Life of Lily

Aurors and Love

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Lily strolled through the castle by herself for the first time in months. She had no more cares, no more worries or things to fret about. Her thoughts were silenced and the tune of "You Are my Sunshine" was stilled hummed under her breath. Her mind was free and opened to whatever thoughts may come and for once she wasn't scared of the idea. She instead embraced it whole-heartedly.

Yes, it was strange that she had suddenly snapped back to normal, but really, if you looked close enough, you could tell that it wasn't the case. She was eased into it more then one would expect, she just needed a push and she had gotten it. Her sorrow was still there and it always would be, but it was miniscule and unnoticeable. That still made all the difference.

Several students watched her with apt curiosity as she walked the halls. Was that really Lily Evans? Lily Evans by herself…with a smile on her face? Yes, it was and Lily's smile was bigger then it had been in a long time and rivaled that of a lovesick schoolgirl. In some ways Lily was a teenager that had been love-struck because now she knew that she could be with James without feeling like she was his pity case, for there was no longer a reason to pity her. Her sparkly grin was also so big because it felt good to smile; it felt good to let herself finally be happy.

Being happy was like living off of blue raspberry slurpees and drawing with ice on asphalt in the summer time. It was like getting an O on a particularly difficult Transfiguration essay or successfully teaching Sirius to correctly brew a potion. The satisfaction was immense.

Lily glanced out of a passing window. The sky was a cheery blue and the grass was her favorite shade of green. The tentacles of the giant squid were peaking out from under the murky lake waters and students freely roamed the grounds, basking in the sunlight and soaking in the golden rays.

Instead of flashbacks from the past, the thought of how beautiful it was outside popped into her mind like a popcorn kernel. Instead of the large green willow reminding her of the one that was surely burned down at her house, she thought of how she should memorize its shape because she wouldn't see again in that form once she left Hogwarts.

Leaving Hogwarts. That statement floated around in her mind and she tried it on for size. It was a bit intimidating, yet strangely welcoming. Hogwarts was her home, but leaving would bring her a new start, a fresh perspective. Lily realized that during her period of wallowing and feeling bad for herself that she had always focused on the present, only wishing to press forward and getting through everything small step by step.

She had not once thought of the future. Sure, when she was 3 she wished to be a fairy princess and at 7 she longed to be a ballerina. At 8 her dream became that of a brain surgeon…it was a bit ambitious for an 8 year old, but Lily had read up on it. At Hogwarts she wanted to become a professor in her first year and then a Healer in her second. Third was a blur and fourth through fifth she fancied being a journalist. She no longer wished to pursue any of those careers. Not having a plan could be dangerous.

That's when a word popped into her head. It was a scary word that almost brought back her previous fears. It was a pain-inflicting word that could turn her into the power-hungry monster she was on New Year's. Auror. Lily Evans wanted to be an auror and now she knew it. No, revenge was out of the question. That was not the reason.

She wanted to stop those horrible people from turning another little child into a Lily Evans who had their life wrecked and crumbling at their feet. She wanted to save them before it happened. Lily knew she'd never go power crazy again because she understood the consequences, a lot of good in the world could be done if everyone's motive was as strong as the one she had.

Aurors lived the tough life, always on the run, in hiding and hoping to see another day. Marriage was usually out of the question, they didn't want to risk the lives of the family they might have. The good guys always had the weakness of caring too much about others and not enough about themselves. Even the initial training was brutal and virtually impossible. 2 in 10 made it. No, an auror was something most didn't wish too be.

For Lily it was different though. A challenge was a challenge and she loved those. Whether the challenge was beating Marley in a race down the hallway or winning in an eating contest with Alice, she was up for it. Sure, becoming an auror was a step up from the petty competitions her and her friends had, but it just made it all the more thrilling and the mere idea of it pumped blood through her veins a little bit faster.

Lily rounded a corner, still swimming in her recognized ambition, and saw Sirius flirting up some girl. He was a suave as ever and even though his eyes held a bit of sadness (as did most people's) he was still the same annoying ladies man. Not caring about the girl, Lily let out a high-pitched squeal and launched herself at him. She was going to be okay, her future was going to be okay, and of course she was insanely joyful.

Annoyed, the girl whom he had been talking to marched off and it took Sirius a moment to realize what girl had flung herself onto him. He was instantly relieved when he saw it was Lily because, frankly, it would be quite creepy if it was someone he didn't know.

Taking her shriek the wrong way, Sirius pulled away from her with a concerned look on his face.

"Sunshine, what's wron-" he stopped mid-sentence at the sight of her beaming expression.

"I'm okay Sirius, I'm going to be okay," she gushed.

"What?" Sirius asked, a bit confused at her enthusiasm, it was scaring him a bit.

"I-I realized something…I was being silly, it wasn't my fault. I'm ready to live again, to be me. I'm going to be okay."

