Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 13

She watched as Callen lay on the bed, his eyes closed but not sleeping.

“You’re thinking too loud.” He groaned lazily opening one eye.

“I’m sorry.” Nell said for what to her seemed like the one millionth time.

Callen sat up slowly, his head spinning slightly and eased himself up until his back was flush with the headboard.

“Stop saying that Nell, none of this is your fault.”

“I poisoned you and Hetty.” Nell reminded him.

“Yeah, but not to kill us.” Callen added.

Nell humphed and put her hands on her hips in annoyance, “That’s not the point!” She exclaimed, getting madder as a small smile played on the edge of his mouth. “It’s not funny Callen!”

“It is... Kind of.” He retorted, “You look cute when you’re angry.”

“CALLEN!” she threw her hands up in the air and turned away, whirling back as he outright laughed. “This isn’t you, I’ve told you it’s the effect of the drugs in your system, you can’t control what you say.”

“Like sodium pentothal?” He asked.

“Like that yeah; Now, I want to get you something to eat and you need something to drink, so…” She handed him a handful of takeout menus, “What do you want to eat?”

He grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss, “You.” He sighed as she pulled away from him.

Nell pushed herself away with a sigh, “I know this is just the drug in your system talking. I know you will say things you don’t mean right now. Now pick something to eat and I’ll order.”

Callen slowly looked down to the menus, he casually picked one up. “This’ll do, I don’t mind what you get.”

“Are you mad with me?” Nell asked as she sat down on the bed next to him.

“God… No…” Callen grabbed her hand, “I’m not mad, I know you’re trying to do what is right, it’s just I can’t help feeling what I feel. I don’t think it is the drug talking, more my heart. But I can’t take the chance of losing you too. It’s like the universe hates me; It gives with one hand waits till I find a piece of normal life and happiness for me and when I do, it gets snatched away.”

“You still have Anna, she hasn’t been taken from you.”

Callen looked, “Not yet.” He replied.

“Is that why you left?” Nell asked, shifting her position so she could face him.

“Just thought I’d go first.” Callen sighed, “I heard her, she blamed me for Hetty. She was right, it was my fault. I know it was my fault her mother died, If Lizzy hadn’t fallen for me, if I hadn’t fallen for her, she’d still be alive, that damn feud has taken too much I’m too dangerous to be around.”

“Dammit Callen!” Nell snapped, “That’s not true. You are no more responsible for the feud than I am. That’s why I never told you how I felt. I mean, do you hold me responsible for your mother’s death?”

“No? Why would I you weren’t born then.” Callen said, reaching out to her and moving a lock of fallen hair behind her ear so he could see her face better, and he didn’t like the pain on her face.

“But you should hold me responsible, I did kill your father.” He said sadly.

Nell reached over and pulled his face up so her eyes met his. “You killed an evil man, he may have given me life but Daniel Jones is my father and he is not dead.”

Callen let out a sour laugh, “Yeah, and look at mine, Arkady Kolcheck in my life for years and couldn’t even tell me he was my father. I’m that much of a screw up that one parent gets shot in the head and the other doesn’t have the guts to tell me that he is my father and doesn’t…” Callen trailed off. “Damn drugs..” He cursed.

“When I came to your room, Arkady was sitting outside. He looked really worried about you. I think he cares, but like you he was doing what he thought was right.”

Callen looked at her the pain he was feeling evident on his face. “You think I screwed up again?” He asked.

Nell’s face softened, “No... Not really. I still think you are right, you need a few days to get the drug out of your system and to get a handle on what happened to you. I could call Hetty, let them know where you are and that you’re ok.” She offered.

Callen shook his head, “Not yet. Let’s get food first.” He looked at the menus again, “This one.” He said with a smile.

She took it and ordered them food.

“Maybe after dinner we can talk about us?” Callen asked.

Nell rolled her eyes, “Maybe in a few days, when you don’t have so much to think about.”

“That’s not a no.” Callen grinned.

Nell had to turn away to hide her smile.

“No… it’s not a no.” She admitted.

Anna and Arkady walked into Hetty’s house to find Sam, Kensi, Deeks and Eric sitting in the main room of Hetty’s home all looking worried.

