Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 5

Anna sighed as she looked at her phone again.

Still nothing.

It had been 5 hours since the text from her Grandfather which told her to basically watch her back, using the code words he had taught her from a child. Annoyingly as usual he had 'forgotten' to tell her who or what she was keeping herself safe from this time, but she was carrying her gun and knife.

However walking out to her car she noticed the two people who got out of a silver car and seemed to be overly interested in her.

"Anna Rusakova?" The blond man said walking towards her.

A jolt of fear ran through her and she turned and ran. The blond man and the brunette woman chased after her.

"NCIS! STOP!" The woman shouted.

Anna skidded to a halt and turned as they showed their badges.

"You are?" She panted as she put her hands on her knees and pulled her gun from the small of her back, "Show me your identification!" she shouted.

"Whoa!" the blond man shouted putting his hands up halfway to show he wasn't holding a gun. "Ok, ok….We aren't going to hurt you, I'm going to get my credentials alright?"

She nodded. "Ok...Slowly…"

"Arkady Kolcheck and Hetty Lange sent us." The brunette said and Anna turned to her.

"Describe Hetty to me." she snapped.

"Four feet of ninja stealthy fury?" The blond man said with a grin.

Anna laughed, "That about covers it." She lowered her gun. "I am sorry, but my Grandfather told me I should be careful today and I didn't know who you were."

"Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye NCIS."

"Anna Rusakova, but you know that." She smiled her blue eyes clouded with worry, "What's wrong, I haven't been able to get hold of either Hetty or my Grandfather for hours,"

"We need to take you somewhere safe." Kensi told her.

Anna nodded and following them got into the car.

She sat in the back listening to them banter and smiled.

"So...How long have you two been together?" she smirked.

"!" Deeks spluttered.

Kensi laughed, "A few months, but we've been partners for a few years." she admitted. "How long have you known Hetty?"

Anna looked out of the window, "Practically my whole life. She helped look after me after my mother died."

"She did?" Deeks was surprised.

" where are we going?"

"The Marina, we have a safe house...sorta there," Deeks replied.

Anna nodded as Deeks turned in the passenger seat to talk to her. "Is my Grandfather there?" she asked.

"Who is your Grandfather?" Kensi asked.

"Arkady Kolcheck."

Kensi nodded, "He's there."

Anna sighed "Oh thank God, I know I am an adult, but I love him and I really don't want to lose him too."

Kensi nodded as she drove.

"How old are you?" Deeks asked.

"Twenty three, How old are you?" she winked at him and shot a smirk at Kensi who recognizing the teasing smiled.

" enough." Deeks spluttered and Kensi let out a laugh.

"Ok, 'Old guy' How long till we're there?" Anna asked pulling out her cell phone from her bag.

"About 5 mins...but honestly, you're 23 and asking are we there yet?!" Deeks smirked. "Bet you were a handful to your parents."

Anna shot him a hurt look, "My mother died when I was three months old and I've never met my father."

Deeks nodded thinking he understood, "Dead beat dad huh, I get that."

Anna looked livid, "I'll have you know my father is a brave man, he works for the government to keep people safe, it is just that so many people want to kill him and me that it's safer if he doesn't know I exist, but I know all about him and you are not half the man he is!" she snapped. She folded her arms and looked out of the window trying to control her emotions as they pulled into the Marina's parking lot.

Getting out of the car and slamming the door Anna leaned against it waiting for the others.

Kensi turned to Deeks as she switched off the ignition and put the handbrake on.

"Nice move." She said to him.

"How was I supposed to know her father worked for the government?" Deeks asked.

"I feel like we are missing something huge here." Kensi agreed as they climbed out of the car, she turned to Anna, "This was Miss Rusakova."

Anna followed as they entered the boatshed.

Callen sat back as Arkady started.

"I met your mother in 1963, she was a CIA spy sent to infiltrate the KGB. I was tasked with killing US spies."

"But you didn't?" Callen asked, already...obviously, knowing the answer.

Arkady smiled, "No...I did not. Your mother, Clara, was different. I did not know she was American when I met her. She was undercover as Amelia Calinescu. She was a waitress in a cafe just off Red square I used to go to every lunchtime and we started talking one day and I fell for her."

Callen looked at the sad, but full of love look on Arkady's face when he talked about his mother.

