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Halo Fifteen: Megumi:


I sat at the bar, searching. I am the pretty young thing that you should never leave alone with your boyfriend. Sex has always been a part of who I am ever since I was child. It’s not my fault that all of the boys adore me. Maybe if their wives and girlfriends knew how to keep them happy in bed, they wouldn’t be looking to stray in the first place. I make them feel like the luckiest man in Japan and they give me attention and sex. I can’t tell you how many friendships I have broken up between guys. They’ve fought over me since I was five years old. Me? I just take in the attention and enjoy it.

My “hunting nights” are usually Friday and Saturday nights. I looked up and down the crowded bar. There are a few sixes and sevens tonight. Tens never come to this place. But, I have trained myself to lower my expectations if I want good sex. Lately, there ends up being a price for my conquests. I will get into that after I tell you a little bit about my background.

When I was three, I learned how to touch myself. No, I did not grow up in an abused childhood. Daddy loved me like any man loved his daughter. We got along really well. He showered me with gifts and affection. Mom died after I was born. For most of my childhood, it was just him and me. Oh, that man was good at doing hair. We weren’t rich, but we lived comfortably. Daddy and I had nice-size house and we took vacations during the summer. Now, how did I grow up to be a woman? Daddy had been friends with this older woman who lived next door to us when I was younger. Ah yes, Kodama-san. She was a nice lady. Always had fresh, yummy treats pulled out from the oven. Sometimes, I would help out.

Now as a single parent, Daddy had to work to keep our house and us fed. As a result, I stayed at Kodama-san’s place while he worked. When I was really little, that house was filled with wonders. I used to pretend it was a castle when Daddy dropped me off to go work. Kodama-san and I played board games, make goodies, watch TV, and tend her small vegetable garden in the back.

When I was ten years old, I discovered a new way to entertain myself at Kodama-san’s house. One summer day, she was asleep on the couch. I didn’t feel like playing with dolls. The newest one Daddy bought me for birthday didn’t look so cute anymore. Nothing on TV at the time. I decided to wander around the house. When I came towards the back of the house, I could hear the washer and dryer running. Usually, Kodama-san hung her clothes out to dry on the clothes line in the backyard. But, it was running that afternoon. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After looking around and making sure that my neighbor was still sleeping, I climbed on top of the dryer while it was still moving and sat on top.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a sensation like that before against my little panties. I just… I didn’t know what to call it. I just closed my eyes and sat on that rocking machine. When it stopped, I opened my eyes and felt cold. From then on, I wanted to ride that dryer on laundry days. I even tried to help.

“You are sure a sweet and thoughtful girl,” Kodama-san told me one day as she stuffed the wet clothes into my favorite machine. I smiled like a little angel.

She had no idea.

I stuck my hand up in the air.

“Bartender!” I said. “Get me another!” If I wasn’t drinking right now, I would probably throw up from all of the pounding from the music and chatter around me. The more I drink, the more my hunting nights become bearable.

But, it isn’t long before I’m not alone.

I looked over to my right and see a guy that is an eight. Oh! He’s got nice cheek bones. Love the jawline. And his hands are a nice size too. I finished my drink and set down my glass.

“Looking for company tonight?” I asked. This handsome man turned his head. I smiled and flicked back my short dark hair.

“Hello there,” he said. Just by looking into his deep brown eyes, I know that I have him. My lips gently came within inches of his ear.

“Let’s say you and I blow this bar and head over to my place?” I asked. He quickly downed his drink.

“And what do you plan to do once we get there?” my new toy asked. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

By the time I reached my teen years, I used my looks to get what I wanted. I grew up an attractive girl. All eyes were on me wherever I go. Naturally, I basked in the attention. Those silly boys kept giving me love letters and gifts just so that I would give them the time of day. But, Daddy set my expectations high for a man. I wanted to lose my virginity to a prince. It didn’t have to be “the one”. They at least had to be a seven. Most of the boys at my school were fours and fives. But, boys weren’t my only interest.

When I was thirteen, I had my first taste of alcohol. One of Daddy’s old friends came by to visit one day. He had been living in the States and brought back a beautiful bottle of Scotch. I forgot what the brand was called. That golden color… Oh, it was so pretty. I could’ve sworn I heard it singing. When Daddy stepped out of the room to take a call, I came in with a tray of aiyu jelly. His friend’s eyes lit up.

