Daughter of the Count and Countess


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Darkness consumed my very existence. For how long? I wasn't certain but it seemed like eternity. I could feel the weightlessness of my body, almost as if I was floating on thin air. I felt comfortable like being cushioned by a thousand pillows, I found myself not wanting to leave. This was my haven, a tender bliss that coated the entirety of my being; it was a peaceful place, one I did not want anyone or anything to disrupt.

I could faintly hear sounds all around me, which I found strange. My sanctuary was in a faraway place that no form of sound or touch could penetrate. Gradually the noises grew louder, my peace destroyed and my bliss disrupted. I felt myself leaving the comfort of the darkness, I struggled to stay but my attempts were in vain.

My body felt like it was being pulled by strings as if a puppet master were controlling me. I was leaving the safety of the darkness and being brought elsewhere. With one final goodbye to my dark solitude that I had grown accustomed to, my eyes slowly opened.

It has been approximately 145 years since I was put to rest by my mother and father. I could only remember minor details prior to be being laid to rest at 16, the year that I had stopped aging. If I recalled correctly I was born in the year 1840 I had five siblings, three older brothers and two older sisters. At the age of six, a terrible tragedy befell my kind and many of us were killed and tortured by the villagers.

We lived in the rugged Transylvania Alps in a castle that was situated on an imposing cliff. Many years before, my kind had begun to rebel against the humans before I fell asleep. They had run wild amongst the humans and my father had lost a lot of the power he held over them for a short time. Emotions of raw anger were felt as they we were accused by humans of hunting on their grounds.

We were brutally killed one by one as we were all in weakened states from loss of blood. My kind was quickly over-thrown and we were nearly wiped out. We still existed in different parts of the world, hiding in seclusion but my parents, my uncle and I were the only royal pure blooded vampires that remained.

Until the present day I have recently discovered that there are vampires who were bitten and have evolved from my nearly extinct kind. Yet, even now there are many of whom that continue to aid and beckon the call of my father, Count Dracula.

"You are to visit a small town in America called Forks." My Father instructed, his thick Transylvanian accent pronounced in his speech.

"Why Father?" I asked my accent rolling off my tongue in waves. It has been so long since I have been able to speak.

My Mother answered for him.

"It has been a long time since you have gone outside my dearest daughter. No one believes in the existence of the famous 'Count Dracula and his Countess' or the pure bloods anymore. For all the humans know we were simply wiped out from existence centuries ago. You should be safe as long as you conceal your appearance."

"I understand, but why Forks?" I asked inquisitively.

"I have heard some news from my servants that there is a strange family of vampires in that town that drink from the blood of animals. I would like you to observe them. Our kind has evolved over the many years you have slept Isabella, they are not like us." My father answered.

I couldn't quite I understand what the intentions of my parents were to send me to this small town, but I was reluctant to go, associating with humans is something I refuse to do.

"Father, Mother I do not wish to disobey you, but let me be honest by saying I am weary of intermingling with humans. I know nothing of this time and things I have grown accustomed to prior to being asleep are now different. I will understand nothing." I said explaining my situation.

"We understand, that is why before you leave I will have Celestina bring you up to speed on what has changed." Father answered.

If I remember correctly Celestina was one of my father's strongest servants and she has been with us the longest. She is fiercely loyal to our family. She was one my favorite servants as well. Celestina has very pretty but odd color hair; it is light grey that cascades down to her waist.

My hair is longer, passing my lower back. It is a dark wavy chestnut color.

I quickly focused my attention back on the conversation as I noticed that my father began to speak.

"Do not fret daughter." He spoke.

"Isabella am înțeles cum te simți. Nu-ți face griji, vom ține legătura. Crede-ne. Tatăl tău sau eu nu te vom pune vreodată în pericol?" My mother asked reverting to our mother tongue.(Translation: Isabella we understand how you feel, do not worry we will keep in touch. Trust us, would your father or myself ever put you in danger?)

"Nu." I answered back in Romanian. (No)

My father walked over to me and gently kissed my forehead.

"Fiică stai puternică, noi te iubim." He whispered. (Stay strong daughter, we love you)

"Celestina!" Father called.

He immediately returned to his throne and wiped away any trace of emotion on his face.

Celestina was there in seconds bowing her head in respect.

"You will assist Isabella on learning more about the humans of this time." Father instructed.

"Yes, Count." She replied respectfully.

"That is all." He waved his hand in dismal.

She quickly left, but not without giving me a small smile. I smiled back and she was gone.

"When will I be leaving father?" I asked.

"Soon, possibly three day from now. I would like for you to get there as quickly as possible."

"Where will I be staying?"

"We have arranged your living conditions; you will be staying with a man named Charlie Swan. You will pose as his great granddaughter." Mother answered.

I was confused until I suddenly realized what that meant.

"A HUMAN!"I all but seethed.

"You are making me stay with a human?!" I repeated venomously, trying to keep my voice down to a minimum. Everyone in the castle had probably heard either way.

"Isabella!" My Mother's voice thundered throughout the room. I immediately settled down.

"But, Mother you can not be ser-" My father's threatening snarl silenced me.

"Ajunge! Va trebui să treci peste ura ta pentru oameni cândva. Dar, vei coborâ tonul și vei respecta decizia noastră! Este înțeles?" My Father's voice was deadly calm, it made my skin crawl. (Enough! You will need to get over your hate for humans sometime. But, you will lower your voice and respect our decision! Is that understood?)

I am no fool I know that when my father uses that tone it means his decision is final and it is time to keep quiet. No one in their right mind would oppose my father when he spoke like this.