"I knew she was CIA before we got married. She knew about my work helping people escape from the East to the West, it was a different time moy syn, people were more suspicious, like now with the Al Qaeda. She helped me get Hans Schreiber and his family out of Germany reuniting him with his wife who was Russian. We did this for four years, Clara and I married and we had your sister Amelia, named after your mother's undercover name to remind us."

Callen wanted to ask his name, but he was worried he would throw his father...Arkady off so he stayed silent but held his hand out as Arkady took a picture of his mother from out of his wallet, she was sitting on the same swing Amy had been on when he had watched the film strip of his father, his sister and himself as a baby.

She was looking at the camera and placing a kiss on the head of the baby.

"Amy?" he asked.

"No Callen, that is you." Arkady confirmed as Callen gulped and fought back a tear, his index finger tracing her face where she was kissing him.

"What…" Callen coughed to clear his throat, "What happened, at the beach? Where were you?"

"We were betrayed, a General in the KGB was friends with a Frenchman, Marcel Janvier, he knew your mother was CIA and sold her out. I was arrested but not before I had Alexi Rusakova my friend help take you, your sister and your mother on the last group we helped escape from Russia. I stayed behind to make sure everyone made it out. We had planned to meet up in Constanta, but I never made it, I was arrested and sent to a labor camp in Siberia."

Callen nodded that he knew.

"Clara and Alexi made it as far as Romania, Clara contacted her handler, but Janvier told the Comescu's who she was and watched as she was killed."

"How did I get to you know?" Callen asked.

"Of course moy syn, Alexi took you and Amelia with his wife as their children, only Janvier and the Comescu's followed, so they had to place you into the American child welfare system to hide you."

"But Amy had her name, why wasn't I given mine?" Callen asked unable to hold the question in any longer.

"But you were placed with your name, I have never understood why you insist on using that initial." Arkady replied.

"Because all it said on my bag G. Callen. but I had no first name."

Arkady sighed, "Your name was Callen Reznikov, just as your sisters was Amelia Calin Reznikov."

Callen nodded, he couldn't say anything he felt like he was choking, maybe this was that choked with emotion thing Nate had talked about.

"I do not know what happened to you on the beach, by the time I made it to America, Alexi was dead and I couldn't find either of you, Christiana didn't know where you were and she was raising Elizabeth alone and couldn't help with my search. I used my contacts it wasn't until I found my...a friend, I went searching for you but you had been arrested and i couldn't get to you."

Callen nodded, he remembered that time, just before Hetty took him in.

"So my friend watched over you until I was able to meet you myself, as Arkady." Arkady leaned back and spread his arms wide, palms upturned, "See so I never lied, no one had ever introduced themselves to you as my father." he smirked.

"Why?" Callen asked looking him straight in the eye, "When you met me why did you just not say you were my father?"

"You remember how we met moy syn?"

Callen nodded, "I was CIA and investigating you and the Russian Mafia."

"Exactly, it was one of your first assignments….with...Gibbs, yes?"

Callen nodded, it had been a joint NIS and CIA assignment.

"What would you have said if I introduced myself to you as your father then?" Arkady asked.

Callen sighed as he realized then what Arkady meant for him needing to know things at the proper time. "I would not have believed you, I just thought I was American, I would have arrested you."

"Exactly, instead I proved my innocence, became your friend and let you judge how much you got to know me at your own pace."

Callen nodded again, damn Arkady was right….but then… "Why didn't you tell me about my daughter and Lizzy?"

"How could I?" Arkady asked, "How could I explain that I was protecting your girl and your daughter from the Comescu's without explaining who I am, I have watched over that child her whole life, I was there with my sister and comforted her as her mother died, we brought her up and she is….."

Arkady stopped as the main door opened and voices came from out of sight.

"SO...Where is he, I swear if you are lying to me…" The woman's voice stopped as Anna walked into the main room.

"Grandfather!" she exclaimed as she ran towards him and threw her arms around him, "I was so worried."

"Malyutka, I am fine...I have been in some wonderful company." Arkady grinned as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Yeah well I got the life scared out of me by these two Feds...who…" Anna turned and caught sight of the man sitting at the table.

He was a lot older than the well worn picture in her bag, his hair was shorter, but his eyes were the same. The look of shock on his face was a mirror of hers as tears started to prick her eyes.

"Daddy?" she asked in a voice just above a whisper.

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