Life of Lily

Happy Memories and Standing Together

Edited: June 26, 2012

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Shuffling nervously into the room, Lily inhaled the ever so familiar scent of blueberry body wash and coconut-lime perfume. The scent assaulted her senses and made her hands tremble. It was like coming back from a long trip. Before the adventure you went on you never noticed a particular smell or feeling, but as soon as you came back it hit you full force, yet it felt right standing there in her old dorm room.

It almost stung as she relived some of the best years of her life behind closed lids. Her eyes fluttered open and she breathed in the scent once again and scanned the room with purpose. Not much had changed, not much at all.

Even the way the hard wood floor felt against her slippered feet felt exactly the same, as did the lightness of the air and the feeling of being "home".

She could practically see all the times when Alice had tripped over her bed hangings or Marlene had sleepwalked into the dresser in the corner of the room. It had been quite some time since Lily had stepped into the dorm they used to share.

Usually the students got moved into a different dorm as the years went by, but Lily, Marlene, and Alice had pleaded with Professor McGonagall for days about letting them stay in the same room. She finally gave in on a day that the Marauders accidently blew up the Slytherin table in the Great Hall. She was far too frazzled to argue with them about it again and had other matters to work about such as how to get all the splintered wood out of the wall. That had probably been the first time the girls were thankful for the Marauder's presence.

Thus being said, the same nail polish stains and burn marks from spell practicing adorned the walls and floors as they did years earlier. The only thing missing was the scent of Lily's strawberry shampoo, which had slowly disappeared with her move to the Head's dorm.

As strange as it sounds the smell of Alice's body wash and Marley's perfume mixed with Lily's shampoo was wonderful. The girls had even tried combining them all together in a bottle to create their own trademarked body spray. Of course it ended in blue and pink goop everywhere and a sickening extra dose of coconut-lime that lingered on them for weeks.

Lily also thought about how many times they had all sat on the floor cross-legged telling ghost stories with their wands lighting up their face like muggle flashlights. Alice found the idea amusing and rather entertaining, but Marlene had been purely confused as to why someone would shine light onto his or her face. It was even stranger to her that they did it while telling scary stories. Nevertheless she had been a good sport and had dutifully held her wand in front of her face while whispering of a haunted tavern infested with ghouls.

The stories they told were definitely better then the Marauders' which were either "pee-your-pants-terrifying" or about something as stupid as loosing your hair gel. You could guess who told that one. Sirius never had much of an imagination and it was usually limited to his hair. Still, Lily always found it funny when he freaked out when he couldn't find his purple "lucky comb". She knew for a fact that sometimes James and Remus hid it when they were bored and wanted something to entertain them.

Lily jumped at the sound of the door shutting as someone came into the room from behind her. Brushing aside her, two figures came and stood to her front, looking a bit surprised.

"Lily?" asked Alice incredulously.

"Yeah," she whispered looking to the floor, forgetting all the things she had practiced saying to the mirror that morning.

She had been there with purpose, but suddenly that purpose disappeared from her mind and all that she felt was guilt. Just as she had thought things would go smoothly too. Lily had been the one who suggested going to talk to them, but James was the one who kept reminding her to do it. After all, with her new found confidence it should have been a breeze to talk to her best friends, but apparently she had been wrong for her stomach felt queasy and a bit of light headedness was added on the side.

Marlene, who was with Alice, dragged Lily over to the middle bed she used to occupy. It was cold and the blanket was stiff, signaling that it's previous occupant hadn't been in it for a long time. Alice pulled the other two beds into the middle as they used to do during thunderstorms as little third years.

Lily thought of how many times lightning had struck the sky, lighting up the room and giving everything a glowing outline. The thunder was the worst though. It drove them to push the beds together and create a fort of sorts underneath the covers. They lit their wands and held hands. Lily always told fairy tales with happy endings to distract them from the chaos outside.

As the years went by the need to do so distinguished. Nevertheless a tradition had been made so the beds were always pushed together before they drifted asleep to the crashing and flashing of Mother Nature's orchestra.

"So…how's life?" Lily asked, staring at the covers, not daring to look them in the eyes yet.

The bright Gryffindor theme was as vibrant as ever, it was almost an exact replica of the bedspread in her dorm. The only difference was that this one had a giant roaring lion emblazed in the center, the symbol at Hogwarts that stood for bravery and pride. Still not looking them in the eye, Lily traced the mane of the golden lion with her finger, picking at several stitches.

Apparently she didn't have a choice as to whether or not she had to look at them because Alice pushed her chin up and held her in her gaze. Lily was instantly met with icy blue. She forgot how pretty Alice's eyes were, it'd been a while since she looked straight into them. It's actually been a while since she looked into anyone's eyes besides the Marauders.

She had grown used to James's interesting hazel that she could stare into for hours, Remus's night-sky blue that was full of intellect, and Sirius's light silver always alight with mirth, even Peter's mousy brown eyes were seen by her more often.

"What's wrong, Carrot?" Marlene said softly, using the nickname she bestowed to Lily in fourth year.

It had been a long time since Lily had heard it and the ache inside of her grew larger. She had never realized how much she missed the girls. She remembered the day the nickname was created fondly. The three girls had been sitting in a triangle on the floor talking about how much the Marauders annoyed them (ahhh, the good old days) when Marlene said,

"What's up with those stupid nicknames anyway? I mean, Prongs? What the heck does that mean!" she threw her arms up in the air with frustration.

"You know, what?" Alice said, "We should think of stupid nicknames too!"