“Oh, aiyu jelly!” he said. “My favorite! Thank you, young lady!” I stared at that beautiful bottle on the table. Daddy’s friend looked at what I was staring at.

“Oh, magnificent, isn’t she?” he asked. I slowly nodded with my mouth open. Daddy’s friend picked up his glass and wiped the rim with his handkerchief.

“Would you like some?” he asked. My little eyes grew wide.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said. Daddy’s friend opened that bottle and poured out a little bit of the Scotch. He held out the glass to me.

“Here,” he said. I took hold of the glass like it was a rare diamond. Daddy’s friend watched as I took the glass to my lips. In that moment, that was the first time I ever felt so nervous. I took a quick drink. My face reeled as I handed back the empty glass. Daddy’s friend tried not to laugh at me.

“I’m sorry about that,” Daddy said. “That call took longer than I had expected. Did I miss anything?” I turned and ran off.

Sometimes, the first taste is always bitter. But over time, I developed a taste for alcohol. It became my second favorite thing after sex. Speaking of which, I lost my virginity at the age of fifteen. I remember that spring afternoon. I had a plan: I would find a half-decent guy and sleep with him. It didn’t take me long to find one. He was a year younger than me and grade younger than me. At first, I couldn’t tell if he was a boy or girl. In fact, I thought he was gay. He didn’t seem to have many friends. Probably could explain why he wasn’t into it. Oh, that was bad. Not hot at all. I just asked if he wanted to do it with me. He didn’t even blink as he said yeah. After class, we snuck out into the storage shed in the gym. I took off my panties and he took off his pants. It took that poor boy about three times to put it in. It was just awful. Just like the first time I tried alcohol.

Afterwards, I got better at sex. I was a quick learner, always have and always will. The boys always fought over me like they always did. I just basked in the attention. Dated quite a number of boys, but never had any serious relationships. I wasn’t looking for a long-term boyfriend. I just wanted some fun to go with my youth. The girls in my class were jealous, but they didn’t matter in my world. Those skanks might have called me a slut, but they were just repressed. They didn’t even try to do anything to me. (I had my own way of dealing with them. How? That’s a little secret.) Not much in my life changed after I lost my virginity. Daddy and I were still close. He had gotten promoted and started making more money. I worked hard in school to keep up my grades to make him so proud of me. Kodama-san, Daddy, and I all got along great still. In fact, I did my homework at her house. Her grandchildren started coming to visit her more often. Despite the noise, I rather enjoyed staying around her house when Daddy had to work late at night. Everything was going great.

And then Daddy had to go and marry that bitch.

My new boy toy wouldn’t stop kissing me in the taxi cab. This game is so easy that it’s starting to bore me. But, something has been different lately. I don’t really know how to deal with it myself. I got distracted when my boy toy groped my breasts. I didn’t even learn his name. Names are overrated, I guess. This was going to be a good night anyway.

I giggled as I lead my new friend up the stairs to my apartment. He kissed me again at the door.

“Easy there,” I said. “Let’s get inside front.” I reached into my purse and pulled out my key. Inside, he pinned me to the wall. I held up my finger as he went in for another kiss.

“Hold on,” I said. “I have an idea. Let’s play a little game.” He looked intrigued.

She’s quite kinky. I like where this is headed. I know you do. I’ve been hearing all of the naughty things you’ve wanted to do to me the whole ride here. I just love how they look so innocent but turn out to be pretty freaky. Already, I began to plan out the rest of the night.

I playfully pushed him back onto my bed. He looked up as I smiled and closed the door behind me. I pulled off my short black dress. I stood in my lacy red bra and panties.

“Tell me, do you tell I am beautiful?” I asked. I looked at he like a vulnerable little kitten. I even went as far as to bat my eyelashes at him.

“Yes!” my plaything said. I climbed over to my bed and crawled on top of him. Pupils dilated, heavy breathing, cheeks flushed, and the nice tent forming in his jeans. His thoughts begged me to fuck him. I smirked at such a needy little toy I turned him into.

I reached under my bed and pulled out my remote. With one push of the play button, Goldfrapp’s “Thea” fills the room.

“I’m going to need you to do something for me,” I said. “I am going to need you to worship with me.”

