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Chocolate Cake and the Order

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Twenty minutes to spare. Twenty minutes. Surely he could make that, thought James as he navigated his way through the twisting hallways. He had been sent on a mission to find some chocolate cake in the kitchens for Lily and Remus who said they would "explode if we went a day without chocolate!" Lily also requested there to be strawberries on this super fattening cake. Perhaps it was too make her feel better about eating it.

Nevertheless, James had exactly twenty minutes to get the cake and return to the Head's dorm where Lily and Remus would have to scarf it down within five minutes. Otherwise they'd be late for the ever-so-important meeting with Dumbledore.

With that thought hammered into his mind, James turned the corner and narrowly avoided running into a person traveling in the opposite direction.

"Sorry, I…" he started, but trailed off when he saw who it was. His muscles instantly tensed.

Severus Snape was standing before him, greasy hair and all. He looked a deal paler then usual (if that was possible) and his face was sunken and shallow. The usual smirk was gone from his eyes and he looked…sad, depressed even. Perhaps even a little scared. The boy's hand flicked to his pocket where his wand surely was. A flash of black was seen on his wrist, no doubt the dark mark. James had spent the last two years of his life trying to avoid this particular seventh year.

The reason for this was because James was scared his temper would get the best of him. That boy had hurt his Lily numerous times now, yet James could see the way he looked at her and it was curious that someone who could be so cruel could love someone as pure as Lily. Maybe that was why Severus felt that way though. Maybe she had made him feel like a better person then he was, but those were only guesses on James's part.

Lily had once been a major part of Severus' life and that had been cruelly ripped away from him. True, it was partially his fault, but it was also partially James's. This caused guilt to mix in with his anger creating more of an annoyance and a dose of pity for the boy.

"Snape," he said curtly. The other boy looked confused in return, he obviously had his "thinking face" on.

Everyone had one. Lily scrunched her nose up and bit her lip, Remus looked up at the ceiling and furrowed his eyebrows, and Sirius looked like he had been hit with a body-bind hex.

Snape's facial expression turned a bit too threatening for James's comfort in the next few moments. He scanned James over as if trying to read his mind and James smartly avoided direct eye contact due to the fact that Snape probably had a small knowledge of legilimency.

"If you hurt her, so help me, I'll…" he started, his inky black eyes flashing.

"I won't" James whispered, instantly catching on.

"What?" asked the boy, puzzled at the quick answer.

"Listen, Snape, we're both in the same boat here,"

"What'd you mean?" Snape said interrupting quickly.

"I know, Snape. I know why you care so badly, why you won't let her out of your sight while she's in it," James said. Snape's face fell. "I wont tell her," James whispered in return.

Yes, Severus Snape was in love with Lily Evans and James could tell he was in deep, too deep. It would likely cause him a lot of trouble in the future.

"Why, Potter? Why won't you? Why aren't you going to tell her and ruin me like you've always wanted?" he asked squinting his eyes.

"Because I know what it feels like!" James almost yelled, getting angrier. "I know how it feels to love someone who doesn't love you back."

"Well, that's not a problem now, is it, Potter." Snape spat.

"But it was and that's my point. To see her sneer at me whenever I walked by or shoot me down without a second chance hurt me so bad. It was only worse because I knew she knew how I felt and she didn't want me anyway. I reckon she's too oblivious to realize what you feel,"

"Well maybe she'd be with me if you hadn't butted your head in Potter! Have you ever realized that?" Snape yelled.

"How is it my fault, Snape? HOW IS IT MY FAULT?"


James scowled deeply at this. Stole her? If he was correct he didn't steel anything. Lily was most certainly not an object that could be owned. It had been her choice and her choice alone. There really was no way James could force her to love him. With the exception of a love potion, that was.

"Did you ever realize that you broke her heart, Snape? Before she had even thought about thinking of me."

"You forced me to say it and you know that," Snape whispered in a deadly voice, stepping closer with his wand out.

He was of course speaking of that horrendous time after their OWLs in fifth year when Snape had called Lily a Mudblood. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"You just stated your own problem, I didn't force you to do anything. If you hadn't met Lily before school she would be just like all the other muggle-borns you call that foul name." James stated.

He then turned another corner as fast as he could before Snape could say another word. The anger had been bubbling inside of him and it was dangerously close to its boiling point. For Lily's sake he decided he should refrain from hexing Snape and sending him to the Hospital Wing.

James shook his head and tickled the large pear on the door to the kitchens. Perhaps he'd pick himself up some treacle tart with that chocolate cake to snap himself out of his newly formed bad mood. The only problem was that he had five minutes…it would have to do.


