Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 14

It had been two weeks since Nell and Callen had disappeared.

Anna had stayed with Hetty while she recuperated, Arkady coming to see her every day to see if she had heard from his wayward son or her technical analyst.

Anna had the nagging feeling like she was being watched at night, but so far had not seen anyone. She was cautious when she left the house, but hadn’t relayed her concerns to either her Aunt Hetty, nor her grandfather.

Sam, Kensi and Deeks had returned to work, Owen Granger coming up from Washington to step in while Hetty was healing. Despite the doctor’s orders, Hetty was determined to get back to work if she could and Owen was willing to help where he could, even partnering up with Sam on a case so that the team wasn’t short handed.

Eric felt the loss of Nell keenly in Ops not having his partner there to back him up with an extra set of eyes, hands or a brain when needed.

He felt betrayed, like they all did, at the fact that not only was Nell a Comescu, but that somehow she had taken Callen and for all they knew she could have killed him by now.

Sam, however refused to believe that Callen was dead, citing the fact that he was close to his partner and he would have felt it if Callen was hurt or indeed dead.

Callen, groceries in hand opened the door to the small rental trailer that looked out into a grove of trees in central Los Angeles, off San Fernando Boulevard. He stopped to make sure no one was paying any attention to him. Nell had picked this place perfectly, not once had anyone looked at them twice. Mind you, in this neighborhood people tended to keep themselves to themselves. He stepped inside and placed the groceries on the counter flipping the switch on the percolator to start the morning coffee. Quickly making some eggs and bacon to go with it, he placed the breakfast on the tray and walked into a closed off room at the rear of the trailer.

“Nell?” He called softly as he opened the door. He smiled as he saw her spread out over the bed chewing her bottom lip in her sleep.

He placed the tray on the nightstand and sat down next to her, “Nell, honey.” leaning over he placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Mmmmm?” Nell stretched and opened her eyes.

“I got breakfast.” He nodded towards the food on the tray.

“Were you seen?” She asked worried.

Callen shook his head, “Nope, disabled the camera’s from outside the store, kinda easy really. Used cash, I’m practiced at this remember?”

Nell sighed happily, “I know. And I know we will have to show up sooner or later, but…”

“But let’s just have this time for us, to figure out what we are and where we go from here.” Callen interjected.

He smiled as she tasted his cooking and groaned, “God, this is good.” she remarked.


She ate in silence for a few moments and then stopped to take a drink of her coffee.

“So, how did you sleep?” she asked, “Any more nightmares?”

Callen shook his head, “I didn’t sleep much, I got about an hour.” He confessed.

“Nightmares?” She prodded again.

Callen nodded, “The same as last time, Anna being killed because of me, Arkady, not wanting to know me.”

“Are you ready to go back?” Nell asked, “I think you should, You need to sort things out with…”

“No.” Callen stood up, Nell, for a second looked hurt. “I’m sorry Nell, but we can’t go back… not yet.”

“Why not?” She asked, putting the plate back on the tray and finishing off her coffee.

“I…” Callen sighed, “I hacked into NCIS, Eric has a BOLO out for your arrest.” He hadn’t wanted to tell her, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it from her.

“I know.” Nell said sadly.

“You know?” It was Callen’s turn to look surprised.

Nell gave a small resigned laugh, “It was inevitable, I am a Comescu, you are missing and I did try to kill both you and Hetty. So… Kidnapping and attempted murder right?” she asked.

Callen nodded dumbly.

Nell reached forward and kissed him gently, “Is this why you’ve been going out for supplies early in the morning and keeping me in here?”

“I don’t want to lose you too.” He said not looking her in the eye.

“You will never lose me.” Nell vowed, “As much as that stupid feud was designed to make us hate each other, I love you. Nothing will change that. I am not a Comescu, I am Nell Jones. Remember that Callen; I, Nell Jones, love you.”

“I love you too, but…”

Nell shook her head, “We’ll give it a few more days, ok? You sort yourself out and we’ll go back, it’ll be fine.” She reassured him. She didn’t entirely believe it herself, though. She knew she would be arrested as soon as she got back and this little blissful bubble they had created for themselves would pop. But after what she had done to him, what her family had done to him, she felt she owed it to him to give him this moment of peace and normality.

