Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 10

Callen thrashed as the new poison entered his system. Ushering Joelle out a nurse and doctor ran in to check him over.

"He won't make it…!" Joelle promised.

Arkady stormed over and grabbed her out of Sam's arms, pinning her up against the wall.

"What did you give my son!" He snarled.

"I won't tell you, will all die!" she snapped back.

"I am not a Callen, you are Comescu yes?" He asked.

She nodded her head defiantly. "I am Joana Comescu. I will uphold our family's honor."

Her hazel eyes flashed in hatred.

"DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Arkady spat in anger, Anna stepped back frightened at the change in her grandfather.

"You are a Callen." She snapped at him.

"No...I am Arkady Kolcheck, or maybe I am more familiar to a Comescu by my former name. Nikita Alexsandr Reznikov."

Joelle paled. " in….?" She gulped, "I didn't know."

"Now you do." He snarled. "That boy in there is my son. I have watched over and protected him for most of his life, The Callen's any Callen is under my protection and will not be touched."

Joelle smiled, "Then you can't touch me I...I am having his child."

Arkady looked into her eyes.

"You lie." he decided.

She shook her head frantically, "No...No...I am pregnant." she gasped as his hand slipped around her throat.

"Grandfather!" Anna grabbed Arkady by the arm Sam grabbed the other arm. "What are you doing?!"

Arkady shook his head as clarity returned.

"Can you find out if she is telling the truth?" He asked.

Kensi nodded, "I can, I'll take her down and get a blood test before we ship her off to the boatshed for questioning."

Joelle laughed, "You think that will save him...finding out for certain that I am having his child?!"

Anna lost it.

She had sat calmly by as she let the others handle it but the answer to the one question she needed to know wasn't being asked nor was is being answered.

She pulled Joelle out of Sam's grip. Sam stepping back in surprise at Anna's behavior.

"What did you poison him with?" She yelled the intensity in her voice surprising all of those present.

"I am not going to tell you child."

Anna pulled a gun from the small of her back and held it to Joelle's temple.

"You can't shoot me?"

Anna smiled.

"I am not a cop, I am not an agent and I don't care if you are pregnant or not….I do care about the man lying in that bed. He is my family and I am a Callen and you are a Comescu. I will kill you." her face stayed stoic and her gun never wavered.

Reluctantly, Sam and Kensi pulled their guns on Callen's daughter.

"Anna?" Sam warned.

Anna didn't move and Joelle broke.

"I'm not pregnant...and I used Datura Stramonium," She cried.

Anna turned and lowered her gun with a very familiar smirk. "See I knew she'd talk."

"Give me the gun Anna." Sam said his gun still drawn.

Anna relinquished the gun stepping back, "Is there an antidote to this poison?" she asked a shocked doctor who was standing nearby as Sam took the gun.

"Y...yes ma'am there is." He stammered.

"Well get father needs it." she ordered.

Sam suppressed a smirk, she was so much like G it was unmistakable that they were related.

As Joelle was led to the elevator Nell stepped off ignoring her cousin.

"Nell, Callen's been poisoned with a plant called Datura, can you find anything on it that will help?" Sam asked.

Nell reached into her bag and looked it up.

"All parts of the Datura plant contain dangerous levels of alkaloids, they are usually fatal when ingested. Datura intoxication typically produces a complete inability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, possible violent behavior and photophobia which can last for several days another side effect can be amnesia, Overdose can cause death…." Nell stopped as her words had their intended impact.

"Grandfather…?" Anna asked tears in her eyes, "He won't die will he?"

Arkady gathered Anna in his arms, "I hope not...I do hope not."

Nell stood watching the family, all worried about Callen. Then she turned to Deeks who was coming out of a room, "I was looking for Hetty, she called me down here?" she asked holding her tablet close to her chest as a shield.

Deeks looked at the door he had just come out of, "In there, she has been asking for you."

Nell nodded and went inside closing the door behind her.

"Miss Jones." Hetty said as she used the controls to raise the head of the bed slightly.


"Are we alone?" Hetty asked.

"Deeks and the team are outside, they just arrested Joelle Taylor for the attempted murder of Callen."

"I am sorry dear…" Hetty said quietly.

"Sorry?" Nell asked.

"Miss Taylor...was she not the last of your family...apart from a cousin or two…"

Nell nearly dropped the tablet she was holding.


Hetty smiled, "We all do what we must, I understand that. However Miss Jones, you have come so far, why allow the mistakes of the past to destroy your future."

"I...I don't…." she shook her head and moved back to the door.

"I made a mistake, in trying to protect Mr. Callen I feel that I have hurt him more and more, but I fear if you were to avenge your family, it would destroy him. You unlike Miss Taylor know the man Mr. Callen truly is, what drives him. Can you really tell me that the feud your family is locked into is just?"

Nell sank into a nearby chair. " long have you known?"

Hetty chuckled slightly and then coughed as the movement caused her pain.

"I was the one who had you placed with the Jones' I had hoped that you would be spared being a part of this mess."

Nell looked down at the floor.

"I assume as you are the one with a key, you added the poison to Mr. Callen's drink?"

Nell shot out of her chair, "…"

Hetty smiled, "I know you did not give him as much as your cousin told you to, or Mr. Callen wouldn't be here."

Nell dissolved into tear, "I couldn't...I can't kill him...I…"

"I know dear." Hetty said. "I made my mistakes and if I am very lucky he will forgive me, I have had to go my whole life regretting what I did. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that I was in some way helping to not only save him, but his daughter as well."

Nell looked up at the woman and noticed for the first time how frail she actually was.

"What are you going to do to me?" she breathed.

"It all depends on you now, I would like for you to continue as you have been...and now that I am no longer able to work…" she shook her head as Nell opened her mouth to protest.

"I have talked to my doctor, I am going to have to retire, the question is are you going to let the mistakes of others define you, or will you be who you are, the woman you can be?" she asked. "Or do you intend to fulfill your family's vendetta and kill Mr. Callen?"

"I can't...Joana she...she found me and she told me about my family, I had to watch as Callen killed Vasilie, I had only just met him...I was hurt...I hadn't had any family and to find out…." Nell trailed off as she cried.

"I know my dear, you've had nearly the same upbringing as our Mr. Callen, but if nothing else that should show you that both you and he are not to blame for this awful feud, you can both rise above it."

"I want to Hetty...I really do." Nell wiped her face and looked at the older woman.

"So I take it, we are at an understanding and I will be alive when you leave this room?" Hetty asked.

Nell looked up at her shocked, "I…" her head dropped, "Yes...I can't be a part of that, I tried...God I tried, but I can't…"

Hetty sighed quietly hopefully not letting on how much she had been holding in.

"In that case Miss Jones, could you get me a progress report on Mr. Callen." she asked.

Nell nodded and as fast as she could she left the room.

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