Life of Lily

Stupid Death Eaters and Fires

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James watched Lily being pulled out of the common room to the Hospital Wing and his hear tinged. He bent over and picked up the letter that had slipped from her robes as she stood. He shoved it into his pocket to return to her later.

He decided to keep it in the Head's common room until she wanted it. It would be a good excuse to go back to his room and think. He gave a depressed wave good-bye to his friends and walked out the door and down the hall, not paying any particular attention to anything around him.

"Whomping Willow" he said clearly to the portrait that their room was behind.

It took him weeks to convince Lily to let him choose the password, so they compromised and found one they were both okay with. It also took weeks to convince Lily that Sirius wouldn't make anything explode in the common room if James were to give said password to the other Marauders.

The young girl in the picture of a flower-covered meadow smiled and nodded shyly at the two words he spoke as if it were a compliment. Sirius was convinced she had a crush on the Head boy. Why else would she despise Lily and blush whenever James talked to her? The portrait swung open seconds later to reveal a room clad in red and gold. He plopped down on his favorite chair by the fire to think. The sparks it sent out looked like a mini firework show that would captivate any onlooker. The whole room would captivate anyone actually. The Head common room was spectacular.

James could clearly remember Lily discovering that she had to share a room with him…it was actually quite funny. It was almost as bad as when she found out that he was head boy. She was fuming and he swore steam was about to come out of her ears.

"POTTER! HOW ARE YOU HEAD BOY!" she then proceeded to jinx him (Rictusempra no less…James always hated being tickled).

A similar reaction occurred when Professor McGonagall told them they were sharing dorms. They were given a quick tour of the space and were drilled with some average rules. The ones like 'no parties', 'no messes of the extreme nature' (that one was almost offending, it wasn't like he was Sirius), and 'no ruining the books'. Of course all those rules had been broken…besides the last one. James swore Lily worshipped those hardbound copies.

During the lecture Lily threw him the most distasteful glances he had ever seen her give. It was as if she were just waiting for McGonagall to leave so she could once again yell at him and somehow find a way to blame the arrangements on him. She was and it was quite an earful.

Things had been rather strained between the two heads in the last few weeks. James tried his hardest to lay off and Lily seemed a little taken aback that he hadn't asked her out in so long. The wise voice (that sounded a bit like Moony) echoed in his head,

'James stay cool and collected, she'll come through'

He yawned and continued to gaze into the hot light of the flickering fire, this time remembering the first time he met Lily.

She astounded him immediately with her beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. That slimy git next to her ruined some of her image though.

He also remembered that day as the first and second time he got into a fight with Snape and the first time he realized how great of friends Marlene and Lily could become. To this day James still thought Lily was breath taking, that Snape as an idiot, and Marlene and Sirius needed stop beating around the bush and snog each other.

He fingered the letter nervously in his hands.

To Ms. Lily Marie Evans

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

He once again noticed how official it looked…did it have to do with the reason why Lily was so distraught? He realized that was a stupid question. Of course it was the reason, what else would it be?

Should he look in it? He shook his head at the thought. He shouldn't be looking in other people's mail…even if it would possibly help bring them out of misery… right? He had no idea whatsoever. The black of the envelope was ominous and something was nagging at the back of his head telling him that that particular fact was important. His Lily was going through something awful. His Lily might need his help. His mind was so muddled a strong headache was coming on.

Eventually he placed the letter on the mantel and wearily sat back down.

As his back touched the chair, the letter fell from its spot, lying open on rug-adorned ground. Sirius would call this fate…Remus on the other hand would call it gravy…or was it gravitary? Remus, being a half-blood, knew quite a bit about the Muggle World and always used words that James didn't know.

He slid off his chair and onto the ground beside the note. He decided he would take just a tiny peak. What he saw made his face pale and his hands shake.

Dear Lily Evans,

We are sorry to say that this morning at precisely 6:13 AM a fire that was set to their home, below a Dark Mark, killed your father and mother, Karrie Rose and Carter John Evans. We are sorry for your loss. You may attend the funeral on October 10th at 8:00 AM sharp. You are allowed to bring students if you wish.


Millicent Bagnold

Mister of Magic, Order of Merlin First Class

Lily's parents were dead. Gone. Never to be seen again. For the first time that year (and certainly not the last), salty tears leaked out of his hazel eyes.


Lily Evans felt like her world was ending. It was though. It was all over. In a few seconds her whole world was flipped upside down and backwards. She was barley aware of the comforting hand of Marlene on her shoulder as Madame Pomfrey poured a potion down her throat. She was barley aware of Marlene standing up to leave as she drifted of to a medicine induced sleep, and she was barley aware of a strong, callused hand being pushed into hers. Perhaps it was a comforting angel that she was imagining. Perhaps it was a real one. Or, perhaps it was just someone who could help her. It was James, but she didn't know that yet.


When Lily awoke she could barley remember where she was or how she got

there. She felt groggy and her limbs were unnaturally heavy. Assuming this wasn't normal, she racked her brain, trying to figure out what happened.

That was when she remembered. It all came back in a waterfall-like rush. A rush much too fast for anyone's liking. Small tears dotted her eyes, but none of them fell for a single startling thought entered her mind. Tuney! Did Petunia, the one who had never liked Lily since that letter by owl came on her eleventh birthday, know what had happened? She bolted up and hit heads with someone who was leaning over her.

"LILY! YOU'RE AWAKE!" yelled a familiar voice.

It was Alice; they seemed to be bonking heads quite often. The girl jumped back and set the wet towel she had been dabbing on Lily's brow at the side table.

"Does Tuney know!" Lily asked in desperation.

"Know what?" asked Alice, obviously confused.

The tears she was holding in left her eyes and rolled down her now pale cheeks. Of course…Alice didn't know…no one did.

"A-Alice…they're gone! I'll never be able to hug them, or kiss them, or joke with them ever again! What am I going to do!" she said hysterically. Her store of sanity and calmness was depleted, but that would be okay for now, she deserved it.

"Lily…shhhh…Lils, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…but I don't know what you're talking about!" said Alice grabbing onto her friend's cold and clammy hand.

"My mummy and daddy Alice!" she sobbed. "They were always there! Always! Now I'm alone and they won't be there at King's Cross Station when I graduate! I won't go home to them for Christmas like I promised." She continued.

"Talk to me Lily, tell me what happened!" Alice replied. She was still confused. Lily's words were barley understandable and jumped all over the place. Lily's grip became much tighter and made most of the feeling in Alice's hand disappear.

"A fire. An awful, terrible fire was what it was. It was them Alice. The stupid death eaters!" she cried, "My mum and dad are gone Alice!"

Soon Alice's tears joined Lily's. She had met the Evans several times over various summers and each time she was welcomed heartily into their home. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were both brilliant people so full of life and happiness. They were just like Lily.

What had they done to deserve this? What did the old couple do to have their family ripped brutally apart? Nothing. That's what they did, absolutely nothing. They were average, normal in everyway. The only difference between them and the wizarding world was that they weren't magic. Did that automatically give them a death sentence? In the eyes of Voldemort it did apparently. The Evans were only two of the thousands that would die at the hand of this miserable excuse of a man. He needed to be stopped.

People like Lily broke because of him, and that wasn't right.

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