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That night a whole wave of catching up crashed over all of them. They talked faster then they had in ages and the hand motions were five times their usual gestures. Exaggeration seemed to have been invited to the party too.

The information was like fuel that ran through Lily, making her feel complete. Another piece put together. There was still one missing though, it was something she couldn't quite put her mind on. Like having your favorite cereal on the top shelf and not being able to reach it by an inch. It was frustrating, yet when you figured out you could jump to get it, the success was sweet. Sadly, Lily hadn't figured out she could "jump" yet.

"…and then he picked me up and threw me in the lake!" Alice exclaimed, waving her arms around wildly. She had been relating the story of her and Frank's last date where they had both taken an unexpected midnight swim.

"Oh gosh, Ali, that boy sure is full of surprises, but enough about him," Marlene tapered off, turning to Lily with a mischievous glint in her eye, "I think we'd all rather hear about a different boy. Is he as good of a snogger as everyone says he is?"

Alice giggled uncontrollably and Lily blushed crimson and took no time throwing a large pillow in her friend's face.

"Oh shush, you," she said shaking her head.

"Not until you answer the question," Marley replied in a singsong voice.

"Fine, talk all you want. I'm choosing not to be forced into talking about this," Lily said with fake haughtiness and a giggle.

"I see it's a lost cause for now, Marley," Alice sighed, "now tell us, Lils, what have you and the Marauders been up to?"

"Everything" she instantly replied, and it was almost true.

"I heard this rumor that our Little Miss Perfect got her first detention, care to prove it wrong?" Marlene asked.

"No, that'd be lying actually…I got my first and second detention both in the same week," Lily said smugly as if it was an accomplishment, and for her it was.

"Oh Lils, we're so proud of you!" Alice squealed, tackling her in a hug.

It wasn't that Marlene and Alice thought getting into trouble was a good thing, they just thought that Lily needed to loosen up a bit. More fun and less backbreaking books were her perfect medicine. Sometimes studying would get you nowhere in life, experience taught a large amount more.

"What did you do!" asked Marlene bouncing up and down on the bed.

"I may have accidently had a flour fight in the kitchens with Sirius…McGonagall caught us,"

"Hello ladies, did I hear my name?" asked the suave voice of Sirius Black.

A broom was slung over his shoulder and James and Remus zoomed into the room behind him while Peter tripped over the top step and slid down the slide turned stairs.

"I see you figured out how to get past the charm," Alice noted, pointing to the brooms.

She was referring to the charm on the stairs that turned them to a slide every time a boy tried to climb them.

"Yep, figured it out the second week of first year," Remus said with a glint in his eye.

"So, what brings the infamous Marauders to our dorm, huh?" asked Marlene.

Taking it as an invitation to get comfortable, the boys sat on the floor. James and Sirius sandwiching Lily as they have done so many times and Remus on Sirius's other side. Peter once again stumbled into the room and shyly sat next to Marlene.

"Infamous? Should I be offended, McKinnon?" Sirius asked dramatically, acting hurt.

"Probably," the three girls said at once with a chorus of giggles.

"Come on, Sunshine, we all know you're secretly in love with me," he said slipping his arm around her shoulder.

All though she made no move to remove it, she sarcastically replied, "Suuurrreee Sirius, that's exactly why I'm dating James," she threw in an eye roll at the end.

"There going to get stuck like that, Pumpkin," laughed James.

"Pumpkin, really?" she asked turning to him with a small smile

"Like you could do any better," he retorted.

"Oh yeah, Stud Muffin? Bring it on,"

"Sugar Lips,"


"Sweet Cheeks,"

"Precious," this one caused Sirius to bust up laughing, that idea that Lily would could James "Precious" was too much.


"Googly Bear,"




"Macho Man,"

"Why, thank you, Carrot Top," James said pulling her onto his lap and tickling all sense out of her.

"Surrender!" he yelled.

"Never!" was her response between her laughter.

Sirius turned to Remus and grinned.

"Ahhhh, young love…it's sickening,"

Everyone laughed at the comment and Lily yelled a loud, "I surrender, I surrender! Not under my knees!"

"I guess we all know Sunshine's ticklish spot, now don't we," Sirius said evilly.

"Blackmail," sung Alice.

More laughs were passed around and several held their sides, trying to subdue the pain from an over worked laugh box. Collapsing in a heap, they all lay on the floor looking at the ceiling. Lily was reminded of the night in the Room of Requirement when they had all similarly collapsed on the floor after their pillow fight.

Sirius waved his wand and a starry sky appeared above their heads, perfectly displaying the constellations. Everyone sighed at the sight.

"We should've been friends earlier," Remus whispered.

"What do you mean?" asked Alice, turning to look at him.

"I mean, why weren't we all friends in fourth year? Or third or second? We haven't changed all that much," he replied.

"We kind of have actually," said James, "I was quite the idiot in my previous years,"

"Nah, you were just too hung up on Lily to start thinking," Sirius said laughing.

"Yep, you're the one for me, Darling," James said turning to her.

Her head was resting on his arm and the slight turn of his head made their noses touch. He searched those familiar green eyes and found himself lost in them. Her scent of strawberry shampoo made him smiled widely, earning him a smile from her in return.

"I know you guys love staring romantically into each others eyes and everything, but we don't want a songfest on our hands," said Marlene cautiously, looking at the couple with disgust.

"Way to ruin the moment, Marley," blushed Lily.

James planted a sloppy kiss on her forehead and turned back to the ceiling-turned-sky above them. Silence enveloped the group and each member was lost in their own thoughts. It was Alice who broke the silence.

"So…what next?"

The question was emotion provoking and not as simple as it sounded. They all knew she was referring to what would happen once they left the safety of Hogwarts. They all knew she was asking what would they to help the panicked wizard world. Lily took the opportunity to finally speak her newfound occupational dream.

"I'm going to be an auror," she whispered.

The heads of Alice and Marlene shot up and looked incredulously at their friend. Lily was surprised the Marauders didn't do the same. Sirius answered her silently thought question…he knew her too well.

"We already knew Sunshine was auror material," he said laughing gravely, "she may not have told us she wanted to now, but we've all come to terms with it no matter how much we don't like it,"

Yes, the thought of their Lily having a chance of getting mortally injured terrified the wits out of them, James more so then the rest. Still, they knew it was what she was made for. Lily was a brilliant fighter.

"The Marauders will be out there with you, Lils," James responded.

"You know what…so will we," Marlene declared.

Her and Alice had contemplated the idea of being am auror several times, both finding more good things about it then bad. Now was as good a time as any to make their decisions. Seeing as Alice made no move to say otherwise, she was on board too.

It seemed strange that all of them wished for the same occupation, but their reasons were purely Gryffindor to say the least. They just wanted to help.


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