Life of Lily

NEWTs and Pink Streamers

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"James…James…JAMES POTTER GET OVER HERE!" stuttered Lily as she stared at the bulletin board in the Gryffindor common room.

James, who finally heard her shouts, casually walked over to see a shaky, pale Lily. Instantly his mind shot to the days where she spent her time avoiding people and constantly needed a hand to hold.

Luckily, once he saw the board for himself, he calmed down. She was just being the same old Lily Evans he had always known. It would probably be best to run for the hills though because she was sure to catch a hard cold case of the LPSD's. This was a sickness unique to Lily and stood for Lily's Paranoid Study Days. One could easily guess what that meant.

This illness consisted of a book ALWAYS clutched in her hand, staying up until five in the morning writing practice essays, and constantly asking those around her to quiz her on the questions.

It also meant that Lily practically lived in the library. Therefore, it was the only time Madam Pince didn't like her. This was probably because of how many times Lily had arrived to her library with a pillow and blanket in hand.

Yes, that's right Hogwarts, NEWTs were in two weeks time and Lily Evans had only just realized it. The problem was that not once had Lily opened a book all year to study for it. This year's case of LPSD's was sure to be amped up to an extreme.

Surely it was a problem, but Lily took things in this subject quite seriously. It was all because she needed purpose. It seemed that the only way to have purpose once out of Hogwarts was to get a job. This is what drove Lily to become the maniac she was during the end of the year. If she didn't get the right grades to get the right job, every ounce of purpose she had would disappear.

"Hey Sunshine, what's wron-" Sirius said. He paused to look at the notice Lily was willing to burst into flames with her eyes. "Never mind," he quickly muttered before spinning on his heel.

He then took to weaving his way through the small crowd in the Gryffindor common room to escape the soon-to-be wrath of the redhead. Obviously he had just created a target out of himself. Sirius cursed himself for his lack of tact.

"WAIT! SIRIUS! COME HELP ME STUDY!" she shouted after him, but resorted to tackling him to the ground before he was able to get through the portrait hole.

Lily was plain scary when it came to studying and everyone knew this by heart. Older years had taken to warning the first years about it the day after they had arrived.

"I-I'm sure Remus can help you study Sunshine," he wheezed from under her, "you're constricting my airways!"

"Are you calling me fat, Sirius Black?" she questioned sharply, squinting her eyes.

"N-n-no, not at all…it's just that…" he paused, trying to come up with a quick excuse, not wanting to meet her temper.

Half the common room snickered at the sight of Lily besting the great Sirius Black. The other half was hurrying to leave in case they met the same fate.

"Lily, get off of Sirius," said a bored James coming to the rescue.

With a pout on her face, Lily stood and crossed her arms. Her eyes nervously darted around the room, looking for another possible study partner. Sadly, it was deserted by that point and all had fled to their dorms or other parts of the castle with the hopes of staying away from the head girl.

"But Jaaammmmeeessss," she finally whined, "who'll study with me? NEWTS are in TWO weeks! I'm going to fail. There's no way I'll pass. I'm going to fail and never become and auror and then I'll have to live in a cardboard box and beg for money and,"

"Lily, calm down! You're not going to live in a cardboard box!" James yelled, throwing his arms in the air.

Luckily, Remus chose that moment to walk into the common room. His plan was to grab a good book and curl up in the front of the fire, but he knew that other things were in store for him when he saw the looks on his friends' faces.

James and Sirius appeared elated at the sight of him and kept glancing from Lily to him while Lily nervously paced the room and muttered to herself.

"Ummm…hi guys," he nervously spoke.

"REMUS! Save us from this…this studier!" wailed Sirius dramatically; he was instantly shut up when Lily glared at him.

"NEWT's are in two weeks and Lily here just figured it out," James stated, pointing to his crazed girlfriend.

Remus instantly paled. James frowned, realizing what he had done a moment too late. He should of known the reaction he would get from the sandy haired boy; after all, he had lived with him seven years.

"T-two week! Oh my goodness! I haven't studied. It's not a possibility that I'll pass! I'm going to fail and my miniscule chance of getting a job will become even more miniscule and I'll have to live in a cardboard box and beg for money,"

"Hey! I got an idea! Maybe you and Lily could share a cardboard box…it'll save you a few cents!" exclaimed Sirius sarcastically while holding back his snickers.

"NOT FUNNY, SIRIUS!" both Lily and Remus yelled at the same time. Remus turned to Lily.

"Think the library's still open?"

"Already ahead of you," she replied as she dashed to the door with Remus close on her tails.

