A Strange Engagement

History Repeated, Consequence Unknown

A/n- Fallon was born to vampire Lydia and vampire Arion in 1943, Hermione's great-aunt and grandfather were born in 1934, her great-grandmother in 1916, and wizard Arion was born in 1900 and turned in 1925, meeting Lucius's mother in 1950 and staying with her until 1952. Elder Mrs. Malfoy b. 1930. Dates v. importan

Arion and Fallon walked home in silence, with Fallon draping the unconscious Hermione over his shoulder.

"Why did you reveal yourself now?" Fallon snapped at his father. "You were supposed to wait. And why did you have to bring everyone? Now that Uncle Lucius and Aunt Narcissa saw what you really are, there's no way they're going to trust you."

"On the contrary Fallon, they didn't really see anything of importance. They just saw me reacquaint myself with Gammried. They don't know that I'm a vampire as well. And watch what you're doing. If the girl is damaged in any way, we will pay a serious price."

Fallon shifted his position so that Hermione was no longer slung over his shoulder, and he was carrying her instead. "Are you sure you have any idea of what you're doing?"

Arion nodded impatiently. "As I have told you before, I've done this before, although it was years ago."

Fallon shivered. "It's freezing out here, you know. How much longer until we get home?"

Arion glared at his son for a moment before taking Hermione in his own arms. "If you cannot handle yourself in this cold, I will take the girl. You may fly home." He wasn't surprised when Fallon immediately assumed bat form and took flight, leaving him alone. He looked down into Hermione's face.

"My dear, Fallon is a fool, like I was once. There were dark times before these. Grindelwald's times, before that fool Dumbledore brought an end to him. Right after Gammried became head of the Clan, that was when Grindelwald decided he wanted the Wizarding world at his feet. We were his first choice to help him fight the light.

"So, much like we are now, we had a ceremony at Samhain. The sacrifice that time was a young woman named Lydia Granger. She was a beautiful young woman. And I fell in love with her. On the day of the feast, with everyone watching, Gammried decided that it would be me who would accept the sacrifice. I couldn't do it immediately. I could only stare. Finally, everyone got impatient, and it was Gammried who took the first sips. Then he gave me Lydia's body, and sent me away. Told me not to return until I knew my place and mind again."

Arion didn't know why he was telling this story to an unconscious girl when he hadn't even told Fallon the real reason why his mother disappeared. Maybe it was because this girl reminded him so much of her. He looked up and was shocked to realize that the entire time he had been talking, his feet actually had been moving. He was now standing in a snow-covered field, staring at an old stone inn. He looked down at Hermione. Her lips and fingers were blue and what skin he could see was covered in goosebumps. She was shivering, even in unconsciouness.

He quickly pulled off his cloak and wrapped it around her, carrying her at a run to the inn, where he immediately got a room, at least for the evening if not longer.

"Good thing too," the wizened witch at the entrance informed him. "It's supposed to snow awful this evening."

Thanking her briefly, he took Hermione up to the room and laid her down on the bed, leaving the room afterwards to go locate an owl so he could write Fallon and tell him he wouldn't be home for awhile.

Draco, Lucius and Narcissa rode back to the manor in silence. When they got inside, the house elves took their coats and they went to the parlor where the curtains were open to reveal a beautiful harvest moon.

"Draco, what happened at the castle?" Narcissa asked him.

Draco shrugged. "Nothing much. They just told me about some ceremony that was going to happen at Halloween, and that I was invited and that I should be sure to bring Hermione."

"And did they say anything else? Like, why they wanted you to bring her for instance?"

"No. But why do we even care? Why are we talking about this?"

Narcissa's eyes widened. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean," Draco answered heatedly, "That she is going to die. She is sacrifice that He wants to give to the vampires so they'll join him. Gammried said that Uncle Arion did it years ago for Grindelwald, but I don't see how that's possible."

Narcissa looked confusedly at her husband. "How is it possible?"

Lucius sighed. "I think it's about time I told you the whole truth about Arion. He isn't my brother. He's actually my mother's first husband. He was born a wizard, but all the time my mother knew him, he was a vampire. He disappeared a few years after they married, she never knew where to. When he was proclaimed dead two weeks after he went missing, my mother inherited all his land and money, and went on with her life, marrying my father soon afterwards.

"Upon my graduation from Hogwarts, Arion managed to worm his way back into my mother's life and into mine. My mother let Arion convince my father that he was another son that had been forgotten about, and I was forced to go along with it."

"What was Arion doing all the time he'd been away?" Narcissa asked.

"See," Lucius continued, "that is the whole reason why it was so easy to worm his way back in. For some reason, at that point in time, the vampires just needed him back at the hideout for some reason. Mother still loved Arion for some reason, and I was just the alternative, a reminder of the situation that she didn't want to be in."

"And when did Fallon come along?" Draco asked.

"He was born before Arion met my mother. His mother was a muggle-born I believe, and Arion changed both her and Fallon about the same time. After Fallon's mother's death, that's when he left and went looking for someone else."

Narcissa held up her hand. "Wait. If Arion's not a blood Malfoy, in fact, not a Malfoy at all, then what's all the fighting about him destroying the lineage?"

"Sometimes, the two of us would forget real facts during fights and would just carry on as if we were really brothers. Mother did a really good job drumming falsehoods into my head."

Narcissa turned to Draco. "Tell me honestly, are you really not upset by all of this?"

He took a deep breath. "I guess I am. If you would have asked me last year, it wouldn't have bothered me a bit, but after spending so much time with her, she's grown on me. Not that that is going to leave this house."

Narcissa shook her head. "Of course not. So, did you see what happened to her before we left the castle?"

Draco nodded. "Gammried told Arion and Fallon to take her back to their castle."

It had been three days since the occupants of the Burrow had read Hermione's letter, and they hadn't been able to do anything about it. Luckily, Dumbledore was supposed to arrive soon.

He arrived late that day, around six.

"What seems to be the trouble?"

Everyone looked at Harry and he went to his room to get Hermione's letter, which he had hidden under his pillow. He brought it down to the kitchen, and handed it to Dumbledore, who read it in a matter of minutes. He then sat down at the table, looking at all the individual faces.

"This is a very interesting letter Miss Granger has sent you," he said slowly. "Very interesting."

"Why, sir?" Harry asked after a few moments.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "As you may know from my chocolate frog card Harry, I fought Grindelwald many years ago. As with Voldemort now, Grindelwald tried to get the vampires on his side to help overtake the wizards. They had a ceremony then similar to the one they're having now. The sacrifice from the wizarding world was a young married muggle woman who was a mother of fraternal twins. She was kidnapped while out doing her shopping, I believe. Her name was Lydia Granger. Yes, a relative of our Miss Granger, her great-grandmother, I believe. This is a case of history repeating its self, I hope not for the worse."

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