My Best to Be Everything You Need

The Things I'd Like to Say to You

Bella Cullen hadn't known what to do. When she left her home with the Cullens, she hadn't exactly been thinking. All she knew was that she had to leave, and she definitely had to leave Edward. She had told Renesmee all that she could about the situation and her daughter had gone and left with her.

And for some reason, there she was in Volterra, Italy, standing in front of the group of vampires' abode of whom she had once desperately wanted to stay away from.

"You know, I told you before. I don't think he's the right one for you."


Bella looked down at her daughter. "Everything will be fine, sweetie. Let's go."

Making her fateful decision, she grasped her daughter's hand and went inside of the castle with her. It wasn't long until she ran into one of them, and of all of them, it had to be that playful and yet sad vampire that had joking claimed 'Dibs' on her.

"Felix, right?" she said first.

He smiled at her, but it was as sad as she remembered it. "That's right. You came here?"

Bella nodded, caressing her daughter's head as Renesmee shyly cuddled closer to her.

"Told you he wasn't the right one," Felix murmured, turning and then heading away.

She followed after him, holding onto her daughter's hand tightly.

He'd led her all the way to the throne room. From there, she met all three Kings and asked for asylum. For some reason, it was like they'd expected her, though they took curious glances at her daughter, who continued to shy away and hide behind her.

"Truly a gift," Marcus, usually the most silent and almost rather miserable of them, surprisingly said aloud. He was staring at her daughter with melancholy eyes. "A gift from one who shouldn't have ever gone to you."

It seemed everyone but her had known Edward Cullen wasn't her true mate, and she was the only one duped.

"Stay here all you like, Isabella," Aro smiled widely, standing up and holding his arms open in welcome. "You are welcome and we will turn away all Cullens, if they do come, if you so wish us to."

"Thank you," she whispered.

Aro called over another vampire, one she recognized as Demetri. He had him directed towards Bella and her daughter, and was to escort them to their new rooms. As they left, she couldn't help her eyes being drawn to Felix and see him sadly gazing off to the side, and felt her heart ache.

It wasn't until they were halfway to where their rooms were to be, that Demetri spoke up after nowhere.

"Don't mind him," Demetri said softly, and she had a feeling he meant Felix. "He's been heartbroken for a long time now."

Bella looked down, though her daughter squeezed her hand in comfort. When she looked back at Demetri, she gave a sorrowed smile.

"I wish I would find someone who'd love me the way he loved her."

Whoever it was had been dearly loved, and she wished someone would dearly love her and her daughter as well.

"What was her name?" she asked Demetri a few days later, as she combed Renesmee's hair.

Demetri, who had taken to getting her used to the castle and providing her and Renesmee company, gave her an amused look.

"You're still on about that?"

She just firmly kept her gaze on him, and he relented.

"Henrietta," Demetri reluctantly revealed. "And, mind you, I only found out by accident. Felix doesn't talk about her. I was snooping in his room one time, and found a note from her. Her name was at the end."

Bella mused that it was a beautiful name. Henrietta.

"What happened to her?" she thought aloud, though silence greeted her.

Caught off guard by the stoic silence, she looked to see Demetri staring blankly at the ground.

"I was just thinking aloud. I wasn't asking for an answer," she said hurriedly.

Renesmee perked up and looked between her mother and Demetri curiously.

"I don't know," Demetri said abruptly. Bella kept quiet, looking at him. "I don't know what happened to her. And I think Felix doesn't either. He met her one time –one night. We were on a mission and I left him behind, because he was only with me because the rest of us were worried about him, since he'd been acting very depressed then and we wanted him to go out and do something. I think it happened then and I never really knew what happened or had any details.

"I just know he met her and she left that night, and left a changed Felix behind."

Bella wanted to know what had happened and why had it ended up like this between those two. Even at a first meeting, Felix had been so affected and had fallen so deeply in love with this girl, that it still haunted him to that day. But what about the girl? What had happened? What was her story?

"I was upset and angry at the girl for a while, because it seemed she had made Felix worse and she left for no reason," Demetri sighed. "But that note I found…Two words and I could feel just how much whatever Felix did for her, really meant. How could two words –'Thank you' –in a single, simple short note convey so much?"

Somehow, Bella knew then that Henrietta had deeply come to care for Felix in the same way as he did for her, even in that very short meeting.

"I think they're lucky," Bella hummed softly, starting to braid her daughter's hair. "Even if it's painful, even if it was short…they felt and experienced such a true love."

"How very wise, Bella," Demetri smiled to himself.

