Life of Lily

Death Eaters and Revenge

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The deafening cracks of the newly started fireworks mixed in with the too recognizable sound of apparition. The combination was almost unbearable for most ears. Tall, hooded figures cloaked in black appeared before the eyes of all the guests. You could almost feel the shock and unmistakable fear radiating in waves off of each of them. A terrifying moment of dead silence rung through the cool nighttime air. Before long, the first spell was fired.

It was a patronus, a brilliant, silver, coyote shooting out from Mr. Potter's wand. The newly started flashes of red, yellow, orange, and-the most terrifying-green, cruelly resembled a rainbow. Yet those horrible bursts of color were the opposite of the serene picture that appeared in the sky after rainfall.

The screams of the witches and wizards gave the patronus message enough meaning without words and it ran off into the night. Help would come soon if they were lucky. Who knew what was happening at the Ministry or how soon aurors would appear to whisk them all to safety and banish the death eaters back to their horrid master. Still, they would come.

Even with that beacon of light in a storm of fog, Lily Evans was frozen. For in front of her were her worst nightmares all over again. Her feet were cemented to the slick grass and her breathing became rapid to the point where she almost passed out. Her mind didn't comprehend the situation; she was lucky she didn't die in those moments of immobility. It was just like in the car ride up to the Potter's everything was rushing back, but this time it was real. The spells, the screams, and the pain…it was all rearing its head in her face.

Everywhere her green eyes lingered lay a horrible manifestation of her nightmares. The death eaters were amazingly numerous and the amount of them seemed unending. Lily wouldn't be surprised if the ratio was four to one, almost surely signaling a victory for the wrong side.

She could see James a few feet ahead of her pointing a small family to the only apparition point while shooting stunners at unsuspecting death eaters. Remus was battling close to the boy with a fierce look in his eyes. Sirius on the other hand was tugging at her arm, trying to pull her away from the terrifying scene of torture and injustice. His pleas were almost screams and his hands were shaking.

"Lily! Lily you need to get out of here, Lily! NOW!" he yelled frantically.

She shook her head vaguely. Seemingly out of nowhere a shot of red energy whizzed past her ear, ruffling her matching hair. That's what made her snap out of her oblivious stupor.

Revenge. That was now the one thing on her mind at that moment. This was her chance. In front of her were the people who ruined her life, the people who ruthlessly ripped her happy family into pieces without a second thought. She could avenge them, her family, and now was her chance. Perhaps even her only chance.

Her wand was instantly whipped out of her dress' pocket and the magic coursing through her matched that of when Snape confronted her, but this time it was magnified by ten. The crackling air around her was even the same. She could do anything with a simple flick of the wrist and mumble of words. She felt powerful. Was this how Dumbledore felt when he battled Grindelwald?


Sirius watched as Lily's limbs stopped all movement at the sight of the death eaters appearing on the dew dropped grass. The color rushed from her face as if being drained by some unknown source of power. That's when she started shaking. It was like an earthquake was commencing in that little patch of grass beneath her feet. But maybe this earthquake stretched farther then that for he realized that he was shaking as much as Lily was, if not more.

The sight of her blood on the snow flashed into his mind in a grotesquely vivid picture and he knew that he needed to save this girl because she couldn't do anything by herself right then. If she wasn't going to move she would surely be blasted from the spot she stood.

He tried dragging her away, but her resistance was amazing and surprised him greatly. It gave him an idea of how utterly filled with trepidation she actually was. But then something must have snapped in her. Something must have appeared in her mind. He could literally see the flash of anger flicker over her green eyes making them cold and hard. No, he realized, it wasn't anger at all. It was hatred, hatred for the people who were hurting her from the inside and hurting everyone else on the outside. Those eyes weren't the green, sparkly orbs he grew to expect

Sirius jumped back in shock when he felt the sudden current of the electricity surrounding Lily. Was that even possible? Was a wizard even able to expand their magic to outside the wand? Lily Evans was truly brilliant and Sirius had known that for a very long time, but this was something different.

He watched in awe as she dueled with the ferocity to match that of any auror, yet somehow, Sirius thought that Lily was fighting differently then an auror would. He couldn't quite put his finger on it though. But of course he couldn't let his sister fight alone so he was quick to join her. Apart, they were intimidating, but together they were unbeatable. His confusion about Lily vanished as his mind queued in on the fight.


James was set on rushing to Lily's aid before it was too late this time. He knew she could fend for herself for a while with Sirius so he took care of getting most of the families out like his father had always told him to do incase something like this happened. James wasn't entirely surprised actually. He knew that eventually death eaters would seek to bring harm upon his family and friends during one of their many parties. The opportunity was just too good for them to miss. Hundreds of unsuspecting people, some without wands, it was like a death eater feast.

