Life of Lily

Bruised Feet and Too Many Spins

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Lily Evans looked over herself in the long, detailed mirror in her bedroom at the Potter's. She sighed and smoothed down several wrinkles at the bottom of her dress. That beautiful dress Marley and Alice had gotten her fit like a glove, a wonderful, amazing, flattering glove at that. Her sunset-red hair was done in simple soft curls down her back and her green eyes almost glowed. She looked "smashing" as her father would have said.

The New Year would start in exactly six hours. 1978 better bring plenty of good luck. She seemed to need a lot of it lately. This upcoming year would be one of resolutions and starting anew, Lily would make sure of that.

Over the course of the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, James and Sirius had been prepping her in etiquette, something she wasn't really cut out for. Let's just say that Lily Evans wasn't the most graceful girl out there.

All three had endured hours of waltzes, bruised toes, fancy silverware, and over-exaggerated compliments that ended in fits of laughter. Now, Lily found she was able to waltz around the Potter's ballroom (something she mocked James for having) with Sirius while only stepping on his feet twice. She also knew the difference between the two different spoons and forks and she knew how to make even the Minister of Magic blush at her praise.

The only thing that made it bearable were the long (and flying) motorcycle rides Sirius or James would take her on. She couldn't help but feel like that Gryffindor themed motorcycles was more stable then those thin and flimsy broomsticks. At least she was brave enough to go on something that flew!

All this newfound knowledge would probably leave her mind when she went to sleep that night, but for now she had to stay focused or she was sure to make a fool of herself.

The Potter's ball was a very well attended event. Witches and wizards from everywhere came to enjoy the small talk and excellent dancing (not to mention the food that Sirius always when on and on and on about). The guests invited were hand picked by Mrs. Potter, but it didn't take very much to get a lavish invitation. Going to the ball was almost like a right of passage for the upper-class wizarding people. In other words, it was a very big deal.

"Ready, Sunshine?" she heard. She turned and saw Sirius leaning through the doorway with his always-present smirk.

"Why don't you look like a million bucks, Evans," he said with an exaggerated wink and a chuckle.

"You don't look to bad yourself, Black," she replied with a grin.

He held out his elbow and she happily took it over enthusiastically. They skipped down the long hallway and stopped at James's door. Sirius loudly pounded on it and was greeted by James with an irritated expression. His tie looked ridiculous and vaguely resembled an origami crane. He was obviously having some problems. Lily smiled and pulled it loose. No wonder he never did up that red and gold tie at school.

She quickly tied it correctly with expertly trained and nimble fingers. Her dad had never been able to tie a tie either so Lily's mother had prepped her for the day when he would walk up asking for her assistance. Her dad's ties were usually bright blue with fluffy clouds or sunny orange with little yellow smiley faces. They used to always make her laugh.

James's tie on the other hand was a bit more laid back. It was the exact same color as her dress actually. She couldn't help but realize that he probably did it on purpose.

He smiled sheepishly once she was finished and a bit of pink came to his cheeks.

"Looks like you got outdone by a girl once again, Prongs." Sirius said with a casual smile.

James punched him in the arm and held his elbow out. Lily strung her free arm through his just as she did with Sirius. Now she had both boys at her side and she couldn't help but feel safe.

The three walked down the large marble staircase arm in arm to greet guests. Remus had come home early from his "outback adventure" and was finishing up his own tie as he dashed down the stairs after them.

"Looking a bit peaky Remus…when does it start?" Lily questioned sympathetically at her pale friend. He grimaced

"Three days. I'll be fine." He said shaking his head wearily.

They all knew that the two were talking about the full moon. Remus was slower, and seemingly exhausted when the time drew near for him to transform. His skin grew paler and his scars stood out more prominently, but he was still the same Remus nonetheless.

As the guests started to slowly filter in Lily shook many hands and was introduced as "the fifth Marauder". Surprisingly everyone seemed to know who the Marauders were. This introduction was met with hearty laughs and many winks. Apparently the Marauders were also known for their way with girls.

She was sad to discover that Marley, along with Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon were still in France and Alice was sick with a very mild case of dragon pox that she was already starting to lose. It looked like she would be stuck with the boys all night.

Once the last guest went through the large double doors and into the dining room, the quartet went and took seats in the middle of the too-long-to-be-true dining table. Only Mrs. Potter's best china was laid out of course.

The meal was a lot livelier and entertaining then expected and it made Lily's heart soar when she realized that she was able to fit in quite well. Luckily the only thing close to an accident was when she almost spewed water out her nose when Sirius stuck asparagus in his ears. That boy sure was something.


