Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 8

Callen looked up and ducked as Sam's fist connected with the wall above his head.

"What the hell man?!" Callen gasped clarity rushing to him, then fading again as the room started to spin.

"Damn you G!" Sam snapped hauling him to his feet and pulling the struggling man into the bathroom and throwing him into his bathtub.

He turned the faucet on cold and freezing cold water ran through the shower head onto Callen.

"GETOFFME!" Callen spluttered trying to remove Sam's hands from him.

"You with me?" Sam asked.

Callen swung a drunken punch which missed by miles.

"GETOFF!" he yelled again.

"You need to sober up, I can't believe you left her and got drunk!" Sam snarled.

Callen shook his head, "Didn't leave Anna, told Hetty to tell her where I would be. Didn't drink much..."

Sam snorted in disagreement. "Anna needs you, Hetty…. "

"I don't care what she wants or what she said, she can go to hell for all I care." Callen snapped falling out of the tub and grabbing for a towel he really didn't care what Hetty wanted anymore.

Sam took a step back, "You don't know?" he asked, "She's in hospital."

Callen snapped around fast, "Anna's hurt?" he asked, "She's not...its not...Comescus?" his voice started to shake, in fact his whole body started to shake as adrenaline flooded his system. "Where is she? Why weren't you watching her?!" He yelled at Sam.

Sam moved Callen to the only chair in the house, "Sit down G."

He pushed him into the chair and slipping on the bottom of his wet jeans he fell back into it.

"Anna is fine, Arkady is fine, but Hetty's not. We got back and she'd had a heart attack."

Callen wanted to be angry, to say it served her right, but he couldn't, because one thought overrode everything.

"I killed her?" he asked worry slipping out in the question.

Sam, on his way to make coffee turned at the mumble he heard from his partner.

"Sorry?" He asked.

Callen shook his head and stared at his feet.

Sam shrugged and headed for the kitchen to make his partner coffee.

Callen closed his eyes for a moment to stop the living room from spinning.

He slowly opened his eyes to see the diminutive operations manager standing in front of him.

"You killed me Mr. Callen...All because you were too selfish to realize that the things we did, we did to help you. To keep you alive. You have broken Anna's heart now. We were right to keep her from you, you killed your mother, your sister, Dominic, now me...How many more will die because you do not listen." She snapped at him.

Callen whimpered softly.

Anna stepped out from behind her, "We tried, I wanted to be your daughter, Hetty and Arkady love me more than you do. Where were you?" her face scowled at him and then she put on a large wide brimmed hat. She laughed and crumpled to the floor as a blood stain appeared on her head. As she faded away she turned to him with sightless eyes, "This is all your fault, you failed me."

Callen scrambled off the chair, reaching for the empty spot on the floor where the hallucination had just vanished.

He looked up as the door opened and Arkady walked in.

"Look at you, pathetic...Hetty watched over you, protecting you for our enemies and how do you pay her should have died not my Amelia." He turned and left.

Sam walked back in to find Callen silently crying on the floor by the chair.

"Here…" He said gently, "Drink this."

He handed his partner a coffee, "I'm sure Hetty'll be fine, I know you care a lot about her."

Callen gulped the coffee down but said nothing.

"I thought you weren't drinking scotch anymore?" Sam prodded.

"Didn't have that much," Callen shrugged.

"Get dressed G, we'll go in five." Sam turned his still inebriated partner in the direction of his bedroom. "You need to get a proper shower and cleaned up, they are all waiting at the hospital for you. I'm not leaving here without you and you certainly can't drive."

Callen staggered off in the right direction, his head was a jumble, too much had happened in too little time, but he knew whatever Sam was doing he had his back.

Arriving at the hospital, Callen sporting a pair of dark glasses even though the sun was coming up over the city and it really wasn't that bright yet. Sam pulled into the parking lot under Cedars-Sinai and turned off the engine.

"We'll pick you up another coffee before you go up." Sam told his uncharacteristically silent partner.

Callen nodded and followed Sam into the lobby of the hospital.

"Sit there." Sam ordered and he walked up to the small coffee shop in the lobby and brought him two coffees.

"Two?" Callen asked as Sam held them out to him.

"Two G. Drink the first and wait for me." He turned and walked towards the reception.

Callen drank the thick black coffee and felt his head get a little clearer, for the life of him he couldn't remember why he was at the hospital. Someone was hurt? … He looked down at his own body and ran his free hand over the top of his shirt where his scars from his shooting were.

Not him...not this time.

"She's upstairs, ICU." Sam said.

Callen jumped he hadn't even seen his partner walk up to him, how could he be that out of it?

"G?" Sam asked, even he was concerned about the lapses in his partners behavior.

G shook his head, "I'm fine...wait...she's in ICU? Anna?" He got up and staggered a bit.

"G you're not fine. How much did you drink?" Sam asked.

"About half a bottle of scotch." Callen leaned against the wall.

Sam looked concerned.

"You've drunk more than that before, you have a slight headache and sleepy but…" He stopped as he put his hand on Callen's shoulder and he jumped.

"G, come with me." Sam ordered.

He walked him to the ER. "Sit there a second." he said.

Callen nodded still feeling disjointed.

Sam pulled over the doctor he had seen earlier when he had assigned Kensi and Deeks as Hetty's bodyguard.

"Agent Hanna, what can I do for you?"

"Hey doc, is there any chance you can check out my partner, He's needs to go and see Hetty soon, but he's been drinking."

"Hangover?" the doc answered pulling her stethoscope out of her pocket.

