Life of Lily

Fights With Family and a Funeral

Edited: July 21, 2012

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"Ummm…Remus?" Lily asked quietly while wringing her hands. Her study partner turned to face her, moving his chair slightly.

"Yes Lily" he said in an equally soft voice, not wanting to provoke the librarian.

"I-I w-w-was wondering if…" she tried to choke out what to say, but she couldn't do it. She ducked her head in despair and tried to sort her hurried thought.

"Come on Lily, spit it out" Remus said frowning at Lily's actions.

"Could you go to my parents funeral tomorrow?" she said quickly, the tears were already coming to her eyes, intensifying the green.

Remus looked genuinely sorry and grabbed hold of Lily's hand and squeezed it. His own eyes were wet, but he kept the tears in to try and stay strong for the red headed girl. He hadn't told her that he already knew because he wanted Lily to tell him herself in her own time. If anyone didn't deserve this, it was Lily.

"Yeah, of course I will Lily…when did this happen?" he asked trying to act surprised.

"L-last week"

"I'm so sorry"

"I feel kinda silly crying like this Remus…I was able to make it through a whole 6 days without shedding a tear and keeping it all in…" Lily said trying to smile…it wouldn't come and her lip quivered slightly.

Remus frowned at his friend. He felt truly awful for her having to go through something like this. Lily was one of the strongest people he knew…now…now he had seen her cry twice in one week.

"W-would you please ask James for me? I don't think I can after-" Lily stopped talking and looked down.

"You called him James" Remus whispered. Lily looked back up with wide eyes.

"Um, Yeah I did, didn't I," she said softly. Remus shook his head as if trying to get rid of some of the thoughts he was having.

All through their Hogwarts years Lily had never addressed James by his first name. It had always been "Potter", or "the arrogant toe-rag". Needless to say, this was a big step on how Lily was warming up the boy who could very well become her friend.

"Of course I'll tell him Lily…were you going to invite Sirius and Peter?"

"Yes…you wouldn't mind asking Peter too would you? I can ask Sirius myself." Remus nodded his head and got up to leave before pausing.

"Would you like us to wear muggle clothing?" he asked looking into her green eyes.

"No, just wear what you want…my sister and her husband will be the only muggles there." She said as her lip quivered. Remus gave a sad smile and walked off to find James.


Lily couldn't believe she was searching the castle for Sirius Black and it wasn't to get him in trouble. She came across him sitting on one of the many staircases with his face in his hands. He looked up at the sound of her footsteps and tried to smile, just like she had tried in the library with Remus. Lily could see he was struggling just as she had.

There were bags underneath his silver eyes and he had a good day's stubble on his cheeks. He looked tired, as if he'd fall asleep at any moment.

"Hello Sirius" she said sitting beside him. She was instantly engulfed in a large hug that took her by surprise.

"James told me what happened to your parents…I'm really sorry," he whispered in a voice that cracked every few syllables. He pulled away.

"Would you like to go to the funeral tomorrow, Sirius?" She asked almost hesitantly. He nodded his head.

"Why are you here by yourself?" she asked him. Lily needed to forget. To forget about everything for even a few measly moments sounded like pure bliss.

"Its my brother, Regulus… he really hates me Lily-Petal" He said turning to her.

Lily realized he said almost the exact thing she had said to James. Silent tears flowed down her face at the thought. Sirius awkwardly patted her back wondering if something he said had upset her or if maybe she just felt the need to cry.

She pulled a rumpled piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to him. He read it slowly and his frown grew deeper.

This is your fault! I HATE YOU! NEVER talk to me again you freak! I don't know why you couldn't be normal because if you were our parents wouldn't be ASHES!

"It's from my sister," she whispered. "I guess we're in the same boat here."

"Yeah" he said trying to stop his own tears from coming. Sirius Black never cried and it wasn't going to start now.

"She wanted a separate funeral you know…"she said sadly. "She didn't want a bunch of freaks like me there. Professor Dumbledore convinced her not to, but she isn't very happy about it." She stood up and brushed herself off.

"See you tomorrow?" she asked taking the note back and slipping it into her pocket. Sirius just nodded his head and watched her start to walk away.

"Lily?" he said. She turned at the sound of his voice.

"When did you get that?"

"Last week" she said calmly.

"You kept it the whole time?"

"Yes…she may hate me…but I still love her" Lily whispered. She then turned the corner and was gone from his sight.


Marlene, Alice, and Lily all touched their hands to the old soda can that Professor Dumbledore had turned into a portkey. Each were in their Sunday best and none had the slightest hint of a smile on their faces.

"Now remember, the rest of the guests will be arriving in a half hour." He said solemnly. Even Dumbledore, the greatest wizard alive, was depressed at the thought of a funeral.

Lily had invited the Marauders, her two best friends, little Annabelle, Frank Longbottom (Alice's boyfriend), and all her teachers to her parents' funeral. She was supposed to be meeting Petunia so that they could set up the place she had chosen.

The three girls felt the familiar pull and were whisked off. They landed in a pretty cemetery that contained an old rusty swing set.

"This looks like home," Lily said turning to Marley and Alice and pointing to the ancient swing set.

She had told her friends the story of her childhood after the Black Lake Incident (as it was called by every one who was present) that happened at the end of OWLs fifth year.

That had been one of the worst times in Lily's life. She had lost her best friend, the one who had introduced her magic. That day he called her a Mudblood and finally spoke what had probably been on his mind for a long time. The cemetery looked very much like the place she first met Severus Snape.

Marlene gave Lily's hand a squeeze and they got to work preparing the area.

