I'm wide awake, the perfect sky is dawn.

…:: Epilogue::…

Harry grasped Hermione's hand and turned it over, his finger stumbling over the thin golden band on her ring finger as he traced her palm with it. His eyes moved up her arm, across her shoulder, and their eyes locked. He smiled at her. " You look absolutely amazing."

" Thanks." She could feel her face burning red. " It is about time that I wore something nice, isn't it?" Her body was shrouded in an elegant floor-length white gown with a sequined bodice. Her hands trembled as she reached for the ring on her hand. " I suppose we'll switch this one to another finger, right?"

Harry nodded, laughing. " Engagement rings come before wedding bands."

She smiled. " I … I guess we have only a few minutes left before the ceremony. Nervous?"

" Me?" Harry raised his eyebrows, the arches just barely visible over the rim of his glasses. " Why would I be nervous?"

Hermione's voice was a teasing one. " Maybe you're afraid. Cold feet." Her hands tugged at his black collar, since it had folded upwards. He looked good in a black suit, with a crisp white shirt underneath, and a humble tie. " Maybe you wish you chose someone else?"

Harry shook his head, leaning forwards, his forehead resting on hers. " Who would that be?"

" I don't really know."

Hermione was lying. There was a jaded recollection painted on her face, despite how much she strained on to show it.

" Who?" Harry whispered, his breath warm and scented.

" Remember Cho? Remember how worried I was…?" Hermione said. " What if… we're making a mistake? Maybe fate doesn't intend us to be together… it seemed that each time we tried to get together, something tried to splinter us apart."

" Hermione, don't tell me you're becoming another Professor Trelawney with your fate nonsense. We control our own fates." He smoothened her hair and then moved back. " Can you hear the organ playing? Go find Ron…" Ron was Harry's best man. Ron had taken an interest in helping carry out the Weasley twins' business, while trying out for the minor Quidditch leagues. Though Ron had dated Lavender for some time during the sixth and seventh year, he had remained single.

" I'm so happy." Hermione called after Harry's receding back.

He turned around and blew her a kiss. " I'll be happiest when the wedding's finally done." He was a bit nervous, which made her feel nervous too, but in a good way. She could almost feel the butterfly wings brushing her stomach lining, dancing happily inside of her. No, it is not a bad feeling at all.

Turning her beaming face at Ron, she said: " It's starting."


A bit more then a year later

The chilled bottle of champagne laid open but not nearly halfway finished in it's little ice bucket. The messily made bedroom had a thin strip of light across it from the slightly undone curtains. The soft hum of the running shower was the only sound perpetrating the peaceful room. A pair of slippers stuck out from under the bed, another pair on the other side. Hermione walked into the room and then undid her bathrobe. She searched through the drawer and then fetched out a dress.

She had a job as a teacher at Hogwarts, a job that she most appreciated. Her joy for wisdom her whole life could at least pour through to students, so that other children could marvel at the facts she knew. Harry, meanwhile, made it to a high position in the Ministry of Magic.

A lot has changed. Just the day of their graduation, the Wizard War began, and many people died. Harry had been the one to defeat Voldemort after a gruesome battle. Harry still had a hard time speaking about the battle, it had done something terrible to him deep inside, and after it, he had been so shaken he barely slept or ate for a few weeks, just stumbling drunkenly from room to room, his eyes wide with a fear that nobody else saw. Though he had some emotional scars still, he had managed to tackle the main hurdles that were in his way.

Quickly after the wizard wars had been ended, and the followers of Voldemort were nearly exterminated, a few horrible things followed in sharp succession. First, Dumbledore, a guiding leader in the war, had died. The wizard world mourned deeply for him, for without him, the wars would have been lost. Afterwards, Draco Malfoy, the sole survivor from his family after the wars, had attempted suicide. His family had supported Voldemort to the very end, and they had been humiliated, imprisoned, and then a group of radical anti-Voldemort followers had tortured Draco until he nearly went insane. Draco had recovered and had become another prominent figure in the Ministry of Magic, but he became sadly withdrawn and sallow, keeping to himself. Third of all, Neville Longbottom had been badly hurt during the Wizard Wars. Luckily, he recovered somewhat, but he was partially paralyzed – his right arm and leg would never bring him use again.

Despite everything, Harry proposed to Hermione, and their wedding had been heavily celebrated. Hermione dug deeper into the drawer and produced a small baby bottle. She stood and then walked briskly into the kitchenette, pouring some milk into it. Then, she pointed her wand at the bottle and heated it to a nice warmth. Then, she walked to a small bedroom. Bending over a crib, she peered at the small baby in it. Her hands reached out, touching it slowly and bringing it awake.

Two brilliant green eyes, like pieces of precious stone, focused on her face and then a stubby fat hand reached out at her finger and brushed it against hers. The child laughed delightedly as she lifted him up and cradled it to her breast, the nipple of the bottle finding the baby's mouth.

" Hush, little James…" She cooed to it.

The soft pink curtains blew inwards with a gust of summer wind. The peaceful countryside was a beautiful place to hold a home. The smell of country green apple was everywhere, and the home-baked peach pie was also a delectable new scent.

Buttoning a white shirt up his chest, Harry Potter strolled into the room as well. Giving Hermione and the baby a quick kiss each, he said: " I think it's time to get ready for another day at work at the Ministry. Where's our bag of Floo Powder, again?"

" On the mantle, Harry." Hermione replied, shifting the baby to the other arm.

He smiled. " Have a nice day, Hermione."

Hermione was on leave from work for a few months to tend for the baby. Harry's job at the ministry was enough to support their family for the rest of their life anyway, but Hermione simply loved to teach, and therefore she did it mostly for the pleasure of it, not for any monetary relief.

" I love you." She whispered to the door as he closed it. Hermione then felt a joyous tear roll down her cheek and she wiped it away, but another one fell on the baby's cheek. I had never been this happy in my whole life. It's as if all my dreams had come true.

For once, I know that fate knew what it was doing after all.


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