And then as she braided Renesmee's hair, Demetri had taken the brush and sat behind Bella and began to brush hers.

Bella watched fondly as Felix playfully chased Renesmee around in the courtyard. She sat with Demetri in the shade of a tree, watching the muscular vampire play tag and wear a rare smile on his face.

"I like him like this," she told Demetri.

"Me too," he replied back and grabbed her hand.

She wished she could help Felix, and help him be just a little happy, like he was then.

As she got up and tugged Demetri away from there, she got an idea. Biting her lip, she looked up at the other vampire hesitantly.

"Can't we find her ourselves?"

He froze and looked chagrinned. "I tried. He tried. We couldn't find anything. Mind you, I was working on my own and didn't want him to know, especially since after he tried, there was absolutely nothing to go on."

"What do you mean?" Bella frowned.

"Henrietta Potter was her full name. Felix managed to find that out and searched for anything on her, but found nothing. All records of her stopped at age 11, and anything about her from her neighbors stopped at age 17…around the time Felix met her. She'd lived with her relatives so Felix tried to track them down, but he's not much of a tracker. It's my specialty, so I secretly took over from there. Her relatives…weren't pleasant. Apparently, they hated her and couldn't stand her. Her cousin was alright though…He gave me this…"

Demetri rummaged into his suit jacket and pulled out a picture and handed it to her. Bella grasped it and almost gasped.

"She's pretty," she murmured.

And her eyes…Henrietta's eyes were so beautiful.

"I was going to give it to Felix…but I didn't know if it would hurt him more," Demetri confessed.

She looked at the picture before determinedly looking at Demetri.

"I think he should have it."

So when they went back to the courtyard and found Felix still playing with Renesmee, Bella's hand shook and she instead hid the picture in her pocket.

"Let's find her?" she turned to Demetri and pleaded.

Demetri grabbed her hand and gave her a small smile.


Bella really wanted Felix and Henrietta to have a happy ever after. She wanted him happy and even if she'd never met the other, she wanted Henrietta to be happy too.

And in a way, maybe she could also believe in love again.

Bella had gone to Marcus. For some reason, she felt that he, at least, would understand. Of the Kings, she thought that he might have experienced heartbreak, and just maybe he could relate and understand.

She also thought, unlike Felix, that Marcus couldn't have that second chance, and that was a really sad notion.

"That's a noble goal," Marcus murmured, looking at the window.

And he acquiesced to letting her go to London, where she might be able to find Henrietta. It was to her delight, that Demetri would be coming with her. Renesmee, as had been requested by Marcus and even Renesmee herself, would stay behind and keep Felix preoccupied. Marcus had seen that what little joy Felix seemed to experience these days came through the little girl and at times Bella. Renesmee had instinctively known that her mother and Demetri were going to go on some kind of mission to help her newfound friend, and wanted to help in any little way she could.

Bella just didn't know what to do now.

"Where should we start?" she asked Demetri.

Demetri looked at the park they were currently in. "This is near to where she lived with her relatives. We could start with them again."

He found them a rental car to use, driving from the London to a suburban area where he parked around a corner. He pointed out the house across from where they parked.

"Felix and I rented that house at the time where I was on a mission and Felix met Henrietta. We can check out it out for old times' sake, though I doubt any evidence will be left behind, after all these years having passed since then."

Bella frowned thoughtfully. "7-8 years have passed, right? She'd be around early to mid-20's then…"

"Well, we'll see when we meet her. Let's check out her old house and see if they'll be willing to talk now, with the years gone by."

She let him lead the way to a street filled with houses that were boring and identical, until they reached the one that was numbered '4'. Demetri strode to the door, his steps a little faster than they normally were, and knocked succinctly. The door opened to reveal a rather muscular blond young man, who frowned and looked at them warily.

"Can I help you?"

"Dudley Dursley?" Demetri looked at him curiously. "It has been awhile and I don't know if you remember me, but some years back I came and inquired about your cousin? Henrietta?"

"Harry?" Dudley seemed surprised. Bella hid her smile, thinking that the other female funnily was like her in preferring to shorten their old-fashioned names. "I sort of remember you…Why don't you two come in?"

They agreed and stepped inside, though Bella caught the quick glimpse of Demetri being taken aback. She wondered why, but was quickly answered in a moment.

"The place looks much different then before," Demetri commented idly.

"Uh, I've been changing things around over the years," Dudley answered. "My parents moved a little after you came, and the house was left to me. Since then, I've been trying to change it up a little."

"Looks good," Demetri complemented the other, while Bella continued to stay silent.

"Tea?" Dudley offered.