She was practically glowing at her realization and her happiness was contagious. Sirius's face lit up and he barked out a laugh. Soon it became uncontrollable, picking her up and spinning her around, he laughed and laughed and laughed. It grew louder each time and almost seemed to make the hallways grow lighter and the air become less heavy.

"Oh gosh, Lily, I was scared you were lost," he exclaimed taking her face in between his hands, "Wait until James hears!"

James…he would be the most excited about this. The most excited that he was no longer with a broken girl. Lily didn't quite realize that James would love her no matter what emotional state she was in, but she soon would and didn't need to at the moment.

Lily nodded enthusiastically and spun in several circles in the spur of the moment. Her arms out-stretched to the world. It was like she was welcoming everything back into her life. She was Lily Evans. She was Head Girl, Girlfriend of James Potter, Future Auror, and the Fifth Marauder.

"Hop on my back, Sunshine." Sirius said with a smile, he was met with another nod of the head.

Lily jumped onto his back and he shot of down the hall, swerving and zig-zagging. Lily's laughter rang loud and clear, and it made those wandering the halls smile. Lily's puzzle was put back together. At last.


James Potter was trying to study for his NEWTs that were quickly arriving when he heard a loud and familiar laugh from the hall a ways from the library. He turned to Remus, who was studying at his side, with curiosity in his eyes. Finding out who was laughing was certainly more interesting then studying goblin rebellions and wizard wars. Remus frowned, not wanting to get his hopes up. What were the chances that the laughter belonged to their Lily? Not high.

It still didn't stop James from leaving his seat and venturing into the hallway. His footsteps carried purpose and most definitely determination. That laughter better come from Lily because he really needed some happiness. Still, the notion seemed a bit out-there. What he saw made him thinking he was imagining things.

There was Sirius running straight at him with a girl who had fiery red hair on his back. Obviously the laugh was coming from her. It was Lily. Of course, who else in the school had hair such as that? She was probably one of the most recognizable people in all of Hogwarts. He locked his eyes with hers and saw them alight with mirth and joy…was he dreaming? He sure hoped not.

James could tell he wasn't by the look on Sirius's face; he was equally bewildered, yet ecstatic all the same. Still confused, he looked back at Lily expectantly, tilting his head to the side. Yes, James had gotten as good at silent communication as Sirius. Lily nodded and hopped off of Sirius's back, slowly walking towards him.

Remus was talking quietly to Sirius behind him as Lily stopped a foot away. He could smell her strawberry shampoo and he felt the urge to brush his hand through her hair with the close proximity. That hair was his weakness. Scratch that, originality was his weakness and that hair was the most original thing he'd ever seen.

"James," she said, her eyes sparkled with unshed tears; they didn't seem full of despair though, they almost seemed happy.

"What is it?" he asked giving into his desire and tangling his fingers in the hair on the back of her head, bringing her a bit closer, it was just enough.

"They were there James," she whispered, leaning up to his ear.

There was no need to whisper for they were the only ones left in the hallway. Sirius and Remus had taken the hint and left minutes ago. Still, James didn't mind one bit.

"Who, Lily?"

"My parents," she softly spoke, almost hesitantly, as if he would rebuke her.

Her lips brushed his ears with her words and he involuntarily shivered. She pulled back a step.

"Well…not really," she muttered playing with his fingers and spreading them out on her hand, "but I could feel them, they're watching over me, James."

She looked up at him and searched his hazel eyes with hers, looking for an accusation that what she said was insane. His eyes always amazed her. Every time she looked at them she discovered something new that made her grin. They were a light caramel color that sparkled behind his wire-rimmed glasses that she secretly found adorable. Tiny specks of grass green dotted his iris and Lily almost saw purple lingering in the little dots. Yes, his eyes awoke the butterflies in her stomach ever time they were met with hers.

"I know, Lily, I know they are," he said gathering her small frame into his strong arms, one hand still in her hair.

She breathed a sigh of relief. She could depend on James, she could tell him anything. His scent of hot chocolate and cinnamon enveloped her, making her feel safe and wanted. She buried her head deeper into his chest and she felt a kiss pressed to the top of her head. It was so very James that it made her lips upturn in a small smile.

His kisses were always at the right times, in the right places, for the right reasons. He never kissed her on the forehead, cheek, or even on the lips just because he could. She wasn't his trophy as she once thought she would be if she gave into James Potter. It made his kisses special and meaningful.

"I'm going to be okay," she mumbled into his robes.

"I love you, Lily," he whispered in reply, resting his chin on her head.

"I love you too," she said for the first time.

It's taken six, almost seven, years for her to say those words. Better late then never.


I hope you enjoyed it, I like this chapter a lot. No, this is not the end either even though it would work if I wanted it too. I predict maybe 5 more chapters…at least 2 more. I already have a good idea for the next one, but yes, things are going to start winding down. I also predict a sequel in the future! Whether that's going to be created right after Life of Lily I don't know yet. Please Review!


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