His heart pounded every time he heard a curse fly. What if it was directed at Lily? What if she got hurt again before he could get to her like last time? He would have broken the promise to her that he would always be there. That's what made him finally run to her.

He was amazed at how well Sirius and Lily were fighting when he ran to help them defend his home. It was remarkable really how two people could inflict so much damage. Lily's spells were fired with rapid succession and rarely missed their mark. Sirius was a bit slower, but still made an impression. They certainly had a strong motive, but he had one too.

A minute into his dueling at the side of Lily, James realized something was wrong. The spaces surrounding her made him feel prickly and uncomfortable. It was the complete opposite of how he usually felt around her. And instead of feeling like she was fighting valiantly for a good cause, her power made him uneasy.

All his life James had been good at reading people. He was always able to tell when Sirius was lying or when Remus was hiding something. His judgment of character was well known and correct more often then it was wrong. This judgment made him understand that something wasn't right with Lily. She was starting to scare him. The sweet person who stood up for the rights of others seemed to have vanished and her fighting told him so.

He was finally convinced when she shot as spell he had never heard before. If it wasn't dark magic, he didn't know what was.


Lily finally felt strong after all those months of struggling. She almost wanted Sirius and James to go and find a fight somewhere else so that she could show the world how strong she really was. This revenge, this hatred even, was like a fuel that she could burn off of. It was a never-ending supply and the amount added to her power seemed to build up with every spell.

Somewhere in the back of her mind was a little conscience getting drowned out by her new lust for power. It was trying to tell her that this was too much. That Lily Evans shouldn't act like this or something would go horribly wrong. That little voice was ignored without a chance to be heard.

Spell after spell flew from her wand in an amazing spectrum of colors like a laser light show. The words that came out of her mouth with each spell barely registered in her mind… until the last one.


Lily watched as the man in front of her crumpled to the grass. Blood was pooling around him in a sick, horrid image. Her eyes widened in shock. Had she really said those words?

The voices of James and Sirius yelling spells stopped as they stared at the damage Lily had done. That man, death eater or not, could die from that spell. Lily, their Lily, did that.

Her eyes became foggy and black splotches were appearing. She felt lightheaded and wobbly. Then the world went black.


"Lily? Lily wake up." A distant voice muttered.

The redheaded girl's eyes slowly fluttered open. She was in a white room the smelled of antiseptic. It was the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts and the voice was Sirius. He was sitting on her right while James was at her left clutching her hand.

"Do you remember anything?" Sirius asked hesitantly.

She thought for a moment and then it all came back like a ton of bricks. The death eaters, the want for revenge, that spell. Oh, that spell, that awful, horrible spell. She had sought to hurt others last night, something she had never wanted to do. She had almost killed that man! Actually, for all she knew she did kill that man! She was a murderer!

The thought brought hot tears of regret to her eyes, they flowed down her face as rapidly as she had fired those spells. Lily's mind went into hysterics. She killed a living person! Took his life! She was no better then any of those death eaters that had killed her parents! For all she knew she could have killed some little girl's daddy! Her sobs increased in volume.

"Lily, shhh, it's okay. You're okay…he's okay too Lily, the aurors fixed him up before they took him away." James said hugging her to his body.

She pulled away from his embrace as if it hurt. She didn't deserve his comfort. So what if the man was okay! She still could have killed him if the aurors didn't arrive when they did. She didn't deserve to be around people who were so good and full of light.

"Sunshine, what's wrong?" Sirius asked. He reached his arm out to touch her arm.

"D-don't touch me, I could have killed him!" she sobbed into her hands.

"Lily, listen to me, you are not a bad person," James powerfully said.

"YES, I AM JAMES! YOU DON'T GET IT! I almost killed him! What if I got like that again! I could hurt you or Sirius or Remus or Marley or Alice or Peter!"

"No, you would NEVER hurt us Lily." James pleaded.

"How do you know that? How do you know t-that I won't go crazy again!"

"Lily, It's okay, you just weren't in the right frame of mind. You're still the same Sunshine." Sirius stated softly.

"No, Sirius, I'm no better then they are,"


"JAMES, JUST LEAVE!" she yelled.

His face fell and he looked worried, as he should. What was wrong with his Lily? Did she really think herself a murderer? This was the girl who wouldn't transfigure her stick bug into a spoon in their fourth year because she was scared it would hurt the bug! He realized that he and Sirius would be the ones who needed to fix her.


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