"No thanks," Demetri gave a small smile. "We were just hoping you could answer our questions, since last time didn't go so well."

Dudley gave Bella a curious glance, but said nothing. He gestured to the living room, where they all sat down.

"What do you want to know?"

"My friend met her a long time ago," Demetri started. "They became really good friends, but they didn't get to meet or see each other long. Henrietta –Harry disappeared and we haven't heard from her since, though we've been trying to look her up."

"She must've been 17 then," the blond muttered. He gave a mournful smile that put them on edge. "Last time anyone really saw her around here actually."

They were definitely uneasy then, but continued to listen as Dudley went on.

"She went to a private boarding school then. There was some trouble with a cult, whose leader had been after Harry for a long time," Dudley revealed, making them stiffen up. "She was really pushed to face him, and her last summer here, she was more than lost. Though, after one rainy night, the next morning she seemed to have found a resolve. When she went back to school, she seemed really determined. That was the last we saw of her, after we were put into hiding and she was off. A little after that, they sent us a letter telling us she'd died."

Bella felt her heart break and her stomach drop. This hadn't been what she'd been expecting, what she'd wanted to find out…She had been hoping for something hopeful and even grand, and even one of those silly fairytale endings.

But this was what they'd found out instead, and she wasn't sure if it would have been better if they had never found out the truth after all.

Dudley had given them the place of her grave, but it was somewhere called Godric's Hollow, which wasn't near at all. In fact, Demetri had never heard of it and would have to look up its location first, before they went traipsing off to it.

So instead, they sat in the car, looking and feeling lost and not sure where to go from there.

"What do we do now?" Bella asked, staring down at her lap.

"We find her grave, tell Felix what happened to her, and tell him where her grave is," Demetri said grimly. "He deserves to know."

Bella knew that was true, even if she didn't want the bigger vampire to be even more hurt than he had been after all these years. Not after being the first to tell her the truth about the mistakes she would be making with Edward, to opening her eyes about him and their relationship, to even offering her a place in the Volturi home if she ever needed it…

In some ways, she felt as if she had failed to have helped him in the same way he had helped her, though she hadn't known or appreciated it then.

But then she caught sight of something that made her, even as a vampire, hold her breath. A girl, petite and solemn, was walking out of the house across from them.

Harry Potter looked alive and well, and yet didn't seem a day older than the picture Demetri had showed her.

Without warning, she bolted from the car in barely human speed, and alarming Demetri with her sudden actions. When he caught sight of what she'd been distracted and so excited about, he also left the car in the hurry.

"Harry? Harry Potter?" Bella called out desperately.

The girl froze and turned towards them, looking at her with wide eyes that reflected confusion.

"I haven't heard that name in a while," she murmured, watching them suspiciously.

"It's important," Bella hurried to say, before the other female could rush off. "It's about a man you met a long time ago."

Here, Harry instinctively stopped being wary and stared them.

"Felix –do you remember Felix?" Demetri joined Bella in trying to reach out to the other.

"I remember him quite well," Harry said, looking tired and too old, despite her young appearance. "Why don't you come inside and we can talk then?"

Maybe there was hope yet.

Once all three of them were inside the house, they sat down and Harry asked for them to go first. So Demetri talked them, explaining Felix's mindset when they'd been there all those years ago, and how affected he'd been by Harry and still was.

For a moment, Harry was quiet. Then, slowly, she began to speak softly.

"I was really messed up then. Still am a bit, in some ways," she confessed. "And Felix did something for me that I don't think no one will really be able to understand. And in some ways, I wanted to treasure that gift he gave me, and take it to my grave."

They remembered then, that she was supposed to be dead and wanted to ask why and how. There was a lot of questions then.

"I'm dead, you know," Harry said suddenly, almost as if she knew what they were thinking of. "To most people. There are certain…circumstances around me that's made it so. My life has become too complicated as of late."

Bella didn't really understand, but she wanted to. In fact, she wanted to tell the other that they were vampires and they could change and she could happy with Felix and truly start a new life…

Harry smiled sadly.

"You won't believe me probably, but I can't age. I won't be able to age, or even die ever again."

And suddenly, things were flipped upside down for them.

A few moments later, they left there and were troubled thoughts. But they knew one thing was clear. This, in a way, was a perfect setup from fate. An unaging girl and an immortal vampire…

Even if Harry didn't know how much the circumstances fit for them now, there was this new opportunity to set some things right and have that 'happy ever after' after all.

Maybe they could have told her then what they were and offered a new life with them…

…but it was really Felix who should do that.

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