“I’ve got him!” Eric shouted down from the balcony as Sam looked up in surprise.

“Who?” Sam asked as he exited the bullpen and headed up towards Eric with Kensi and Deeks on his tail.

“Callen.” Eric pulled up the footage from the camera Callen had been seen on.

“This was 6am this morning, A small store in Cypress Ave.”

They watched as a figure, his face hidden by a ball cap walked towards the store, keeping his face away from the security camera’s outside the store as he slipped around the back. The angle showed his face as he stood on a box and cut the wires to the store’s security cameras.

“Is he being watched? Comescus?” Sam asked.

“No.” Eric replied, “He’s caught on the same camera exiting, with a bag of groceries, I managed to catch him on a few more camera’s, there is a defunct auto shop, but the camera’s are still working, so I caught him going into this trailer park.”

He showed Callen, stopping, looking around him as he sidled into the trailer park losing himself in the maze of cars and trailers.

“So, he’s not being held against his will; but there’s no sign of Nell, so maybe he’s hiding?” Kensi asked.

“Na…” Sam shook his head, “There’s no way G would hide from the Comescu’s it would make Anna more of a target. Kensi, you and Deeks go and see the store owner, see what you can get from him, Granger and I will check out the trailer park and see if we can find Callen.”

Callen cleaned up as Nell came out of the bedroom, washed and dressed for the day.

“So, what do you want to do today?” She asked.

Callen shrugged as he poured himself a coffee and sat on the couch.

“What had you planned to do about your family?” Callen asked.

Nell sighed, “As far as I know none of them know where the Joneses live. Do you think they could be in danger from them?” She asked, not wanting to say the word Comescu.

“I don’t know. How much about your life did Jo know?”

Nell shook her head, “I don’t know, I mean I never took her home. We met in coffee shops and cafe’s. I don’t know how much she knew about my parents.”

Callen reached down and handed Nell a bag, “You might need this.”

She opened it and smiled, “My laptop? When did you get this?”

“I went to your place last night while you were sleeping, figured we would need it at some point.”

Nell smiled and kissed him, “Thank you so much.”

Callen smiled, “You’re welcome.” He moved the laptop so it was sitting in front of her and looked out of the window with a slight sigh.

“You went again, didn’t you?” Nell asked.

“No one saw me.” Callen argued.

“That’s not the point, the point is you didn’t let her know you were there did you?”

Callen shook his head, “I didn’t want to worry her, but I can’t abandon her; she’s my daughter.”

“I’m not expecting you to Callen. As far as I know there are no Comescus in America right now.” Nell turned on her laptop and clicked on a file she had. “This is a tracker, it tracks the passport movements of all the members of the Comescu family.” She explained.

Opening the file she typed in some parameters, “Ok, it looks like all of them are in Europe… With the exception of… Damn… Petre is here.”


“Petre Comescu. He’s my Uncle. Out of all them I’ve met, he’s the nastiest. He flew into LAX the day you were poisoned. He’ll have had time to try and make contact with me and Joana by now.”

“What will he do?” Callen asked worried.

“I’m not sure, Callen we need to find him and stop him before he hurts anyone.”

Granger and Sam pulled up outside the trailer park.

“You’re sure he’s here?” Granger asked, looking at the area, “I would have thought he would have gone to a motel.”

“They were the first places I checked and he would have known that. G’s good at what he does.” Sam argued, “He hates trailer parks, had a bad foster home in one once, so I never checked these.”

They walked up to the office, as they did so, Sam noticed the door on the trailer at the back of the lot open and watched as Nell and Callen walked outside.

“Granger.” Sam said low as he nodded in their direction.

Callen grabbed Nell’s bag and his own and threw them in the back of the blue utility truck he had brought. The truck was old and beat up, but still road worthy.

He looked around, scanning for danger as he opened the door for her to get in.

Sam went to call out to him, but Granger placed a hand on his arm.

“Wait.” He ordered.

“But…” Sam started.

Granger shook his head, “Something isn’t right, stay back, we’ll follow them and see where they go.”

Sam didn’t like it, but Granger was in charge and he had to obey.

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