Life of Lily

Paper Airplanes and Blackmailing

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The world seemed to be spinning again, at least a little faster then before. Some of the gloom that hung over the seventh year Gryffindors had vanished, creating much lighter moods. It had only been a few days, but it was something. Lily walked into Transfiguration and took her usual seat next to Marley.

"Hey, Lils"

"Hello, Marlene" she said grinning.

Lily and Marlene had a falling out during the last few days and Lily was glad it had been resolved. Marley had wanted to know why she was outside with James and Lily refused to tell her out of embarrassment. It ended in tears and shouting. With Marlene questioning whether Lily trusted her and Lily accusing Marlene of snooping in other people's business. Both girl's had had a terrible day and took their anger out on each other.

Alice had stopped the fight yesterday by telling Marley the news about Lily's parents. Marlene collapsed in tears and apologies saying that Lily had every right to be cross with her.

Alice was positive that this hurt Marlene as much as it hurt Lily. The Evans was like second parents to the pureblood. No one would have been surprised if Marlene had gotten a letter announcing the death of Lily's parents too.

Lily was glad to have her friend back after things had been resolved and she once again wondered what she would do without her.

The redhead flinched a bit when a rather pointy paper airplane hit the back of her head seconds after she sat down. She scooped it off the ground and opened it hesitantly.

You okay Evans?

She turned around to see James looking at her expectantly. She gave a small, shy smile and weakly shrugged her shoulders. He ran a hand through his hair…again…and returned the smile.

Over the past week, Lily could say she was an almost friend with Potter. He had helped her in a time of need and he'd been really kind about it. Their conversations no longer held shouting matches. Instead a snarky remark was thrown every now and again.

Her world was definitely changing. But, in some ways, it was okay. Maybe it was even for the better. Who knew, by the end of the school year everything could be opposite of what it had once been. Perhaps that'd be okay too.


James frowned as he watched Lily slowly walk into Professor McGonagall's classroom. The bags under her eyes were prominent and he knew she hadn't been sleeping very well. It was almost every night now that he heard the creak of Lily's door opening and the soft sound of her feet making her way into the common room. He wanted nothing more then to follow her down to the common room those nights, but he knew she need her space…at least for a while.

Their common room was separate from the Gryffindor common room but it looked very similar. A cheery fireplace was always raging to the right of the room and everything was covered in the Gryffindor colors. Several couches and chairs littered the area and the walls were covered in all books known to mankind.

James remembered Lily's eyes lighting up when she saw all those ever so readable books. She looked like she was in heaven. The room split into two different staircases (leading to each of their rooms) and in the middle was two bathrooms. It was easy to hear Lily when she woke up because he was such a light sleeper and their rooms were so close.

He scribbled a note on a piece of paper, folded it into a paper airplane (something Remus taught him to do in first year), and threw it at the back of her head a few seats in front of him.

She looked annoyed when it hit her, but her face softened as she read it. She turned back and gave him a rather tiny smile and a shrug of the shoulders before turning back to Marlene who was probably wondering what he wanted.

James was snapped out of his thoughts when Sirius strutted over to the chair beside him and poked him in the shoulder.

"Not day-dreaming about a certain red head are you Prongs?" he asked smirking. James shook his head and looked back down the book he was trying to study before Minnie (a name Sirius dubbed Professor McGonagall) came in.

"Ooo…I see, going to the silent treatment are you? Well I have something that will snap you out of it" Sirius said mischievously.

Sirius pulled out a rather large picture in a brown picture frame. It showed the Black Lake and the pink and orange sunlight. It also showed the famous birch tree with its red and gold leaves (The Marauders had taken a liking to the tree when they realized that it looked as if it was made for Gryffindor in the fall time). It was a beautiful picture in reality, but the other half of it made James cringe.

In the center of the picture were two seventeen year olds. One of the kids had flaming red hair and another with messy black hair that was sticking up everywhere. There was no doubt as to who it was.

