Life of Lily

Pillows Fights and Werewolves

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Lily woke up and stretched. Her hand connected with something hard and the thing grunted. It was James and apparently she had whacked him across the face twice now. He smiled down at her despite his rather rude awakening. That girl sure had a strong arm, but he didn't mind, as long as she was his.

Looking around the two realized they had all fallen asleep in the comfort of the Room of Requirement. Sirius was lying on the floor having fallen off his small chair and Remus was snuggling deeper into his pillow with every whistle like snore he gave off reminding Lily of "Sleepy" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

It was a sight to behold. So amazingly normal and peaceful, it was. One would have never guessed what the two sleeping boys had been through. Lily decided she liked them best this way. They looked happy and several years younger in their sleep. It made Lily realize that they had to act like adults far too often.

Throwing a pillow at Sirius's sleeping form while she was at it, Lily reluctantly climbed off of James's comfortable lap, yawning all the while. She softly shook Remus awake to the groans of Sirius who was demanding to know who threw a pillow at his face and had awoken him from his "beauty sleep". Lily stifled a laugh and shook her head.

She turned around once Remus was awake and groggily rubbing his eyes to see Sirius aiming a pillow at her head with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. James was smirking behind him knowing that he wouldn't be able to hit Lily. He had been right too for Lily ducked seconds before the pillow hit its target. The only problem was that the pillow hit Remus who was standing behind her instead.

With a grin the sandy haired boy picked up the pillow that had hit him in the face and chucked it back at Sirius, who also ducked. The pillow hit James instead and once it did he had a look of determination on his face. No one should be around James Potter in a pillow fight because he was the master.

Lily giggled, as she understood what was about to happen, this was how all pillow fights started in her books. She was right too because moments later James chucked the pillow back at Remus who was hitting Sirius upside the head with his own pillow.

Pillows flew in every direction. Some were directed by magic while others exploded in a puff of feathers on impact. Lily had to admit that James looked cute with all those feathers in his messy hair.

While watching the three boys with a small smirk, Lily didn't notice the purple pillow that had been circling the room until it hit her in the gut and sent her toppling on top of Remus. She landed on his leg and smiled apologetically down at him. She then proceeded to grab the nearest pillow and whack him across the face before she stood.

James and Sirius took note of Lily's arrival in their war and were quick to once again knock her off her feet.

The fight continued on for almost an hour and towards the end James resorted to tickling Lily until she begged for mercy. Sirius and Remus on the other hand had been arguing over which pillows were better weapons, the large fluffy ones or the small hard ones. They proved their point by hitting each other with the desired pillow.

The laughter of the four friends filled the giant, magical, room until their sides were about to burst and their eyes watered. Feathers floated through the air without end and the couches and chairs were tipped over because at some point they were used as barricades.

Collapsing into a pile on the floor they all shared a special look. That was the most fun they had together since late October. It was now the start of February. When had their childhood turned into something so dark and dreary where a thing as trivial as a pillow fight was their only joy? They all knew the answer; it was when Voldemort came to power.

Lily sighed from her spot on the floor as she thought it all over. She was laying horizontally, her head rested on James's chest. His hands were playing with her silky red locks. Her feet were on top of Remus' who was laying the same direction as James. Sirius had his head lying on Lily's knees and his feet were up by Remus's face. The next question Lily had pertained to how they had gotten into such a random position.

While the question was as silly as the pillow fight had been, it gave her strength in a way that was really quite strange. Obviously they had fallen into such a comfortable tangle of limbs because they knew each other inside and out.

Sirius and Remus had known she'd be next to James so they had made sure she ended up by him. Lily knew Sirius despised laying his head on the floor because he thought it messed up his hair so she and stuck her legs out for him to lie on. But that was only after Remus, who knew Lily preferred to have her feet propped up had lain down so that she could use his own legs to do so.

With friends who knew her so well Lily figured she'd be able to fix herself quicker then she and previously thought. And what a wonderful thought that was. She closed her eyes and breathed it all in. It felt right.


For a whole week James, Sirius, and Remus (and occasionally Peter, Marlene, and Alice) stuck to Lily like glue. In the halls and during classes at least two of the four Marauders stood on either side of her forming a "Lily Sandwich" as Sirius had joked. Lily did like sandwiches so she didn't mind much.

At this point it was clear that Lily and James were together. This was based of the fact that his hand was constantly in hers and the kisses he pressed to her head whenever she flinched from loud noise or when someone touched her that wasn't a Marauder.

Sirius was ecstatic, almost more so then James had been. That was probably because he won fifteen galleons off of Remus. He also wished to be the best man and to have their first child named after him. Lily and James thrived in Sirius's enthusiasm, it was like their own personal TV show, but of course James didn't actually know what a TV was.

The school was abuzz with gossip at the new couple. It seemed that the Marauders and Lily had been the main topic of conversation all year, and this was an added bonus.

A silent and obviously traumatized Lily Evans was dating James Potter, was best friends with the Marauders, and hardly showed up for meals. Millions of outlandish stories flew around as to what had started this chain of events. Some said that James had cast the Imperius curse on Lily and that was why she was acting so funny. Other said that it wasn't actually Lily dating him but someone using Polyjuice to look like her and James was too love-struck to realize it.

While the Marauders either mocked or added to the ridiculous gossip chains for their own amusement, Lily ignored it wholeheartedly. Why should she care what they thought? Remus on the other hand seemed embarrassed by all the people who asked him whether James had slipped Lily a love potion or not.

