Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 3

Sam looked at his partner in shock.

"Are you sure G?" he asked.

Callen stood up and walked to the railing as the boat started it's slow slide into port.

"Yeah. I asked him where he got the medallion and who the woman in the picture was and he told me...after some pushing." Callen admitted sadly. "Lizzy was her mom. He had moved her when he found out she was pregnant to protect the baby."

"From who?" Sam asked getting up and following his partner, leaning on the rail next to him.

"The Comescu's."

"So Arkady was doing a good thing? He kept them safe right?" Sam argued, he knew that despite what both men said, Arkady and Callen had a friendship that he didn't want his friend to lose.

"No." Callen turned and looked at Sam. "It wasn't his call to make. Lizzy was my...would have been my wife, Anna is our child. He doesn't get to make those kinds of decisions for me anymore."

"Yeah I get that man, but if Lizzy was his daughter of course he would want to look out for her."

"She wasn't," Callen snapped not meeting his eyes.

"Oh…" Sam stopped and thought for a second. "But you said that Anna was his granddaughter, so I just assumed… So, she just calls him her grandfather?"

Callen shook his head, he didn't want to tell Sam...not before he could confirm it, but he had no choice.

"He is her least I think so...on my side."

"He's….?" Sam looked lost.

"Arkady is or was a Major in the KGB, He was Major Nikita Alexsandr Reznikov. He knew Lizzy as her father was a Major as well, Major Alexi Rusakova. But he was here watching me."

"Arkady is your father?" Sam was shocked and it was evident in his voice, not at the fact that Arkady was the elusive Nikita, but that he hadn't seen it before.

The eyes and nose were the same, the way both men would deflect with humor when in a tense situation...the smirk was the same.

He was a trained investigator and he hadn't seen it...Then again Callen hadn't either.

"You ok with that man?" He asked placing a comforting hand on G's shoulder.

Callen tensed and turned to face his partner.

"Exactly what about this should I be okay with?" he asked with an incredulous look on his face.

Sam stepped back feeling the tension coming off this man. "You wanted this, you wanted to know where your family was."

"I wanted a father, not a man who had been on my sidelines my whole life, been orchestrating things about my life, hell I even used his house like my own but never did he tell me he was my father and he knew how much I wanted it." Callen's eyes watered and he grimaced as he tried to keep from totally losing it. "I asked him once you know what he said?"

Sam shook his head,

"He said no one had ever introduced themselves as my father….He lied!"

Sam understood his partners reasoning but also understood where Arkady was coming from.

"He didn't lie." He argued.

Callen laughed derisively, "A lie of omission is still a lie."

Sam looked over the side as the crew tied the ship up to the bollards.

"Hetty is down there." he said.

Callen nodded and turned towards the bridge, "We had better go find Kensi, Deeks and him then."

Not waiting for Sam's reply he walked off to find them, he still had some unfinished business with Arkady, the most pressing of all was the whereabouts of his daughter.

Arkady sat in the bridge as Kensi and Deeks got their gear together, "Eric called, Hetty is meeting us on the dock, we'll be able to get off in a minute or two." Deeks said with a grin at Kensi looking forward to getting off the ship and getting home.

Kensi nudged him looking over at Arkady, "You think whatever is going on between him and Callen will be sorted soon?" She whispered.

Deeks nodded, "I hope so, I wish we could help."

"Maybe Sam has talked to him."

Callen walked in the room and Arkady sat up, turning his attention to the younger man.

"Moy Syn…?" Arkady said.

"No!" Callen spat. "You don't get to say that."

Kensi and Deeks looked confused.

Callen picked up his tactical vest and his rifle he reached over from the map desk and took out a pen and a piece of paper. "Just give me her address." he said holding them out to him.

"No." Arkady smirked, "I can be just as stubborn moy syn, you need to talk to myself and to your Hetty. You need to know…"

Callen laughed coldly. "Now! Now I need to know?" He shook his head and turned for the door, "You have nothing I ever want to hear. Just tell me where they are, that is all I want from you."

"You need to understand, you need to hear my side of the story, understand why I did what I did!"

Callen shook his head, a part of him wanted to know but more than anything he wanted to find Lizzy and meet Anna, it had been too long, she knew about him, but what had Arkady told her about him, would it be too late for them now?

His heart hurt, thoughts and memories of Lizzy the only woman he had ever truly loved assailed his brain. He felt guilty, Joelle was right now on her way home from school. Her job over for the day hoping he would go and visit and spend time with her. Now he knew though, he had never loved her the way he had loved Lizzy. Maybe there was a chance, if she hadn't married...maybe she would understand and forgive him.

"Just tell me where they are...Arkady, please...where is Lizzy…?"

Arkady took a key out of his pocket, "I have carried this with me for years, she wanted you to know, she wouldn't have left if she didn't have to."

Callen recognised the brass key with a painted flower on it as the one for their shared apartment all those years ago.

"Where is she...please I need to know."

Callen looked almost pleadingly at Arkady's face, "If I never ask anything of you again...I ask this, tell me...please."

Arkady shook his head, "Anna is safe, she does not need to be put in danger."

"I would never…!" Callen said in shock, "Is it Lizzy? Does she blame me?"

He leaned against the map desk as the ship's engines finally turned off.

Kensi and Deeks not daring to move watched, but sensing something held hands.

"Does she hate me...Dammit Arkady I need to see her to tell her…"

"You can't." Arkady said flatly.

"You can't stop me!" Callen snapped back.

"Yes I can." Arkady stood up nose to nose with Callen.

"You lost the right to tell me what to do years ago, now WHERE IS SHE?" he yelled in Arkady's face.

"Elizabeth is dead. She was killed by the Comescu's when Anna was 3 months old."

Callen was devastated. He sagged against the desk and slid to the ground.

"Dead?" He gasped, unashamedly allowing his tears to fall for the loss of his first love.

"G?" Sam moved towards him.

Callen stood up, stumbling slightly.

A loud clang was heard as the gangplank was lowered.

Sensing a way to escape Callen shot a crushed look of sorrow at Arkady and backed up.

"I need space, I need to get out of here...Sam…?" He asked hoping that Sam would understand and sort things out there.

"Go...I'll be around when you're ready." he said soothingly.

Without another word Callen turned and fled the ship.

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