"Da, Tată. Îmi cer scuze pentru comportamentul meu nepoliticos a fost inacceptabil. Te rog iartă-mă." I say apologetically as I lowered my head in shame. I walked towards their thrones and went down on one knee, not making any form of eye contact. (Yes, Father. I apologize for my rude behavior it was unacceptable. Please forgive me.)

I could feel the palm of his hand gently caressing my face. I refused to look up.

"It is fine Isabella, we understand your strong resentment for humans." He said.

He tilted my chin, so I could stare into his eyes.

"It shouldn't be for long, but make sure to hunt away from Forks. We must also inform you that there is a pack of shifters on a reservation called La Push, absolutely under no circumstances are you to stay on their lands or hunt their people. You may enter only if invited." He explained and let go of my chin.

I bowed and turned to leave.

"Wait, Isabella." My Mother called back.

I stopped and turned.

"You must conceal you presence and do no reveal who you are, to the humans, the odd vampire family and especially not the shifters. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mother."

"You are dismissed go see Celestina." My mother ordered.

After nodding my head in understanding, I departed from the room.

"No, Isabella! For the thousandth time!" Celestina exclaimed.

I could see that her patience was running out as she tried to teach me how to use this silly modern day device called a 'cell phone'.

"I do not understand the use of this." I said turning it around, examining it.

"It is a burden to carry around." I stated.

"But, it is of good use, you can communicate to anyone anywhere around the world." She argued.

I grumbled in annoyance.

"Your parents want you to call them every day to report your progress." She reminded me.

"I know." I sighed.

"Then no complaints! Once you have mastered this I will teach you how to send an email using a computer and modern day words that are used by humans and Oh-" I began to tune Celestina out as she rambled on excitedly.

I simply looked at her like she just spoke three different foreign languages that I had never heard of.

Email? Computer? What the bloody hell?!

Three days later...

After three long brutal days of absolute torture I had mastered all the devices that were essential to the lives of humans, I knew many 'slang' words that they often used but still did not completely understand their use. I was taught the different activities they engaged in and their modern day wear which I found absolutely absurd!

Celestina and I butted heads on this one, I refused to wear any of the clothing worn by humans. But, in the end my protests did not go through as she stated that I would stick out 'like a sore thumb' if I did not wear them, whatever that meant. I also learned the different foods that they ate and learned to cook a few dishes, not that I would be eating it anyway.

I also continued my studies, caught up in the modern day curriculum and my training so I could protect myself and I practiced dance.

Before my siblings were killed my older sisters were teaching me ballet, I quickly excelled and was soon able to dance just as well as they could by the age of six.

My luggage had been taken care of courtesy of Celestina, she even packed my favorite red pointe shoes that belonged to my sister that I treasured dearly. As for my 'cell phone' situation Celestina decided to get something called a 'flip phone' which was much easier to use and wouldn't burden me because of its tiny size.

I was given a 'laptop' as well to 'email' my parents if anything strange occurred.

At the moment I was seated in a long black car called a 'limousine'. My parents had stayed back at the castle, already having said their goodbyes. Instead Celestina came with me. When I first saw the car I nearly fainted. I had asked Celestina what this monstrosity was and demanded to know where our horse and carriage were. She laughed and began to explain its use.

Getting inside of this machine was even worse.

The driver quickly parked the 'limo' (this was its shortened name which I could not understand why one would bother with calling it this) and got out, opening the door for myself and Celestina. Before I left the castle Celestina and I concealed our appearances so we looked more human. My hair was now down to my lower back which upset me because I loved my long wavy locks. My eye color stayed the same warm honey brown and my skin was a bit more tanned giving life to my features instead of bringing death. My fangs were retracted as well, my ears were less pointy and my heavy rich Transylvanian accent was gone, which irritated me.

Celestina's hair was more like a platinum blonde color and her eyes remained a smokey blue, her skin like mine was more tanned and her fangs had retracted. She wasn't too keen on the idea of looking more 'human' either.

As we walked into the airport, I noticed the stares and gasps we were receiving. I scrunched my nose as the smell of sweat hit my nose. In that same instant I slowly licked my lips at the smell of blood flowing through the veins of each human in the room. Celestina elbowed me, capturing my diverted attention. My self control was rapidly deteriorating even after feeding before we left. I gulped and shook my head trying to concentrate.

I stayed quiet as I let Celestina talk to the humans, the men were mesmerized by her as she spoke. I rolled my eyes. The women who watched were staring at her in awe and jealousy, at this I snickered.

As I was about to board the plane, Celestina hugged me tightly. I could still feel the gazes of the humans watching our every move.

"Rămâi în siguranță, să nu-ți pierzi calmul. Vei fi bine, te iubesc. Păstrăm legătura. Nu uita ce te-am învăța.t" She spoke in Romanian her accent seeping through. (Stay safe, don't lose your composure. You will be fine, I love you. Keep in touch. Don't forget what I taught you.)

I chuckled.

"I will, how could I possible forget."

I remembered the countless hours it took me to learn how to send a 'text message.'

She laughed along with me her laugh similar to the sound wind chimes would make when the wind softly blew through the air. To a human this would be the most wonderful sound, but to me it was comforting and something I had grown use to.

I was the first to break the hug, realizing I was going to miss my flight.

"Goodbye Celestina, thank you for everything. Tell mother and father I love them and hope to see them soon."

Celestina began to shake her head.

I cocked my head in confusion.

"Acesta nu este la revedere, ne vom întâlni cu siguranță din nou, Domnișoară Isabella. Mult success!" She said with a sad smile. (This is not goodbye, we will surely meet again, Lady Isabella. Good luck.)

I chuckled and walked away without turning back, I knew that if I did, Celestina would have already been gone.

This a new story! I have been really wanting to write this story for awhile now. The idea suddenly came to me and my fingers itched in earnest to type it down on the computer. I hope you like it.


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