Nevertheless, the first goal on Lily's list was coming along well and James, Sirius, and Remus were a permanent fixture in her life. They kept her stable in an ever-changing world. Now it was normal for her to crawl under the blankets set out on a couch in the Head 's common room instead of going to sleep in her room. James would always be in the next couch over and Sirius would always be splayed across a nearby chair and Remus would be curled up on the floor. The system worked for all them, until the full moon came that is.

It had started out as an average day of that time of the month. Remus was unbearably pale and looked worryingly ill. The word was spread around Gryffindor that he was going to visit his sick mother as he did every month. No one's had any suspicions as usual (beside a Mr. Severus Snape who had known of Remus's condition for almost a year now).

Lily tried to act a bit sunnier in order to boost Remus's spirits and lift his mood. He had told her how painful it was for him to transform and her heart ached each time he had to change into the werewolf. Sometimes the worst things happened to only the best people. Lily liked to think it was preparing them to do something brilliant with the world. Her logic was comforting and she tried to look to it a lot more often.

That night she knew something was wrong. Wrong in a way that she felt as if the Marauders were keeping something important from her. You see, Lily also had James's skill for reading people like an open book.

Sirius was babbling, something he never did unless he was nervous and James ruffled his hair every three seconds. Peter was the biggest give away because he kept on looking at her like she'd get mad at him any second. The way they were acting was wrong because they never kept anything from each other

She went to bed feeling jumpy and her stomach a bit queasy. What was going on? She drifted into a terribly uneasy sleep, ready to confront the four in the morning with her suspicions.


The creak of the portrait hole woke Lily from her deep sleep. She shot up and frantically searched around the room, her wand clutched in her hand with a light glowing out the end. Looking to the portrait she saw James limping in with Sirius' arm draped over his shoulder. Lily looked to the clock on the wall. It was five in the morning and the sun was just starting to rise.

Looking James and Sirius over she saw a large gash on James's leg and Sirius's head was matted with partially dried blood. They looked exhausted and ready to collapse, she didn't even think Sirius was conscious. Being half asleep it took Lily several moments to process what was standing in front of her, but when it did her maternal instinct took over. But it was only after a rush of fear flew through her body and all her sense of safety drained out.

Images of death eaters, late night broom accidents, and of injuries gained from tripping down the stairs flashed through her head. None of those scenarios sounded very likely.

She jumped out of bed and helped James drag Sirius to the couch. They set him down and Lily went to work checking his vitals without a word. It was a good thing she had wanted to be a Healer during her first few Hogwarts years. Being Lily, she had studied up on the occupation extensively before deciding that it wasn't for her. James was out of breath and staggered into a chair. Peter was nowhere to be seen and Remus was obviously still at the Shrieking Shack, finishing his transformation.

Sirius was unconscious and as far as Lily could tell he had a mild concussion; she'd only be able to be sure once he woke up. After wrapping a bandage several times around his head and waving her wand to create a few stitches to fix the cut on his arm, Lily turned to James with an expectant look.

She was far too tired and stressed to release her fiery temper so she decided to let James talk it out. Her adrenaline level was high and the questions running around her head were equally high. She walked over to him and rolled up his pant leg so it came to his mid thigh. She looked the large cut over and then looked back up at him.

"You were with him, weren't you James." She whispered in a haunted voice. He nodded.

While Remus Lupin was one of the most kind and gentle people Lily had ever met, it didn't mean he was that docile as a werewolf. After the transformation their human minds disappeared and were replaced with that of the wolf. Even the scent of a human could set them off.

Lily couldn't help but wonder if her boyfriend and best friend were both werewolves now. Just the thought of it made her head pulse with a newly formed headache.

"Don't worry Lils, we're okay," he said helplessly.

"Don't worry? That's what you have to say, don't worry? James! You were running around with a werewolf! HOW CAN I NOT WORRY!" she said.

He winced at her raised voice, but also at the tightness of the bandage she was wrapping around his newly stitched up leg.

"No, Lily," he started.

"I thought I could trust you to be the smart one James! Maybe I'd expect this from Sirius or Peter, but not you! Do you know how incredibly idiotic that is? Do you know the consequences of getting bitten?" she exclaimed.

Then James blurted something that really surprised her and changed her perspective around.

"We're animagi! All of us, Lily." He trailed off at the end.

"What?" she said her eyes watering with partial relief.

The bite of a werewolf changed humans, but it would have no lasting affect on animals. Since becoming an animagus was such advanced magic, the idea of using it to accompany the full-moon animal had never been considered. It was incredibly clever though and as good as James was at Transfiguration, Lily still couldn't believe that the three boys had accomplished it.

There was still the fact that he had kept this from her all these months, but all that mattered now was that he was safe. He motioned for her to step into his open arms. Snuggled in his embrace she expressed her thoughts.

"I thought I was going to lose you James…both of you." She sniffled.

"I'm so sorry, Lily," he whispered in her ear before giving her a small kiss on the lips.

A burst of warmth erupted at that small act of love and Lily melted even further into him. How one person could be so selfless she didn't know. James gave his all to help her and along the way he had transformed into an animal every month to help his best friend. No matter how completely illegal it was, it was still outstanding.

"You're a wonderful person, James." She murmured before falling to sleep.

It's true that in that night Lily had been in a sleep induced haze and her reasoning and worries hadn't been half as bad as if she had been awake. James understood this fully and was grateful that it had happened when it did. Yet he couldn't help the shot of guilt that flowed through him. He should've realized he could've trusted Lily.

At that point he was positive that the first thing on their list was completed because in that short time their bond grew even stronger, but only just because it was already amazingly strong in the first place.


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