The worse part was that the picture captured their intertwined legs and handholding. Just imagining what would happen if Lily saw it scared James half to death.

This picture made him fall backwards in his chair and hit the ground with a loud 'THUNK'. The whole class (including Lily and Marlene) looked back to see James sprawled out on the floor and Sirius laughing so hard his face was beet red. They all snickered thinking that Sirius probably pushed him over.

Professor McGonagall took this moment to walk in and sit in her seat at the front of the room. The class became quiet and turned back to her as she started discussing Animagi. James knew he didn't really have to listen to this so he sat back up and turned to Sirius with a scowl.

"Sirius…tell me where you got that picture now," he snarled wanting to throw something at his friend. Sadly the nearest thing was a pencil and James feared that would do no good.

Remus, who was sitting on James's other side looked over at the picture and smiled. He was about to open his mouth to say something before James cut him off.

"Not a word from you, wolf boy." He spoke.

Remus just smirked and turned back to McGonagall even though he knew everything (and more) about the subject she was currently teaching. Remus was just too good of a student to not listen to the teacher.

"Well James" Sirius said using his friend's real name as Prongs had done. "It was taken by a first year in Ravenclaw who sold it to me for 10 galleons. I figured it would be a good blackmailing device"

"Whatever you do don't let Lily see it! This picture could ruin our almost-kind of friendship!" James hissed behind his textbook.

Remus leaned back so James wouldn't see and mouthed the last words James had said to Sirius. They both snickered, but Padfoot turned back to him.

"What I'd like to know is why you two were in this situation in the first place. Last I checked Evans hated your guts…seeing as that was last week, I guess things could change in a rather short period of time it you know what I mean" Sirius said nudging his friend and holding in his bark like laughter.

"Pads…Lily's parents got murdered by Death Eaters last week" he whispered to make sure that no one else heard. The smile on Sirius's face disappeared and was replaced with a grimace.

"Wait…is that what happened? In the Common Room?

"Just go easy on her Padfoot, she's been having a rough time…haven't you noticed the bags under her eyes?" Sirius nodded sadly.

Remus looked devastated. James knew he and Lily were close. He had always been a bit jealous of them. Remus actually looked on the verge of tears… but that was how James looked when he found out and he wasn't even friends with Lily at that point.

"Still, when did this happen." Sirius said pointing to the picture and trying to wave the air of depression away. James sighed and decided to just tell him the truth.

"It was the day after it happened. S-she was sitting by herself under the tree and she was crying-"

"How did you know what happened?"

"She dropped the letter when Marley took her to the Hospital Wing. She spilled everything to me Padfoot!"

"She didn't try to move?" Remus said point to the position they had been in.

"Quite the opposite…she actually nuzzled in closer to me. It caught me of guard for a while, but I recovered."

"Of course you did," Sirius said grinning. James could be such a girl sometimes.

The bell then rang and James rushed out of the room, giving Lily a timid grin on his way out. Sirius caught up to him halfway down the hall.

"WAIT PRONGS!" he yelled before he grabbed onto James's shoulder to hold him back.

"What did she tell you?" he asked softly.

"I'm sorry Pads, I don't think I can say…it was all rather personal," he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Eh, that's fine…just like Marauder Rule #6 right?"

"Yeah, never betray the trust of a Marauder." He recited.

"We'll let Lily apply to this okay?"

"Yeah…that's great Padfoot, thanks"


"What do you think caused that outburst from James and Sirius…It almost looked like a picture frame. What do you think it was?" Marlene asked Lily on the way to Potions.

"Yeah" Lily said airily.

"Lils? Lily? LILY EVANS SNAP OUT OF IT!" Marlene said, causing all the kids around them to jump.

"What?" Lily asked almost annoyed.

"Lily, your in a total daze! What's wrong with you!"

"Potter…that's what's wrong." She said sulking.

"What do you mean?"

"He…He's messing with my mind Marley!" she said.

Before Marlene could respond Lily ran forward and got lost in the massive crowd. Marlene frowned and decided to confront her about it another day.

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