"JAMES! WE HAVE TWO FREAKING MINUTES! WHERE'S MY CHOCOLATE!" screeched Lily as soon as the portrait to the Head's dorm opened.

"I'm sorry, love, just ran into a bit of trouble with a few misbehaving sixth years." James lied while quickly sliding the chocolate cake onto the table in front of a tired Remus. It hurt him to be dishonest with her, but it was for her own good.

The full moon was in two days and it was starting to get to their werewolf friend. Chocolate was the best medicine though. The forks clattered to the table and both Lily and Remus quickly snatched up the forks.

Lily, unlike Remus, had no reason to really need chocolate, but apparently it was a necessity before going to see Dumbledore. James figured that it must be a way to reduce the nervousness that was probably welling up inside of her.

"Must have been Benjy Fenwick again, right James? That boy is sure a handful, and at sixteen too! No worse then you were I suppose," Lily rambled as her and Remus hungrily dug their forks into the cake on the table shared between them.

Her ramblings were one of the things James loved most about her though. They only surface in the times when she felt stressed, but nevertheless, it was extremely attractive. When James had told this to Sirius he had exploded in laughter. Apparently that wasn't normal.

James laughed nervously. Luckily Lily was to busy eating to notice his uneasiness. Sirius on the other hand looked up from his game of chess with Marlene and quirked an eyebrow. He shrugged in reply and smirked as he watched Marlene's bishop demolish Sirius's queen.

Alice applauded good-naturedly from her spot next to Marley. James decided that the only reason Marlene was winning was because Alice was whispering all the correct moves into her ear.

"HOLY PEANUT BRITTLE! IT'S TIME TO GO AND MEET DUMBLEDORE!" yelled Lily frantically as she jumped out of her seat, causing it to tumble to the floor.

They all watched in amusement as she hurried to wipe all the chocolate crumbs off her face and then dragged Remus out of his chair and to the door. Sirius turned to James and mouthed her words back to him, creating a fresh fit of silent laughter. Lily paused when she got to the door and then turned around.

"Are you coming or not?" she asked.

They chose that moment to release all the built up laughter that had been stored inside of them. Lily's pet peeve was obviously being late for things and as much as they knew it really bothered her, it was hilarious in every way.

Still laughing, the others grabbed their things and marched out the door after her.

"Peanut brittle? Really Lils?" James whispered in her ear, coming up behind her. She blushed.

"Force of habit…" she muttered.

"No worries, at least your exclamation is clean," James said, shooting a look at a grinning Sirius who was listening to the conversation.

"It's not my fault I grew up around vulgar language," he said almost too innocently, laughing while at it. "So what do you think old Dumbles wants from us?" Lily whacked him in the arm.

"Show some respect, Sirius!" she said angrily causing James to grin. Sirius and respect should never be together in the same sentence.

As soon as they got to the giant stone bird protecting Dumbledore's office, James spoke the password and they all walked up the steps silently. Different scenarios where running through each of their heads as to why they were called to his office. They ranged from being crowned "Hottest Guy at Hogwarts" to winning a Noble Prize (even though it was a muggle things). You could guess who thought each one.

The Marauders also thought that there was a small chance they were getting in trouble for something. But then again, when was the last time they had pulled a Dumbledore worthy prank? Their most recent mischief included itching powder and raspberry jam…it's not like any serious harm was done.

"Enter," Dumbledore's strong voice spoke as Alice knocked on the door.

They shuffled in nervously and waited for him to speak, each glancing at the other with question.

"In these increasingly dark times, one must be prepared to face the world…protect it from harm. Sadly, not everyone has the potential to do this. In you seven however, I understand that you have the ability to do great things." He said, peering at them from his spectacles. He paused for a long time, wanting the information to sink in.

"With all due respect sir, what else is it you wanted to talk to us about?" Lily asked after several minutes of awkward silence. It was making her jumpy.

"The Order of the Phoenix," he replied calmly.

The words spoken were filled with an air of confidence as if it were a prized possession. It still left no clue to what this thing actually was though. It could be a law passed or a building that had been formed to serve a purpose that somehow pertained to them.

"The what?" asked Sirius, leaning in as if he hadn't heard the man.

"The Order, Mr. Black, is a unique organization specializing in work towards the defeat of Lord Voldemort and his followers. Filled with the most elite members of the wizarding society, the Order, which is apart from the Ministry, assists in the captures of death eaters and similar undercover work. I want you all to realize how very secretive this is." He said gravely.

A jolt of adrenaline ran through Lily at the very thought of it. He was asking them to join. Her, Lily Evans, was being asked to join a secret organization. Not only could she help the world by becoming an auror, she could also work in the background even further. If there was one thing she loved, it was a good mystery to solve. Similar thoughts ran through the heads of those around her.