The two dashed through the castle before finally arriving at the library where they quickly collected a five-foot stack of books and got to reading. Their eyes were glued to the pages and the occasional question was passed between the two.

Lily was trying desperately hard to absorb the information through her eyes while Remus was trying to gain a photographic memory by blinking a bunch of times at the pages before him.

It was going to be a very long day.


Sirius turned his head and looked around the room once they had left. Not a soul was in sight. He really needed less intimidating friends. He almost laughed when he realized that his most alarming friend was a girl.

"So umm…do you think we should study too?" James asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

Both boys turned to each other after a few seconds and collapsed with laughter. The thought that they'd actually pick up a textbook was amusing to say the least. Somehow James and Sirius had gained to ability to hear something once and forever remember it. Therefore there was no real need to study.

"Well…now what?" asked Sirius once their mirth died down.

Standing there in silence they realized that they were quite used to hanging around Lily and Remus and surprisingly they seemed lost without them. James ran through the list of their options in his head and came to the conclusion that if they couldn't annoy two of their friends, they might as well find another two to annoy.

"We could track down Alice and Marlene?"

"Sounds like a plan," grinned Sirius.


The sun was beating down on Hogwarts in just the right amount so Marlene and Alice quickly took the opportunity to dash outside and bask in the enjoyable sunlight. Nothing like an early summer tan, Marlene had said. Both were rooting for the sun to leave an impression that didn't freckle or burn.

The serenity of it all was wonderful and the silence was a welcome change. Most students were inside studying for end-of-year exams, but both girls had decided they could hold it off for a day.

Sadly, their peace was short lived for the shadows of two boys soon came along and blocked out all of their glorious, worship-worthy, sunshine.

"Hello ladies," Sirius said grinning (the opposite of the girls' expression). That appeared to be his catch phrase.

"Get out of our sunlight, Black," snapped Alice, sliding her sunglasses down her nose to get a better glare out at them.

Sirius grinned. Alice had definitely come out of her shell that year. The once amazingly shy, blushing blonde of Gryffindor now had gut. Several times the school had seen her defend younger years with a strong air of authority and a nasty temper. No one dared to do wrong in her sight. Some thought that it was brilliant that Alice had opened up. Others were terrified because now Alice had almost the same amount of temper as her two best friends, which meant three times the trouble for the troublemakers.

Sirius suspected it had something to do with her long time boyfriend, Frank Longbottom. That kind of thing tended to bring out the confidence in a girl. Sirius wouldn't be surprised if he proposed soon. He and Remus actually had a bet on who would get married first, Frank and Alice or James and Lily.

"No need to get angry, Prewitt," he chuckled, sitting next to her. James took the spot beside Marlene.

"So…what're you doing?" James asked after moments of awkward silence.

"Well, we were sunbathing," Marlene said, obviously annoyed. She slipped her sunglasses back on and lay back onto the grass. Alice followed her motions.

James and Sirius both sat there, waiting for them to somehow contribute to a future conversation. Several minutes later and they had still made no move to do so. James impatiently tapped his foot on the ground, while Sirius thought of the possibility of the sun damaging his hair.

"So Marley," he started.

"Shut up, James," she said monotonously, not even bothering to out emotion into the statement.

James blew his hair out of his eyes and stood, motioning for Sirius to do the same. His friend nodded in reply and they both made their way back to the castle, relatively bored out of their minds. It was a sad day when their friends didn't want them. Technically Remus and Lily had never shunned them, but they'd rather be bored then study of all things.

"Where do you think Wormtail is?" James asked after a moment of thought.

"No idea," Sirius said, amusing himself with a leaf he picked up. He was currently trying to rip the sides off without damaging the center strip.

"Think he has a secret girlfriend?" James asked, watching his friend with amusement.

Just as they had earlier, both boys turned to each other and laughed about the absurd idea that was in no way possible. Call them bad friends, but the last time Peter had a girlfriend was in their third year and she had only been dating him to get closer to Sirius.

"Prongs…I think we're stuck again," Sirius stated once they stopped laughing.

"Ooo! Idea!" James shouted.


"When was the last time we pulled something on McGonagall? I mean, really think about it Padfoot." James said. Sirius was silent for a couple minutes.

"Oh my gosh, James! How could we have forgotten about Minnie! She must miss us so much that it hurts at this point!" Sirius exclaimed, forgetting how un-manly it must sound.

"Actually, she saw us this morning in Transfiguration. Remember? She got mad at you for throwing paper airplanes at the back of Amos Diggory's head?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I think it's time we caused some mayhem," he said evilly.