"Maybe, I'm not sure. Something seems off. He's drunk more than this before, and it's not affected him like this. I think he's been having hallucinations, he's on his fifth coffee, usually by now all he'd have is a headache and be grumpy. But he's still…..G!" Sam exclaimed as his partner slid out of his seat.

"When did he have his last drink?" The doctor asked.

"About three hours ago, I threw him in the shower and sobered him up the same as normal, but he doesn't seem to be shifting it."

The doctor walked over to him, "Agent Callen...Callen...I need to check you over." She said reaching for his arm.

"NO!" Callen moved back, "I'm fine...I need to see Anna!"

"G...calm down Anna's ok." Sam soothed his partner standing in the way as the doctor took G's blood.

"OW!" Callen yelped. "I hate needles."

Sam smiled, "That he does." he confirmed.

"I'm gonna have our lab run a toxicology test on this," she handed it over to a nurse, "Rush job." she ordered, the nurse nodded and rushed off to comply.

"Here…" She helped Callen to a cubicle and lay him down gently. "I know you don't like needles, so let me get this IV cannula into you so we can make sure we don't need to stick you any more huh?" she asked with a smile.

Callen's head was spinning so he closed his eyes and nodded gently.

The doc walked away and closed the curtain motioning for Sam to follow her.

"What are you thinking doc?" Sam asked worried.

"We got Hetty's test results back a few hours ago, now you said you were going to get Agent Callen, and she has called for him a few times. Were they together at any point?" She asked.

Sam nodded, "Before Hetty got sick, they were alone why?"

"Hetty was poisoned. I am concerned that Agent Callen was poisoned as well."

Sam looked shocked, "Does Hetty's family know?" He asked.

The doctor nodded, "I told them about an hour ago, if it is the same poison I will need to administer an anti-toxin. Does Agent Callen have any family that needs to be contacted, next of kin?"

"That would be me and Hetty." Sam informed her. "I suppose his father and daughter now, I will tell them, they are upstairs with Hetty."

"Doctor!" the nurse hurried back, "We still had the test set up from Miss Lange, we ran the same on Mr. Callen's blood work, it is the same poison,"

The doctor looked at Sam, "I'll get him started on the anti-toxin and have him moved to a room next to Miss Lange, it'll be easier for you all."

Sam smiled and nodded, "Thanks Doc, I'll go up and fill in the others."

Anna looked up hopefully as the elevator doors opened and she saw Sam. Her face fell as she realized her father wasn't with him.

"I guess he didn't want to be here after all." She said to her Grandfather.

"You do not know that, we will wait to see what Mr. Hanna has to say." Arkady looked towards the room where Hetty was resting.

"Callen's sick." Sam said abruptly.

Anna looked at him skeptically. "Really or did he just not want to be here. I mean if they had an argument is he the sort of man to leave Hetty when she's in pain?" she asked.

Sam shook his head, "No, he's sick, he's been poisoned with whatever poisoned Hetty."

"How?" Arkady held onto Anna's hand in concern. " he bad?"

"They are bringing him up now, whatever they gave him had him seeing things, I had him taken to the ER and they confirmed that the poison Hetty was given was the same that Callen ingested."

"But...Hetty's poison was in her tea, A man called Eric from your office called Kensi to confirm it." Arkady argued, "I will send some of my men to Callen's house to see if we can find anything."

Sam nodded, "I'll call Nell, see if she can meet them there."

Anna looked up as the elevator doors opened again and an orderly and nurse pushing a bed came out.

"Dad?" Anna and Arkady stood up.

Callen turned his head, but just blinked blankly as he looked at them then turned and threw an arm over his face.

Anna turned to her grandfather with a steely determination on her face. "Who is doing this to our family Grandfather and why?"

"Those my dear are answers that we all want." He said watching as the nurse settled his son into the room and Sam went into Hettys' room to bring Kensi and Deeks up to speed.

Callen lay on the gurney as he watched Sam leave.

He reached his hand out trying to call him back as the medication started to hit his system, Sam stopped and looked angrily at Callen, "I'm going to see Hetty, not that you care. You tried to kill her!"

Callen tried shaking his head as the nausea and dizziness hit him.

"Sa…" he breathed.

The nurse walked in and turned to the doctor. "I just had a call from Agent Hanna, Agent Callen's family are upstairs and waiting for him."

"Good, I want you to stay with Agent Callen all the way there, he's been experiencing some hallucinations. I don't want him alone with the orderly."

The nurse nodded as the orderly came to take Callen up to his room.

Callen started thrashing in the elevator, "It's ok Agent Callen, you're in a hospital."

Her calm manner and hand on his shoulder calmed him.

She smiled as the elevator doors opened and she saw his family full of concern for him. She had been his nurse when he had been shot and had seen no one but Sam and the team visit him. Now he seemed to have his family round and it was a nice change.

The lights were disorientating, then he felt like he was rising, he tried to grasp onto something, anything to stop the feeling of rising and falling.

"Dad!" He looked over for a second at the sound of his daughters voice. Anna and Arkady were standing there looking at him.

"Hetty's's all your fault, you failed her and you failed me!" Anna snapped at him. He groaned as a bright red blood stain spread across her chest. Lizzy stood behind her, "I died because of you, you failed us, you lied…"

Joelle swam into view, "You lied to us all, we're all dead because of you, you should never have had a family…"

Callen threw his arm over his face and turned away from the mocking laughter he heard as he was wheeled down the hallway.

He couldn't listen to it anymore, and the worse thing was...they were right.

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