"LILY'S CARROT!" Marlene had instantly yelled without a second wasted.

"W-what? Why do I have to be carrot!" she had responded fingering her red hair, knowing it was the reason for the outburst.

" 'Cuz I've always wanted to call you carrot without you getting mad at me, duh,"

"Fine, whatever" she had pouted, something she wasn't very good at.

"Ooo! Another idea! Alice can be knarf!" said Marlene with equal enthusiasm.

"What does that mean?"

"Frank spelled backwards, of course! What else would it mean," she replied as if it was the most logical thing in the whole world. No one was surprised when Alice blushed crimson and Lily guffawed.

"No, Ali, you can be Cornbread!" Lily exclaimed with mock brilliance, tugging on her friend's hair while at it.

The other two girls gave her a strange look and collapsed in giggles on the floor. It was true, Alice loved cornbread and went through it like water, but the thought of it used as a nickname was amusing to say the least. Still, it made more sense then anyone being call "Wormtail".

"Cornbread, Lils, really?"

"Well, I just thought that…oh never mind, I guess it is kinda silly, isn't it?" she said starting to laugh herself.

"Well, Ali is obsessed with cornbread….it could work," Marley said rubbing her chin, it brought on another round of laughter.

"Okay so I'm Cornbread, Lily's Carrot, what about you Marley?"

"I think I'm fine with my own name actually," she said in between her giggles.

The next morning the girls had emphasized the use of "Carrot" and "Cornbread" in front of the Marauders. Based on the looks they were given they wouldn't have been surprised if the boys thought them completely insane.

Lily's nickname "Carrot" was the only one that stuck and even then Marlene only used it when they were having girl talk. Lily relished in the happy memory behind closed eyes. Happy memories from the past were far better then regretful memories from the present. Lily found herself striving to live with happy memories. She opened her eyes again, this time looking straight at Alice and Marlene.

"I'm sorry," she strongly said, pure genuine emotion flowed through her voice like caramel. Her goal of correcting things reappeared in her mind.

She was met with confused looks from the other two. While they processed her sentence a list of all the things Lily had done to them ran through her mind. She had left them, stopped confiding in them, telling them everything.

She didn't tell them of her first kiss with James like the giggling teens they were supposed to be. She didn't relate the story of the day Sirius and her had gotten into a flour fight in the kitchens and how Lily had received her first detention when McGonagall caught them. She also didn't tell them how Remus slept walked one night and ran into the couch, startling everyone awake. It caused them to whip their wands out and throw about fifty different hexes at him, earning Lily her second detention from a half-asleep Flitwick for being too noisy.

"I-I'm sorry I abandoned, you, left you for some boys that we used to hate. I'm sorry I've been such a wimp all year, always crying and thinking myself pitiful. I'm sorry I ruined your perfect seventh year.

Ali, we-we were supposed to make Frank Longbottom fall in love with you and Marley, we were going to prank the Marauders together." Her eyes brimmed with tears, "think of all the things we didn't do because of me. I wrecked everything just because I wasn't strong enough, because I wasn't enough of a Gryffindor,"

"Not enough of a Gryffindor?" Marlene whispered, "Lils, I always knew you were crazy." She finished shaking her head. Her dark curls bounced with the movement.

Lily looked up questioningly, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. Alice answered her look.

"Lily, you lost everything important to you in a single night. Everything. You're parents, your sister, and the predictability that has always been there. Still, you didn't give up; you stabilized yourself best anyone could with something like that happening.

"It took you two months to be okay. Two months Lils. That's nothing. It takes others two times that, years even. Right when you got past it your walls crumbled around you again and I know why Lils." She said in a haunting voice, a tear spilling over and dripping off her nose, onto her clenched hands in her lap. " It wasn't because you hurt that death eater, of course it wasn't. You thought that you somehow disgraced us by putting your emotion into that fight on New Year's, you thought we didn't care about you anymore because of what you did."

"You were wrong Lily, you were so wrong," Marlene said choking on her words with her own tears, "No matter what happens, we'll always be there, Lily, always. We abandoned you because we weren't able to convince you that you're our sister."

"But I left you! I left you because I was scared!" Lily sobbed.

"No Lily, you didn't!" Alice cried, shaking her shoulders, "you didn't Lily, we left you because we were scared. We were scared we wouldn't be able to help you!"

"You are the bravest Gryffindor I know Lils," stated Marlene.

"I'm sorry, I-I just…I missed you guys so much," she concluded, finally saying what she had been wanting to say all night.

The others nodded and just like in a cheesy chick flick hugs were passed around with several more mumbled apologies. Lily didn't know what to think. Her heart swelled with blooming joy and her realization that things were going to be okay returned to her. Euphoria coursed through her veins, making her slightly dizzy and nauseated.

"Let's fix things, yeah?" Alice said wiping her tears away with one hand, her other grasping Lily's.

"We need to make a pact of sorts," Marlene said with similar motions.

"Okay…Let's promise to always trust each other," started Lily. Alice continued,

"To always be there for one another with a cheesy joke or shoulder to cry on,"

"And to remember Hogwarts as the place that built us up to become who we're supposed to be. Promise to remember that we got through it together and if we're going to win this war, that's the only way it's going to be done." Marlene added.

"Together, I promise" Lily repeated to the nods of the others.


Yay! I can't believe how great this turned out, personally I thought it wouldn't work. Anyway, tell me what you think pretty please! And thanks to all of the reviewers I already have, I'm always prepared for new ones though haha.


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