Professor McGonagall better watch out, the Marauders hadn't forgotten about her just yet. Two of the Marauders that was, one was suffering from RISS's (Remus's Insane Study Sessions) and the other may or may not be off with his secret girlfriend that he couldn't possibly have.


The next morning both James and Sirius woke up feeling jittery and excited to see the reaction of their favorite professor. Their class was her first so there was no way she'd be able to take it all down before they arrived.

True, the slight feeling of abandonment from the day before was still present, but the adrenaline of their latest prank easily overwhelmed it.

All through breakfast the two couldn't help but giddily glance over their friends to grin at each other. The last time they had pulled a real prank of this size had been on Halloween, all the way at the beginning of the year! The feeling of causing mischief had almost left them completely and the accomplishment felt even greater this time because of it.

Lily would have described this feeling as zooming down a steep rollercoaster. Your stomach dropped and an extremely large smile couldn't be kept off your face no matter how hard you tried. Considering how neither James nor Sirius knew what a rollercoaster actually was, they couldn't compare the feeling of pulling a prank to anything.

That was partially what made it special though. It was a unique sensation to them. Just like how even if a rollercoaster made you sick and you still wanted to go back on. Getting a detention didn't stop the Marauders.

Unknown to them, the looks they sent each other didn't pass by Alice or Marlene. If Lily and Remus hadn't had their heads in a charms book while shoveling cereal into their mouths, they probably would have noticed too.

"You guys…"Alice said, her eyes darting between them, "you're kinda starting to scare me…just a little bit,"

"What're you up to," Marlene whispered, getting straight to the point.

"Nothing whatsoever, love, just excited for Transfiguration is all," Sirius said. Marley blushed at the phrase.

"Right…Transfiguration…suuuurrreee," said Alice shaking her head.

Tired of their antics, she turned back to making pictures on her plate with her toast and bacon.

James grabbed Lily's arm from underneath her book and looked at her watch. She didn't even blink as it was something he did often. Id didn't even occur to him that he was given his own watch for his seventeenth and that it was on his arm in that moment. Ten minutes until class started. Sirius turned to look at him and nodded with a twinkle in his eye. They both stood.

"Ready for class?" James asked his surrounding friends.

In response the group stood and made their way out of the Great Hall with the rest of the retreating students. James couldn't help but practically skip out, dragging Lily behind him. Somehow she was still immersed in her book. He always knew girls were good at multi-tasking. Then again, Remus seemed to be doing just as well.


Lily's eyes widened as she walked into the Transfiguration classroom. She was met with an unbearable amount of florescent pink that quickly induced a small headache. Streamers were strung over every inch of the room (literally) and a giant banner covered the area above the professor's desk. It read, "We love you Minnie! –Padfoot and Prongs".

The short yet laughter creating message was surrounded in red hearts that seemed to be singing all kinds of nonsense.

A further look around the room and Lily saw a bowl of lemon drops on the edge of every student's table. Not one was missing a white lace doily underneath it. The one thing that made Lily's eyes hurt the worst though was the flashing pink ceiling with matching revolving disco ball.

A round of giggles escaped her mouth and soon she was doubled over along with the rest of them. She felt like she was a third year again laughing at the time Sirius got soup dumbed over his head by Emmeline Vance, a Ravenclaw in their year.

Remus appeared to be trying awfully hard to reprimand the two culprits, but was failing miserably for every time he saw the bowls of candy over their shoulders he would have to stop himself from laughing.

As students walked into the room and took their seats, similar reactions came from all of them. The fact that they were seventh years and should be "more mature" was completely erased from their minds. The loud sound of someone yelling was the only thing that snapped people out of their endless giggling.


Just like in years previous, another detention was handed out yet neither boy felt guilty. It just made them realize that everything was back to normal. It also shown light on the fact that the opportunity to pull another prank was becoming slimmer and slimmer. School was going to end eventually and it seemed to be coming too fast for most of them to handle.

Soon, they would be out in the real world. Finding jobs and money would become the main concern rather then how much studying you could cram into one day.

This realization dawned the most on both Lily and James. James discovered that if he wasn't careful, he could very easily lose his Lily out in that world. Lily on the other hand was more focused on how easily everything could crumble so easily. In reality, the ideas were both very similar to the two.


Oh gosh guys! I was so sad about this story ending I decided to throw in a prank to compensate. ONE CHAPTER LEFT! Oh and I apologize for the blandness of your compensation, I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Please Review!`


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