling of his lips on hers. Hope was an amazing thing


The sound of someone flinging the door open and the feeling of the same someone bouncing on her bed woke Lily. It was Sirius. His face was alight with mirth and joy. A look at her clock told her that her estimation had been correct. It was 1:30 and only two hours since she had finally closed her eyes in sleep. Only two hours since James had kissed her. But Sirius didn't know that.

She smiled widely in return. The baseball was still nowhere to be seen. The excitement of Christmas Day finally struck her in the face.

"Merry Christmas, Sunshine!" he exclaimed. Lily sat up and threw him off guard with a bear hug.

"Yes, Merry Christmas Sirius." She said.

She turned her head and saw James leaning in the doorway with a smile.

"Feeling better, Lily?" he asked sincerely.

She blushed and nodded. James chuckled and blew her a kiss; he then pantomimed locking his lips with a key. She nodded. Lily understood that he kiss had only been to comfort her, right? It wasn't like James still liked her. No, that was silly. Still, she found herself imagining her and James walking hand in hand through Hogsmeade…on a date. She shook the ridiculous notion out of her head. Sirius didn't even notice the exchange for he was already running to Mr. and Mrs. Potter's room. Now there was a Gryffindor. They all laughed when he yelled,

"WAKE UP YOU OLD COOTS! IT'S CHRISTMAS!" he yelled. The two adults grumbled something incoherent so Sirius took that as an invite to go and open presents without them.

The kids ran down the stairs and grinned, like they did every year, at the sight of all the gifts.

"Who wants to go first?" Lily asked. Sirius wildly waved his hand in the air.

"I DO! I DO!" he exclaimed.

Before they could even answer he gathered all of his presents into a pile and tore the paper off of each one with relish. He got a book called "One Hundred and One Ways to Annoy Your Teacher" from Remus. He grinned devilishly at that. From Marlene, Alice, and Peter he got an assortment of Honeyduke's candy and from Lily he received an array of Zonko products. He exclaimed in delight at the sight of those for it proved that Lily had somewhat stepped out side of her bubble. James on the other hand got him something a bit more unique, a dog grooming kit.

James, for some reason, found this hilarious while Sirius scowled at the arrangement of doggie shampoos and hairbrushes. Lily was rather lost on why it was so funny, but she still found his expression when he first opened it priceless.

"No worries Pads, your real present is in the front." James said after he thought Sirius had waited long enough.

Lily followed the two boys outside and what met her eyes made her gasp in surprise. Standing before them was a Harley Davidson motorcycle of Gryffindor colors. A matching helmet was dangling off the handles with a second for a passenger lying on the back. James got Sirius a motorcycle. WAS HE INSANE? Sirius whooped with joy and hurried to jump on the motorcycle.

His silvery eyes were wide with awe as his hands hovered over the intricate controls. He could practically hear it roar to live without pressing a single button or turning a knob. He lifted his head to look at James when he noticed something important was missing.

"Where are the keys?" he said quickly. James dangled them in front of his face.

"Knowing this would happen, I took the liberty of keeping them with me so that you couldn't ride until AFTER all the presents are opened." He said grinning while shoving the clattering keys into his pocket.

Sirius frowned a bit, and tried to figure out how he could steal them in a less amount of time. In reality he was too excited to think much of anything but the bike itself. With a shrug, he decided it would be best wait. As long as he got to ride it at some point during the day it would all work out.

They all walked back inside and sat in front of the tree once again. Sirius convinced James and Lily to open their presents at the same time so that he would be able to ride his new motorcycle sooner. They agreed, but only to stop his endless whining.

James and Lily both got books on Defense Against the Dark Arts from Remus and Honeyduke's candy from Peter. James got more candy from Marlene and Alice, but Lily received something very different.

She opened up the large box they sent to see the most gorgeous dress on her side of the planet. It was a beautiful satin crème dress with elegant lace covering the lower half of the satin. The sleeves were of the same material and just covered her shoulders. It looked as if it would fit perfectly and hang just below her knees. Why would her friends get her a dress like that? The answer was in a note laid on top.


The Potter's host a New Years Eve Ball every year. We figured you need something to wear. Merry Christmas!

-Marley and Alice

"A ball?" Lily asked incredulously. The boys were reading the note over her shoulder.

"Yep, kinda a tradition" James said shrugging as if it were no big matter.

Lily nodded in reply and turned back to her gifts. A ball. The Potters were certainly upper class and this just proved her point further. A sigh almost escaped her lips at the thought of how very different her and James really were. He lived a carefree life in a mansion while Lily still had no idea were she'd go after Hogwarts.