“Anna, Arkady, it’s good of you to join us.” Hetty said as she motioned them to sit down. “Something I had hoped would never come to light needs to be revealed due to the fact that Mr. Callen and Miss Jones are missing.”

“What is it Aunt Hetty?” Anna asked as she sat down.

“As you know, both Mr. Callen and myself were poisoned.”

“Joelle, yeah, we know.” Sam said.

“No.” Hetty said, “Miss Taylor was responsible for putting the poison in Mr. Callen’s bottle of Scotch, however, she was not responsible for the amount of poison, the sourcing of it or how it got into my tea.”

“I was wondering about that.” Deeks said, “I mean Joelle could easily get to Callen at his home but how did you get poisoned?”

“Joelle Taylor is in fact Ms. Joana Comescu, her sister, Sabine worked for us.” Hetty revealed.

“We had a Comescu working for us and we didn’t know?” Kensi asked worried.

Hetty nodded sadly. “Sabine Comescu was no other than Nell Jones.”

“Where is she?” Sam asked his gut starting to churn.

“I don’t know, wherever she is I fear she is with Mr. Callen.”

“No!” Eric jumped up in agitation, “No way Nell is a Comescu! She’s sweet and innocent and wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

“Mr. Beale. I talked to Miss Jones, she admitted putting the poison in my tea, and supplying the toxin to her sister for Mr. Callen, albeit not enough to kill both of us as she had been ordered to do. I believed that she was sincere in her will to not become a part of this damnable feud. But I now worry, she had gone to confess her part in it to Mr. Callen, but now they have disappeared and I believe Mr. Callen may be in danger.”

“But why would she kill Callen, she knew him?” Kensi asked.

“Mr. Callen killed Stefan Comescu during the raid on the house in Romania. Stefan Comescu was her biological father, I am concerned that she has taken Mr. Callen with the intent to do him harm.”

“No.” Eric said again, “I worked side by side with her for years, there is no way Nell would hurt Callen.”

“I do hope so Mr. Beale, but I wish to err on the side of caution for now. I need your assistance to find them.” Hetty said.

Eric nodded and reached into the satchel he had brought with him and took out his laptop. “If they have left a trace I will find them.” He promised.

Sam stood up, “Did it look like there was a struggle?” He asked.

“The bed was unmade,” Anna said.

Sam laughed, “I don’t think G has ever made a bed in his life, he never did when he stayed at my place.”

“There was this note.” Anna handed the note to Sam who looked at it.

“It does look as though he left of his own accord.” Sam said after a few moments.

“Ah, but Mr. Hanna the question is… Does Mr. Callen know he left with a Comescu?”

“I’ve got nothing.” Eric snapped in frustration. “Nell knows all the tricks we use to find people, there’s no way I’m gonna find her if she doesn’t want to be found.”

“How could you let a Comescu into your organization?” Arkady asked Hetty the anger on his face visible.

“Miss Jones was never in any systems as a Comescu, she was adopted by the Joneses at a week old.”

“But you knew.” Arkady said not asking, but telling her.

Hetty nodded, “I knew. However, Miss Jones had had no contact with any members of the Comescu family during her life, nothing in her files told me she knew who she was.”

“Your failure put my son at risk. Now she knows about Anna too.” Arkady stood up and found himself met by a wall of Sam.

“You had better calm down.” Sam told him.

Arkady shook his head to clear his thoughts, “You are right Agent Hanna, forgive me, I am concerned about my family, I am sure you would be if it were your family in danger.”

“G is my family.” Sam said his arms folded unwilling to move.

“We are all concerned for Mr. Callen.” Hetty said, placing a hand on Sam’s arm. “However, with the drug still in his system, right now Mr. Callen may be susceptible to suggestion.”

“Then you’d better try harder to find him Eric.” Sam said, shooting an angry glance Eric’s way. Eric gulped and buried his face in his keyboard in what he knew would be a fruitless hunt to find Nell and Callen. After all Callen could be a ghost when he wanted to and no one could find him and Nell… Nell knew every electronic trick in the book, if those two wanted to disappear, no one would find them.

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