Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 2

"What did he say?" Sam asked turning to Arkady.

"Too little Too late." Arkady said, "I hope that he doesn't mean that."

Sam looked at the pallor on the other man's face.

"What the heck happened, I leave you two alone for five minutes and find you at each other's throats?"

Arkady shook his head, "I told you….I told you both, that I keep secrets that he didn't need to know, he wasn't ready to know, and now he's found out."

"Found out what?!" Sam nearly yelled in frustration.

"Callen has family...Now he knows he will want to see her, put her in danger. I cannot allow it." He looked around for his phone.

"Chert Voz'mi!" He swore, "I need to borrow your phone. I need to call Henrietta."

Sam handed Arkady his phone he pulled up Hetty's number.

"Mr. Hanna?" Hetty's voice could be heard over the speaker.

"Niet, Henrietta it is me, Callen knows...The ship is headed to the port in Los Angeles now. Can you meet us as the ship docks, he will need you."

Even with the phone pressed to Arkady's ear, Sam could hear the worry in Hettys' voice.

"How much does he know."

Arkady sighed, "All of it...Well, not the why, just the who."

"And Anna? Does he know about her?" Hetty asked.

Anna….Sam had heard that name before.

"Da." Arkady said and nodded.

"Oh Bugger." Hetty swore and Sam heard the sound of breaking China. "I'll have Miss Jones pick her up. If he knows he could do something …unwise."

"Thank you." Arkady replied a look of relief spreading across his face.

Hetty's voice shook slightly, "Does he know about me?"

"Niet. It was not pertinent to our conversation, you are still you."

"Good...I will be there when the ship docks." She replied, "Tell Mr. Hanna to keep an eye on him, I will speak to him when you dock."

"I think I've lost him." Arkady admitted his voice breaking slightly.

"He will come around, once he realizes what was at stake." Hetty reassured him. "Trust me Arkady."

"Don't I always Henrietta." Arkady replied and cut the call handing Sam back his phone.

"Please Agent Hanna, Callen may not talk, but right now he needs a friend and that cannot be me. I will not betray his confidence, but you need to know that all that has been done has been with his safety and the safety of the Callen line in mind."

Arkady moved as the captain of the ship walked in followed by Kensi and Deeks.

Sam watched as Arkady ordered the captain to turn the ship to dock in the port of Los Angeles, told Kensi and Deeks to watch him and headed out onto the rest of the ship in search of his wayward partner.

Sam smiled as he walked the length of the deck, finally spotting Callen.

"Kensi would have a fit if she knew you were standing there." He grinned walking up behind him.

"Sorry?" Callen was thrown for a second.

"Titanic, her favorite movie…'King of the world!'" Sam grinned.

Callens half hearted smile scared him, that and the way his partner was stood on the railing leaning out watching the water part in front of the ship.

" wanna talk?" Sam asked leaning nearby but not too close.

Callen shook his head, but couldn't stop himself he talked anyway.

"I have known Arkady since I was about twenty. I thought we were friends...well you know, maybe not friends...but...damn...Sam...I trusted him."

"What happened?" Sam prodded gently.

"When you took the terrorists off for the coastguard to pick up, Arkady had to take off his jacket…. "I didn't know she had given it to had been so long…"

Sam waited and Callen pulled out what looked like a medallion.

"I gave this to her when I left...I didn't want to go, but…" he rubbed it gently between his thumb and fingers.

"Then the looks just like her, she's had her whole life with him, a whole life without me, I missed out on so much."

"You aren't making any sense G, come on, get down from there and sit here, tell me properly."

"I...I can't…" Callen got down, but something Sam had said a while before struck him.

"You were right Sam...I'm not father material. I'm not son material...hell, I sometimes wonder how you let me near Kamran and Aiden."

"When have you wondered that?" Sam asked, "You are a great uncle, I trust you with my children's lives."

Callen let out a sour laugh. "You shouldn't."

For a moment a look of fear crossed Sam's face, "Have you hurt my kids?"

"Not yet."

"G?" Sam growled worried.

"But one day, when they need me I'm not going to be there, I'm gonna let them down. If I can't be there for my own kid how can I guarantee that I'm there for yours."

"You don't have kids G. you don't understand, they don't need you to be perfect, just to be there."

Callen jumped to his feet and paced, he looked towards the port and wished that by willing he could get there faster.

"That's just it…." He snapped. "I wasn't...I never checked, I should have checked, I should have looked harder for them. I should have been there!"

"Who?" Sam asked worried about his partners behavior.

"Anna...Anna and Lizzy."

Callen slumped to the deck and put his head in his hands, "How could he….it's bad enough he didn't tell me about….but could he do it to them. I should have been there."

Sam was shocked at the tears in Callen's eyes, he looked around to make sure they were alone.

"G...tell me." Sam pushed.

"I met Lizzy when I was twenty. I had just left He...where I was staying, finding my own feet and was in college."

Lizzy was a Freshman and I was a Junior. We literally ran into each other."

Callen thought back to that sunny fall day when Elizabeth Rusakova had literally fallen into his lap.

He was lugging his US Navy sea bag he had borrowed from a friend full of his books and belongings towards his dorm room when a girls voice screamed in warning.


He turned as he collided with an armful of 5ft blonde.

"OOF!" he grunted as he fell backwards landing on his butt with the said girl in his lap.

She turned her green eyes and bright smile towards him and he was hooked.