"I'd like to join," Lily immediately said with that look in her eyes. It was the look of a Gryffindor.

"Of course, Miss Evans, that is why I've called you here. While you are of age, we do not allow members to join until after they have graduated Hogwarts. I have notified you of the Order now so that the time to consider this offer is a substantial amount."

"Well the answer isn't that hard to come up with, sir" James said.

"Ah, but Mr. Potter, I dare say it is. By joining this organization your life is put on the line. If you were to be caught, by the ministry or death eaters, consequences will be distributed. Things can also become quite…intense when working with us. The world is a scary place." He stopped talking and a shiver ran through Lily had his words.

"Have you asked others at the school, sir?" Remus asked.

"Yes. At least two students from each house we've considered and they will soon be told as you have." The man said, nodding.

"Slytherins included?" Sirius asked skeptically.

"Sadly, the Slytherin house doesn't quite apply to this due to suspected activity pertaining to the forces we are against. Any other questions?" The room was filled with silence and many knowing looks. "Very well, you shall all be contacted as soon as school is over. Choose wisely and do understand, don't tell anyone."

They all nodded and stood thinking for a moment. Lily took the first move and rushed out of the room, eager to discuss the option. The others followed.

As soon as they were down the stairs, the talking started. Seven different voices were heard as they expressed their opinions all at once.

"Imagine! Being part of a secret organization!"

"It seems a bit dangerous actually."

"Do you think they asked Hesita?"

"End of year! That's in forever!"

"Guys…you guys, be QUIET!" yelled Lily over the noise. They all stopped talking immediately; Lily easily had that kind of effect when she yelled.

"One at a time…what do you think Padfoot?" asked James, deciding to assist her in taking control of the situation.

"I up for kicking some death eater butt, I don't know about you guys," he said looking around with a grin on his face.

Yes, the thought of avenging his friends and sending his family to Azkaban had its perks. He couldn't wait to see the look on Bellatrix's face.

"Alice?" asked Lily, looking to her friend. The girl was playing with her hair and staring at the strands.

"This could be our chance Lils, to make a difference. I'm terrified out of my wits, but I want to help," she stated strongly, looking Lily in the eyes. She was also wondering whether Dumbledore was considering asking Frank, she couldn't very well keep a secret like this from him if she were to join.

"I'm with Alice and Sirius. Sure, we'll become bigger targets then we already are, but how much worse can it get?" said Marlene shrugging.

Peter nodded timidly when Lily turned to him. He obviously was extremely nervous and looked as if he were about to pee his pants. She decided it was enough and lastly turned to Remus who looked puzzled.

"Why would they want me?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't they, Remus?" Lily asked. His eyes flashed and realization dawned on Lily. Remus was a werewolf; it was common for her to forget. He obviously found that fact a key reason as to why he shouldn't have been invited into the Order.

"You know perfectly why!" he huffed, turning his back to the group. She walked over to him and pulled him into a strong hug.

"Don't you want to help?" she whispered in his ear. He nodded. "That's all you need. The want. That's why they could use you Remus, because when someone wants to do something, they tend to get it done." She pulled away and smiled sadly at him.

The chances of Remus getting a job with enough pay to get him along were slim. Thanks to a law put out by Dolores Umbridge (who the Marauders have called by a different name that wasn't very appropriate) it would be impossible for him to snag an occupation without them knowing of his condition. Sadly, the world was too prejudice to not care. It hurt Lily to know that Remus didn't feel wanted. Sure, the Order wasn't a job, but it would keep him occupied.

Silence engulfed them all for several moments as they contemplated the state of the world. New people died at the hands of Lord Voldemort every day, those with a characteristic that set them apart from the rest were shunned, and Hogwarts seemed to be the only safe place for children to live without fear. Where had everything gone wrong? It was a universal question that would bring a frown to the face of all.

"I think we should include the boys in our promise, Lils" said Marlene after some time. She nodded.

"We stick together, yeah?"

"Of course, Sunshine, that's what friends are for." Sirius said with a cheesy smile while slinging an arm around her shoulder.

"Voldemort better prepare the best he can. He only has two months before the Marauder's get out of Hogwarts, he's in for a surprise," James whispered to the grins of the others.

"Oh yes, I can just picture Sirius turning his robes pink in a duel," said Marlene, breaking the tension with her giggling.

They all laughed along with her, but on the inside, they couldn't help but be a bit intimidated. If only courage came in a bottle…a bottle that was labeled something other then Firewhiskey, they couldn't very well be drunk while fighting Voldemort.


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