“Wor…ship?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Do it with your words.”

“Okay… My queen, my goddess! You are so beautiful! I have not worthy have you.”

“Yes.” I reached down and slid his shirt over his head. My cheeks flushed pink at his abs and chest muscle. Okay, he just went up from an eight to a nine.

“Worship me more!” I commanded. My play thing closed his eyes.

“My angel! You are the most beautiful woman in the world!” he cried. “Please! Let me love you!” I licked my lips as I reached behind my back. But then, I paused as I looked down at his pants.

“You don’t look too comfortable in those,” I said. “Here let me get that for you.” I unzipped his jeans as I kissed him on the lips again. His worship sped up when I would let him up for air. His pants ended up on my floor. I sat up and reached behind my back again. This time, my bra landed on my dress. I roll down his boxers and throw them behind us. My panties were the last thing to go between us. I looked my prey in eyes once we were stripped naked.

“Now, you must worship me with your words and body,” I said. My thighs came on either side of him as the next song in my mix started to play. He closed his eyes as he felt how wet I was around him.

“Make me yours, my goddess!” my nine cried as I rode him. “You are so beautiful! I will give up everything to worship you forever!” I threw back my head and moaned. I hadn’t had this much pleasure since last night. Or the night before. My thrusting matched up with the beat of the music floating around me. When I looked down, the color was draining from my play thing’s skin. His worship and praises of me started to weaken to a whisper.

“Keep worshiping me!” I commanded. “Give your life and body over to me!” He speaks even though his voice gets weaker and I can feel his life draining into me. By the time we reach the climax, I collapse beside of him. My plaything lay cold and dead beside me. So, this one just died this time, huh? Usually, it would take about two or three more times before they meet their demise. I slowly drew my eyes closed.

At least he died with a smile on his face.

When I was sixteen, that bitch ruined everything. That year, Daddy went to Paris on a business trip with the top executives from his company. I wanted to go with him, but I couldn’t go along with him.

“I’m sorry, honey,” he said. “But this is a very grown up trip. I will bring you back a nice present when I get home.” I had no hard feelings because it. I knew that Daddy was going to keep his word. For two weeks, I stayed around Kodama-san’s house. We did our usual things around her house. The whole time I wondered what Daddy was going to bring me this time. I could predict what he was going to get me this year because he always gets me the same thing. I decided to smile and act surprised. The day before he was due to arrive, I got a phone call from him.

“Hi, my little princess,” he said. I sat up on the guest bed with a smile on my face.

“Daddy!” I said.

“How have you been?”

“Good. And you?”

“I’m doing great. Have you been behaving yourself?”


“Listen, I will be home by later afternoon, okay?”

My heart did little flips in my chest. “Yay!”

“I’ve got a really good surprise for you.”

“Ooo! What is it?”

“You’ll have to see when I come home.”

I pouted to myself. “Okay.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I waited all day the next day, wondering what the new surprise would be. By evening, I received the nasty truth. Kodama-san and I were about have dinner with her grandchildren when there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it!” I said. I jumped up and ran to the door. My face dropped when I opened it. This lady stood outside dressed in a long white sundress with her face all made up looked at me. I blinked at first.

“Uh… who are you?” I asked. Daddy came up beside this woman and put his arm around her dainty shoulders.

“Hi, princess,” he said. “This is Kimiko. She’s going to be your new mom.” Those words lingered in my head so long that I didn’t see how this bitch was going to make my life hell for the next two years. How could Daddy betray me like this?!

By morning, my cell phone rang. I grumbled as I reached for my phone in the present.

“What is it?” I muttered.

“Is this Fukao Megumi?” some boy’s voice asked on the other line. I narrowed my eyes.

“Who’s asking?” I asked.

“My name is Ryugamine Mikado,” the boy said. “I believe that you are a tadpole like us from Chou Mori.” Those last two words made me sit up and take notice.

“Who told you about my time in that hellhole?!” I hissed.

“I was a victim of the same thing,” Mikado said. “We all have.” His words made me tremble.


Kitano had just turned on his tablet for the morning when he noticed that he had new message on the screen. He tapped the bold number one and the envelope at the bottom. The therapist smirked at the new message.

“Ah, yes,” Kitano said to himself. “Now things will get even better.”

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