James couldn't help but hold his breath while Lily fixed his tie. He also couldn't help but notice how close they were and how pretty her hair looked in the current lighting. His heart raced and when she stepped back, something in him frowned. He looked down at the tie and saw it was perfect, of course. Lily couldn't be anything, or do anything, that wasn't perfect.

He grinned widely enough that his cheeks hurt when she took his arm. Then he realized how love-struck he actually was. It was a bit pathetic when he thought about it. But, even if he did dwell on his obsessive like crush, it didn't change anything he thought about her.

She was still the most caring person ever when she questioned Remus's health and she was still the most charming woman he had ever met when she greeted the guests with ease and a sparkly smile.

As soon as dinner ended he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the spacious ballroom. He blushed as she snickered when they walked in. What's so bad about having a ballroom anyway?

The others, who had been previously residing in the dining room, followed orderly behind them. A quick waltz was struck up and he spun her around with ease. Her crystal clear laugh made him want to laugh along with her.

Once the song ended she was flushed, but still happy either way. As an equally fast song began, she was whisked away by Remus.

"Mind is I steal her for a bit, Prongs?" he said with a smirk as they danced across the room without a response.

He chuckled and went to save Sirius who was being told by the Hungarian Minister of Magic how to best file papers that contained information on wizarding budgets.


"So…" Remus paused for a long while.

"Yeeesssss?" Lily said with a laugh.

"Oh, I'm just trying to come up with a clever nickname for you…seems like everyone else has one." He smirked.

Remus's smirk wasn't as scary as Sirius's (scary as in he was going to pull a prank on you at any moment) or as careless as James's. It was the kind of smirk that told you that Remus was one smart cookie. It was innocent and full of knowledge.

"How about…Rose. No, that doesn't quite work. " He said thinking hard.

"It'd be quite comforting to know that at least SOMEONE still calls me by my name,"

"Lily it is then," he replied grinning. She smiled widely.

"Now knowing you Mr. Lupin, I'd say you pulled me onto this dance floor for something other than dancing." Lily said wisely. Remus smiled sheepishly.

"Dead on as always Ms. Evans. I just wanted to wished to inquire if you realized that spark in your eyes was there."

"What" she said confusedly.

"You know, that spark that lights up your eyes every time you look at James over my shoulder?"

Lily blushed deep red. Was he trying to confuse her on purpose? There wasn't any "spark"…right? He was surely joking. Yet the look on his face told her otherwise.

"Really?" she said hesitantly.


"Well, that's embarrassing. Now tell me Remus, got a special girl back at Hogwarts?" she said trying to brush it off.

"Not so fast, we're still on the subject of you and a certain glasses-wearing dofus." He said laughing at Lily's poor attempt at changing the topic.

"Lily, what do you think of when you see James?" he said in a voice more serious.

"I see…I see the same boy who taunted my best friend, who annoyed me with his ability to breeze through classes, and who embarrassed me to death everyday." She paused, "I also see the boy who grew up to do what was asked of him, who saved me from drowning in despair, and who made me smile." She said wistfully.

"I want you to think about that Lily, please. The good things." Remus said looking her in the eye.

First Sirius, now Remus, two of four marauders though that James and her were destined to be together. Did that mean something? Lily decided to hold it off until the end of the year. She smiled when she realized that the end of the year was now.

The song ended and Remus left with a meaningful grin. In the time she wasn't dancing, Lily realized her feet were already starting to ache. Boy was she a wimp. Of course she couldn't dwell on that for long because Sirius grabbed her hand and spun her around crazily.

"Hey, Sunshine." He said with a mischievous grin.

"Hello, Snicker doodle." She said back.

He stopped his insane spinning (good thing too for Lily didn't know how much longer she would have been able to last) and expertly danced her around the room. She didn't understand how these boys could be so fantastic at dancing while she was a complete klutz. Ah well, she couldn't have everything.

"Spin or dip?" he asked her.

"Um…neither?" she said hopefully.

"Oh come on, you now that isn't how the game works!" he pouted.

"Fine, spin." She said with the roll of her eyes.

After too many spins to count the song finally ended. Thank goodness for that too. Lily immediately ran to the side of the room, pulled off her heels and plopped onto the floor. At that same moment the three present Marauders joined her, forming a little circle. She smiled at all of them and wondered why she had hated them so much in years previous.



The countdown had started and all were outside to see a display of fireworks being put on. Sirius and James were screaming the loudest out of them all and Remus was trying to act as if he didn't know the two insane boys who were making fools of themselves. In the end he decided to embrace their craziness and stood by Lily.

"3-2-1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Remus and Sirius both swooped in to kiss her cheeks while James got one right on the top of her head. They pulled back laughing. Then, all heck broke loose.


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