Too Many Secrets, Too Little Time.

Chapter 9

Nell looked around Callen's house. Everytime she had been here it struck her how empty it was. Like his life, maybe nothing that could be regarded as permanent, that couldn't be picked up and moved on with at a moment's notice.

She put her gloves on and walked into his bedroom, the black evidence bag at her feet. Taking in the rumpled bedroll on the floor and the clothes in a bag under the window, she walked up to the empty and half empty bottles at the end of the blanket. Picking them up, she dropped them both carefully into evidence bags.

Noticing the upturned box she started putting the pictures and keepsakes back in a noise behind her she stopped.

"I checked the other rooms," Eric said as he walked in behind her. "You sure this is the right place, looks so empty."

Nell nodded, "It's just his way, I suppose." she sighed. "I have the two bottles Sam mentioned, do you think that's how he got poisoned?"

She handed them to Eric who looked at her and stepped back.

"Should I be wearing gloves?" He asked worried.

"Beale!" Nell snapped, "The bottles are in a bag, you don't need gloves you're safe." She smirked to show him she really wasn't holding a grudge.

Eric gave her a lopsided grin back, "I'll take them to the lab when we leave, are you going to come back with me?" He asked hopefully.

"I have to head to the hospital," she smiled and ushered him out the door.

Eric walked down the path, gave her a wave and climbed into his car and drove off.

Nell smiled until the door shut and she pulled her phone out.

"It didn't work," she said as the call was answered. "He's in hospital, with her now. I haven't been to see him yet so I don't know…"

She frowned as the person on the other end of the call spoke.

"Well you didn't do so good yourself." She placed the phone on speaker as she opened the tea box again and a familiar voice came through.

"Exactly what is that supposed to mean, Nelly? I did what I was supposed to do, I found him, I romanced him and when he needed me most I deserted him, broke his heart. I had to sleep with it and kiss have the easy job."

"JO!" Nell snapped, "We got our jobs, it's not my fault that you are older than me. Besides I had to help track down our cousins and watch as he killed them." She stopped as she wiped a tear, Vasilie had been her favorite and helping them track him down had felt like betrayal to her. However with Eric hovering in the background she hadn't been able to warn him.

"I have the pieces we need, I'm heading to the hospital now, I will make sure they both get another dose, maybe this time it will work and they will be eliminated," Nell snarled.

"Hopefully, I will be there too, my sister. I just got a call from Sam, worried about Callen and he thought I might want to be there for him."

"Ramai in siguranta." Nell said as she ended the call.

Soon, soon the last of the Comescu's two children who had been brought up in America for this purpose, alone and away from their family would get their revenge.

Joelle smiled as she ended the call with her sister. So far everything had gone according to plan. Although the fact that Callen had a daughter had thrown a wrench into their plans, but as soon as Joelle had called Nell with the news she had been waiting for him to tell her and they had adjusted their plan accordingly.

In the elevator on her way to the floor Callen was on, Joelle adjusted her hair to look a bit frazzled.

"SAM!" She called running out of the elevator, "Where is he, is he hurt?"

Sam turned from talking to Anna and Arkady and walked over to her. "Joelle, calm down."

"What happened? We were supposed to meet last night for dinner but he never showed." She looked over at the other two people in the waiting room and then at Sam.

"Sam?" Her voice cracked with just the right amount of worry, it was all she could do not to smile.

"Joelle Taylor, this is Arkady Kolcheck and Anna Rusakova."

She nodded distractedly and then stopped to look at them.

"I'm sorry...I don't understand?"

Sam sat her down on a chair, "Joelle, Arkady is Callen's father and Anna is his daughter."

She looked hurt, "he lied to me again?" she asked.

Sam shook his head, "No...He really didn't know, not until yesterday. He only found out about Anna yesterday as well."

She looked at Arkady hopeful, "he found you! He's been looking for so long, Oh my God and now he's been shot!" Her eyes brimmed with tears.

Arkady moved to comfort her, " my dear Callen hasn't been shot, he's been poisoned. He will be alright." He reassured her.

Joelle dried her eyes, "Can...Can I go in and see him?" she asked.

Sam nodded, "Of course." He walked her to the door, "Take all the time you need."

The door closed and Joelle looked at the sleeping figure in the bed.

"Oh Callen!" she sighed aloud while walking over to grasp his hand tighter than she would have done had anyone else been there.

She took a small syringe from her purse and injected the fluid into his arm.

"That is for you from Comescu," she whispered harshly in his ear. "I will be caught and I will go to jail, but the youngest of us will avenge us all. You will die knowing there is no one to stop her from befriending and killing your daughter."

Callen groaned as the poison entered his system.

Joelle smiled, "And this abomination I am growing of yours will be born in jail and will live the same life you did, alone, unloved and friendless."

Unable to move or speak a small tear leaked from Callen's eye, unnoticed by the others.

Joelle turned at a small click and stood still in shock.

"Sam?" She looked distraught again.

"I heard you Joelle...What did you do to him, who are you?"

"I finished the job Sam, the job I was born for. I am Comescu and proud."

Sam put cuffs on Joelle and opened the door.

"Kensi!" he called.

Outside Hetty's room on guard duty Kensi looked up.

"I need you in here." Sam said calmly so as not to alarm Anna or Arkady.

He shut the door and pressed a call button for the nurse.

"I should shoot you." Sam snarled.

Joelle smiled at him, "But you will not. I am carrying his child."

Stepping back in shock, Joelle smiled at Sam. "I will be tried, but not executed, I will have his abomination in jail and the system will raise it. The last Callen will be as unloved as it's father."

"It's not the last Callen." Sam replied thinking of Anna.

Joelle threw her head back and laughed a malicious laugh.

"It will be."

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