Life of Lily

Jerseys and Taking it too Far

Edited: July 23, 2012

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The rest of that October flew by in a flash. The most eventful thing that had happened was that the Marauders charmed all the silverware in the Great Hall to start singing during breakfast on Halloween.

Lily's midnight visits to the head common room became less and less often until finally, they stopped.

It seemed as if things were going back to the way they should be. Nothing would ever be the same as it was though all they all realized that. It would take time to adjust, but perhaps they could have a relatively quiet rest of the year.


"Lily…Lily-Flower…Lilykins…wake up!" James whispered in a singsong voice.

Lily was an early riser, but James woke up even earlier. Usually it was to practice Quidditch. He was the captain and his team needed the extra work if they were going to win the cup.

This was his first free morning in weeks so he decided to wake up the green-eyed witch. Luckily, the stairs going up to her room didn't turn into a slide like they did in the Gryffindor common room. He had laughed when he saw she was sprawled across the bed with her limbs hanging over the edge.

He gently shook her shoulder and she responded by flipping over and burying her head in the pillow.

"Lily…" he said again.

"Wa-du-o-ant?" she mumbled into her pillowcase.

"Sorry love, I can't understand you." He said trying not to laugh. Lily rolled over to her side.

"What do you want Potter?" she grunted angrily, blowing her long hair from out of her face.

"LILY! I am offended! I thought we were past last names!" he said defensively putting a hand over his heart.

"What made you think that?" Lily said as she slowly sat up. She rubbed her eyes and blew her ever-annoying hair out of her eyes once again. James shrugged his shoulders and plopped on the side of her bed causing it to bounce slightly with the added weight.

"I don't know…maybe it was because last week you said 'we have to act responsible and the first step is to call each other by our first names'" he said in a crude imitation of the girl.

"Fine…what do you want James"

"Well, I want you to go to Hogsmeade with me today."

"Sorry, I have plans." She said as she pulled on some pink slippers and stretched to wake up further.

"I like your pajamas by the way" he said smirking.

Lily scowled deeply. She was clad in his pajamas. Apparently Marlene and Alice thought it would be funny to steal her trunk last night before they went to bed. Lily was too tired to run after them so James threw her one of his Quidditch jerseys and some of his pajama shorts. They looked ridiculously big on her and his name was spelled out in big letters on her back.

The two heads had argued about it for the time it would take to get Lily's clothes back, but in the end James rose triumphant when he told her that if she didn't wear his pajamas she would either have to sleep in her school robes or without any clothes at all.

"Who do you have plans with anyway?" he asked nonchalantly.

"The giant squid of course. Who else? Now go away!" she huffed. James grinned at this.

"At least you told me whom you were going with instead of yelling that it was none of my business," he said trying not to laugh. "Tell him 'hello' for me!" Lily chose that moment to chuck a maroon pillow at his head as he left the room. It landed on the floor after impact with a soft 'thump'.

She walked to her door and then she realized there was one little problem about going down to breakfast…she was still in James's clothes. She decided to run down to breakfast, eat, and run to the Gryffindor common room before any one could see her. She smiled at her the cleverness she thought she had. If one were to say Lily Evans wasn't her brightest in the morning, they would be correct. She pulled her bed cover around her so that at least some of the clothing was covered.

A grinning James Potter followed Lily out the portrait hole and down the many stairs of the large castle to her annoyance.

"Lily…I'm a little cold over here, mind if I have that blanket?" he asked smirking. Lily responded by kicking him in the shin.

When they were almost down to the Great Hall, Sirius came bounding over and jumped between them.

"Hello Lily-Petal, Prongs. How are you on this fine morning?" he asked using a rather silly "proper" voice.

"Well, I'm pretty cold…what about you Lily?" he said in between laughs.

"Come on Lily-Petal, why don't you share your blanket with Prongs here!" Sirius said catching on. He had seen Marlene and Alice run in into the Gryffindor common room with Lily's trunk the night before.

Lily ignored them and walked into the Great Hall with her head down. The sleepy girl wrapped in a blanket from head to toe was being looked at by all those present in the hall, including Alice and Marley who wanted to see what Lily had done without her clothing.

"Hey Lils…nice blanket…got anything else on?" Marlene said giggling.

"Yes Marlene, I am wearing clothing." Lily said annoyed.

Sirius and James sat down on both sides of Lily and it looked as if they were trying to contain a lot of laughs.

Lily tried to not let them bother her and scooped a pile of scrambled eggs onto her plate. Of course she didn't notice Sirius wave his wand over her orange juice and mutter something under his breath. She didn't notice it turn a shade darker either.

She finished her eggs hastily and washed them down with her juice. As soon as she swallowed a very strange feeling came over her. She suddenly had the urge to spill everything on her mind.

"This blanket really is quite itchy…I wish I could take it off," she said out loud.

"What was that Lily?" asked James smiling.

"I don't get why they had to steal my clothes anyway. Besides, why do they care that I'm wearing James's jersey? I am really annoyed with Marlene and Alice right now" she rattled off looking terrified each time she said a new word.

"Oh! That's what you're tying to hide Lils!" said Alice while chuckling nervously. She had no idea what was happening.

"Hiding something? Yeah, I'm wearing James's clothes because he said I would have to sleep without any on if I didn't. That was embarrassing. Even more embarrassing then that one time when Slughorn bought me that perfume and gave it to me during class. That was actually a little creepy." Lily quickly rambled. A strange look was written on her face.

"Come on Alice, give the girl a break." James said while trying to suppress the laugh that was bubbling inside of him. Sirius, on the other hand, started laughing so hard he almost fell out of his seat. Lily glanced over at James and the words once again rushed out of her mouth.

"James has really pretty eyes, they're so…hazel and warm. He is actually kinda cute…he's really nice for sticking up to me too. Maybe he isn't so bad. I don't get why I find it so hard to believe that I might have a tiny crush," this time she slapped her hand over her mouth so hard that it echoed across the room.

The currently present Gryffindors all looked at her with wide eyes and gaping mouths. Did Lily Evans almost say what they thought she almost said? A few listeners looked at the people around them to make sure they heard right and they didn't just imagine it.

The whole hall was watching just as they had that day at the end of September. Professor McGonagall was sitting on the edge of her seat, ready to bolt over the second something out of hand happened.

In the end she didn't have to move because Lily ran out of the hall looking quite distraught at what had just happened. James barely saw the tears sparkling in her eyes as she left.

What he didn't know was that she wasn't about to cry because she was embarrassed; it was because of the massive storm of confusion that was brewing within her. None of the things she said about James had ever really crossed her mind before; this was a new discovery even for her! Shouldn't she be able to figure it out for herself before she blurted it to all of Hogwarts? All the other things she said were true so the chances were the last ones were too.

Lily was so sick of being afraid and conflicted. Of course she cried! A seventeen-year only girl certainly wasn't supposed to juggle so much stress in such a small amount of time.

But James wasn't thinking this; he was just thinking that she needed his help now. His role of the knight in shining armor once again commenced. He ran out of the great hall after the Head Girl without a single hesitation. That was just who he was.

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