They all used their wands to create two holes in the ground in the reserved spot. Alice, who was amazing at Herbology, made lily and petunia flowers sprout and Marlene set up a gazebo type shelter to keep them in the shade.

While Lily used magic to clean up the empty cemetery, Alice saw a tall figure walking towards them.

"Wands away ladies, muggle coming this way" she said quiet enough so that only the other two girls could hear. Lily walked away from the swing set she was polishing and squinted to get a better view.

"It's Tuney," she said sadly. Lily still stuck her wand in her back pocket and walked forward to meet the skinny figure.

Alice could now make out a rather large man behind her. She assumed that this was Petunia's boyfriend for he fit the description of a " mustached walrus" perfectly, just like Lily said. Lily had stopped towards the end of the grassy area where her sister was about to arrive at. Marlene and Alice could barely make out their conversation.

"Hello, Tuney," Lily said. Her two friends knew she was trying to act as if nothing happened.

"Freak, I don't want to talk to you, get out of my way" the blonde walked past her sister with her boyfriend in tow wearing a scowl.

"Petunia wait! We need to talk!" Lily yelled stumbling after her. Her sister ignored her and continued to walk towards the gravesite.

"What have you done?" Petunia screeched when she saw the area. "This looks awful! Didn't I send you a picture of what I wanted it to look like?

"Yes you did and I saw it. You said you wanted nothing to do with it though so I did what Ithought was best!" Lily said coming up behind her. Petunia turned around fuming and looked as if she was about to slap Lily.

The Marauders, Frank, and Annabelle chose that moment to arrive by portkey. They were all in dress robes and obviously trying to look happy, the fake smiles slid off their faces at the sight of the two sisters.

"You just had to tarnish their memory with all your FREAK stuff!"


"I DON'T CARE! IT KILLED THEM! THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST AS BAD AS YOU!" Petunia said pointing to the new arrivals. The group of six awkwardly stood and Annabelle frowned and scooted a bit closer to Remus.

"PETUNIA! Please stop! Those are my friends! They've helped me with this more then you have! You're my sister, Tuney," She said the last part in a whisper and sunk to the ground with her face in her hands.

Petunia looked startled by this, as did everyone else. She ended up walking off tight-lipped and finding a seat in the very front of the rows of chairs Alice had set up, as far away from Lily as possible. Vernon, who was looking like they were going to jinx him any second, followed closely behind her. His small eyes darted back and forth between the wizards as he walked.

Alice saw James twitch, as if he wanted to run to her and then something surprising happened. Sirius placed a hand on James's shoulder to stop him and whispered something in his ear. James nodded stiffly and Sirius jogged over to where Lily was. He bent down next to her, looped his arm around her shoulders, and pulled her up gently. Lily buried her head in Sirius's chest and cried.

James motioned for the others to follow and he walked past them and went to the seats in the back. He pulled Alice and Marlene forward as well as if he wanted to leave Sirius and Lily alone for a while.

Alice was terrified when she saw her best friend collapse after her sister had upset her. This was Lily Evans! The girl, who helped, not needed to be helped! The girl who was strong and brave and able to push bad emotions in and pull good ones out at will! Lily crying like that scared her a great deal.

This also made Marlene confused. Wasn't James the one who liked Lily? Why was Sirius comforting her? Marley couldn't help but feel a thrill of jealousy run through her. She turned to James and he pulled a piece of parchment out of his dress robes at the sight of the strange look she gave him and scribbled something on it with his wand. He passed it to her. The professor's were just arriving with the caskets at this point.

Sirius is having family problems too.

Marlene nodded her head in understanding after she read the note. She looked forward and saw that Sirius and Lily had walked up to the front and sat down a few seats from Petunia. They teachers filed in the front of the other students and Professor Dumbledore started talking.


Lily collapsed to the ground and didn't know what was going on around her. She didn't want too. Her head pulsed with a newly formed headache and she couldn't separate one thought from the next. She only heard Petunia walking off after their yelling match. Everything was wrong. She had lost her parents and now her sister.

She felt a strong arm pull her up and she took in the scent of motor oil and peppermint toothpaste…a very strange combination. It calmed her though, it made her feel like it was all going to be okay. She realized it was Sirius. Sirius was the only person who might know how she felt right now. She pushed herself into him trying to shut out the rest of the world.

She felt him guiding her forward and setting her down in a seat. She opened her eyes and saw Professor McGonagall setting the caskets in their respective places until it was time to bury them. Sirius was in the chair beside her and she was filled with gratitude at the sight that he wanted to help her. He squeezed her hand and she gave a watery smile in reply.

Last year she hated Sirius Black with a very purple passion. He was always so full of himself. It was times like these that she was glad she knew him. If it had been Alice or Marlene who tried to help her, she would have been okay. If it was James (who had already proved that he was good at comforting her) she might have been a little better off then with Alice or Marley. Lily knew Sirius was the one who would prove most helpful in this situation. Who knew? Maybe they could become friends.

Most of the teachers looked at the two seventh years in the front row a little strangely, but shook it off as they moved towards the back. Things could easily change in situations like these. Before Dumbledore started to speak, he gave Sirius a quick nod as if to say he was doing the right thing.

The service was nice, but Petunia made slight coughing noises whenever something in relation to magic was brought up. Dumbledore finished his talking with something that left Lily to think.

"In the light of these tragic events, sometimes something even more worrying must take place to heal them." His eyes had that familiar twinkle and he looked right at Lily and then they traveled back to something, or someone, behind her.


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