"Sorry...Oh my God are you ok? I didn't break you did I?" she asked trying to get back up on her rollerskates and failed falling back into his lap again.

"Yep…" he smirked, "You broke me so now you bought me…."

She laughed and he thought it was the most wonderful sound he had ever heard.

"Callen." he said helping her up and steering her to a nearby bench.

"Callen?" she asked.

He smiled, "My name." he explained.

She smiled, "Like Prince….just one word...Cool! or Madonna...but you're not a woman."

Callen laughed, "Not the last time I checked." he agreed.

" Rusakova."

"Russian?" he asked.

"My parents." she shrugged. "Me...I'm from Maine."

"East coast girl?" Callen nodded appreciatively as he looked her over, just to make sure she was unhurt, he told himself.

'LIAR!' the voice in the back of his head screamed and he smirked in spite of himself.

"Let me buy you dinner, like a thank God I didn't kill you meal!" she grinned.

He bit his bottom lip and nodded. "Sure."

He placed his bag down and helped her stand up, "Ouch." she exclaimed.

He looked down, "Looks like you twisted it, do you have far to go?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm the other side of campus."

"My dorm is right here, I have a first aid kit, let's strap you up and get you back to your dorm."

He reached down and gently undid her skates, gently stroking her ankle to see if it was broken.

"It looks twisted, but not broken." he told her with authority.

She grinned, "Studying for a medical degree?" she asked.

"Nope, just had my fair share of broken bones."

"Oh...adrenaline junkie?" she asked.

For a second his face clouded over, "Something like that." he said.

He wrapped his arm around her waist.

He couldn't help but grin insanely as he gently helped her back to his dorm room.

For the next two years they were inseparable, making plans and studying, She even moved into Callen's dorm room.

All of their friends thought they would end up and old married couple. Lizzy working on her teaching degree and Callen on Criminology and Justice. She saw him as a cop and herself as a kindergarten teacher, raising a whole parcel of kids with a dog.

Callen had just graduated and they had moved into off campus housing, He wanted to stay near her until she graduated as well.

She came home and dropped her bag on the sofa.

"G?" She called, "Something smells nice, are you cooking?"

Callen laughed as she walked up behind him in the kitchen and wrapped her arm around his waist.

"Hey baby." he said distractedly.

"You ok?" She asked sensing a change in him.

Callen looked out of the window onto the plain brick wall that served as a view from the small kitchen in their apartment.

"Yeah. I made burgers." He put on a smile and turned to her pulling her into his arms.

"You….Made burgers?" she asked suspiciously.

Callen laughed, "Ok I bought burgers and I grilled them." he admitted.

She kissed him and walked over to her bag, "No homework tonight."

"Nice." he set out the table and placed the two mismatched plates with the burger and salad on them on the table, opening two beers he placed them on the table beside the food.

"G!" Lizzy exclaimed, "I'm not twenty one yet!"

"It's just one...I...I have some news, I got a job….well I got accepted into FLETC." he grinned.

She ran into his arms and kissed him, "Congratulations...What's FLETC?"

"Federal Law Enforcement Training Center." He told her, "I was talking to a friend and She suggested that I should join maybe become a federal Agent."

"Cool...Where is it?" Lizzy asked taking a drink from her beer.

"Washington D.C." he said.

Her face fell, "D.C? As in the other side of the country? long for?" she asked tearing up.

"Not long...Six months that's all."

"Six...Months….G! That's half a year!" Lizzy cried.

Callen drank the rest of his drink down and wrapped his arms around her.

"It's just six months honey, I'll be back." Callen argued, "I'll never leave you. You know that."

She did and she held him and that night they made love, neither wanting to be apart from the other again.

A few weeks later Callen left for FLETC, Lizzy and Callen talked every night for the first 2 months. Then Callen was sent for intensive training.

When he got back he tried to get in touch with Lizzy but he couldn't get hold of her. After 3 more weeks of trying he was able to get away for a weekend and caught a flight back out to Los Angeles.

Running up the stairs to their apartment he pulled the key out of his pocket and slipped it in the lock.

"LIZZY!" he called….he stopped as his voice echoed in the empty apartment.

She had gone.

He walked around their empty apartment, all that was left were a few boxes, all with his things in them. He moved one box and saw the medallion that he had given her underneath one of the boxes.

At that his heart broke.

He threw the things he didn't need in the trash and cleaned out the last of his stuff sending it to goodwill.

Leaving the medallion hanging over the window lock on the one window that could be seen from the street he turned and walked away not noticing the man in the car watching as Callen wiped a stray tear, put on a mask of indifference and headed back to the airport to fully immerse himself in what would be his new life.

Callen turned to Sam, "She was my first love and she left me. I had no idea...I left the medallion in the window of our apartment, he had is Sam. My...Arkady had it in his pocket, he knew the whole time I knew him...He knew and never told me."

"What didn't he tell you?" Sam asked.

Callen laughed sourly, "A hell of a lot of things Sam, most importantly he didn't tell me about Lizzy...he didn't tell me he took her away and that he knew that she was pregnant."

He looked broken as he looked up as the man he was proud to call brother.

"I'm a father Sam, I have a twenty year old daughter. Her Name is Anna Callen-Rusakova."

He pulled the picture up on Arkady's phone of the young woman on the bench, He smiled as he showed Sam, "That's daughter...That's what Arkady was hiding...his granddaughter."

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