Shaking her head, she decided to open Sirius' gift first and found a Quidditch jersey. At first she thought it was James's, but when she turned it over her own name last name was spelled out on the back with a large number 5 beneath it.

"I thought you might need your own." Sirius said snickering.

"What's the five for?" Lily asked.

"You should know that! You're the fifth Marauder, Sunshine and there's no backing out." He stated matter-of-factly. Lily smiled and threw her arms around his neck in a big hug similar to the one she gave him that morning.

"Thanks Snicker Doodle!" she exclaimed.

She pulled the jersey on over her pajamas and looked at what Sirius had given James. It was the newest broom that had just came out a week before. Lily realized that Sirius somehow had quite a bit of money if he was able to buy that for James. It once again notified Lily of her lower-class ranking. Of course his friend was ecstatic nonetheless.

She then looked at her last present. It was from James. Before she opened it she decided to watch him open the gift she had given. It was wrapped in red with a perfect gold bow on top. He ripped the paper off and pulled out a large leather photo album. It was simple yet beautiful with a forest scene engraved on the cover.

He flipped through the first few pages and saw many pictures of the pranks the Marauders had pulled throughout their Hogwarts years. Their mischievous faces were grinning up from the photos and in almost all of them Sirius was waving frantically. Some things never change.

Several pictures of the Marauders sitting underneath the tree were in the book too and every now and again a picture of Lily and her friends when they were cute second or third years would pop up. James's smile grew larger with each page he turned. Sirius and Lily sat on either of him and Sirius's grin was equally large.

As James got to the middle of the book, the more recent photos started to show up. The first from their seventh year was one of the Marauders at the train station with James wearing his head boy badge. They were all grinning proudly.

The next was the one Sirius had bought off of the third year that had James and Lily under the tree. That picture brought a blush to the face of both of them.

Then there was a picture of James, Lily, and Sirius walking into the Great Hall together before Hogsmeade.

Various pictures of Lily and Sirius, snowmen that Alice and Remus made, and times James and Marlene played each other in chess were featured throughout the rest of the book. The last picture was the one of the three of them on the train taking them to King's Cross Station while they were sleeping.

The other quarter of the book was empty so that he could fill it with pictures to come. Lily didn't want to forget the great friendships they had all made that year and she knew James didn't either.

Hogwarts obviously had many photographers and it took Lily quite some time to track some of the pictures down. She had also gotten the help of Sirius who found almost half of them. The look on James's face made it all worth it. He pulled her into a hug and softly whispered two words in her ear.

"Thank you."

Lily pulled back and gave a shy smile and he motioned for her to open the present her gave her. Its wrappings were similar to the ones on James's present but the paper was gold and the bow was red. It was also a good amount smaller.

What met her eyes when she opened that present took her breath away even more then the dress had. It was a silver charm bracelet. The chain was simple, but Lily could tell it was goblin made. It currently had five silver charms on it and spots for several more. There was a beautiful lily flower that opened and closed, a book with tiny turning pages, a growing tree, and a sparkling sun.

They all were a manifestation of who she truly was. Her name, obviously, brought on the first while the book and tree showed her interests. The shiny sun made Sirius laugh, for it was proof of his silly nickname for her.

The fifth charm was perhaps the most gorgeous though; it was almost like a very miniature snow globe. In it was an equally small picture. Lily had no idea who took it, but it was great. It was of the seven of them. The Marauders, Alice, Marlene, and Lily. They were all outside sitting by the black lake. In the inky blue water you could see several of their bright blue charms books.

Lily remembered that time. It was late October and the weather was perfect. They had all gone outside with their textbooks with the motive of studying. Sirius ended up tossing them all in the lake. Having their purpose defeated by the mischievous boy, they just talked and laughed. It was one of those days that you thought you would never remember, yet seeing the picture brought to think of how nice it had been to just talk without a care in the world.

Lily turned and looked at James in awe after she had fully examined the gift. They stared deeply into the other's eyes for a bit too long for a few seconds later Sirius yelled,

"Just kiss already!"

Thinking back to the night before, Lily blushed crimson. On instinct, they both scooted several feet away from each other and Lily couldn't help but scold Sirius's loud laughter.

The boy then stood and cunningly grabbed the motorcycle keys out of James's pocket. He ran out the front door and James and Lily swiftly followed.

Snow was falling outside, but Sirius didn't care. He grabbed Lily's hand and pulled her onto the back of the bike, somehow managing to push the second helmet onto her head before she could protest. She gave a high-pitched shriek and then something James said made her freeze.

"It flies, by the way."

Sirius grinned and turned the keys. Apparently he wasn't surprised in the least bit. The engine revved loudly.

"Better hold on tight." He told her. She had no time to respond for he took off into the air with the cheers of James following them.


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